Felt Craft for Kids

Kids adore constructing things with their hands and crafts. Due to its softness, affordability, ease of cutting into desired shapes, and lack of fraying compared to wool or yarn, felt is a delightful material to deal with. In our craft cupboard, we have a treasure mine of felt in a variety of hues. From felt dinosaur heads on clothespins to snowmen, we’ve created it all. I’ve included a list of the felt-related products that we have in our home at the bottom of this post.

through first! Check out this collection of enjoyable felt crafts for kids to be creative! All of them are straightforward enough for younger children to do with some assistance and for older children to accomplish totally on their own. You’re sure to discover a felt craft that your kids will adore, from lovely butterflies and felt flowers to enjoyable pencil toppers for school.

The Mixed Up Chameleon Felt Set

Here is a free pattern to help you create your own felt set based on The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle, a well-known children’s book. The felt pieces are quite simple to manufacture and are ideal for use while reading the narrative aloud.

Felt Rocket Sewing Craft by Sugar, Spice & Glitter

By just removing the sewing component and only providing them the components to assemble so they may make their own rockets in various configurations, this sewing activity for older kids can easily be converted for younger children using a felt board. However, Jennifer’s instruction makes this sewing activity enjoyable and simple for older children.

Easy No Sew Felt Butterfly Craft

These felt butterflies have a wide range of applications. For immediate entertainment on your refrigerator, attach a magnet on the back. Attach to bobby pins or hair clips to accessorize your exquisite locks. Attach with glue to provide a colorful splash that is enjoyable.

Use as a gift’s bow alternative. Hang by attaching to a burlap banner. Use as decorations for your next table setting or attach to skewers with glue and insert into a plant. For a cute, quirky presentation, glue them to tree branches. The applications for this lovely felt butterfly project are many!

How To Make A No-Sew Felt Coffee Sleeve

Oh, the fragrance of coffee alone makes me happy. I enjoy the flavor of coffee in my tongue as well as the scent it emits as it is brewing. For me, coffee is essentially a soul food—or should I say soul drink? I might as well construct a coffee sleeve DIY as I have no intention of quitting the habit.

Math Game for Kids: Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Like us, do your kids or pupils like reading Pete the Cat books? If so, you’ll adore Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons-based arithmetic game for youngsters! It is quite simple to construct and even includes a free template to get you going.

No Sew Unicorn Pouch Craft Felt Project

These days, unicorns are all the rage, so whether you know someone who loves unicorns or are planning a unicorn birthday party, this no-sew felt craft is ideal! Not only is this felt unicorn purse project entertaining, it’s also adorable! Since partygoers will have their own bag to put treats in, you could even couple your no-sew felt item with some great party gifts like sparkly lip glosses and/or chocolates!

How to Make Felt Flower Magnets

I’m going to walk you through the process of making felt flower magnets. Some enormous blossoms that appeared in my yard during the past week gave me inspiration. Additionally, I’m always decluttering my craft studio and trying to make the most of my supplies, and this project was the ideal match.

Sleep Mask Diy

My husband would wear a sleep mask since I frequently read a book in bed before going to sleep while having my lamp on. After that, when my daughter was feeling unwell, she requested to sleep on our bed. She donned the sleep mask and found it comfortable.

She now prefers to sleep with a sleep mask, so I let her know that I could create her a stylish one. It took some time before I could make one out of felt since I had to wait for a specific felt adhesive to arrive from Amazon.

Felt Roses Flower Craft

These felt roses are going to be great for the kids to make for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just because! Rose crafts in particular are ideal for this time of year. A nice and easy activity to do for mom, dad, grandma, or even their closest friend is a bouquet of flowers. Even toddlers and preschoolers will like helping out with this one a lot! As they hold their very own bouquet of felt roses, they will feel quite proud of themselves. You can find step-by-step instructions for making this lovely floral craft below.

Personalized Felt Counting Set with Ten Apples Up On Top!

I enjoy coming up with arithmetic exercises for youngsters, especially when I can include literature into the activities. Ten Apples Up On Top!, one of our favorite counting books, served as the inspiration for our enjoyable felt counting game.

Layered Felt Rainbow Magnet

Children especially enjoy rainbow crafts because they are so vibrant and simple to produce. While rainbow crafts are typically made on St. Patrick’s Day, rainbows are most prevalent in the spring when there is a lot of rain and the clouds split to let the sun shine through. Have you ever given your children an explanation of the rainbow phenomenon?

Kids can understand the simple explanation, which is that a magnificent spectrum of light appears in the sky when sunlight reflects off airborne water droplets.

Abstract Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

Here are some abstract homemade Christmas ornaments for kids to make—a special and simple Christmas activity with craft sticks! This ornament is simple enough for youngsters to create and a terrific way to use up leftover materials from past Christmas crafts.

