Crafts for Friends

A person who means the world to you is your best friend. There are times when you want to give someone a particular gift, and what could be more meaningful than a handcrafted present?

In a few days, one of my closest friends will be celebrating her birthday, and I want to think of something unique and memorable to do for her.

I’m utilizing the internet to research ideas while I create her present. I figured I’d share all of my finest findings with you.

DIY Tile Photo Coasters

Get some little white square tiles and use mod podge to attach an Instagram photo that is the same size as a tile to them! Simply wrap a chosen pair of image tile coasters in a bow or ribbon and present it to a special person in your life! To delight any of your pals, use this very simple, timeless, and affordable gift hack! all information and guidelines here savvysugar

Homemade Candles

Candles make any environment cozier, brighter, and warmer. They are great presents for just about everyone! Making them yourself allows you to add your own preferences for color, smell, and appearance, and the extra effort doubles the gift’s originality. You won’t need to buy candles from stores ever again if you learn how to make your own!

Friends Picture Collage

I love this photo frame, and I believe it would be a great way to remember a friendship or relationship that has grown through time.

Embroidered Leather Gift Card Holder

Make the present seem more special and individualized if you’re receiving gift cards for friends and coworkers this year by adding this embroidered leather card holder. This guide will show you how to embroider on leather (it’s not as difficult as you would believe!) to give the case a wallet-like appearance. Compared to a paper envelope, it is far more significant and beautiful.

DIY Mason Jar Oasis

Here’s another clever gift idea that doubles as both charming interior décor and a wonderful present! Introducing the amazing Mason jar oasis, which was created by layering soil, pebble stone, and other accents before being finished with succulents on top! Another really lovely yet inexpensive gift-making idea to do at home

Chill Pills

Give this suggestion to a buddy who works with you at the workplace and is familiar with the stress levels there. Even if you are unable to relate with them, it might be beneficial for a buddy who you are aware of a demanding work.

DIY iPad Holder

Today, it would be difficult to find somebody who doesn’t use their phone or tablet to look for recipes. The issue with it is that you frequently get a damp and sticky screen as a result. You can cook without worrying that you’ll break your tablet thanks to this simple 3-material DIY that supports your iPad as you chop, boil, and stir. Consider what a wonderful present this will be!

DIY Easy Stamped Clay Bowls

Create an airtight clay sheet that is almost 5mm thick! Simply completely cover it now with ink stamps, pressing down firmly to get a crisp, attractive print! Use a bowl to carve a circle out of it now. Simply use a knife to cut along the bowl’s edge after placing the opening on the imprinted clay. Place the clay circle you just carved out in a bowl and give it some time to dry. Simply bundle them to give as a very unique present once they have been well dried and become firm to the touch. Visit gatheringbeauty for the full project description and DIY tutorial.

Matchbox Camera

Such a fantastic concept, I say! Simply paint a matchbox black, add the white components, then insert picture prompt cards to fill the interior.

Bath Bombs

Learn how to make your own fizzy bath bombs at home instead of paying a costly visit to a fashionable soap shop. These soaps are fairly well-liked and make an interesting but straightforward present. These would go particularly well with a bottle of wine on Mother’s Day.

DIY Watercolor Coffee Mug Gift

Warm water should be added to a basin deep enough to fit your cup within. Add the selected nail paint colors now, drop by drop, and swirl thoroughly with a toothpick. Your stylish white coffee cup may now be dipped inside the bowl to allow it to absorb the lovely watercolor texture around all of its edges. Allow the texture to completely dry before beginning to package it as a present for a coffee enthusiast in your family or group of friends. You may get comprehensive directions here. cutediyprojects

Remind Them Why

This is a fantastic thing to do for the buddy that becomes really stressed out easily. In my eighth school year, I engaged in identical behavior. I purchased a notebook and asked my mother’s friends to write letters to her expressing their love for her. The largest impact sometimes comes from the reminder that you mean something!

Placemat Clutch

We have you covered if you’re looking for a genuinely original DIY present idea for someone who adores fashionable accessories. Take a gorgeous placemat and some sewing prowess to make this unique clutch that will have people asking, “Where’d you get that?”

DIY Emergency Chocolate Craft Gift Idea

Grab a basic, deep, glass-fronted frame! Simply remove the glass piece and use vinyl to add personalized quotations or notations! Place the glass back in the frame and then fill it with a rainbow of sweets! Once the back is covered with a scrapbook paper piece that has been trimmed to size and attached, your clever candy present will be ready to satisfy a friend or relative of yours who enjoys chocolate a lot! Children would love receiving this, without a doubt! Want to make more of this sweet gift for an emergency? You may find step-by-step instructions here. 30minutecrafts

Study Care Package

The narrative and image together: After graduating from law school, Fatima’s sister created this package to aid in her bar exam preparation. We both require a lot of the same things, and my best buddy is a teacher. This would make a wonderful care box to brighten a sister’s or best friend’s day!

Arm Knitted Cozy Chunky Blanket

Now that they have taken over our Instagrams and Pinterest Boards, we’re sure you have seen those wonderful chunky arm-knit blankets. Give this blanket you made yourself to someone special in your life to make them really happy.

