Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas

It’s not always simple to stay within your wedding budget, but fortunately for you, we have a ton of budgeting advice to help you get the most of your money. Selecting less expensive wedding favors is one easy way to cut costs. When there are so many interesting and reasonably priced choices available, there’s no need to shell out a ton of money. Uncertain about where to begin?

We can help with that! We’ve looked everywhere for cheap wedding favors that won’t set you back more than a dollar. You heard correctly: We’ve discovered the finest wedding favors for less than a dollar apiece! Browse all of our best recommendations for wholesale purchases.

Washi Tape Tea Lights

You’ll adore this wedding favor idea from Something Turquoise if you enjoy crafting. Give each visitor 2-3 candles that are wrapped in tulle or cellophane and fastened with a bow, and then simply wrap tea lights in patterned washi tape.

Bubbles in Wedding Cake Bottle

Who says that youngsters can just blow bubbles? Absolutely not us! When guests start blowing their bubbles, the stylish favor of bubbles in wedding cake bottles will also make for some fantastic wedding photographs!

Plain Jane 2424 “Let Love Grow” Custom Seed Wedding Favors

Love flowers and gardening? Send visitors home with these individual seed packets, complete with adorable wording and packaging, so they may grow flowers at home. For each wedding décor theme, choose from 16 distinct watercolor design alternatives. Add a tiny pot to each serving if you want to boost the ante. We adore it since it’s a practical present that will continue to be helpful long after the occasion.

Personalized Matchboxes

One of those items you don’t believe you need until you actually do is matches. Create custom matchboxes for your visitors to address that issue.


Donuts make a wonderful wedding treat or late-night snack for less than $1 each! Print these adorable labels from Sugar and Charm to dress up your doughnut bags without breaking the bank.

Wooden Place Setting

Place names may serve as favors, saving you money. We believe your guests will adore having these wooden place settings on their workstations after the wedding. They will look modern and trendy on your tables.

Give It Pretty The Perfect Blend Coffee Wedding Favor

Get a couple scoops of your preferred coffee beans or grinds and put them in one of our customised coffee bags. They make wonderful wedding favors to distribute the night of the wedding, but they also make a nice addition to a welcome bag for the wedding in a hotel or as a treat at the wedding brunch the following day.

Plantable Seed Paper

With these plantable party favors, you can give your loved ones a gift that they will treasure for years to come. The sweet paper heart has wildflower seeds inside that your visitors may plant.

Seed Packets

Packets of seeds are an affordable and practical wedding favor, whether they are flower seeds for a garden wedding or herb seeds for a more rustic celebration. The greatest thing, though? When that tomato plant blooms in their backyard, guests will think of your wedding.

Fudge Wedding Favours

These tasty tiny fudge cubes from Thorntons will be a wedding guest favorite if they have a sweet taste. To make each guest feel particularly special, get a bag for them and place them in lovely paper favor bags.

Picture Perfect Papier Personalized Matches

Who wouldn’t benefit from having a spare matchbook on hand? The customization here makes it feel even more unique and precious, but it’s pretty much the pinnacle of the most useful present, ever. There are currently more than 75 different paper alternatives available (across a wide array of colors and finishes).

Mini Photo Frames

A collection of stylish little photo frames may be used for many different things. Give these out to visitors so they can add their own photographs, write creative notes in them, or use them as adorable place card holders that guests may keep afterward.


Purchase some marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers in bulk and package the treats in bags for personalized S’mores wedding favors. It becomes fashionable by adding a clever label, like this one from The Flair Exchange.

Chocolate Wedding Favours

a treat for all you chocolate fans! You can please everyone at your party with these delicious tiny squares, which are available in vegan dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate. The gold foil and cotton flower pattern are gorgeous, too.

Custom Favours Hot Chocolate Wedding Favor in a Tube

As a fun concept for a winter wedding, we adore this. You may choose the color and design of the tag for these charming hot cocoa-filled test tubes, which you can place on each place setting. Invite guests to either take them home to enjoy later or to enjoy them as a sweet treat at the end of the evening. When you have a destination wedding distant from home, it might be an especially lovely comfort for your guests.

Scented Soap Bars

Despite not appearing inexpensive, these charming wedding favors are really rather reasonable. Your visitors will enjoy taking these fragrant soaps home with them.

Tea Bags

Tea bags may be purchased individually for about cents per person, so consider upgrading this favor. Using tiny glassine envelopes, attractive labels, and string, a plain tea bag may be transformed into a sophisticated wedding treat.

Personalised Engraved Wooden Pencils

These custom pencil wedding favors are quite useful! They’ll be helpful when guests arrive to sign the guest book as well as entertaining your younger guests. This inexpensive wedding favor idea will be appreciated by all guests because each pencil may be personalized with your names and the wedding date.

Favourgram Custom Wedding Flip Flops

These are perfect to have on hand (or, foot?) when your guests wish to forgo their beautiful shoes and keep hitting the dance floor all night long, in keeping with the objective of favors that will make your guests’ experience that much more joyful. They are wonderful decorations to place at the entrance of a seaside wedding. A considerate favor that emphasizes their comfort during the celebrations will be greatly appreciated by your guests.

“Best Day Ever” Bubbles

Give your guests one of these inexpensive wedding gifts if you’ve ever fantasized about being showered in bubbles. Each bottle has a heart-shaped cork on top and is pre-filled with bubble mixture.


