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We frequently overlook the functions of a nightstand in our bedrooms. They complete the appearance of the bedroom and stand next to the person who is sleeping, taking careful care of the night’s supporting items. Finding their purchase to be costly when made with specific features, fashion, and design criteria?

With these DIY nightstand ideas and designs, which were carefully chosen and presented to help you become an expert in making nightstands of choice, you may learn how to create a nightstand at home in a practical way. These DIY nightstand ideas will include all the available designs and styles, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.

With wood, mostly recycled, reused, and reclaimed wood, you will learn how to make rustic, bohemian, West Elm-inspired, and modern nightstands. Keep your favorite novels, an alarm clock, a nightlight, your medications, a glass of water, etc. with you. In order to increase the amount of storage in the bedroom, a nightstand with additional storage can be installed.

Owens Nightstand Plan

You may construct a really lovely nightstand using this Ana White design. It stands 22 in the end “20” broad, about 18″ from the wall, and 20″ tall.

Ana’s plan contains all the instructions for putting this project together, including advice, thorough explanations, and diagrams detailing each component’s proportions. Additionally, a complete shopping list and cut list are provided so that you may start the project well equipped.

Modern Nightstand with An Asymmetrical Shape

The asymmetrical shape of this contemporary, two-tone nightstand coolly matches its simplicity. You simply require some timber, a few simple tools, such as a circular saw, a dowel jig, a drill, a nail gun, and white paint, to assemble it (or a different color).

Build Your Own Nightstand

Without a doubt, you can create incredible DIY furniture projects at home. Discover how to assemble a nightstand from salvaged wood here. Your bedroom has to be upgraded because it houses both the nighttime accessories and the bedroom furnishings.

They always enhance a bedroom and increase the beauty of the entire space at the same time since they make a suitable stand for the bedroom night lights. This particular design features a lower shelf and a drawer built from recycled materials. It looks much more gorgeous with the addition of the short wooden feet. Stain and paint it as per the specifications of bedroom decors.

Farmhouse Nightstand with A Sliding Barn-style Door

By concentrating on a certain component and making that piece stand out, you can keep the design of a DIY nightstand basic while yet giving it a lot of personality. For instance, the sliding barn door on this adorable nightstand. It’s a little replica of that, and it’s really cute. You may learn how to make a nightstand like this yourself on

DIY Nightstand with Three Drawers

Perhaps you want to expand the size of your bedroom. By include this wooden nightstand with its three built-in drawers, this is readily accomplished. It is the ideal piece of contemporary bedroom furniture due to its tall, slender shape and attractive painted appearance.

The finished design, which measures 11″ broad by 40″ tall and can also be used as an end table, will look wonderful in the bathroom and the foyer. To construct this charming design of a wooden nightstand, you will need 1x2s, 1x3s, 1x4s, and 1x6s.

How to Build a Nightstand

The House of Wood has another fantastic nightstand project. There is 30 “This nightstand has a large drawer at the top and two shelves below. A few additional close-up shots of the nightstand are also included, which should be helpful while building it.

Simple Design with Generous Built-in Storage

On shanty-2-chic, you may also discover ideas for a nightstand with concealed storage that can also use as a cabinet, a desk extension, or a side table. Despite the design’s simplicity, it has a distinct touch that sets it apart. The design’s rustic influence or the stain hue might be to blame.

DIY Planked Wood Nightstand

By incorporating this wooden plank nightstand into your bedroom, you may accomplish two goals at once. It will enhance bedroom décor by giving a fantastic wooden character and also serves a significant utilitarian purpose.

For this elegant design of wooden pallet nightstand, you will need 1x4s, 2x2s, a saw, a nailgun, a sander, a tiny paintbrush, wood stain, and 1.5′′ nails. To meet your storage demands, add custom drawers. You may even paint it for a different wood tone. Additionally, paint it contemporary to complement the other contemporary bedroom décor.

Tapered Leg Bachelors Chest Nightstand Plan

This nightstand has the potential to look really good with the correct finish. It features two spacious drawers and a 29-inch tabletop “length. The entire nightstand is around 28 inches tall “above ground. This plan includes a ton of thorough written instructions, real construction images, and diagrams to make it even simpler to grasp.

Table-like Nightstand for Compact Spaces

This homemade nightstand from welivedhappilyeverafter resembles a backless chair quite a bit. It has a top, four legs, and because it’s so simple, it’s also simple to construct. It’s a really great touch that the legs are painted white and contrast a little with the hardwood top boards.

Trash Can Nightstand

Recycle the garbage cans to create this impressive nightstand design that will undoubtedly serve a vital purpose in your bedroom. To quickly construct this wonderful wooden nightstand, all you need is a wire trash can, a spherical wooden tray, sticky glue, gloves, and a drop cloth.

The entire design is lovely and refined, and it would be a thoughtful handcrafted present for a special friend or person. One of the best and quickest DIY nightstands you can make with no prior carpentry knowledge.

Simpson Nightstand Plan

With this free DIY nightstand layout from Rogue Engineer, you can have the best of both style and functionality. A tabletop extension, a drawer, and an open shelf are included in the design. The appearance is completed with basic yet fashionable Xs on the sides.

This plan, which includes color photographs, schematics, a list of necessary supplies and equipment, and step-by-step construction instructions, is available for free.

