Bird Feeding Station Ideas

The greatest way to experience nature is with birdfeeders. If you live in a spot where there are many of birds, you can get a close-up look at those gorgeous birds with a few carefully positioned feeders. However, you are not need to run out and purchase a pricey birdfeeder. One is simple to make on your own. The majority of feeders need relatively little effort and expense.

These are not only fantastic for hanging on your porch, but they also make the ideal present for fellow wildlife enthusiasts. If you want to utilize your DIY projects as gifts, the Christmas season is soon approaching, so now is the time to get them done. Why not create your own birdfeeder if you’re going to give one as a present to someone and make it extra special?

We have put together a fantastic collection of easy-to-build birdfeeders that can quickly spruce up your porch or make the ideal present. The birds will flock to your property so you may enjoy them, and they are simple to create.

Lego Bird Feeder Idea

Because Lego pieces are so adaptable, you can create any form for a bird feeder. Include apertures with perches on either side and leave the center of the building free for the birdseed. Put some children who are stuck indoors to work on one of them, or have them all create their own DIY bird feeder designs and see which one draws the most birds. View amazing Lego constructions like these Lego tables and this Lego keychain.

Colorblock Bird Feeders

These feeders, built from transparent mailing tubes and paint, are straightforward yet anything but dull. Additionally, they’re ideal for bringing springtime color to your lawn.

Popsicle Stick Feeders

Why not make a popsicle stick birdfeeder if you have kids who enjoy DIY projects? You may either buy some at a craft store or use sticks that you already have. Just arrange the sticks in layers, and don’t forget to include a container for the birdseed. Kids would love making unique feeders for all of your trees using any color they wish to paint these.

Craft Stick Bird Feeding Station Idea

Simple craft sticks may be used to make a winter bird feeder. The appeal of craft sticks is that they’re simple to glue together and may be used to construct any size bird feeder. You can incorporate access points for the seed into your design or cut them out after construction is complete.

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

This upcycled tea cup and saucer makes for one of the cutest homemade bird feeders ever. It’s quite simple because the only stages include gluing and hanging. Use a tea cup and saucer you’re prepared to give away or invest in a specific set for this project.

Plate and Bowl Birdfeeder

A saucer and a bowl that match—or, if you like, aren’t—can be used to create a lovely birdfeeder. Simply drill a hole through the saucer and screw the two together. Okay, so it is little more difficult than that, but still manageable. The saucer on this lovely birdfeeder acts as a type of umbrella, shielding your birds from the rain, sun, and other weather conditions.

Soup Ladle Bird Feeder

Another creative backyard bird feeder idea that you can make using supplies you might already have around the home is this one. Suspend a soup ladle from a board or other stable support structure. Place the feeder on the side of the house, porch, or deck after filling the ladle with bird seed. Reusing home goods is an excellent strategy to reduce waste.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder out of your remaining wine bottle once you’ve finished it. You may easily purchase an empty bottle that will work the trick if you don’t want to tamper with your collection of lovely bottles.

Mason Jar Feeders

Mason jars are ideal for making birdfeeders and may be used for a variety of other DIY projects. Metal chick feeders are quite affordable and are available at any farm supply store. The next step is to attach them to your mason jar and decide how to hang it. These feeders are incredibly adorable, and you can make them in several designs to add some diversity.

Cake Pan Bird Feeder

Use an angel food or Bundt cake pan to double as a bird feeding station. Thoughts for hanging Place a tennis ball or piece of wood under the pan, wrap twine around it, and thread the two ends up through the center opening. The pan may then be filled with suet or bird seed. Simple and affordable!

Ice Ornament Bird Feeder

The winter months are the ideal time to use these bird feeders. They have an earthy feel to them and catch the light nicely. After a few feedings, the threads are all that are left of them! There is no easier situation than that.

Birdfeeders from Recycled Products

Honestly, you could make a birdfeeder out of whatever you have laying around the home. You may make a birdfeeder as long as you have a means to hang it or fasten it to your outside wall and it can store bird food. Even used license plates may be turned into a creative and really one-of-a-kind feeder that you will be happy to display and your birds will like the idea behind.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Ideas

Make a bird feeder using pine cones. Simply coat the pine cone with peanut butter before coating it with bird seed. Watch the birds enjoy a delicious meal while you hang it from a branch outside your kitchen window! This homemade winter bird feeder is made entirely of natural materials.

Tin Can Bird Feeder

For this one, decorating takes up the most of the labor. A tin can bird feeder’s entrance may be painted, given a whimsical pattern, or transformed into the shape of a flower. You could even paint a scenario on it, perhaps one with birds. For added color and style, tie some beads to the thread you’ll use to hang it.

Shoe Feeder

Even an old shoe may be turned into a birdfeeder. Why not attach a shoe to your tree and fill it with bird food if you like funny and unusual things? Your neighbors will think you are the most imaginative person ever, and the birds will appreciate you for feeding them.

