DIY Window Well Cover Ideas

When it comes time to clean the window well in your basement, a homemade window well cover will come in very handy! You will undoubtedly be able to save a great deal of time and work. Window wells are a fantastic addition to any home!

They’ll not only offer a way out if something goes wrong, but they also look amazing as works of art! In order to let light into below-grade constructions, it is shaped to fit around basement windows, creating a gap between the window and the surrounding soil.

The fact that the basement window well covers allow for air flow and just a great basement experience in general is their finest feature. However, cleaning things up might become stressful. By placing a window well cover in your home, you may alleviate the concerns with basement window well coverings.

How To Make A Durable Well Cover

This robust well cover is constructed from flexible, unbreakable polycarbonate that may be found in the roofing section and PVC pipe. Your pipe cutter and tin snips will be necessary to properly cut your polycarbonate. Get several number 8 3/4-inch lash screws with a 1-inch outside diameter.

To account for expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, the polycarbonate should be 2/16 to 3/16 of an inch bigger than the diameter of the screws. Drill holes in the PVC frame’s side for the screws to fit and clamp the polycarbonate to it. Remove the polycarbonate, install the frame on the window well, and then replace the plastic.

How To Install Window Wells

You must have a clear notion before putting the window well cover. a measurement of the amount of room needed for the cover to fit. You can measure the well entrance and the lid before beginning the installation. Will you be installing the cover on your own yard? No need for concern! Continue reading, and we’ll give you some advice on how to accomplish it quickly and easily.

Taking measurements of the window well opening is the first step. The preliminary frame components must also be laid out on the ground before stepping stones are added, covered, and lastly the plastic covering is erected.

How to Make a Window Well Cover

The monsoon and rainy season is almost approaching. The leaves and extra water shouldn’t enter your room or well, either. Cleaning the well up may be a real pain. Use this awesome DIY window well cover to slay the issue.

DIY Window Well Cover

Get a 34 stick, 10 foot stick EMT conduit electrical condo, T and L connections, and a conduit Bender to get the curve around the window. This window well cover is very reasonably priced.

Set up your frame with two to three vertical T-connectors along your conduit, then position your sun strong corrugated sheet with conduit connecting across T-connectors at the top and bottom to make sure it is sturdy and not fragile. To securely fix the conduit, drill holes in the sheet and insert your screws there.

DIY Window Well Covers

Self-Taught Window Pre-fab coverings are inferior than well covers. The opportunity to personalize each product for your house is the cause. Bring the DIY window well cover to the project location and they will be operational in no time.

This cover is built of 34″ thick plywood and has a sliding Plexiglas panel for accessibility. Vinyl lattice is stapled to the outer to increase tensile strength and add flair. Wood screws are included with each cover to fasten it in place.

Flat Window Well Covers

When it comes to window wells, safety is not just an issue for water. Window well coverings further provide security against trespassers (both human and animal), leaves, and other trash.

They prevent people and children from unintentionally falling into the window well, which is more vital. You may buy prefabricated flat window well coverings in a variety of sizes and forms. They are strong enough to stand on once installed and will keep your wells protected from the weather.

DIY Window Well Cover

Wells may be attractive. Especially beautiful and offering a fantastic outlook are window wells. To reduce the amount of work you’ll have to put into cleaning it up afterwards, you must cover them with something. Visit the following link to learn how to install a window well!

How To Install A Window Well Cover

You’ve just completed constructing a window well cover, but how do you put it in place? You can follow the instructions in this article to install a window well cover. Taking measurements for the window well is the first stage in the installation process. There are a total of 5 steps in the installation procedure. It is essentially simple to follow.

Aluminum Window Well Grates

With a new window well grate or window well top cover, you can give your basement window well an attractive finishing touch. This aluminum window well cover was made specifically to order and is strong.

Additionally, it is long-lasting and sturdy for any household or business project. This metal window well cover is crafted from premium, rust-free aluminum for added protection against rust and corrosion.

Wood and Plexiglass

Egress window well covers can be constructed with the same head clearance as bubble covers, although not having the same form. A wood and plexiglass egress window well cover has been made by the owner in this instance. The basement window’s usage of plexiglass permits sunshine to come in, producing an equivalent quantity of natural light to a bubble cover.

Large Window Well Cover for Egress

A transparent cover that can be made very quickly and easily! Although it’s simple and quick to prepare, it will last you for a few years! It is ideal if your home is painted white or if you want a minimalist style.