On strips of cardstock, print a sincere “thank you,” punch a hole in the top, thread some string through the hole, and you’re done! You now possess a simple, do-it-yourself bookmark wedding favor. We really adore these 20-packs from PaperLovePrints that can be customized for for $12.

Custom Wedding Teabag Favours

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot beverage? These personalized teabags, which come in a variety of delectable flavors, will make your guests’ morning cup even more enjoyable. For an added personal touch, you may include your names and wedding date.

Erickson Design Custom Popcorn Boxes

Let visitors create their own to-go snacks by placing these customized popcorn boxes next to a sizable pot of freshly popped popcorn and a variety of spices. (However, we’re prepared to wager that it will probably be rapidly consumed on the spot as a late-night snack.) It’s a very economical yet enjoyable and considerate present, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


Everyone enjoys a delicious cookie, whether they make them themselves or purchase them from a store. Follow DoubleTree’s lead and provide these as wedding favors for your visitors. Simple is best, always.

Chocolate Hearts Wedding Favours

With these sweet chocolate hearts, what better way is there to share love? These are guaranteed to be a big hit with your guests because to their charming “love is sweet” phrase written in lovely handwriting. They are a deal for 85p apiece, and you can select the foil and card colors.

Best Day Ever Spot Personalized Sunscreen Favors

These small sunscreens are adorable and useful—especially whether it’s a tropical destination wedding or just an outdoor summer soiree—and they come in four modern designs. You can personalize them with the phrase of your choosing. Additionally, the linked carabiners guarantee that your guests won’t ever lose them. These are ideal for keeping your visitors happy and practical if they neglected to bring their own sunscreen.

Vegan Soap

These adorable vegan soaps with dried flowers will look lovely at a rustic wedding. They are not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but also incredibly useful. You may mix and match your favors or keep them all the same by selecting one of the thirteen available styles.

Minted Merlot Dip-Dyed Favor Boxes

Did you know that Minted is a terrific source for packaging for favors as well as wedding stationery? Minted is one of our go-to places for everything and anything wedding-related. These folding boxes, Exhibit A, come in a variety of colors and are ideal for holding a tiny treat. Don’t overlook their complementary selection of additional packaging choices, like stickers and favor tags. To stay on-theme, match these to the colors of your wedding, and let your guests enjoy discovering the goodies hidden within.

Colour In Place Mat Wedding Favours

These personalized place mats by Chi Chi Moi from Not On The High Street are sure to be a hit with your guests and demand to be colored in. Watch everyone’s “concentration faces” as they struggle to remain inside the lines after a few drinks if you place a pot of pencils on each table!

Letter and Leather Luggage Tags

These tags are a sweet idea for a destination wedding and are something that guests can use right away. They are available in a staggering variety of various backgrounds and text color combinations. They are particularly high quality since they are handcrafted from bonded leather and foil-stamped.

DIY Wedding Favours

An lovely glass container that you may fill with your preferred candies, party supplies, or maybe even a slip of something aromatic. These little bottles can be purchased for as low as 60p and come with a few alternatives to give your wedding favors a special touch that your close friends and family will surely love.

Personalization Mall Personalized Wedding Mason Jar Candle Favors

Another certain favor suggestion is a decent candle; we have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy them. This candle has a burn period of 22 to 24 hours and is packaged in a mason jar (a lovely tie-in for any more rustic event). Add your initials, the date, or your wedding hashtag on the sticker, and you’re ready to go. They may be bought in quantity and are a cost-effective choice.

Wedfest Festival Wristbands

Any wedding day with a festival feel will be complete with these wristbands. Hand these out before to the ceremony or enclose them with your wedding invitations. They’ll make a great souvenir and look stunning in the wedding pictures. Your visitors are after all VIPs!

Levain Bakery Cookies

Cookies are a crowd-pleaser for sure, and fortunately, these famous New York City cookies can be mailed anywhere in the country. (Plus, they’re so large that it’s simple to see giving out just one to each pair.) Choose from any of their four varieties, or combine them all, and get in touch with them for assistance in organizing unique packaging, complete with personalized ribbon colors and tags. Or, you’ll have one less task to complete. After all the dancing, they prepare a delicious late-night feast for the visitors.

Wedding Pear Bottle Tea Favours

Have a favorite beverage you like sipping on a regular basis? These little tea bottles from Etsy may be used to share it with your guests. You are welcome to add your own homemade herbal brew for a more personalized touch or spend money on a particular flavor and custom label. You have a choice!

Kate Aspen Modern Geometric White Planter

A plant-themed favor is a fantastic way to tie everything together if florals and greenery are important elements of your wedding. These sleek, white planters can be given alone or combined with a succulent, air plant, or herb. It’s a reasonably priced present that will increase delight once visitors go home.

Thank You Clay Wedding Favours

For couples who want to make a lasting impression on their guests but don’t want to overspend on wedding favors, these clay thank you tags are ideal. For a lovely finishing touch, affix one of these tags to each champagne flute or wine glass on the table.

Paper Blast Store Tic Tac Labels

Consider purchasing a large quantity of Tic Tacs and using these personalized labels to give a bit of personality to each box for a cheap, adorable, and useful idea. You just add your names, wedding date, and your choice of 16 colors before sticking them on the Tic Tac pack. They come with a playful pun that is guaranteed to make visitors grin.

Wild Flower Seed Wedding Favours

These wildflower seeds are the perfect option for nature-loving couples since they will enable visitors to cultivate their own blossoms while also helping to rescue the bees. It’s a delicious approach to spread awareness about sustainable living and the value of the honeybee.

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