Candle Holder Votives

You may build lovely votives and candle holders at home if you just enjoy working with your hands. We have put together this collection of DIY candle holders and votives for you in order to demonstrate what kind of household items you can use and what would be the smart ways for better outcomes in less time.

The gorgeous candle holders and candle votives are an important component of many festive decors in addition to giving you plenty of light for everyday use. Because of this, they are always the center of attention during large family dinners on joyous occasions. Votive candle holders are not only used as inexpensive centerpieces for dining tables; they also provide a special touch of elegance and design to mantles and shelves.

Therefore, you must learn how to make the cutest, sexiest, and most enjoyable candle holders or votives at home so that you may get artistic with some of the ideas provided below anytime it is necessary to incorporate them in décor to generate some charm and appeal.

DIY Dyed Wheat Candle Holders

An excellent technique to transform a tabletop into a more imaginative display is by adding texture and color. These colored wheat tea lights are an easy way to include a rustic accent into a fun and creative atmosphere.

Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Diffusers

You may make distinctive candle holders for your tealights with Himalayan salt. Everything in this ornamental object also has a purpose. The tealight’s paler tint contrasts nicely with the salt’s already attractive look. However, once lighted, the heated salt can turn the holder into a diffuser; this is especially true if you add a few drops of essential oil. As a consequence, you get a fantastic tealight candle holder that radiates a warm feeling that you can see, feel, and smell. Feel free to use this with any holiday or seasonal decorations as it can also quickly improve any sort of décor you already have around the house.

DIY Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder

A cheap and enjoyable DIY to spice up your Christmas decorations. It also works well as a Christmas present idea! You’ll need a glass candle holder, some colored glass stones that are themed for Christmas, and hot glue. DIY guidelines from the coupon closet.

Copy Paper Candle Wraps

Nothing may be as inexpensive as paper, but it is really valuable, especially when it comes to creating projects like these lovely candle holders that were fashioned from plain sheets and given a stylish touch by some printed patterns. You may find a tutorial at creaturecomfortsblog.

Terrazzo Votive Candle Holder

There is also another “old buddy” that is enjoying a comeback as a new fashion material, after the elegant marble and the cool concrete: terrazzo! Discover how to use modeling clay to create these stylish terrazzo votive candle holders.

Floating Votives Faux Pumpkin Holder

Tealight holders look nice on the bases of fake pumpkins. You may paint them whatever color you choose, but lighter shades, like white, appear to stand out more than others, especially when combined with other décor that has more fall-themed colors. These can emit such a fantastic autumnal feeling when filled with water and decorated inside. The tealight candles float well, and the addition of some leaves enhances the autumnal atmosphere you’re going for while also working to give the pumpkins some color if you decide without painting them. You may leave the tops on so that when visitors raise them up to look inside, they will discover a surprise.

Stenciled Burlap Candle Holders

Do you want a more rustic feel in your home decor? The easiest way to achieve it is with these burlap candle holders with adorable animal designs on them. Here is the comprehensive link to learn everything there is to know about this inexpensive yet beautiful candle holder concept. justcraftyenough

DIY Lace Votive Holder

Doilies purchased at a flea market may be simply transformed into this lovely, tiny votive holder. For weddings, candlelight dinners, or outdoor picnics, they offer exquisite lighting. Ehow tutorial.

Old Mason Jar Candle Holder

After gathering the necessary materials, which you should be able to find around your home, you can complete this adorable candle holder project in 15 minutes. Although the specifications are supplied on this site provided by stylizimoblog, the idea for a jar candle holder with a leather belt is far too straightforward.

Gold Votive Candle Holders with Bling

These simple to build gold votive candle holders will add glimmer to your table setting. They’re simply so gorgeous, and I adore how the Epsom salt gives these gold votive candle holders an extra layer of texture and an imperfect appearance. To produce a dozen now!

Rustic Raffia Tealight Holder Decoration

The usage of raffia material is the ideal approach to give the interior design of your home a more rural, rustic look. They make fantastic tealight holders because of their unusual texture, which adds a stylish layer. Making holders out of this material has the advantage that they don’t all need to be the same size. A few various height sizes may be chosen, or you can make some that are just big enough to securely hold a tealight. Aiming for a size difference can help your décor set up flow better, so it’s a worthy undertaking.

Handmade Beautiful Glitter Candle Holder

To make a charming and adorable candle holder for your side tables or mantles, simply take a glass, apply some spray adhesive in it, and then sprinkle the golden glitter in it. Here is the link to extra instructions. houseofearnest

Monogrammed Candle Holder

started with 3 glass jars: a tall cylindrical-shaped jar, a mason jar of standard size, and a smaller jelly jar. Afterward, embellish with twine and jute, adding a stenciled monogram to each to make a stunning custom centerpiece like this.

Cool Lace Cement Votives

These completely raw and solid seeming candle votive set have been built using inexpensive, easily accessible materials, and the addition of lace gives them a more fascinating appearance. They make excellent dining table centerpieces. Find out more about the components and manufacturing process right here. sayyestohoboken

Tall Personalized Tealight Candle Holders

Tall candles are such great focal points that they can blend into any interior design scheme, whether you’re decorating for the holidays or just sticking to the current season. They are adaptable since there is plenty of opportunity to adorn the outside of the candles and add whatever customization you choose.