Felt Apple Pie Craft

As the new school year and fall season approached, I was excited to come up with a few enjoyable educational and craft projects for the kids that matched the season’s theme. Although we couldn’t utilize the little apples that were already safely dangling from the tree branches of the apple tree in our backyard, we were still inspired to come up with a few entertaining apple-related activities to share with you and your kids. These adorable little activities not only encourage your kids’ creativity but also provide them the chance to learn about numbers, patterns, and science. Enjoy making this cute felt apple pie craft, we hope!

Felt Basket Weave Heart Craft

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and we are planning ahead for this important, memorable day. I’ll create a felt basket weave heart project with the kids for close friends. Wouldn’t it be great if we combined the two and created them in a rainbow of hues? We are very excited to share this fantastic instruction for making a charming craft with you.

One of those fantastic Valentine’s Day activities that is ideal for holiday creating pleasure is this one. We always make an enjoyable Valentine’s Day craft whenever we can! This felt basket is a fantastic tool to help children practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Diy No Sew Felt Vegetable Garden Craft For Kids

I caved in and decided to create one after seeing so many adorable felt gardens recently circulating around the internet. In order to keep costs down and make this alternative more practical for my, ahem, skill set, I opted to dial it back a notch. Just in time for summer, it is the ideal play garden for children. Here’s how to create a kid-friendly, inexpensive, and straightforward felt garden project.

How to Make a No Sew Heart Face Emoji Pillow

Emojis’ rising popularity comes as no surprise. They are vibrant, adorable, and a wonderful means of expressing oneself. Try this easy no sew heart face emoji cushion project to bring the joy of emojis into your house! You can have the adorable love face emoji adorning your own home in a matter of minutes thanks to this easy no-sew activity for kids. Here’s how to get going:

NO Sew Felt Tea Bags Kids

My passion with simple NO SEW felt toys, like these cute no sew felt tea bags, has been rekindled since we once again have a toddler in the house. In fact, they are so easy to make that a template is not even necessary! I made all 3 tea bags in approximately 5 minutes. Children can make this activity in the interest of creative tea party play alone. Additionally, you may include it into cultural or even historical teachings. To make these no-sew felt tea bags, you just need a few supplies.

No Sew Felt Pinwheels

These simple no-sew pinwheels are great for sticking in plants or placing inside jars to brighten your space. Create matching pinwheels for birthday and baby shower celebrations. With this simple, adorable, and inexpensive activity, you’ll earn plenty of praises.

As cold and warm fronts pass over the desert in the spring, Vegas experiences very windy conditions. We fly kites to take use of the breezes, but we need to go to a park to accomplish so. As a result, I frequently buy dollar store pinwheels for the kids to play with in the wind. Funny how they still adore them at ages 6 and 8! However, they don’t live very long and are rapidly destroyed by the wind.

Cars 3 Felt Race Track

Cars 3 will be a hit with fans of the first two Disney Pixar Cars movies. Incredible animation is used. There are so many small elements, such as water, fog, and trash on the racetrack, that it almost seems like a snapshot. The automobiles are also the same beloved characters from the first film, however we get to witness them mature and change even more. The entire family will enjoy the delightful movie Cars 3.

The Cars movies and Lightning McQueen are my 3-year-obsessions, old’s so we decided to create a Cars racing course and an entire city for him to explore with his Mattel cars. Because felt is so simple to deal with and allows my preschooler to easily design his own little universe, we built it out of felt.

Pokémon Felt Pikachu Craft for Kids

Growing up, Pokémon was a significant part of my life. particularly one as iconic as Pikachu. We thought, why not honor one of the prettiest Pokémon since Detective Pikachu is now playing in theaters all over the world? It must be something about the way he pronounces “Pika, pika” that causes us to all utter the same word at once: “Awww.”

He is Ash’s closest buddy and most dependable travel companion, and he is now also yours. This activity is ideal for Pokémon birthday celebrations, classroom projects, and craft ideas for inclement weather.

For a complete step-by-step tutorial on creating your own Pikachu, continue reading. Give him a cap, and he’ll transform into Detective Pikachu!

DIY Felt Earbud Case

Making a DIY Felt Earbud Case is quite easy and only requires a few materials. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. I want to make a ton of these felt earbud cases in various colors since I adore the design! To prevent earphones from being tangled, having an earbud case is really useful. The charging cords may be kept in this earbud case, which is also an excellent choice. You may create a bigger charger cable by using a bowl as your template rather than a glass if you have thick, bulky charger wires.

A component of Craft Lightning Week is this undertaking. If you’ve been around for a while, you already know that for a week, my friend Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and I team up with another talented friend, Laura from Laura’s Crafty Life, to do a new 15-minute craft project every day. And we welcome our creative friends to participate! This week, FELT was used for all projects! Visit the bottom of this page to see all of today’s fantastic creations, and be sure to return each day this week to see all of the other enjoyable felt crafts that only need 15 minutes to do!

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