Needle Punch Embroidery Kits

This selection of my absolute favorite contemporary punch needle kits will teach you how to make punch needle embroidery. You may choose from a broad range of the best punch needle kits on our list, ranging from beginner kits with straightforward patterns to intermediate kits with more complex designs for those looking for a little challenge.

Each of these punch needle kits comes complete with all the materials and equipment you’ll need to complete a punch needle embroidery project. The majority of kits also include written instructions or instructional videos that will teach you the fundamental stitch technique and walk you through the process of completing your first punch needle design.

Fox Punch Needle Starter Kit by Handisky

For those starting out in this craft for the first time, the bestseller kit on Etsy is a terrific option. This kit comes with everything you need to try punch needling for the first time, including stenciled fabric, an adjustable hoop, a needle threader, and a punch needle tool. It has a lovely animal pattern that everyone is sure to like (I mean, how can you not?).

There are 10 different animal patterns to pick from, but the fox design seen above is our favorite. They’re all very cute, too! Despite the fact that we are convinced you’ll get addicted in no time, this kit is a wise alternative if you don’t want to make significant initial expenditures in the craft.

This is a great alternative for vegans and crafters who care about the environment because it doesn’t utilize animal by-products, comes in recyclable packaging, and includes 100% cotton yarn.

Love Max Design Lion Punch Needle

This adorable starter kit has everything you need and is perfect for beginners. You may also choose the color of the lion’s mane for £50, which includes the punch needle tool.

Punch Needle Kit for Beginners: Pattern, Tools, and Supplies

My top recommendation for punch needle novices is this lovely punch needle set. It includes everything you need to get going in addition to a comprehensive video session by Bookhou’s Arounna Khounnoraj. You’ll obtain excellent results since the video tutorial meticulously explains how to rug hook using a punch needle.

Punch Needle Beginner Kit by PunchyStuff

The next beginner’s punch needle kit on Etsy is appealing to young people and older who enjoy bohemian aesthetics.

This 6-inch bohemian rainbow pattern comes in an elegantly wrapped set that also includes two hoops: a plastic hoops for creating and a wooden hoops for framing your finished item.

You’ll also get hoops, a threader, and premium double knit yarn in addition to your own rainbow pattern. That implies that you will need to manually trace it onto the monk cloth.

PunchyStuff store owner Kelly also offers instructional YouTube videos for novices and includes adorable extras like personal notes and tips & hints in her shipments. Large shops like Amazon won’t provide you with that caliber of service!

Stitchonomy Fern Punch Needle Kit

Punch needle kits from Stitchonomy are an excellent value with a lovely pattern. This reasonably priced kit will introduce you to the world of punch needles and comes with simple to follow instructions.

Build Your Own Punch Needle Project

Look no farther than this DIY kit from The Crafter’s Box if you want to create your own kit. A stretcher bar set OR gripper frame, a few lovely wool yarn colors, and whatever much monk’s fabric you require for your craft are all up to you. For someone who enjoys creating their own patterns and designs, this DIY kit is ideal.

British Wool Sunset Punch Needle Cushion Kit by TheModernCrafter

DIYers have a rare opportunity with this comprehensive punch needle set to create a chic cushion to freshen up their houses. The package comes with wool, a reusable stretcher bar frame, punch needle fabric, calico backing, yarn snips, a project bag, and a pre-printed pattern. A threader and a lovely Maplewood oxford punch needle are also included.

This design is also available from The Modern Crafter as a three-month subscription that includes one new cushion design each month.

Although this choice is one of the most expensive on our list of punch needle kits, it does allow for payment in installments to lighten the burden. Additionally, the materials are of a higher caliber than the plastic components used in less expensive kits.

If the idea of pillow punch needle crafts makes your eyes light up, you might also want to think about getting this very reasonably priced flowery cushion design PDF to keep punching after you finish the kit!

