Eggs Carton Crafts

Save all of your egg cartons and recycle them to make one or more of these egg carton crafts for kids rather than tossing them away. To perform these crafts, you’ll also need a few more crafting materials. They are all quite easy to prepare and a lot of fun to do with your kids!

There have been more Easter bunny sightings than normal, spring is in the air, and flowers are blooming, so it’s time for simple Easter crafts, inexpensive Easter baskets, and something to do with all those extra egg cartons!

Why not upcycle them instead of tossing them out or recycling them? They are the ideal material for countless types of crafts because to their distinctive form. Consequently, have a look at the list of simple egg carton crafts for kids below and grab a paintbrush and some scissors. Once you’re done, have a look at these eco-friendly projects for Earth Day if your kids like making them.

Cherry Blossom Branches

Wow, it’s difficult to find an egg carton craft that is more exquisite! With yellow pony beads and pipe cleaners, these cherry blossoms are simple to construct. Just a branch and a hot glue gun are required. The source site listed below has the complete directions and a list of required materials. Imagine how stunning these would look as wall accents.

Easy Egg Carton Ladybug

Egg cartons may be used to make the ideal miniature ladybugs. They may be made to have a red body with black dots and a head with pipe cleaner antennae and googly eyes.

Egg Carton Caterpillar

These may be produced using either a short or long carton. From an egg box, cut a strip and flip it over. Paint the cups’ exteriors in any colors and designs you desire. We painted them in a rainbow pattern, but you could also use one color for the body and another for the head. Use a cocktail stick to poke two holes in the top of the first cup, then thread through two short pieces of pipe cleaner and bend them into the shape of antennae. Add eyes, then use a pen to sketch or paint the rest of the face.

Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones

The fact that you can’t actually eat these gorgeous egg carton ice cream cones made by In the Playroom is their sole drawback. You’ll need colorful pom poms that symbolize various tastes to make them. Egg carton “cones” cut into a shape should be adorned with pom poms. Then, using smaller pom poms, youngsters may add toppers like sprinkles, cherries, and sweets to the pom poms.

Egg Carton Fairy Lanterns

Here is another project that is similar if you loved the one above but want to go one step further. Egg cartons may be used to create flowers once more, but this time you can hang them horizontally down a wall rather than vertically from the ceiling by threading a string of lights through them. This enables you to produce some fantastic mood lighting. I never would have realized that they were formerly egg cartons if I hadn’t known!

Egg Carton Treasure Chest

A little egg carton’s outside should be painted in brown throughout. If you’d like, paint the interior as well; gold or yellow work great. While waiting, cut two paper strips that are long enough to wrap around the box’s top and paint them gold or yellow. If you’d like, when the paint has dried, you may draw circles to represent bolts on the gold or yellow strips and wavy lines to simulate wood on the box. Attach the strips to the box’s top, then paint the box latch golden or yellow.

Egg Carton Mermaids

All Little Mermaid admirers, please… I made this egg carton project just for you. Print the mermaid template from the Art Camp Studio blog, then have your child choose a color scheme and get to work. These adorable mermaids not only make wonderful toys but also wonderful decorations. Use the same directions to transform them into decorations, then attach bells to their tails to create the mermaids become wind chimes.

Elegant Roses

Want to use egg cartons to create flowers but want a drastically different result? With the help of this project, you’ll be able to transform an egg carton into a beautiful rose. I am in awe of how refined and delicate it seems! The texture is rough, but I think it only gives it more personality. You may simply follow the detailed directions and pictures that this crafty person left behind. Although it seems difficult, you already have everything you need at home to do the task!

Egg Carton Flowers

To produce four parts, cut cups from an egg box by snipping down through the cup’s corners and stopping at the circular base. Each section’s edges should be trimmed into a petal or semicircle form. If you’re building stacked flowers, repeat the process while trimming the top layer’s petal size somewhat. You may paint, use pompoms, buttons, or cut out circles from the egg box lid for the flower’s center (snip frills nearly to the centre if you want them textured). If you are constructing your own flowers, paint the centers first before gluing them together.

Egg Carton Dragon

Did you know that an egg carton can be used to create a dragon that breathes fire? Bright colored paint, yarn, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and some sequins may be used to create this enjoyable craft from I Heart Crafty Things. These little dragons make a fantastic kid’s activity for a Chinese New Year party and are ideal for anyone with a large imagination.

Cute Carton Companions

Looking for a project you can complete for or with your kids? These have had to be some of the cutest tiny animal pals I’ve ever seen, and they were all made from just regular egg cartons! I’m in awe of those elephants. They are so adorable! None of these appear to be extremely difficult. Even though there are no directions, making a copy at home with a pair of scissors, some paint, and some love and care should be simple. They will be cherished for years to come since they are so adorable.

Egg Carton Shark

One of the egg box’s center pyramids was cut out somewhat shorter than the other. From the egg box lid, trim the fin and tail. To create the mouth opening, make a 3 cm cut from the tip of the longer pyramid down toward the centre. Cut a small slit approximately 1 cm from the bottom on one flat side of the somewhat shorter pyramid that is slightly shorter than the fin’s width. From the interior of the pyramid, feed the fin through the slit.