Window Watching

When you don’t have enough outdoor room for feeders, you need to find innovative alternatives, and this one is brilliant! Pick a window, hang the copper-curled feeder there, and watch for hummingbirds to fly in. Create a greenhouse out of your window to increase the allure of nature. And for the best bird watching, keep your windows clean.

Wooden Spoon Feeder

A plastic Coke bottle, some wooden spoons, and a birdfeeder are all you need. Simply drill holes into the bottle to accommodate the spoons, and be careful to slant the spoons downward so that the birdfeed will drip onto them. It’s a terrific craft for youngsters and a really sweet idea.

Droplet Feeder

These hand-blown glass feeders have the appearance of glass bubbles. They’ll enhance your yard’s beauty and draw additional hummingbirds. Watch out for ants that can invade your feeder! Use these practical suggestions to successfully ant-proof your hummingbird feeder.

Suet Log Bird Feeder

Use a suet log to let your bird feeder truly fit in with its surroundings. For a simple feeder, you may prepare the suet mixture in your kitchen and then add it to holes made in a log.

Milk Carton Feeder

A used milk carton may be turned into a cute feeder. A cardboard milk carton may be painted (or the kids can paint it), and then you can simply cut a hold for the feed. To provide the birds a place to land when they want to eat, you could wish to insert a wooden dowel or even a wooden spoon. Making them is quite simple, making it a terrific activity for youngsters.

Feed 22 At Once

Did you know that a charm is a collection of hummingbirds? Seems appropriate! This feeder draws wildlife to the beauty of your yard. Along with this elaborate bird feeder concept, there are several more smart ways to draw hummingbirds. To keep the birds dry while they eat, think about adding a bird house feeder to your yard.

Teapot Feeder

An adorable birdfeeder may be created from an old teapot. Simply fasten the teapot to a tree or even the house’s side. This may serve as a nester or a feeder. Birds may enter and construct their nests so you can observe the young after they hatch. It’s a great original idea that works nicely as a feeder.

Pagoda Feeder

Use this tin-roof hummingbird feeder to give your feathered friends a cozy place to stay. They have a dry spot to relax while eating thanks to this bird house feeder. You must see a hummingbird’s little, adorable house.

Log Bird Feeder

By removing a portion of a little piece of wood, you may make a small log. One little log will do if you need to utilize firewood in the winter. Simply carve out a space large enough for the food, then hang the log from a chain in the tree. Because they would believe that the tree is feeding them, birds will adore it.

Pineapple Feeder

If you’re drawn to a tropical atmosphere, use this feeder to welcome the hummingbirds to your yard as the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. It’s simple to clean, hummingbirds are drawn to it, and it’s entertaining to look at. To improve the aesthetics of your garden, add some outdoor lights.

Teacup Towers

Teacup birdfeeders are so lovely. You may designate a small area in your garden for feeders and mount them on poles for added decoration. Simply fasten the teacups to the poles, then to the saucers. These are excellent for watching birds while relaxing outside in the yard, and the more you put up, the more birds you will see.

Modern Bird Chic

Purchase this feeder to go with your patio’s or backyard paradise’ simple style if you want it. Its understated appearance is certain to appeal to hummingbirds and your sense of style. This kind of straightforward décor will give your property a contemporary atmosphere.

Pinecone Feeders

Pinecone feeders are a bit dated. You may spread them with lard, then sprinkle them with birdseed, or spread them with peanut butter first. These are incredibly simple to construct and make excellent crafts for kids, regardless of your preference. Make a few of these and use them to adorn your garden trees with little feeders.

Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder Idea

With this imaginative bird feeder concept, you can give your hummingbirds a carnival-like experience. It will seem like they are climbing onto a seat on a Ferris wheel when they fly to drink some nectar. Whee! Starting with this amusement park-worthy backyard bird feeder design, turn your entire backyard into a gathering place. Or go for something more tranquil like a waterfall in your lawn.

Window Birdfeeder

You may bring birds straight up to your window if you enjoy seeing them in the winter but don’t want to venture outdoors to do so. A glass-safe hanger and a few bits of wood are all that are required. Simply construct a little “home” for your birds, then affix it to any window. The birds may then be watched eating all day long as you relax inside your warm, comfortable home.

DIY Bird Feeder Wreath

This project is ideal if you’ve ever struggled with the decision of whether to remove the dead seed heads of summer blossoms or to leave them as a healthy food source for birds. The finest of both worlds will be yours and the birds’! Simply gather your faded blossoms and create a lovely DIY bird feeder with them.

Clay Feeder

Why not create a clay birdfeeder if you enjoy working with clay and appreciate birds? You may make a lovely clay dish that is ideal for providing food for your preferred birds. If you have young children, this is a terrific activity for them to assist you with since they enjoy working with clay. Prior to hanging the feeder, don’t forget to add a piece of rope or other hanging material and, if you like, paint it.

Cantina Bird Feeder

For a more whimsical appearance in your backyard, try something a little more inventive like this cantina bird feeder. You can replace the alcohol with something more to your taste. Look at these adorable bird-friendly bar stools. To enjoy happy hours with the birds, construct your own outdoor bar.

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