Unique free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

While toilet paper holders are an essential component of our bathrooms, a special free-standing toilet paper holder may enhance both the aesthetics and practicality of your excursions to the restroom. Free standing toilet paper holders may be used for a variety of things in addition to what their names might imply, such as magazine racks, phone shelves, and general storage. Below, we’ve gathered and presented a sizable selection for you.

Dolphin Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

Along with outstanding aesthetic appeal, this freestanding toilet paper holder provides exceptional convenience. Due to its design, changing out rolls is simple and requires no part removal. Spend less time arguing with family members who don’t change the roll when they should and save yourself the time.

Thor Toilet Paper Holder

A Thor hammer toilet roll holder will give your Avengers bathroom a unique flair. It will momentarily empower all restroom users and bear the Mjonir inscription. It will be the talk of the neighborhood in addition to aiding with the protection of your royal chamber.

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder with Magazine Rack

This quirky purple toilet paper holder includes a broad magazine rack for reading and a narrow stem for your toilet roll. Its 24 inches of height and powder-coated finish, which prevents the metal base from rusting, will make it stand out in your bathroom.

Cat Licking Paw Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

This cat-themed holder is remarkable since the cat still appears unconcerned even in the lavatory. Like a typical cat, she doesn’t appear to give a damn about her surroundings. She will let you go about your business in peace since she is unaware of your presence.

Simple Sink-Side Cabinet

It’s always useful to have additional storage, especially in the bathroom. If you have such a bathroom design, the handy person in your household can easily assemble this straightforward sink-side cabinet. Reclaimed wood may blend seamlessly with other wooden bathroom furnishings and beyond. This holder makes it simple to exhibit tiny houseplants to help purify the air, provided there is a window or adequate illumination.

Lion Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Who else except the king of the jungle could protect your throne? One of the most unusual free-standing toilet paper holders is this one. The combination of impeccable workmanship and a noble golden finish can elevate a simple bathroom into a status statement.

Modern Toilet Paper Holder with Brush

This chic contemporary toilet paper holder cleverly combines a toilet brush and a paper holder so you can have two crucial items nearby. The toilet brush is part of the set and is made of stainless steel. The holder holds two rolls of toilet paper.

Maintain your set every few days using cleaning wipes and solutions to keep it spotless. By maintaining cleanliness, you may greatly increase the shelf life of your goods because metal tarnishes with use.

Industrial Double Roll Toilet Paper Holder

With one of these unique toilet roll holders, you can give your powder room some serious industrial flare. It has unquestionable appeal and will make a magnificent focal point because it was constructed utilizing sturdy steel pipes and a faucet holder. It can be the ideal housewarming present for a steampunk fan.

Classic Wonder Woman Toilet Paper Holder

Use a toilet paper roll with a Wonder Woman motif to celebrate female empowerment. It can be a wonderful place to start if you want to make your house a paradise for superwomen. She will illuminate your bathroom and reveal your nerdy side to the world.

Metal Heavy Duty Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

Available finishes for this gleaming holder include polished brass, bronze, chrome, matte black, and satin nickel. Regardless of the metal you select, the quality is superb, allowing you to enjoy your purchase for many years.

Depending on the finish you choose, this holder, which is 22 inches high, will look well in a contemporary or conventional bathroom. It will also stand solidly on carpet, tile, or other flooring alternatives.

Wall-mounted Wire Storage Baskets

When properly placed and paired with complementary décor, baskets, especially wire baskets, create a statement. Additional storage is provided, and the ideal location to keep the rolls is created by a neat and intriguing design. For continuity with your design plan, increase the number of wire baskets you have about your house. To keep your appearance fresh, sometimes switch out goods in open storage.

Metal Toilet Paper Holder with Magazine Shelf

This gorgeous toilet paper holder, available in satin nickel or chrome, will enhance your bathroom. Your current toilet roll can be held by the metal rod that is horizontal, but there is room for three additional rolls on the vertical rod to the side. Additionally, the steel is resistant to chips.

The bottom of it has a magazine holder that is large enough to accommodate many magazines, ensuring that you and your visitors are always engaged. Don’t worry, though; it doesn’t touch the floor.

Make Toilet Paper Holder from Scrap Wood

You can quickly create some DIY toilet paper holders at home with scrap wood as well. Build the attractive wooden trays out of the repurposed old wood parts. It is going to be your new toilet paper holder, and it may be mounted on the wall or laid flat on a shelf.

Free Standing Seahorse Toilet Paper Holder

One of these stylish toilet paper holders will look great in any bathroom with a natural theme. Its beauty is unsurpassed, with a sea horse-like design and a calm blue color evoking the ocean. It provides a quick method to update your bathroom.

Matte Black Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

The embossed wire and matte black canister, which are designed to easily conceal toilet paper rolls, will make a stylish statement in your bathroom. Due to its six-inch diameter, it can accommodate big rolls, and the top has a slit for the used toilet paper.

Heavy Wooden Storage Tower

sturdy and practical for storing in compact spaces. Roll up those towels; washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels will all fit. This straightforward project can support a plant on top thanks to the thick, sturdy planks that were used. Combine the tower with other wooden decor pieces found throughout the house and bathroom.

Elephant Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

The elephant at the base of this quirky and distinctive toilet paper holder serves as the actual holder. With a height of an astonishing 19 inches, it will give your bathroom a colorful accent. Because it is made of cast iron, it is incredibly robust and stable in usage.