Window Well Cover Installation

Even though you may have built and framed your cover, installation is a difficulty. You’re almost done, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Here is another guide that demonstrates an alternative method for installing window well covers.

Make careful you first drill holes, Drill your screws into the wall after positioning your frame on the constructed platform so that your cover resembles a lid. You can choose to add a strap to your cover or use your screw to firmly secure it.

Custom Egress Window Well Cover

More time will be needed to complete this bespoke egress window cover than was previously mentioned. Wood was used to make this cover. To put up your wooden frame, make sure your window well is the proper size. To create a square, screw the top rail to the side rail. Next, install the two inner rails, one at each end, together with the two flat rails.

Sand your construction to a smooth finish so that you can paint it attractively. You may need to paint additional pieces of wood that will be used as the finishing touch because paint takes a day to dry.

Once the framework has dry, lay the screen on the frame and secure it with staples before adding the final piece of wood around the frame and adding the finishing screws. Now your lovely egress window cover is complete!

Bubble Cover

There are prefabricated bubble coverings for window wells in addition to flat versions. These are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit practically any window well, much like flat coverings. These bubbles provide head space inside the window well and are manufactured of dependable polycarbonate. They are transparent, which lets a lot of light penetrate through the window.

Small Well Cover

Of course, not every basement window serves as an escape. Some just serve as ventilation. These often have window wells that are significantly smaller than egress window wells. Naturally, there are just as many readymade choices for covering tiny wells as there are for bigger ones. There are a lot of simple DIY tasks you may do for these smaller wells’ coverings if you wish to make them yourself.

Make a Custom PVC Window Well Cover

Making a fast window well cover is a simple approach to increase your home’s protection and safety. PVC pipe construction has a few advantages over conventional building materials.

The plastic is comprised of one-piece plates that may be custom-sized to suit the window very precisely and won’t rust or corrode. Additionally, it is considerably lighter than alternative choices, enabling you to move the parts into the attic by yourself if necessary.

Window Well DIY

What can you do if your window is exposed too much? We’re going to protect you from the sun’s damaging rays today with a cheap and simple DIY window well cover. With this technique, you are protected not only from the sun but also from rain and strong winds.

You can construct a sturdy and straightforward window well cover in a few hours using only a few basic materials. You’ll like making this DIY well cover that will give your garden a more natural appearance. It’s inexpensive and simple to install.

Well Covers and Decks

Speaking of decks, there are safety issues to take into account if you want to construct one over an egress window. Either the deck must be elevated sufficiently for passengers to escape underneath it, or there must be a hatch through which they may ascend. Although there are regional variations in construction regulations for decks over egress windows, this article is a wonderful place to start.

DIY Wooden Window Well Cover

Here, you might need to demonstrate your fine construction skills. This wooden cover was expertly designed and manufactured to suit the well. Get enough wood so that it may be crafted and designed instead of merely being used to create a frame that will be sealed with glass or a screen. It’s important to sand before painting attractively.

No Cover

Of course, you can choose not to have a cover for the window wells in your basement. Your basement window might seem more appealing both inside and out if the window wells are left open. With a raised lip, window wells that have been properly constructed will drain well and be visible to prevent accidents. They can also serve as a reliable emergency escape if they are terraced.

So there you have it—our 14 suggestions for covering basement window wells. We hope that these suggestions have given you a place to start, whether you’re wanting to cover a little well for a ventilation window or a huge well for an escape window.

Remember your safety concerns whether you choose a prefabricated item or a DIY effort, and you’ll undoubtedly discover the ideal solution to cover your basement window wells.

DIY Egress Window Well Cover

The materials that make up this lovely window cover are plywood, plexiglass, and timber. Shape your plywood into a frame with the correct dimensions, then set your plexiglass on the frame and cut it to fit. Y

ou next drill holes in the plywood and plexiglass, raise the plexiglass up and apply glue to the frame before setting your plexiglass on the glue and tightening your screws. Make an extension for the plywood using your lumber so that it will overlap when it is put on the well. This is simple, lovely, and cost-effective.


Adjust-A-Grate is another another item that can be bought to cover window wells. These are aluminum grates that have already been constructed and may be modified to fit over any window well.

Installation instructions are included with this product, just as with the other prefabricated parts. Grating is effective at preventing intruders and unintentional falls into the window well even if it cannot stop water and other factors from entering the well.

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