Bird House Patterns

Certain species of cavity-nesting birds can find protection and a secure place to rest in birdhouses. While there are many ready-made birdhouses on the market, with a little creativity, you may also construct your own.

When constructing a birdhouse, be sure to utilize untreated wood to guarantee the project is devoid of any possibly dangerous chemicals. The majority of species will actually bring their own nesting material, so there’s no need to even contribute any. Continue reading for free DIY birdhouse plans for experienced and novice woodworkers.

Simple Bird House Plans

This straightforward bird house layout could be the best choice for you if you’re prepared to put simplicity and price first. This home may be assembled and set outside in a few hours using seven pieces of cut cedarwood. Smaller types of birds can fit through the entry hole in this design, but bluebirds might potentially settle there.

Log Cabin

You may have a tiny one in your own yard if you enjoy the old-fashioned country look. A log cabin’s pleasant outside atmosphere has a distinct mood that almost instantly makes one feel at ease and at home. To chop apart the designs, you must find numerous, print them, and do so. After that, cut out the shapes you traced onto the wood.

Join these parts using glue. assemble logs, split, split, and glue them together as well. It is now time to finish the house you have made by adding finishing touches, such drilling a little hole in the entrance.

Basic Wooden Birdhouse

A birdhouse could be one of the first things novice woodworkers learn to create. Once you know how to do it, building a basic wooden birdhouse is a rather easy procedure. Additionally, since building this specific house is so simple, it is recommended that you enlist the assistance of your children.

Classic Wood Birdhouse

You want to make a basic, conventional birdhouse out of wood that looks timeless. Its dimensions are 8.5 inches tall by 8.5 inches long, making it the ideal first woodworking project. You can get the blueprints and supplies on Etsy, and you’ll be luring birds to your yard in no time.

Night Lights

This pattern would be adorable added to any birdhouse. Purchase a voltage regulator to ensure that the solar lights function properly and that they only illuminate at night. They are not need to be on all day. Furthermore, the installation of these lights will bring in insects that the birds may consume. For this project, any cheap solar lights will do.

Squat Modern Bird House Plans

This project demonstrates that you don’t need to have a lot of money on hand to take on bird house ideas. This home is an economical and straightforward alternative that works well for both beginning and experienced builders, however it could be too short and squat for larger, heavier bird species.

Repurpose an Old Teapot and Drawer

This blogger turned an old teapot and a drawer into a quirky birdhouse that is ready for some nesting. She began by threading yarn through the drawer handle holes to hang the pot. The thrifted teapot was then affixed to the drawer’s rear. In order to create a landing platform, she lastly cemented the teapot’s top to the bottom of the drawer.

Estate Birdhouse

Build a bird estate to upgrade your basic birdhouse. Although other birds of a similar size are probably going to like it as well, the Estate Bird House is particularly made for purple martins. The blueprints (available on Etsy) come with a cut list, a shopping list, and 3D illustrations. If you’re not too handy, you may also get a specially created version for you.

Wing 67

This project’s design was inspired by Habitat 67. A computer with AutoCAD, a laser cutting service, plywood, plexiglass, stain, polyurethane, wood glue, and a plexiglass adhesive are among the supplies you’ll need. You will need to use a laser cutter to cut out your plywood, sand the wood, apply stain, and then use sandpaper to smooth up the edges. When everything is put together, you are done.

Modern Birdhouse

These birdhouse ideas are intended for those who like architecture and having birds nest on their land. Due to the fact that you only need a few essential tools to finish the job, they are also excellent for DIYers who are not skilled in woodworking. In the end, you’ll have a mid-century modern birdhouse that will stand out in your yard and generate interest.

Simple Mounted Birdhouse

By following the directions in this guide, you may attach a birdhouse to a fence post or tree (available on Etsy). This project is ideal for beginners to woodworking or for parents and kids to work on together because it simply requires straight cuts from a single piece of timber. The blueprint comes with illustrations, a shopping list, and further instructions for building the ideal birdhouse.

Quilted House With Rattles

This one will take a lot of time; the individual who came up with these instructions worked on it for nearly a week, putting in 2.5 hours every day, but the effort is worthwhile because of the originality of the concept. They employed bells, patterned fabric, felt, thread, scrap batting, sewing needles (or a sewing machine), and an embroidery book for those who lacked the necessary stitching knowledge. This is a wonderful present idea as well.

Customize a Pre-made Birdhouse With Pennies

There are many inventive ways to customize a birdhouse if you enjoy crafts but aren’t into carpentry hobbies. Purchase a ready-made birdhouse from a craft store or construct one from a basic kit. Paint it in your preferred house color after that. Then, collect some coins and plaster them onto the roof. Use the proper glue to prevent the roof from coming off.

Make a Birdhouse Mansion With Plywood

It’s much simpler to construct an old colonial-style birdhouse than you may think. Maintaining a fairly worn appearance for the white paint and adding character to the roof with cedar shake shingles are the keys to pulling off this style.

A-Frame Birdhouse

With the help of this chic chalet-style birdhouse, you can draw purple martins and other birds of a similar size to your property. The A-frame style offers a cool, retro feel, and you can personalize it with the kind of wood and color of paint or stain you like. The drawings (which are accessible on Etsy) give the choice between 12 smaller rooms and 6 bigger “suites.”