Industrial Design Made From Concrete Blocks

For obvious reasons, we found dwell’s nightstand to be incredibly intriguing. This bedside table is constructed from concrete blocks. These may be purchased and are reasonably priced. For a nightstand, three blocks are required. The bottom two make up the base, while the top one is the third. How easy is it to be able to keep items inside the blocks?

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Nightstand

There are many enthusiasts of West Elm furniture, but not all of them can afford it. Making the low-cost West Elm furniture knockoffs at home will thus be preferable. By including this pallet-made nightstand copycat, you can give your bedroom a West Elm feel.

The materials for this nightstand include pallet wood, 2x4s, a half sheet of 3/4″ plywood, 1/2″ drawer slides, a half sheet of 1/4″ plywood, and some pocket hole screws. Spray paint and dark walnut Danish oil are used to create the table.

Nightstand with Drawer and Hidden Storage

This gorgeous wooden nightstand will add style to your bedroom and wow with its concealed storage space. The entire structure gracefully supports the books on the lowest shelf, while the top drawer has space for all of your nighttime accessories, including mobile phones and firearms.

The hinged top can be lifted to expose the concealed compartment, and any type of wood may be used to make a similar nightstand. To recreate this nightstand, you will need timber, a rockler Beadlock pro joinery kit, 38′′ Beadlock tenon stock, wood glue, clamps, a power drill, 10′′ drawer slides, lid-stay torsion hinge lid support, finish nails, and a finish nailer.

Nightstand Plan With a Locking Secret Drawer

In contrast to the other nightstands on our list, this one contains a concealed drawer with a locking mechanism in addition to three ordinary drawers.

This bedside table probably took a little longer to design than a straightforward one with conventional drawers, so assembling it could be a little more challenging.

A Cute Barrel Repurposed Into a Nightstand

As you can see, we appreciate the concept of turning unwanted items into useful furniture, so let’s look at some more examples. For instance, this nightstand was made from a recycled wooden barrel. You can also obtain one. Finding the appropriate barrel is all that is required.

Build Your Own Custom Nightstand

Learn how to construct an attractive and long-lasting wooden nightstand with these comprehensive, free designs. The project includes clear pictures and step-by-step directions so that anybody can duplicate this elegant nightstand. The job will be finished in a single day and also calls for moderate expertise.

To make this nightstand, you will need baltic birch plywood, 2x2s poplar boards, 3/8″ dowels, drawer pulls, and wood glue. Finish the model by painting, staining, and sealing it with polyurethane. The design is fantastic for a contemporary bedroom addition since it includes a built-in drawer and a bottom shelf. You should budget $50 to $75 for the entire endeavor.

Free Floating Nightstand Plan

Why construct a bedside table when you can have one that floats next to your bed? This nightstand can be placed just where you want it to be from your bed since you can move it around.

You could even be able to conceal electrical cords on the underside of the nightstand with a little fiddling and strategic positioning for a more neat and tidy appearance.

Compact Design Featuring Solid Wood Beams

Here, four wood beams are joined to form a sturdy, little nightstand that doubles as a side table. To keep the beams attached and give the nightstand its streamlined, geometric design, flat steel bars are employed. You may either purchase the item on Etsy or attempt to construct something similar yourself.

Free Wooden Nightstand Plan

You’ll adore this additional stunning nightstand, a well-made yet fashionable piece of do-it-yourself furniture. The built-in storage drawer on the nightstand’s design holds all of your extras and necessities, and its bare wood tone draws attention.

Ambrosia maple, 3/4″ plywood, and 1/4″ plywood are the materials for this stunning nightstand design, which you can make with little effort and no special expertise. The nightstand was ultimately coated with clear polyurethane, which will undoubtedly give the entire bedroom a beautiful wooden character.

Floating Shelf with A Simple and Sleek Look

If you have a cabinet door and know what to do with it—which doesn’t happen very often—make it into a floating nightstand. Of course, you could just use a piece of wood or fiberboard that has been cut to the right size, but repurposing things is more enjoyable. The brilliant concept came from urbanacreage.

How to Build a Scrap Nightstand

When it comes time to refresh the decor in your bedroom, you will like this rustic yet contemporary wooden nightstand. The nightstand is a clever redesign of a previously used cabinet. To make the transformation simple, use pallet pieces made of hardwood, custom timber, and scrap wood.

To finish this nightstand, you will also need masonite or plywood, paint, glue, polyurethane, and specialty woodworking equipment. Utilizing leftover wood, assemble the drawer fronts, and add unique drawer knobs. That is all that is needed to complete the top: a clean, well-finished hardwood board.

Two-tone Nightstand with Open Cubby Storage

When choosing the design for your next DIY nightstand project, take this aspect into mind. Storage space, such as a drawer or a shelf, is beneficial for nightstands. A nice example are the ideas presented on Brittany Stager, and the style is also really stylish, which is always a bonus.

DIY Nightstand with Drawer

Your bedroom’s final addition, a nightstand, may complete the bed’s appearance and functionality. It frequently fits all the items you presumably need at night within arm’s reach. Here we have a rustic yet contemporary wooden nightstand that charms with a built-in top drawer and a bottom shelf.

The project will include thorough video instructions and even free printed blueprints to duplicate this nightstand with ease. It measures 20′′ wide, 16′′ deep, and 26 1/4″ tall. To finish this nightstand project, choose the 2x2s, 3/4″ panel board, 1″ thick plywood, 1x6s, 1x4s, 12″ or 14″ drawer slide packs, 1/4″ wood shims, 1/2″ plywood, cabinet knobs, and paint or wood stain.

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