SUPVOX Rainbow Punch Needle Kit For Beginners

This is our preferred economical option from Amazon. Make a rainbow—who wouldn’t want to do that? Make all of your crafts the colors of the rainbow and visit our rainbow craft ideas for more vibrant projects.

Strawberry Punch Needle Kit

Enjoy the calming effects of punch needle stitching while you unwind. Relax; this kit includes everything you need to get going. This kit includes a 7″ hoop with pre-stretched monk’s fabric that has a sketched pattern on it. Also included is yarn.

One customer who gave it five stars wrote: “I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! Three of the kits were mine. Even though I have no artistic talent, I managed to make some extremely great art for our wall. I’ve developed a small addiction to punch needle.

Unicorn Yarn Punch Needle Kit by RRIBOUDWAN

This unicorn punch needle kit could be the one for you if you’re just getting started with this activity and are seeking for cute patterns on a budget.

This is a great choice to satisfy your Peter Pan complex or give to a unicorn-loving friend or family member, along with four other adorable animal patterns.

This kit includes a plastic hoop, vibrant, silky milk fiber yarn, and all the other supplies needed to complete this adorable pattern.

Although there are punch needle kits with more advanced features available, this is a wonderful way to encourage kids’ creativity and to get them involved in healthy DIY activities in a world overflowing with technology!

Studio Jepsen Punch Needle Kit

The needle punch was invented by Rico Design, and it is included in this Studio Jepsen kit. The layout itself is simple to follow, and Rico Design’s YouTube video offers further instructions. This banana punch needle kit is so much fun!

Beginner Punch Needle Kit

I believe you’ll adore this exquisitely picked selection of punch needle materials and tools. After you finish this kit, you may reuse the high-quality hoop and needle tool for a variety of other crafts. The package is ideal for beginners!

Starry Night Punch Needle Kit by Needle Hobby

This Starry Night punch needle kit is ideal for art lovers who enjoy having fun recreating classic masterpieces in various media.

This kit, which is ideal for novices, comes with everything you’ll need to reproduce this famous picture, including hoops, printed monks cloth (28x28cm), yarn, and an adjustable punch needle pen and threader.

Before going on to more challenging pieces, practicing punch needling methods and experimenting with geometric forms and lines is a terrific idea with this design.

You can also buy a comparable item on Etsy, but it will cost you a little more. This is a good alternative if you want to stay away from Amazon and support regional companies.

DIY Starry Night Punch Needle Kit

Utilize this simple beginning punch needle kit to replicate Van Gough’s well-known starry night. Due to the fact that it contains everything you need, it would also make a wonderful Christmas present for a buddy who enjoys crafting. Given that certain punch needle instruments may cost more than £20 alone, it also offers excellent value for the money.

Sunrise Punch Needle Kit

I like how this kit includes a rectangular wooden frame that may hold the fabric while you punch it and then be used as a display frame after the pattern is complete.

Kit contents include a 12 by 14-inch pine wooden frame, tightly stretched monk’s cloth, a pattern template, the best 100% wool yarn, punching instructions, and a sawtooth hanging hook.

Punch Needle Craft Making by mylifehandmade

This magnificent punch needle kit on Etsy is an appropriate option for individuals with a taste for the opulent because it features lovely packaging and a sophisticated, abstract design.

Even the elaborate packaging, which includes materials like premium wool, a hessian foundation, and a chic tote bag to hold your stuff, is worth the price of the item.

This opulent set, which is affordable at little under $50 and suitable for novices, is a chic choice to begin your punch needle journey.

This kit is perfect if you want to work with the necessities while enjoying a high-quality experience, whether you want to add a personal touch to your house or make something lovely for a loved one.

RISE Tailor Studio’s Punch Needle Kit

Start needling by selecting one of these three punch needle kits! Punch needles, monk cloth, a hoop, the pattern, and enough yarn are all included in this kit.

