Drawings of Cool Stuff

I’m going to share some fun sketching ideas with you if you’re seeking for something to draw when you’re bored. If you’re searching for something you can draw pretty fast and enjoy right away, these simple sketches are ideal.

I’ve included sketches of girls, animals, cartoon characters, and more below. I’ll also discuss some of my favorite drawing and sketching advice.


The lips are the first cool thing to draw. One of the most attractive features on the human body is found in the head—the lips. When they act as the door, they are two rounded edges at the mouth’s entrance. They have a number of uses. Most notably, they support vocalization and sound production.

Additionally, it inspires desire, especially among lovers (in terms of kissing). Some lips have flat surfaces, whereas others have spheres. Lips are colorless by nature, but women go a step farther by painting their lips to add color and shine.


It is the toy that we were not permitted to use as children and that always looked too sophisticated and daunting for us, but you can bring it to life with a pen and some paper. Just make sure the measurements and proportions are correct, and presto! We advise drawing a scissors that is only partly open if you want the design to seem fascinating.

Draw Flowers in an Umbrella

I’ve always loved floral illustrations. A hand carrying an umbrella with flowers emerging from it can be seen in this imaginative picture.


Superman is the second cool thing to draw. Popular fictional character Superman is. Many individuals like seeing the superhero, especially young children. He possesses immense potential that allows him to perform supernatural feats, from being able to fly through the air and space to being able to carry objects that are incredibly heavy.

People are moved by his power and prowess to adore and behave in his character. It’s not as stressful as you may expect to gain power from this.

Captain America Shield

Who doesn’t adore Captain America? So drawing Captain America is probably the best thing ever. The Captain America shield is a symbol of courage and loyalty. It is the best shield since nothing can harm it, and it has often saved the Captain’s life. You may depict it by drawing a circle with white stars, blue and red lines, and both.

Draw a Penguin

Here is a fantastic penguin drawing that is suitable for beginners. Choose this if you want something that will be easy for you to draw.

Ninja Kid

The ninja child is the next great thing to draw. In the Japanese theater, the ninja youngster is a particularly noteworthy character. The children receive training in a variety of conventional skills. However, Taito, their master, manipulates them as puppets.

They learn how to combat bad forces, and each individual is equipped with a different set of fighting tools. The young ninja is dressed as though he is ready to engage in a battle against Japan. Drawing the young ninja is not difficult.

Cartoon Kitten

Everyone like cats, and the kind that appears in most cartoons is especially adorable. Drawing a genuine cat can be practiced before moving on to a cartoon one. If drawing it seems challenging, break it up into sections by drawing the head first, followed by the body, the limbs, and finally the tail.

Draw Scooby Doo

Loveable dog Scooby Doo assists his pals Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma in solving mysteries. Despite his reputation as a coward, Scooby always acts bravely when it matters. As a child, I was the biggest Scooby Doo fan. I’ll always have a special spot in my heart for this character because of it.

Batman Shield

A fictitious hero that appears in movies and novels is called “Batman.” He is known as the “black knight” in popular culture. He is particularly popular with kids and Amazon enthusiasts. Along with the other abilities he displayed, he also employs a weapon to aid him in battle.

He uses his steel shield, which is in use. This protects him from being harmed by some evils, notably fire that is being sent. The word “tooth” is written on this shield.


Drawing a monkey might not seem appealing, but attempting to draw an orangutan is cool because the proportions are intriguing, the colors are enjoyable to experiment with, and the face might be a little tricky.

Draw Pluto

Since his debut in 1930, Pluto has made several Disney feature films and animated shorts. He is well recognized for his affectionate, mutt-like demeanor and is Mickey Mouse’s beloved dog. This depiction of Pluto is fantastic. Even amateur artists will enjoy creating this quirky and endearing Disney figure.


Mammals include bats. Despite knowing how to navigate, they are thought to be blind during the day. They utilize their spread-out forelimbs as wings. They are the only animals with actual flying abilities.

Most of the time, when they move, bats do so in large groups, drawing attention, particularly from visitors. They work well with meat as well (for some people). However, other cultures hold the view that bats are connected to witchcraft, death, and anything else considered to be evil.


Pandas are without a doubt the prettiest animals on Earth, and drawing them is the nicest thing you’ve ever done since they are full of lovely curves and you can draw them looking realistic with just a pencil.

Draw a Girl with a Butterfly on Her Nose

Here’s a fun new girl character drawing. This painting is adorable and original thanks to the butterfly on her nose.


The owls are the next fun subject to illustrate. The strange owl is a kind of nighttime bird. They have eerie and frightening features. They were primarily discovered on trees at night and made strange noises.