The only restriction is what you can print out and visualize. This is more useful if you have vintage candlesticks with burned-out candles. These may be made to last longer by cleaning them out and adding something to serve as a foundation for the tealight candle, especially if you use LED lighting instead of incandescent.

Easy Painted Votives

These essential décor elements for your dining tables, shelves, and mantles as well as giving an added touch of elegance and flair to your home decor may be made with a case of votive candles and some paint. This link will allow you to see every every detail oncewed.

DIY Twig Votive Candle Holders

I adore simple solutions for votive candle holders like this. It’s comfortable and earthy with a touch of glitz. With these easy-to-make twig votive candle holders, your farmhouse will seem even cozier.

Frosted Jar Tealight Candle Holders

Tealight candles may provide a soft glow of warmth to your holiday decorations, especially if you choose a winter-themed container like these frosted jars. The jars will seem as though you dragged them free from a snowfall if you use toothpaste and glitter to produce the frosted effect. The flickering appearance also gives off a hauntingly lovely mood when the tealight candle holders are lighted inside, which will appear much more attractive at night. Put this among your other Christmas decorations to ring in the season and turn your home into a winter paradise.

DIY Glitter Starry Night Candles

With these glitter starry night candleholders, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. through wedding star, a tutorial.

Self-Made Concrete Candle Holder

This wooden candle votive can be described in one word: WOW, and you can use it to wow guests at dinner parties or other informal gatherings by building it yourself with a hardwood bark, drilled tea light compartments, and some paint. Here is a comprehensive signepling tutorial.

Gold Lace Candle Holders

What can’t a nice can of spray paint accomplish? With a yard of lace and a can of metallic gold paint, you can easily change an ordinary glass hurricane candle holder into the epitome of ambience. The ideal addition to your foyer table or casual meals are these gold lace candle holders.

Chic DIY Votive Candle Holder

To make tealight candle holders that have a sophisticated, fashionable appearance, all you may need are recycled materials and purchases from the dollar shop. They may even have a vintage appearance depending on how you paint them. In this instance, metallic paint looks good, but you could just as easily age up to any color. Alternatively, you may choose a solid color so that the candle holder will blend in without difficulty with whatever decorations you have installed throughout your home. These candle holders might appear a little eerie due to an unusual effect that is provided by the top piece.

Modern Mercury Glass Votive

This totally wonderful mercury glass candle votive would look fantastic as a display item in your stylish table or shelf design, and to get it into this candle votive form, you must click on the supplied link to learn some methods. ruffledblog

DIY Frosted Votive Candle Holders

This is a fairly easy craft that won’t cost you much money. You can use it for any occasion, actually. Old yogurt jars were used to create these simple DIY frosted votive candle holders (Yoplait by Oui jars). You must agree that repurposing is a fantastic concept.

Spring Themed Tealight Jar Holder

This jar holder is a fantastic option for anybody looking for something vibrant or more spring-like. The entire outside of the jar has a lovely, delicate pattern that keeps everything looking and feeling alive, full, and fresh. The interior light is not, however, completely blocked by this arrangement. Instead, the tealight is still visible and glows brightly enough to be seen. This tealight jar holder may be given a charming bohemian feel by the addition of twine, which adds to the relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.

Low-Cost Modern Votives

To make these really charming and lovely tiny size candle votives for any sort of decor, whether it be for a party, dinner, or holiday, you will need some plaster, square molds, and paint. The following link will provide all of the information. papernstitchblog

Awesome Pressed Flower Tealight Holders

Pressed flowers, especially when used to make these striking tealight holders, have a way of bringing a touch of refinement to any decorative object. These also have a straightforward yet fashionable appearance. They are among the top DIY tealight candle holder designs that work with a wide range of ornamental styles. Furthermore, even when they are not in season, they are a lovely way to provide a comfortable atmosphere to your house. They exude warmth, which is enhanced by the fact that lighted tealight candles will be seen through the glass. You may easily do this to increase the lighting and ornamental appeal of any space.

Coastal Votive Candle Holders

These adorably adorable votives have the most stunning hue for a seaside design. The nicest aspect is that you can reuse little glass jars that were previously used for yogurt or custard.

Winter Snowflake Votive Tealight Holder

This snowflake votive tealight holder is a beautiful way to add accent lighting to a space and is perfect for the winter. The holder is useful for individuals looking for more ecologically responsible decorative objects for their homes because it is even an upcycling project. Given the overall individuality of snowflakes, it is enjoyable to make multiples of a variety of snowflakes. Additionally, it aids in enhancing the brightness of the tealights within. The remainder of the holder is as lovely, and the glitter gives the impression that there has just been a fresh snowfall.

Easy Cathrineholm Votives

This collection of beautiful and vibrant candle votives has been made by wrapping printed and colored computer paper around plain and simple glasses. They will enhance the beauty and charm of the decor in your living room and even the bedroom.

Aged Bedspring Coil Votive Tealight Holder

You can make amazing tealight candle holders out of old bedspring frames if you have some or can find any. This is the ideal approach to give your lighting decorations a vintage feel. Another fantastic detail that lends the entire holder a wonderfully rustic, outside vibe is the use of the wood as a foundation. Additionally, this candle holder matches your holiday decor. The deeper hues may help you liven up your fall décor as well as give your Christmas decorations some vintage flavor.

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