Graduation Cards Templates

You may celebrate the graduate in your life using these free, printable graduation cards. You’ll find the ideal card for them below, whether you’re searching for a printable graduation card for a high school or college graduate, young man or woman.

The printable graduation cards are available below. Just print it out, type a little note, and you’re done. Even money cards may be made from a couple of the cards.

These free graduation cards may be printed on regular computer paper, but cardboard gives them a more professional appearance. In order to print the best-looking free, printable graduation card, be sure to adhere to the directions on each website. More freebies for graduation are available, including templates for free graduation cards and invitations.

Large Graduation Year

Normally, I save the trickiest design till last. But because it’s such a timeless idea, I’m going to start with the design that calls for printing, tracing, and cutting numbers.

Please be aware that one of the primary ways I maintain the simplicity and affordability of my greeting card designs is by not using a die-cutting or electronic cutting machine. But you can for your figures without a doubt.

Bright Future Graduation Card

We all hope and desire that the recent graduates have a very prosperous and promising future. Therefore, if you are invited to graduation celebrations, create this gorgeous DIY graduation card to wish the graduates the best of luck. This project may be completed quickly and easily using simple materials and instructions. nobiggie

Printable Graduation Cap Folding Card

Graduating students like presents, but what they truly want is cash. This inventive graduation card, which is shaped like a hat, opens to show a message of congratulations and a spot to insert cash or a gift card. You may download cards in two sizes, and they come with assembly instructions.

Oh the places you’ll go

Oh, the places you’ll travel” is a sentiment that has been used in graduation cards for ages. I adore how the phrases are written in an ombre blue style. Please let me know if you’re interested in a single color or a different ombre palette! I’d be glad to make more templates.

Shooting Star Shaker Card

The new grads have extremely lofty goals and aspire to shine brightly like stars. You may create them this adorable and bright DIY shooting star shaker card to give them an extra boost. The card’s step-by-step instructions may be found here: makeandtell

Printable Graduation Cards with Positive Quotes

Actually, Skip to My Lou created two free printable graduation cards. This traditional style would be ideal for a young person’s graduation. There is a place where you may also tie a ribbon around some cash and attach it to the card. What a creative and simple present idea!

Happy Graduation with Leaves Background

I used two separate stamps from ModernMakerStamps, one of my favorite stamp companies, to make a backdrop with leaves. To find a stamp that is presently on sale that is comparable, search “olive branch” in her store. I like leaves and believe they make wonderful backgrounds for a variety of cards. But you may quickly alter your backdrop to suit your preferences. Next, I inked the phrase “happy graduation” three times, matching a different scrapbook page to each. The “happy graduation” phrases were foam applied.

Graduation Watercolour Graduation Card

This cute graduation watercolor card would be just as lovely and striking as sending a text message or just expressing congrats. The finest card ever for a graduation celebration would be a collection of the adorable and multicolored balloons with the words Congratulations below. Read more here. Cards by Lucy

Graduation Cap Gift Card Holder

This free graduation card requires a little assembling, but it will be well worth it to create this special card that also serves as a gift card holder. It will undoubtedly be the party’s standout card. For the best results, a template and assembly instructions are provided.

For the Grad Whose Best Days Are Ahead

Students frequently hear that their time in high school or college was the “greatest time of their lives,” but the best year is the one that is now underway. Show your graduate that the best is yet to come with this adorable card from Black-owned stationery brand Graphic Anthology, which also works nicely as a birthday card.

Smartie Pants Graduation Card

They will like this graduation card with a tasty reward attached, whether you know someone who is graduating from elementary school, high school, or college. This card, which you can customize by sticking a Smarties candy in the middle, congratulates the graduate for being a “smart pants.” This card may be printed as a PDF or JPG. You only need to attach the sweets to be ready to go.

Graduation Cards with Positive Quotes

Making this lovely graduation card out of some dollar bills would be the most thrilling gift ever if you needed an immediate gift for a graduate. To create this card on your own at home, you can get the pattern here.

For the Grad Who’s Going Places

celebrating several graduates or preparing for the future by stockpiling up? This combination of gift card and cash-holding cards, which features Dr. Seuss’s well-known poem Oh, the Places You’ll Go, is about as classic as they get.

DIY Printable Graduation Cards

For every graduate in your life, these two free printable graduation cards are ideal. Both the humorous card “OMG” and the really nice printable card “Be Awesome” are available. Whichever you select, they are excellent designs that are appropriate for high school and college commencements alike. Both may be quickly printed off and folded. You’re ready to go once you’ve written your message.

How to Make Graduation Card

In this callous technological age, revive the card game’s tradition. Therefore, you may create this lovely and straightforward graduation card as the ideal present to give some well wishes at your next graduation celebration. Follow along with the card’s creation right here at madewithhappy

For the Grad Who Loves Flowers

Do you want something a little less obvious? A lovely alternative to graduation-specific cards for celebrating a graduate is this lovely flower truck pop-up card from Paper Love.

Free Graduation Money Card

You can quickly and easily fold this free graduation card into a money holder by printing it out. A graduation card that the graduate will genuinely enjoy is one that has money, a check, or a gift card inside.

