DIY Wooden Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are adaptable objects that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Numerous planter box variants made of wood, metal, plastic, or other materials are available on the market. However, DIY planter boxes may help you give your outdoor space a unique flair. Get motivated by our inventive DIY planter boxes if you are confident in your abilities but short on inspiration. Enjoy!

Modern Cedar Planter

The gorgeous wood boards used in this DIY planter box layout truly enhance the straightforward design. It’s a timeless planter that will look wonderful no matter what you plant in it and won’t ever go out of style. To make this project a reality, a list of required tools and materials, a cut and components list, schematics, and written directions are provided.

Raised Wooden Planter Box with Benches

Built-in seats allow for leisurely gardening in this DIY wooden planter box. Your back and knees will thank you for having a raised wooden planter, and these seats even let you sit while weeding!

Trellis Planter Box

Tell us about your TRELLIS indoor plants now. This not only supports your elaborate and attractive climbing plants on the trellis, but it also has a huge planter with additional exquisite flowers connected at the bottom, creating a very springlike scene. The rich brown she dyed the wood gives it the rustic farmhouse vibe I like, and the purple flowers complement it better than I could have ever imagined. This would look fantastic on the back deck or the side of a house. Yea, Trell!

DIY Address Plaque Planter Box

This project is more than just a simple DIY planter; it’s also an address plaque for the front of your house with a planter box attached to the bottom. Anyone passing by your house will be impressed by this easy effort, as well as the neighbors.

Straw Bale Outdoor Planter Box

Make a straw bale planter box if you want to experiment with straw bale gardening on a small scale. The bale needs 10 to 14 days to cure, but once it has, you may plant it right away.

Basic Planter Box

I’m not at all skilled in construction. Simply said, I don’t have what most of my friends, my mother, and truly the majority of people have. Fortunately, my hubby is kind and highly interested in construction. This large, contemporary wooden planter box adds charm to any front porch or deck. Even coming from me, it appears to be simple to construct and just requires 4 supplies. You will use and appreciate this planter box for a very long time after you build it.

DIY Cedar Planter Box

This homemade planter box, which was constructed from cedar planks, cement boards, and fence pieces, is big enough to show your address. For a planter that you can use anywhere, you may also leave it as is.

Bamboo Planter Box and Trellis

It will probably take a few days to assemble this unusual planter, but it will be worthwhile. The bamboo is lovely, especially when your trellis-integrated vining plants are present. These planter trellises may be combined to create a live privacy screen.

Diy Lattice Planter Box

I adore latticework. It’s typically utilized as a barrier for plants that climb. You know, with the frequent diamond-shaped areas surrounding a house? It’s the best of all worlds with this planter box. It has the diamond intervals in between, is spray painted a contemporary blue hue, and is the ideal deck planter box for this summer. This lattice planter box may look great with a similar cushion to give your porch or deck a Pinterest-worthy look.

One-Day Garden Planter Box and Pond

Regular plants and water plants may both grow in this planter box. Beginners could need more than a day to create this, but it’s not extremely difficult and just needs simple tools.

One Plywood Sheet Planter Box

This planter is enormous, audacious, and gorgeous! Can you believe this stunningly contemporary DIY planter box was created using just one piece of plywood and some paint? In addition to being affordable and simple to put together in just a few steps, can we speak about the color she decided on? It’s a soft, springlike pastel blue with just enough pigment to make a deck or front porch stand out in all the right ways. This planter box is ideal for your house if it is higher than average or if your front entrance is huge and tall. I can’t stop thinking about this!

DIY Window Box

With this easy DIY window box planter project, you can upgrade your planter to the next level. This planter was constructed from cedar and trim boards, and it is just the right length to fit beneath a window. A free blueprint for creating shutters that match is also available.

Modern DIY Planter Box

Do you desire a sturdy cedar and metal planter? It would be simple to build, and the best part is that it lasts a long time and enhances the attractiveness of your décor. We’ll also need screws, plastic drop cloth, steel iron, gorgeous multicolored flowers (you can choose any of them), galvanized steel mesh, and cedar wood blocks.

Cedar Planter Plan

Here is a blueprint for a tall planter that gives you the option of adding colored wood stain to create an eye-catching contrast. Its dimensions of 36 inches tall by 15 inches wide make it ideal for fitting a plastic planter inside.

DIY Rolling Planter Box

Rolling on your garden, rolling, rolling! Contemporary, adaptable, and MOBILE? Before now, I had no idea that something like this existed! This little garden on wheels looks amazing in a growing garden, on a front porch, or on a rear deck to add some flair in the height of summer. Your next project is guaranteed to stand out this year with fewer than 8 items and a few free hours on the weekend!

DIY 36-Inch Tall Planter Box

Looking for a creative DIY outdoor planter box idea? Making a DIY plant stand layout with your favorite plants included is a quick way to get started. To get started on this idea right away, you will need the essential materials and tools, which include wood blocks, a saw, a hammer, nails, rainbow flowers, soil, clamps, and wood glue.

Box Planter Tutorial

These DIY box planters look fantastic on a front porch and were made from leftover scrap wood and a few coats of paint. They are raised by their own legs, maintaining their casual and light appearance.