Funny Butler Toilet Roll Holder

Looking to give your bathroom some personality? Nothing could match the practicality and aesthetic appeal of this humorous butler tissue rack. He makes sure you never run out of tissue paper again by having space to carry four rolls. He will also always make people laugh, both visitors and locals.

Contemporary Toilet Paper stand with Shelf

This toilet paper stand will give your bathroom a sleek, modern style in your choice of chrome or oil-rubbed bronze. It offers enough room to carry three toilet rolls and subtle swirl decoration for an appealing touch. Even better, nothing touches the floor thanks to the high feet.

Wall Art Toilet Paper Tree

Another creative storage solution you can use all throughout the house. Find a smaller version to use as a jewelry hook or one to use as a lovely wall hanging. To make it stand out, paint this with a complementary or even contrasting hue. Add a hook in the entryway for hanging a coat and hat. Visitors will giggle at your tape storage as they compliment your innovation.

Horse Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

The humorous freestanding horse toilet paper holder will add a rustic touch to your bland cottage. This horse has the most amazing expression. He has undoubtedly seen things, but thankfully, he cannot tell because of his shock. Do what has to be done, and trust him to remain silent.

Plastic Bottle Toilet Roll Dispenser

Make free toilet paper dispensers out of recycled plastic bottles as well. To create a beautiful toilet paper dispenser, cut the bottle in half, insert a toilet paper roll, and then glue the parts back together. a free to construct and use toilet paper dispenser. Here are instructables’ complete instructions.

Snow Trooper Toilet Tissue Holder

One of the coolest toilet paper holders available is perfect for all your Star Wars fans. They don’t even need to be from a distant galaxy to recognize its cleverness. The snowtrooper tissue holder will be a hit with everyone if the force is as powerful with them as it is with you.

Rustic Unique Toilet Paper Holder Free Standing

This toilet paper holder is available in rustic gray, rustic white, or rustic brown, all of which play into the enormously popular rustic style. It can accommodate a generous six rolls and has a tiny drawer at the bottom for additional storage. It is made of solid wood for long-lasting sturdiness.

We advise sticking with this motif by adding distressed wood decoration to your bathroom floor or medicine cabinet since the natural grain of solid wood gives furnishings a more rustic appearance.

Decorative Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Stand

This wonderful ornate wrought iron stand is a unique way to arrange your toilet paper. Because of its compact size, this handmade item is perfect for minimalistic interior design. It skillfully combines beauty and usefulness because it can store up to three toilet paper rolls in addition to looking excellent. There will always be more tissue available.

Rattan Modern Toilet Paper Stand

This hand-woven rattan stand is really well made and has a cover to store your toilet paper rolls. You can relax knowing nothing is visible unless you wish it to be and that it is available in honey brown or whitewash. This platform, which is just twelve inches tall, can support two rolls.

Cool Rabbit Paper Holder

You won’t find a cooler toilet paper holder than this one! It shows a rabbit with a macho appearance wearing sunglasses and clutching a cap made to resemble a tissue container. The resin used to make the holder ensures enduring durability. They come in three colors: blue, green, and white.

DIY Industrial Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

Choose this practical and fashionable self-standing toilet paper holder. Use metal pipe and reclaimed wood to construct it. Construct an L-shaped frame, then attach the threaded vertical pipe to the base of it. Place the toilet paper rolls next on the rod. Full instructions may be found here, lovesthefind.

Funny Freestanding 3 Monkeys Toilet Paper Holder

This and other amusing toilet paper holders are ideal for your guest bathroom. These monkeys do not smell any bad either, which is a humorous departure from the “see, hear, and speak no evil” principle! What a great method to keep your visitors at ease while they are in the can knowing their secret is secure!

Unique Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

This sheep-shaped toilet paper holder is adorable and amusing. It is made with a black metal frame that is powder-coated to withstand corrosion brought on by bathroom dampness. Additionally, because of its curved form, it can accommodate any number of toilet rolls.

Wooden Industrial Toilet Paper Stand

You can keep that essential tissue close at hand with the help of this freestanding toilet paper holder. Additionally, this stand is ideal for a bathroom decorated in a rustic or industrial design. Additionally, there are nine various finishes available so you can select the one that best complements your particular décor. Three rolls of toilet paper may fit in this one, and there is even space on top for a few more tiny objects.

Simple DIY Brass Toilet Paper Holder

This toilet paper holder has a genuinely rustic yet spectacular appearance; it resembles an open self-standing cabinet. Use the remaining plywood or wooden planks to construct it, and don’t forget to add the small steel legs to complete it. Complete instructions may be found on Homedit.

Free-Standing Superman Toilet Roll Holder

Superman toilet roll holders are the best option for anyone who wants toilet paper with extra strength. This is a fantastic Man of Steel replica thanks to excellent construction and careful attention to detail. It is a fantastic gift option for both young and elderly admirers of his.

Build Your Own Toilet Paper Stand

Build an open cubby or wood holding that is vertical, then attach a threaded wooden dowel to the top side. This will force you to obtain a toilet paper stand that can also accommodate holding toilet paper rolls. full instruction here themerrythought

Cowboy Boots Toilet Paper Holder

It’s impossible to think of a more inventive design for free standing toilet paper holders than this! A stylish pair of cowboy boots with intricate details would do a lot to liven up that drab restroom. What a fantastic approach to finish off the design of your Western bathroom.

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