Plank Wall Ideas

Have you thought of using wood for items than flooring and furniture? Wood wall planks are adaptable and increase the worth of your house. To design a theme for your kitchen or bedroom, get inspiration from their beauty.

Wood wall planks may add a distinctive focal point and create an appealing atmosphere in any space. Check out the following great suggestions if you wish to learn how. The items presented here can be ordered and delivered to your location.

Easy Pallet Wall

I’ll be honest—I’ve been researching the DIY wooden wall trend a lot. When it comes to power tools and large boards, I lack self-assurance. This job is very achievable thanks to tutorials like these, with detailed explanations and understandable illustrations

Just different colored boards are all that is needed to create this pallet wall instead of paint. It’s simple yet rustic, adding the farmhouse-chic pop your hallway or entryway wall has been missing. It’s so very simple, and you’ll adore looking at it!

DIY Wood Slats

You can finish this wood accent wall on your own if you’re willing to get your hands filthy. Wood slats, paint or stain, measuring tape, and an adhesive are all you need (liquid nails or air nailer works the best). Simply take measurements, make any necessary cuts, and put your slats straight into the wall you wish to emphasize.

Accent With Shiplap

Plank installation is a simple, one-day do-it-yourself activity that doesn’t require specialized skills. Shiplap can be used to make an accent wall. Paint the planks to give them a whitewashed appearance once you’ve put them. You may get additional information and insight at

Stained Wood Wall

Have you seen the same new dark, contemporary-looking wood that I have? It’s practically a blend of tree branch brown, dark deeper brown, and some grey. Don’t you think it’s AMAZING?

This DIY plank accent wall is constructed using the same 5 easy stages as earlier ones, with the addition of applying stain either before or after to give it a more rustically contemporary darker appearance. In this video, she used the hue “Minwax dark walnut” on the accent wall in her bedroom. Staining is simple, and the results are stunning. Lovely in a rustic way!

Textured Wood Wall

For those who want to step beyond the box, you may install a wood accent wall with grooves that you can actually reach out and feel. Online shoppers may acquire these stick-on pieces, which they can then easily update your décor with by adhering them over the existing drywall. It seems elegant without being pricey because to the textured wall.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Project

Reclaimed wood may be used since it gives a space more history. Mix and combine different colored or textured planks as well. It’s simple to locate a consistent design if that’s what you desire. For inspiration, have a look at this project on atcharlotteshouse.

Multi Color Wood Wall

This is a terrific alternative for a wood pallet wall if you’re BOARD and want a fun project to brighten up your house and décor.

This DIY wooden wall’s color palette is stunning, and it looks wonderful above and around the fireplace in the living area. I adore the grey, white, and beige undertones she uses here; they are very unusual! She claims that the toughest part of this job was choosing the perfect color scheme, and wow did she succeed!

DIY Wood Plank Walls Tutorial

With wood boards, practically anything may be covered. When there are only walls and windows between you and your objective, it is simpler. The same is true for walls that are uneven in shape, such as those found in attics. On thehouseofsmiths, have a look at these fantastic renovations.

Thick Wood Wall

Did you know that pallets are actually available at no cost? It doesn’t happen frequently, but occasionally, if your timing is good, you could discover them listed under “free” on Craigslist or Facebook.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be willing to wait for free pallets to create this project. The procedure is simple, the result is excellent, and overall

Shiny Natural

For optimal results when adding a wood accent wall, leave things as they are. As seen above, if you have the correct equipment and the necessary time, you can simply build these walls yourself. Allow the wood slats to join in a slick pattern that reveals the wood textures and knots. Finish with a layer of glossy varnish to let the light reflect and be caught.

DIY Entryway Plank

Even for transitional interiors and outdoor areas, wood plank walls are a lovely addition. An entrance would be a smart move. You want it to appear cozy and welcoming. On planks, the hooks are simple to install and don’t need any special services. Even a tiny shelf may be made to hold framed pictures and other objects. Sawdustsisters are the source of these wonderful concepts.

Wood Wall With Blue Accent

Let’s face it, the majority of us are on a tight budget, yet we still want to live opulently! This inexpensive DIY wooden wall project is for those of us who are resourceful enough to get by without the good fortune of finding free pallets on Facebook or Craigslist.

What’s the key to this inexpensive yet elegant wooden wall? Plywood! She bought a piece of 3/8-inch, 4 x 8-inch plywood for a phenomenal eleven dollars, painted it in various hues of yellow and blue, cut and glued it, and presto!

Mixed Wood

For a contemporary touch, use mixed wood to accentuate a space. The ingredients in this illustration by Uncookiecutter include colored wood paneling that has been stained. This project is straightforward and quick, but you’ll need a saw and nails.

White Shiplap Wall

I adore the appearance of shiplap. It’s contemporary, really expensive-looking, and, in my opinion, a real show-stopper for any fireplace wall, foyer, or bedroom wall. But the issue is…

Most of the time, it IS pricey just as it appears to be. A wall’s shiplapping might cost between $4,000 and $7,000 in total. I don’t have that lying around, and I don’t know about you.