An owl is a small, fat bird with wings that can hardly fly. They have tiny bodies and short legs, as well as unusually large eyes. They seldom ever appear with other birds or their equivalents; they are mostly seen alone.


Many people think glasses are geeky, but if you sketch a creative design that conveys nice feelings while preserving the basic attributes of spectacles, you may make them appear cool.

Draw Bart Simpson

The Simpsons’ Bart Simpson serves as the show’s protagonist. He’s a 10 year old youngster who always seems to be in trouble. This Bart Simpson sketch will be a hit with Simpsons fans. Think about adding some color to yours to make the drawing stand out.

3d Drawing

In order to depict something in three dimensions, it must have both space and volume. Making the design thick in order to block letters demonstrates this primarily.

Drawing a three-dimensional item rather than merely a two-dimensional one improves the quality of the image. The third perspective tends to be smaller in three dimensions, but it still demonstrates how our brains can comprehend what we see. This is the coolest stuff to sketch.


We are aware that many people do not think that riding a bike is cool, but if you try to sketch a dirt bike, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the way it appears on paper and be proud to show it off to your friends.

Draw a Nervous Kid

Enjoy making your own version of this anxious child with braces. This would make a fantastic illustration if you are an artist.

Love Puzzle

If you draw components of a love puzzle that are broken apart but still on the same canvas, and don’t forget to add some smashed hearts to the pieces, you may design a really great love issue. Beautiful and interesting stuff to sketch.

Man with a Beard

We must confess that simply the phrases have an oddly intriguing feel, so we promise that if you let your imagination run wild, you will undoubtedly conjure up a fascinating image of a man sporting a beard.

Billie Eilish Drawing

It would be so much fun to draw and perhaps even color in this sketch of Billie Eilish because it is so wonderfully done.


The hardest material known to man is a diamond. Due to their extreme hardness, they are also known as rock breakers and are used to break glassware. It is the most pure type of naturally occurring carbon in chemistry and a type of carbon. The diamond has an octahedral form and resembles a crystal in appearance; nonetheless, it is a crystal.

A solid diamond has no color or sheen. It may be turned into diamonds to embellish the palace of a monarch. It could be synthetic or natural. Regardless, diamonds are stunning.


Drawing a typical geek is not what we are looking forward to; instead, we want to sketch a cool nerd. You need to sketch the nerd some stylish clothes and put on some cool spectacles in order for everyone to be amazed by him.

Draw Two Different Girls

When compared to the previous drawings I’ve shown, this artwork is rather distinct. This vibrant, brilliant image is quite original.


Headphones are devices that are connected to a cellphone and used to listen to music and other audio-related content. However, if the headphones include a slot for a memory card, they may occasionally be connected to a phone.

Although wires are used within headphones, they are constructed of plastic. Headphones are used for enjoyment, relaxation, and sound amplification.

Girl Wearing Black Sabbath Shirt

This girl is undoubtedly a lover of heavy metal, and she really like Black Sabbath. I believe trying this would be really enjoyable. I adore how broad her smile is as well!


Many people keep hamsters as pets because they are rodents. It is so little and priceless. Because of its little size, you are more drawn to it and are moved to want to provide it love and care. The majority of the time, hamsters are used in laboratories as test subjects.

They enjoy being underground, particularly during the day. To avoid being consumed by predators, do this. They eat plants, fruits, and seeds. Draw this lovely, amazing stuff.

Draw The Genie from Aladdin

Who doesn’t adore the Aladdin movie’s genie? I must admit that Robin Williams’ voice as the genie is my fave.


Pikachu is so well-known that no young person in this planet does not know his name. The majority of us used to adore Pikachu as children and be amazed by his abilities as well as the way you could sketch him with his adorable round body and nasty tail with lightning shooting off of him.

Draw a Dandelion

I adore really basic illustrations, like this dandelion. This drawing is ideal for this time of year because it is presently spring as I type.

Holding Hands

Two people holding hands is a symbol of love and camaraderie. It’s also quite fun to draw since it seems like it’s spreading happiness.

Draw the hands first, then the interlaced fingers, to make the drawing easier, and you’ll have a charming picture in your hands in no time.

Draw a Giraffe Eating

This giraffe is just adorable. A drawing like this would be enjoyable to color, in my opinion.

Foot in Snow

A foot in the snow could seem like a challenging subject to depict since it will be difficult to see the foot if it is coated in snow. Do not worry and enjoy yourself; snow brings joy, so let your imagination go wild and sketch a foot that is half covered in snow.

Draw a Mouth Eating a Lollipop

It was created for Inktober 2018 and is a great drawing. Inktober is a month-long art challenge that emphasizes drawing ability improvement, in case you weren’t aware.

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