Make Your Own Birdhouse Using No Nails

No nails are required for this birdhouse! In fact, adhesive is not even necessary! This birdhouse takes half as long to construct since it uses Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape and Fasteners to hold everything together. Try to get some worn-out, vintage hardware for the perch to give the project a more rustic appearance.

Peek-a-Boo Perfection

These DIY birdhouse ideas are great for anyone seeking a challenge (available on Etsy). This birdhouse, which is fashioned to resemble a church or farmhouse, has transparent windows that let you see the birds inside as they build their nests. Even utilizing two-way Plexiglas, which allows you to watch the birds without them seeing you, is advised by the designs’ developer. The ultimate product is worth the effort, even if you might require more sophisticated woodworking abilities to finish this project.]

Use Recycled Milk Jugs

Although this project is simple, it is not the most striking. But recycling is one of the finest things you can do for the environment, and doing this can help you avoid having too many milk jugs lying around. A milk jug, duct tape, scissors, sharpie, and a pencil are all tools you may utilize (or long bolt). The jug’s bottom should be cut off, and everything should be taped together.

Decoupage a Birdhouse for a Decor Piece

This is an excellent project to take on if you live in an apartment and are unable to build a birdhouse on your land. On bookshelves, in nurseries, or anywhere your heart chooses, birdhouses make lovely home d├ęcor. Just be sure to apply a transparent acrylic sealer to cover the paper if you wanted to use this birdhouse outside.

Martin House with Protection Rails

This birdhouse has 12 distinct nesting sites and was created with martins in mind (plans are available on Etsy). Each one has a barrier to prevent young birds from falling from the roost. The design incorporates a roof that can be simply unscrewed to be cleaned at the end of the season. The birdhouse will be 18.5 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 16 inches deep when it is complete.

Use Branches And Hand Tools

Here is another plan for a log home that may be built with only hand tools and branches. A hammer, a handsaw, a tenon saw, a hatchet, a utility knife, blades, sticks, pallet wood, panel pins, polythene, chicken wire, staples, and glue will all be required. Take the utility knife so you can completely remove the bark from the sticks you discover.

Get Quirky With Your Bird House Designs

These birdhouses can take a little longer to build and need more patience than some of the other ideas on our list, but the results are worthwhile. It’s a good idea to utilize the same materials for each birdhouse while changing up the design somewhat if you want to place several homes on a single fence.

Cedar Double Planter

There are several uses for this concept. You have two options: buy cedar or use any scraps left over from previous endeavors. This includes building two distinct birdhouses, one on each end, then placing a planter with some adorable plants inside of it. To finish this, all you’ll need are various lengths of wood, finish nails, gorilla glue, and drill bits.

Add a Birdhouse Beneath a Planter

This task is for you if you wish to take on a novel birdhouse alternative. But is this birdhouse actually useful? There is a potential that birds will congregate there because it serves as a bird feeder, but don’t be shocked if they decide against building a nest so near to the ground.

Minimalist Birdhouse

Use these designs to build a medium-sized birdhouse with a classic style (available on Etsy). The blueprints, which were initially designed for the creator’s own grandson, may be finished by woodworkers of different skill levels. The only equipment required to construct this simple birdhouse is a handsaw, screwdriver, and power drill. If at all feasible, the listing suggests utilizing softwoods like pine or spruce.

Cover For Security Camera

And here’s a great idea to hide up your home security system: construct a birdhouse-like cover for your cameras. You’ll also need poplar boards and garden stakes in addition to the cameras. Adjust the cameras into your structure, place the poles where you want them, then paint your end creation anyway you choose after cutting everything to fit your requirements.

Dry a Gourd Then Turn It Into a Birdhouse

This easy-to-make birdhouse will appeal to gardeners who grow gourds. A gourd may be dried out by just keeping it outside for a few months. The gourd will be prepared to be cleaned and emptied by the time Spring arrives since all of its contents should have dried by then. Create a hole at the gourd’s bottom that is big enough for a bird, then hang it from a tree using strong string or twine.

Bird Condo

This condo-style birdhouse is ideal for accommodating several pairs of birds while they roost. For aesthetic appeal and to extend the life of the wood, when painting a birdhouse like this one, leave the interior unpainted. There is no way to obtain these birdhouse’s plans digitally; they must be ordered by mail.

Zip Ties With No Glue

This will require a lot of time and effort, as well as more than 1,000 zip ties. But because zip ties are renowned for being strong and flexible, it is a special endeavor that is certain to last. You’ll need to purchase a large quantity of zip ties, design your final product in CAD, have it laser cut, and then fasten the zip ties to every side of it. Zip ties are used to hang the home up instead of glue in this project.

Turn a Birdhouse Into a Stone Castle

Although this DIY birdhouse is rather complex, it’s a lot of fun to create. The article will demonstrate how to attach several types of stones to your birdhouse without having them come off, as well as a few alternative styles you may try to imitate.

Beginner-Friendly Birdhouse

Small roosting birds may live comfortably in this beginner-friendly birdhouse (plans are available on Etsy). You may decorate this birdhouse with whichever ornaments you choose or paint it any interesting color. Consult a birdhouse dimension table for your area when determining the entrance’s size to make sure the hole is appropriate for the birds you want to attract.

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