DIY Wooden Overwritten Board Gift

Copy this fantastic present idea that would be ideal for Mother’s Day! Here, a scanned copy of a handwritten recipe for sour cream coffee cake was applied to a wooden cutting board using the wood-burn method! A quick and easy present that will bring a grin to every mother’s face! By incinerating personalized well wishes or sayings in the wood, one may create the ideal wooden gift card for a bridal shower using the same process! Here are all the project specifics. nutfieldgenealogy

Keep a Notebook

In high school, I did this with one of my closest friends. I handed the book to her, but I still recall how frequently we exchanged notes in it. We generally discussed males at the time; he was a cute boy from work. Now that cute coworker is my husband.

Hand-Embroidered Onesie

Will you soon be attending a baby shower? Regardless of whether you choose a present from the registry or not, think about include this kind and charming handcrafted gift. A basic onesie may be embellished with the embroidery design of your choosing, and the expectant mother will like it among her brand-new assortment of store-bought baby items.

DIY Easy Fun Get Candles

When talking about interior house décor, get candles are now in style and in great demand! They are simple to build and enchant everyone who sees them with their vibrant colors! Why not utilize them when presenting gifts as well? With less effort and expense, you can now create your own lovely gel candles at home.

You only need a blue gel dye, some rocks, shells, candle sand, your own preferred perfume, and a clothespin to make these stunning gel candles. These gel candles are the ideal last-minute gift suggestions! Learn how to make these gel candles completely and step-by-step at

Remember When

It’s helpful to have “Open when” notes on hand if you suspect that your best buddy is experiencing intense emotions. It could be extremely effective if you depart from them either temporarily or permanently. Like many of these other things, it’s just a lovely reminder that someone is concerned.

Embroidery Headphones

You have to replace headphones on a regular basis unless you shell out a significant sum of money for a high-quality set. With this clever embroidery DIY, you can protect the wires from normal wear and tear while also making them look nice. Give a pair of them to a friend or family member who might use them on a regular basis. An added benefit, according to the maker of this craft, is that the needlework cover no longer tangles with her wiring.

DIY Handmade Sugar Scrub Cubes

Melt the soap and thoroughly blend in a unique aroma or smell! Create these stunning cube sugar scrubs, which are ideal for the holidays, by combining sugar and your favorite food colors. These sugar cube scrubs are the ideal last-minute present and may be given to a kind neighbor, a teacher, a friend, or even a family member! They have a lovely scent and resemble a sweet dish. Click here for complete guidelines and information smartschoolhouse


The ideal present to place next to a friend’s bed or at their place of business. It is succinct and also serves to remind them that they are obligated to work with you.

Clay Cactus Ring Holder

It might be a hassle to find somewhere to keep your jewels. The adorable cactus ring holder may also be used as decoration. It’s a wonderful present for the person in your life who values an exciting surprise or something unusual.

DIY Wooden Cork Heart

Have you developed feelings for this cork heart? If so, your friends will act in the same way if they get it as a present! It’s really easy to build; simply draw a cute heart shape on paper and begin arranging wooden cords on it. Don’t forget to put high temperature glue on either side of the cork before continuing to attach the corks together side by side! complete guidelines here sandandsisal


Do you have a buddy who enjoys coffee? See the directions for making these adorable animal mugs. They’ll all adore it, I’m sure! Even better, after you’ve mastered these adorable creatures, you can create new variations on some of them every time.

String Art

This string art craft is simple to do and makes the prettiest welcoming present. The project itself is adaptable, so feel free to choose a different form from the home; for example, try a pumpkin for autumn or an evergreen tree for Christmas.

DIY Timeless Succulent Zen Garden

Fill a glass bowl with white sand, then use an air plant and fake succulent to secure them in the sand. If you’re wondering what you have, the solution is a great last-minute present that will delight any friend who like nature or plants! If you use it at home, it would also be a wonderful piece of décor! details are available here: dwellbeautiful

Coconut Oil Bath Melts

Everyone has to clean themselves, and it’s pleasant to be able to do it using fragrant soap. It tastes much better knowing that someone handcrafted that soap with you in mind. This coconut oil bath melt would be ideal for your buddy to unwind with after a long day if they enjoy the scent of citrus.

Embroidered Christmas Tree Card

This year, send these lovely embroidered cards as gifts. Even novices can sew them easily. Mail one to each person on your list and turn it into a group activity.

DIY Map Art Work Frames

Here is another another wonderful present to offer to a dear buddy! Grab some old frames and give them some beautiful appeal by giving them a little sanding and painting! After that, trim the map to suit the frame and stitch the map using needle and thread! A really clever and simple present idea! Here are all the project specifics and detailed instructions. marthastewart

Ice Cream in a Box

I can’t wait to make this present, which is here. Many of the ingredients would be handmade because I make my own marshmallows and have a waffle cone machine. If your friend’s birthday falls during the summer, they could welcome this opportunity to chill off.

However, if you’re fortunate, you could have a pal who enjoys ice cream year-round and can make it anytime they want!

DIY Easy-to-Make Gemstone Soaps

The gorgeous looking gemstone soaps are yet another brilliant last-minute present option! Try customizing the smells and colors of these soaps, and use them as gifts! The materials needed to create these really gorgeous-looking gemstone soaps are opaque and clear metal and pours soap base, custom soap colors, essential oils, silicon diamond and rectangular mold. Here is a comprehensive how-to and DIY guide: beautifulmess

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