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These free bunk bed designs will assist you in giving your kids a space to play and claim as their own private castle for many years to come in addition to a place to sleep. Bunk beds are a terrific piece of space-saving furniture that will provide kids more room to spread out and have fun while also being fun for kids.

Building a bunk bed has a few benefits over purchasing one. By using these free bunk bed designs, you may build a far better bed than one you could buy in a shop while also saving money. They will serve as a memento for your grandkids as well as youngsters.

An simple to moderate carpentry project that will take you one or two days to complete is building a bunk bed. Depending on the timber and other materials you select for the work, the cost may vary considerably.

The bunk bed plans listed below come in a wide variety of designs, so be sure to browse them all to pick the ideal one for your house. All of the bunk bed designs provide thorough illustrations, images, and step-by-step construction directions.

The Curtained Build

For a bunk bed created for their two male offspring, the Four Men One Lady website offers thorough instructions. They were able to come up with architectural ideas for the project they wanted to create, but in order to make sure it would be safe for their boisterous kids, they hired a professional carpenter to carry it out.

They were able to finish the construction’s ornamental elements by themselves, including the painting, sanding, caulking, and other enjoyable finishing touches. On their website, you can see the before and after pictures. In the before picture, two beds are divided by a tiny sofa chair.

With a double-decker, curtained bunk bed with storage shelf and a modest bedside night lamp on a swiveling arm, the second has a considerably more minimalist and modernist appearance. It does indeed have a steel rung ladder and a clean, basic design. Even the area where their kids sleep, in a little storage alcove built into the wall, has been furnished.

The Modern Bunk Bed

If you wanted to accommodate more than two children in one room, these bunk bed layouts would be a perfect choice. The layout is fantastic. And I could actually picture my kids using this as their own personal ninja course. However, the layout is gorgeous and a lot of fun.

Side Street Bunk Beds

The Addison bunk beds from Land of Nod have been imitated by Ana White in a free bunk bed layout. A ladder leads to the top bunk of the two twin bunk beds. This bunk bed layout includes everything you need to get going. A list of required materials and equipment, a cut list, detailed directions, diagrams, and color images are included. Additionally, there are user images and remarks on the plan.

The Easy Diassembling Wood Design

It is designed to be simple to disassemble this plain hardwood bunk bed. That is a benefit if you plan to move soon and want to be able to disassemble it and put it back together in a new place.

A complete tool list is provided by the builders and it include a circular saw, brad nailer, sander, drill, and other typical woodworking instruments.

The end rails, leg parts, trim pieces, ladder rungs, ladder sides, and bed slats are all constructed according to their building blueprints, which give comprehensive instructions. It was touted as a pattern for farmhouse-style furniture costing $50 to $100 and made for intermediate-level woodworkers. Check out some of our DIY fleece blanket designs after you build your bed to keep your kids extra toasty throughout the winter!

The Invisible Ladder Bunk Bed

Bunk beds have a number of drawbacks, one of which is that the ladder takes up extra room. And bunk beds frequently fit into tight spaces.

Therefore, these bunk bed ideas could be a fantastic fit for you if you have a little room and need all the space you can get. The explanation is because the ladder is actually simply the bed’s outside slats.

Classic Bunk Beds

Here is another free bunk bed idea from Ana White that creates a traditional set of bunk beds that can be swiftly put up and even taken apart if necessary. This free bunk bed plan includes several pictures, a list of required materials and equipment, and written directions.

The Low Loft Cabin Build

This appealing alternative features an interior play area that can easily accommodate a bed at your discretion and features junior height camp loft stairs. When the bedroom is small, this is an excellent alternative.

The bedroom measures 8′ x 8′, according to the builder. It conserves space and gives her kids more room to play. The youngsters can now enjoy looking out the window they previously couldn’t see out of because of the elevation provided by the bunkbed and stairs loft area.

For a great theater stage setting, you might even add a felt curtain to the lower, internal play area. This is an easy project for beginners that is reasonably priced and perfect for a kid’s room with little floor space. Try one of our DIY weighted blanket solutions if your child has difficulties moving around too much at bedtime. Once they start using a weighted blanket, many individuals report having better sleep.

The Open Bunk Beds

Although I’m not sure how useful they would be for young children, these bunk beds appear extremely lovely. There are no sides, which is the cause.

And to be quite honest, as an adult, I’d be a little apprehensive about sleeping so far above the ground without a guardrail. However, if you are a bolder sleeper than I am and want a contemporary appearance, this bed could be the solution you’ve been seeking for.

DIY Industrial Bunk Bed Plan

This DIY industrial-style bunk bed from Cherished Bliss combines metal and wood. The ladder and railing are made out of metal pipes, so it’s a simple project that, when done, has a really fantastic appearance. You may create this project with the aid of a tool list, supply list, cut list, written instructions, diagrams, and color images.

The Sweet Pea Design

This Sweet Pea bunkbed is a gorgeous cottage-style alternative with plenty of decorative elements. The remarkable ornamental detail, which includes butterflies, a hanging bird house, window boxes, entertaining artificial ferns, and a pink corrugated roof, is what makes it unique and makes it intended for a little girl.