The fin should be taped or glued inside. At the tip of the shorter pyramid, make a very small slit, insert the tail, and, if required, add some adhesive. To create the appearance of teeth, cut a thin strip of paper that is long enough to wrap around the mouth. On one side of the strip, make triangle cuts to resemble teeth. Attach the paper teeth to the mouth, then add eyes with a felt-tip pen or marker. The smaller pyramid with the tail and fin should be tucked into the head part of the larger pyramid before you glue them together.

Egg Carton Masks

Kids can make the best disguise out of an egg carton with a little paint, glue, and popsicle sticks. Paint one in army camouflage colors or in cheetah pattern to blend in with the wildlife. Visit Teaching Every Day for instructions.

Gorgeous Egg Carton Rooster for Easter

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. Isn’t it the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen, for real? This egg carton sculpture of a rooster is exquisite in every way. The design has a highly creative flow, and I adore how the “feathers”—which are extremely convincing—have been painted in a gradient of hues, drawing the eye from head to tail. You may find thorough directions for this difficult egg carton project below, believe it or not!

Egg Carton Boat

Fold a sheet of paper in half, then cut it into a triangle to create a sail. A paper straw or dowel should be glued into the triangle’s center crease so that one end sticks out of the base. A length of string should then be glued into the triangle’s center crease so that it emerges from the top point.

To keep the pole and cord in place, glue the sail’s two halves together. Make the mini flags by cutting numerous little pieces of paper and adhering them to the thread before building the boat. Cut the egg carton’s cover off at the base. You may paint the egg carton’s inside and the exterior of the lid. Put the sail’s straw through the top of one of the pyramids at the base. Then, extend the string over the carton’s side and secure it all with tape. Place the egg carton’s base into the lid.

Egg Carton Jellyfish

Ever wished you could own a pet jellyfish? Thanks to these clever egg carton jellyfish, you’re in luck. These jellyfish crafts are not only lovely but also simple enough for youngsters to do. To make an egg carton puppet, just cut off the top, add googly eyes, and thread yarn through. The Art Kit Blog has all the information.

Decorative Mirror with Egg Carton Flowers

A frame surrounding a mirror somehow enhances the appearance of everything inside it. That makes sense, I suppose. The frame serves as a reminder that the face you see in the mirror is significant, which is something we could all use.

But I doubt I would glance in a mirror like this one if I actually saw one! The exquisite egg carton blossoms that have been molded and adhered to the edges would enchant me too much. Better Homes and Gardens is the source of this undertaking. Despite the instructions’ lack of detail, you should be able to figure out how to make something comparable at home with them.

Egg Carton Aliens

One of the simplest egg carton crafts is this one. Egg cartons may be cut into cups and pyramids. Paint the cups and pyramids in whichever vivid colors you desire, and then add eyes and mouths with a marker pen.

Egg Carton Penguins

These almost obscenely gorgeous Egg Carton Penguins from One Little Project will march straight into your heart if you’re not cautious. Construction paper in the color orange, black paint, googly eyes, and glue are all that’s required for youngsters to create an entire family of perplexing tiny frozen buddies. You may create a sweet little winter scene by placing them on a mirror with some cotton balls.

More Beautiful Egg Carton Flowers

Here is a new kind of egg carton flower from the ones I’ve previously shown you that you can construct. These flowers, whose type I don’t know, are just stunning! I appreciate that you could use any color you chose to paint these. A bouquet of them would look excellent in any environment and make a fantastic gift, in my opinion. The link will take you to a comprehensive instruction!

Egg Carton Mouse Finger Puppet

Cut the egg carton’s center pyramid (which will serve as the head) and two semicircular ears from the cups or lid. For the whiskers, trim three skinny 5 cm long strips of card off the lid. After painting the head and ears, attach the latter to the former. Put some glue on the pyramid’s tip and adhere one whisker. Next, adhere the remaining whiskers at slightly varied angles. Place a black tiny pompom or a painted ball of paper folded up on top of the nose’s whiskers. Using a marker pen, add eyes.

Candy-Filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks

Egg carton penguins, get out of here! A new rival has emerged, and this time, the bird in the egg carton is carrying goodies. The prettiest candy egg holders you’ll ever see are these ridiculously adorable chicks from One Little Project, and they’re really simple for kids to assemble.

Hanging Flowers

Look no farther than this hanging flowers project on Buzzmills if you’re seeking for a lovely hanging decoration that may provide some color and ambience to a space. At a glance, it is simple to understand how these flowers were created. As you can see, the design is extremely straightforward, so even young children could easily cut them out and paint them in a variety of colors:

Don’t these look amazing? All you have to do is thread threads through the centers and place them near a window or anywhere they can catch the light. These strings are somewhat short, but if you went all out and did a lot of extremely long strings, or even a line of strings that started small near the ceiling and dramatically swooped down to longer and longer strings, I suppose you could accomplish a wonderful effect.

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