Emoji Graduation Card and Gift Tag

Emojis are widely used to express our sentiments and emotions in the age of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Cards are the finest way to send wishes, and if you add some emoji fun to your homemade cards, they will definitely rock. Details of the adorable emoji card she made as a graduation present. consumercrafts

For the Grad Who Needs a Little Inspiration

Finishing school is merely one of many adventures that life has to offer; it’s neither the final step nor the first. With this adorable card from Ink Wood, remind your graduate that they have the freedom to be who they want to be.

Congrats Graduation Card

Here are three straightforward congratulations cards in the colors blue, yellow, and gray if you’re searching for a free graduation card that’s a little more subtle. The cards are 5×7 when you cut them out and will print one per page.

Custom Graduation Cards

When a graduate leaves college, we often wish him well, pray for his prosperous future, and offer him some pointers and words of wisdom. With just one handmade graduation card, which is really simple to produce on your own, you can now accomplish everything. Visit this page to learn more and to get the free template.

For the Grad Who’s Unimpressed

This card may appeal to the graduate you are buying for if they are a no-fuss, practical type of person who would be quite content bypassing a dry graduation ceremony. In this humorous card parodying Inauguration memes, Annette’s House of Cards lends slouchy, mitten-wearing Bernie Sanders a graduation cap and tassel.

Graduation Money Holder Card

Here is a graduation card that you may print out and color on plain computer paper or cardstock. The card’s front reads: “Be who you are, it reads on the inside, congrats graduates. Follow your passion. Follow your heart wherever it goes.”

Quick DIY Graduation Card

If you are ready to attend a graduation celebration but have not yet purchased a present, do not panic. The finest and trendiest thing to prepare and bring with you as a present is this quick and simple DIY graduation card. Get the full scoop on this little, adorable graduation card right now on YouTube.

For the Grad Who’s Unique

You can completely personalize this card from Etsy vendor Designing Moments by changing the woman’s holding, skin tone, and hair color to create a card that expresses more personally to the graduate you’re honoring.

Congratulations Graduation Card

Any gender, age, or kind of graduation can use this free, printable graduation card. It reads “Congratulations!” on the outside and “Woo-hoo!!!” on the inside. Enjoy yourself on your wonderful day. This card stands out because to its yellow backdrop and black graduation hats. You may select one of seven inside layouts, and it prints at a size of 5″ x 7″. Before printing it or mailing it as an ecard, you may edit all the text, add stickers, and include images.

Easy Graduation Cards

When planning a graduation celebration, the graduation cap is the essential design, style, or, let’s say, the major highlight of the décor. Create these gorgeous graduation cards with the class and year name by adding some graduation hat love to your handmade cards. Details in detail are available on YouTube.

For the Grad Who Worked Their Butt Off

With this card from Mr. Boddington’s Studio, you may tell your graduate that you recognize that the last few years haven’t exactly been filled with enjoyable activities and celebrations.

Mortarboard Graduation Cap Card

For your recent graduates, this purple card with a graduation cap design would be a very amazing present. This lovely and stylish graduation hat card may be customized by choosing your preferred colors for the paper and other components. Details may be seen on YouTube.

For Celebrating Black Pride

This stunning card is ideal for graduating boys and men of any age. Black stationer Addie Rawr’s collection is full of greeting cards that highlight Black pride.

Owl Grad

Bravo, graduates! This free graduation card has a lovely owl as its main feature on the front. You may edit the content, layout, include photographs, add virtual stickers, and more within. It may be delivered as an e-card or printed out as a card.

For Gifting Money in an Extra-Fun Way

Money might not literally grow on trees, but why not help a new graduate get used to the idea of being an adult? This intricate Lovepop pop-up card features a built-in money holder.

Here’s to Your Next Adventure

In this collection, I wanted to make one design that was appropriate for graduation but didn’t include the words “happy graduation,” the year of graduation, or the school colors.

Here’s to your future adventure is appropriate for a wide range of post-graduation endeavors. I kept it straightforward with a clump of big pine trees. With a map or a specific activity, you may simply alter the card’s topic to fit the individual in question. In order to add a little dimension to the design, I foam mounted a few of the pine trees.

You’ve Got the Whole World Ahead of You

This free, printable graduation card that informs the graduate they hold the world in their hands will be appreciated by any graduate. They’ll open it, discover that you’ve lovingly included a gas card inside, and read “Here’s some petrol money to get there.”

For Stocking Up for Graduations to Come

Any graduate in 2021 or 2031 would appreciate this classy, exquisite letterpress card from Helen Edna. Thousands of small “you did its! ” make up the mountain’s summit.

You Did It Class Of x With Graduation Caps

My collection of graduation stamps includes a “class of” stamp, and I adore its retro design. It was combined with the “you did it!” stamp from the same set, and the numerals, also from the same set, were used to complete it. The set only has one of each number, as I explained when I attached the stamps at the beginning of the post, so you must add the year individually at the end. Before using your nice paper for the card, I advise practicing the stamped component on scrap paper.

I added ribbon borders to the top and bottom of the background paper and a few foam-mounted stamped graduation hats to finish the card. Here, a ribbon with a width of 1/2′′ or less works nicely.

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