The maker of the furniture claims that she set out to make something that would provide her children enduring memories, efficient storage, and beautiful elegance and design.

The bed features three sizable storage bins that are mounted on casters underneath it, and there is rear panel shelf that may be used to store books or an alarm clock.

4 Beds In One

Let’s assume that you either have a large number of children or a little amount of guest space in your house. You require a solution that will be original and enjoyable. yet it’s still still useful. So don’t even consider this choice, then. It combines each of those elements into a singular whole. I really adore how colorfully these bunk bed ideas were created.

Minimalist Bunk Bed

Here is an easy-to-follow Instructables blueprint for building a plain bunk bed. Platform beds, one of which is on the floor and the other is perched just above. These are comprehensive designs that walk you through every cutting and assembly process. For access to the plans, you must first create a free account.

The Durable Stock Idea offers detailed project instructions for building this attractive and straightforward bunk bed using lumber purchased at a home improvement store.

Assembling the legs, building the mattress frame, building the profile head and railing, assembling the foot and headboards, putting the railing and ladder together, using sanding and finishing procedures, and staining the wood with water-based polyurethane stain are all covered in the instructions.

A comprehensive list of equipment is also provided, including a thickness planer, clamps, an impact driver, a jointer, a miter saw, a nail gun, a router, a sander, and a pocket-hole jig.

Floating Bunk Bed Plans

This concept is pretty cool. Particularly if you enjoy having a nautical motif in your house or cabin. Additionally, the use of ropes to support them is really creative. It is a distinctive feature that would undoubtedly give your house a ton of individuality.

Twin Low Loft Bunk Bed Plan

Do you have only one kid who fantasizes about sleeping in a lofty bunk bed? This Design Confidential concept is ideal for you since it will create a twin loft bed with lots of space below for storage and play. Along with comprehensive directions and a ton of pictures, the free bunk bed plan also provides lists of the necessary equipment, timber, and materials.

The Wall Attached Ladder Build

If you want to build a bunkbed that is attached to the wall, DIY Network can assist you. White twin bunk beds, metal bunk beds, twin loft bunk beds with stairs, solid wood bunk beds, or even full-sized bunk beds with desks can all be used as these.

You may alter and adjust their ideas to produce a design that is appropriate for your house. Along with a list of instruments that includes a pry bar, level, tape measure, hammer, cleats, pneumatic nailer, and chisel, they also offer a useful video.

The baseboard must be removed, the cleats must be attached to the wall, the footboard, molding, and headboard must be attached, the side rails must be installed, the mattresses and trundle must be added, and finally the ladder must be attached. Detailed step-by-step instructions are also provided.

Modern Smaller Bunk Beds

These bunk bed blueprints clearly indicate that they are intended for young children. But I adore the slatted look’s contemporary style. I can also appreciate that even if the ladder is a little away from the bed, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

Free House Bunk Bed Plan

With an A-frame on top, this sleek and contemporary bunk bed has the appearance and feel of a playhouse thanks to a free bunk bed layout from White Picket Farmhouse. To aid with construction, there are a grocery list, tool list, cut list, photographs, and written directions.

The Side-Fold Murphy Idea

This space-saving side-fold Murphy bunk bed idea is provided by DIY Network. It can assist in converting a spare guestroom into a flexible sleeping arrangement for several home visitors.

DIY Network’s builders created a custom-sized, side-folding bunk bed to fit into an odd-shaped nook, but they also advise using a spare closet.

This specific structure requires the installation of a spring balance system along the inside head of the outer frame, which makes it relatively specialized.

The Loft Bunk

Not everyone like bunk beds in the conventional design. If not, you might want to think about this choice. Although it is contemporary, it also has a rustic vibe.

And because they are different sections, it seems to be lot simpler to construct. Therefore, if space isn’t an issue and you’d want something a bit unusual in your child’s room, this can be a nice alternative.

The Disassembling Oak Design

A straightforward DIY children’s bunk bed project pattern is available from It is marketed as a strong and long-lasting wood solution that makes use of sturdy mortise and tenon construction. The furniture project plan includes a materials list, a cut list with diagrams, step-by-step directions, and buying advice.

A Simple Wooden Design

It is obvious that these beds are also designed for younger children. However, given that the design is not complex, they also appear to be quite simple to construct. Additionally, they also have a more rustic style. Therefore, this may be a suitable fit for you if you want to maintain your rustic style in your children’s bedrooms even a little.

The Castle Themed Bunk Bed With Slide Build

This Instructables construction is unusually elaborate. With towers, a slide, a stairway, and an inner blue and pink playroom kitchen, it functions as a type of hybrid castle playhouse and sleeping area.

The woodworker said that when her daughter grew older, her obsession with princesses and castles inspired them to construct something with similar style.

The woodworker claims that they only worked on it in their spare time and in addition to other projects, which is why it took them more than a year to finish. They carefully looked at genuine castles online throughout the research process to find architectural features they could add to make it really lifelike.

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