Square Wooden Planter Box

The rustic wood aesthetic of a planter box is one that I adore dearly. Regardless of the design of your home—old, new, brick, or wooden on wooden—a rustically antique planter box will look stunning and give your home an upscale appearance from the outside. It can fit large or little plants, is adaptable, and may look stunning both inside and outdoors of your home. It is large but not enormous.

All the materials you need can be found at your neighborhood Home Depot, and with a little effort, you can quickly and simply get this same appearance. She picked hydrangea flowers, which I also like!

DIY Planter Box Made With 2x4s

Would you prefer a planter box design that doesn’t take up a lot of room? What you require will be explained to you: Tools: woodblocks, screwdriver, caliper, wood glue, drill, paint, plastic sheet, muck and soil, and preferably big plants.

Tiered Cedar Planter Box

If you have limited room and want to have a lot of flowers, this tiered wood planter box is ideal. Additionally ideal for a herb garden. This task simply needs a few hours, and it costs less than $20.

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Planter

This DIY planter made from salvaged pallet wood looks like something you would get at your neighborhood family home and goods shop for at least $100. It’s simple, layered, and graceful, yet once it’s finished, it has an expensive appearance. Making this expensive-looking home planter requires a few additional steps, but you’ll save money and the finished product is well worth it. The enormous solitary blossom she picked is something I could only dream of, and the light brown interior is stunningly topped with the dark brown finish on the exterior layer. In terms of height, stature, and appearance, this porch planter is unquestionably ideal.

Patio Garden Box Out of Pallets

Making a DIY planter box out of a pallet is another wonderful and popular option owing to aesthetic considerations. Wooden boards, screws, nails, paint, varnish, plastic sheet, dirt, soil, and some plants are required. Voila, it’s prepared!

Wooden DIY Planter Box

Using cedar fence planks, this wooden DIY planter box may be made pretty large and appear as though a sizeable chunk of your money was spent on it. You will find all the directions and illustrations need to create this for yourself.

Black Accent Wooden Planter

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for the most cutting-edge DIY planter box ideas. It’s not a coincidence that this is titled “how to create a DIY contemporary planter box.” These are really stunning, and they do in fact exude modern style in every way. A pale, almost sand-colored wooden base with painted gray trim provides further contrast. She also decided to place a big green plant in the center of each planter box. This is a fantastic concept!

Wooden Flowers Planter Box Plans With Glass Jar

Do you have to attend the housewarming celebration? For you, a flowerpot with a glass jar is the ideal answer. Lightweight and breezy, it stands out from the competition. A mason jar, some live plants or flowers, dirt, wooden blocks, nails, screws, varnish, and paint are all you need to finish the project swiftly.

Pretty Wooden Planter

Wood shims are used in this DIY wooden planter to provide a distinctive pattern with lots of texture. This is a simple DIY that would look fantastic inside or outside of your home.

DIY Tiered Planter Box

Do you have $10 to spend and a yard that needs some flair? Your favorite summer project this year will be this DIY tiered wooden planter! I adore how this planter has a “standing” appearance, and thanks to the video tutorial and step-by-step instructions that were supplied, making this straightforward and affordable yet lovely project is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

One of those DIY projects that can be completed in as little as two hours and for as little as $10. It’s tiny enough to fit nicely in a bigger home’s garden or deck or on the front porch of an apartment or townhouse. A beautiful finishing touch is the sandy wood tone. You don’t have to “buy” it when your pals attempt to convince you how inexpensive you are. A theft is a theft!

How To Build A Mario Planter Box

Does anyone in your social group like video games? Giving your buddy the Mario planter box layout is a kind gesture. It’s fun to create and simple. Red and green paint, a hammer, a saw, mud and dirt, plastic sheet, nails, and wood glue are all that are required. This would stick out owing to its sparkling brilliant hues and would serve as a sight for sore eyes.

Porch Planter Bench

This creates a seat in addition to serving as a planter. The bench can be opened up to provide a considerable quantity of storage! It’s an excellent option for a tiny porch when you need both seating and a little additional storage for packages or porch cushions. This is a simple build since there are no needed angles—just straight cuts through wood. It is a beautiful planter and would look excellent on your porch.

Birdhouse Planter

I adore bird homes. It provides any space such a cozy and peaceful presence, whether you use them as interior decoration or implement them for bird feeders outdoors. My dear friends, here is “poultry” in action. This wooden home is not only beautiful on its own, but it also has flowers growing all around it and its very own planter. It is large, bold, and did I mention that it is bird-friendly? There’s little doubt that your beaked buddies will love the hole as well. two birds, one stone with this planter!

DIY Floating Planter Box

Are you worried about having insufficient room to simultaneously sow seeds and herbs? Your demands might be satisfied by a DIY Floating Planter box. You only need the proper equipment and a variety of seeds that you can plant in a single box, and you’re set!

Black Planter Boxes From Pallets

When you truly want your planter to stand out, size can sometimes be important. This one is definitely referred to as a giant planter box for a reason! This entrance planter box is ideal for your porch. It is tall, wide but not TOO wide, painted a contemporary gray, and seems pretty pricey.

She also illustrates the supplies needed, the cost of the project, and how she completed it on a budget in her lesson. One of my favorite planters and one of the most contemporary ones yet is this one.

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