Rosa Parks Punch Needle Kits by KidsCraftsLLC

This wonderfully distinctive kit is a part of a collection of arts and crafts by KidsCraftsLLC that honors significant women in history.

For young minds, it contains a little punch needle craft that revolves around the image of Rosa Parks, offering an informative and enjoyable experience.

You’ll be pleased to discover a gorgeously stenciled canvas, yarn, felt stickers, pom-pom fringes, non-toxic fabric glue, and tools for display within this thoughtfully designed kit, which is the most inspirational of our listed punch needle kits.

Other pieces in the collection give a variety of crafting opportunities along with meaningful words to celebrate women who inspire us, like Maya Angelou, RGB, Frida Kahlo, and Greta Thunberg.

The Little Cloth Studio’s Punch Needle Kit

Although this punch needle kit is on the more expensive side of our roundup of punch needles for beginners, it is totally worth it. You may create this lovely sunbeam with the seven different yarns that are included. The kit includes a 7-page booklet with all the directions, recommendations, and guidance you’ll need.

Botanical Punch Needle Kit by reygudesign

This item was included in our list of punch needle kits because, well, it’s simply too adorable not to! This bundle is ideal for novices of all ages seeking for comprehensive punch needle kits with many patterns since it has cute, botanical cartoon creatures.

In addition to conventional punch needle equipment, this package has three alternative punch needle types for various yarn weights, three printed designs, and a wooden hoop to display your efforts.

You will have to trace your drawings onto the cloth in this situation, which is a fantastic chance for beginners to practice their abilities. You may use a YouTube instructional to help you with your project as well.

Check out possibilities like this PDF punch needle design on Etsy if you like working with more realistic plant themes!

Full Of Your Love’s Alpaca Punch Needle Kit

With the help of this punch needle embroidery kit, spread the llama love. We adore his flowery headdress! To keep you company at work, we can just picture you making this little gentleman and hanging him over your desk.

Anchor Dee Hardwicke Flower Freestyle Kit

This retro punch needle flower kit is an economical choice to take into consideration if you enjoy making wearable design things. This box, which we recommend as the least expensive option on our list of punch needle kits, includes a little floral pattern for a brooch, making it useful for practicing technique on smaller surfaces. This is a practical choice for crafters who wish to make quick, personalized presents because to its reasonable pricing.

Set Of 3 Floral Beginner Punch Needle Kit

These tiny punch needle hoops are wonderful crafts that you can carry about with you and practice while you’re on the road. Punch needle kits can actually go everywhere with you. Additionally, it comes in a pack of three, allowing you to host a punch needle party for your friends.

Christmas Decoration Punch Needle Kit by Whole Punching

This Christmas kit is a delightful choice if you love gathering up with friends over hot chocolate while putting together crafting DIY items. It is lovely and suitable for all levels of punch needlers.

In addition to being stunning and simple to make, these bauble decorations are a creative method to construct timelessly beautiful, reusable products that will last a lifetime.

This kit includes yarn sourced responsibly, design templates, a hoop, a punch needle, linen fabric, and felt backing fabric. It is packaged in recyclable materials.

Enjoy this eco-friendly kit and look at additional Whole Punching products including the company’s DIY bundles, advanced punch needle kits, and gorgeous beginning punch needle kits!

Folk Art Chicken Mini Punch Needle Kit

These lovely little punch needle kits, which are so little they can go through your mailbox, are another item available from The Modern Crafter. You’ll receive complete written instructions with step-by-step pictures in addition to receiving all the necessary materials and tools.

Coaster Making Kit by Julia Davey

This high-end kit provides novices with everything they need to produce gorgeous punch needle things that may serve as the inspiration for the beginning of new business enterprises and personal projects. It offers fine rug yarn to manufacture attractive, lasting pieces.

You’ll receive tracing patterns when you buy this kit, and it’s up to you to stencil designs onto your monk cloth and complete any hoop work. But don’t worry—clear instructions will be provided to help you through the procedure.

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