You won’t have to with this Do It Yourself project! This guide for shiplap can help you save a ton of money. With this technique, you can get an 8,000-dollar appearance for less than $1,000, and it’s more simpler than you would have thought. 10 stages and 13 ingredients (one being optional) will work wonders for the newly shiplapped wall, and you’ll be amazed at the response.

Rustic Elegance

Installing an oak plank wood wall will give your house a hint of rustic and vintage beauty. The wood on these walls appears to have weathered and aged over time, yet it is actually brand-new. This wall design is a favorite among many people since it blends effortlessly and beautifully into any interior design concept.

DIY Real Wood Pallet

Reclaimed wood planks are easily obtained from old pallets. As you can see, a primary material is used in this project from addicted2diy. The pallets are disassembled, and the boards are then glued one at a time, working their way down. It’s a positive indicator if the boards’ colors don’t coordinate since it gives your planks more personality.

Rv Wood Wall

Finding the ideal wooden wall for a kitchen might be trickier than you’d imagine. A kitchen naturally has a lot going on, and each one is distinct. For YOUR particular kitchen, you need to pick the ideal size, shape, color, accent, etc. Wood cabinets already exist in this kitchen, but stunning!

It’s really lovely how the striped accent in this kitchen complements the rest of the space’s solid brown color. If you already have wood in your kitchen, I highly suggest getting some ideas from this.

DIY Distressed Planks

We adore the appearance of distressed wood, but we are aware that finding the appropriate boards may be challenging. No worries, you can paint this appearance again. The procedure is straightforward and you can find the information on shanty-2-chic. The bottom half is covered with wood, which gives it a really interesting appearance.

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

The installation of a reclaimed timber wall is very simply explained in this guide, and the processes are really simple to follow. Due to the use of recycled wood and the unusual white color stain employed here, this project is among the more affordable DIY projects and would look great above a fireplace or in a bedroom.

I was able to witness this white wooden masterpiece at a nursery, among other places. Brown woods tend to be a bit gloomy in my opinion, but this is brilliantly lovely with a farmhouse touch, and I am enamored!

Weathered Wood

Installing a weathered wood accent wall in your living room will give the space a hint of the old wisdom of the forest. The textured wall is perfect for showcasing your favorite vintage pieces, and this style of wood appears like it might share tales of days gone by. You get extra points if you build this kind of wall around a worn-out fireplace.

DIY Faux Wood Plank

Shiplap and wood planks are often laid horizontally, however this is not a requirement. If you want to emphasize a space’s height, you can lay boards vertically. To see how this pattern appears with a pitched roofline, have a look at this creation by tagandtibby.

Diy Herringbone Plank Wall

This DIY technique will make it simple as wooden pie if you’ve ever considered creating a contemporary, horizontal design on your wooden wall but have been too afraid to try.

She says that all you need to do to appropriately mark the boards before cutting them is line them up correctly. The remaining steps are typical for a wooden wall instruction, but the finished product will have an additional horizontal flash of color.

Barn Style Siding

When you build a wall with aged barn-style siding, the outside will come inside. To balance the bedroom’s colors and accents, this wall employs different tones of natural wood. However, the manner that this wall follows the tilt of the ceiling is what makes it so charming; it emphasizes the quirky character rather than attempting to cover it up.

Colorful Wood Planking

Instead of utilizing recycled wood or other types of wood, you may blend colors to obtain this appearance by painting the pieces. Check out this lovelyetc. color combination. Grey, white, and blue are the three colors you can employ.

Diy Weathered Wood Accent

How about this gorgeous wood-paneled wall? You wouldn’t think that this small DIY project just only seven supplies, two hours of labor, and Weaber weathered wall planks.

A bedroom or living area would look great with the addition of this modest wooden wall. It’s a great project for beginners because it involves a lot less effort, time, resources, and preparation if you don’t stain. The options for your house with wood are unlimited once you master this!

Kid’s Room

A plank wall with painted drywall pops below will let your child join in on the excitement. Although it’s still an accent wall, your kids will like this one because it’s so young and trendy. They may add their own artistic touch to the wall and maintain the wooden concept by hanging a cutout of their first initial in a vivid color to make it stand out.

Herringbone Planks

For accentuated surfaces, any design looks excellent, but these patterns aren’t the only options. You may get many fascinating and creative ideas for your ceiling or floors. Designertrapped is the source of this herringbone pattern. Although more difficult to create, it is still fashionable.

Floral Wood Plank Wall

This is without a doubt the most beautiful and charming nursery décor I’ve ever seen for a baby girl. Tissue paper on planks? This wooden wall contains a few various shades of pastel pink, a smoky grey, as well as a flowery tissue paper that is sprinkled throughout. Who would have thought that an item like tissue paper would be so incredibly simple and adorable? This may certainly serve as an idea for a boy’s nursery, just using different types of tissue paper.

Shades of Grey

A wood wall with elegant and neutral hues of grey in the planks will provide depth to your bedroom. These stick-on planks provide the illusion of more space by varying in depth from nearly-white to nearly-black. Your bedroom will appear to be part of a five-star resort when combined with unique hanging light fixtures.

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