Drawings of The Moon and Sun

Every artist in the world has creative block from time to time, which is why they begin seeking for inspiration. And where better to search for it than online? The following sun and moon drawing ideas are great if you’re considering using a celestial subject for your next artwork. We’ve included some timeless examples as well as novel drawing suggestions that are sure to motivate your upcoming work. Continue reading to stimulate your imagination!

Drawing Of Sun

We frequently see the sun in animated films, complete with a grin on its endearing face. It certainly seems as though everyone’s smile spreads across their face as soon as the sun rises. Discover how to draw this ball of fire by doing a few easy things. A marker paper, printer paper, or sketchbook are needed, along with a pencil, sharpie, and markers or crayons. Draw the adorable sun’s face poised on the clouds, then add its hands.

Simple Sun and Moon for Kids

This adorable sun and moon is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something straightforward for your child to follow. Your children will learn all about warm and cold color tones and have the opportunity to play around with color gradation and shading.

However, the most essential thing is that they’ll have a great time, especially when they add their own creative touches to the painting. Learn to paint this Easy Peasy and Fun Simple Sun and Moon for Kids.

How to Draw a Half Moon

Are you ready to learn how to draw the moon? Then follow the straightforward instructions provided here to learn how to draw a one like a pro. Create the crescent moon by first drawing a circle, adding another circle on top of it, erasing any unnecessary lines, and then filling it in with your preferred color.

Draw the stars and clouds around the moon as well for further visual interest. With these detailed instructions, drawing a magnificent moon will be much simpler. The finished moon painting may be colored in with your preferred hues to assist your home’s young painters hone their drawing abilities.

Moon with Flowers

This stunning illustration of a moon with flowers would make a wonderful tattoo in addition to being a fun sketching reference. It may be applied to your wrist, neck, or ankle.

Cool Sun Drawing

Most likely the best art project someone could ever suggest to you is something adorable and simple to sketch. Here, we’ve included some simple sun drawing suggestions along with a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw the sun.

The sun is a very simple subject to draw, especially for novices, because it doesn’t contain any intricate lines or shapes. Use any round item to create the ideal round circle, or draw a little circle in the center to create the form of the sun.

Intermingled Sun and Moon

If you want to paint on a tiny canvas, this sun and moon pattern works really well. Kids and beginners may use it because of its simplicity, yet it’s still really well-done and artistic. Of course, you may always use the sample as-is and tack on a few of your own additions. But even if you choose not to, the painting will still be fantastic and cheer up your home. On Easy Drawing Guides, discover how to draw a Sun and Moon that are mixed together.

Moon Face Drawing

Even young children can use sketching the moon as their first drawing endeavor. It is the solar system’s most beloved satellite, and all children adore it to the fullest extent. Follow these fast and simple instructions to quickly create the perfect moon.

You will receive complete pictures and step-by-step directions on how to create this adorably adorable moon with a human face. The finished moon painting may be colored in and hung on any interior wall. Don’t forget to add color to the finished illustration.

Wilderness Scene

I adore illustrations like this one. The moon and its interior landscapes are shown in this painting. There is a tent, a campfire, and the great outdoors.

Easy Sun Drawing

Children typically prefer to create pictures that they may subsequently color with their preferred colors. In a few easy steps, children may learn to draw a lovely picture of the sun sitting and grinning from the clouds. Children can draw a circle with a curving line emanating from it while under your supervision. Create a little cloud at the bottom of the sun to give the illustration a cartoony appearance. To make it more vibrant, let the youngsters add their own colors.

Two-Set Sun and Moon

Who said the sun and moon have to be shown in the same painting? Why not create each image independently but yet connecting the two paintings in some way?

You can see your imagination shine through as you try to find a method to connect the two paintings, whether you add an intriguing backdrop or draw the sun and moon in the same manner. Visit Etsy and look at the Two-Set Sun and Moon.

Moon Drawing Step by Step Guide

The moon is one of the most adored planets in the solar system because of its radiant look in the sky. The task at hand is to design a moon by first sketching a circle. Everyone will be enamored with this activity, which involves sketching the moon and is rather simple.

Simply draw a large circle, a smaller circle on it, then use the eraser to remove the remainder to complete the design of the moon. To add aesthetic flair and interest, draw your own stars and clouds. Don’t forget to paint the final moon drawing in your preferred hues.

Simple Sun Drawing

Learn how to draw the sun gleaming with its rays in a few easy steps by following the easiest drawing tutorial. For this easy craft, all you need is your writing pad and a basic sketching pencil. For the children, a little, adorable face with round eyes and a nose can also be shown on the artwork. Ask the kids to color it afterwards and put it up anywhere they choose to include them in this simple craft.

Sun and Moon Flow Art

Why not give this more complex sun and moon painting a go if you want to stretch your artistic abilities a little? It includes free sketching, which is simply letting loose and giving way to your artistic instincts. Get your painting equipment ready, then let your creativity run wild.

How to Draw Moon

Learn how to draw a moon with all the essential shading and detail by following expert tutorials. You have the creative flexibility to create a wide variety of moon drawings, such as ones with human faces and those with stars and clouds. All options are up to you.

Draw a circle first, then another one on top of the first one, being care to include the moon. The moon’s face and clouds should then be added. When the drawing is finished, try some imaginative shading, and everyone will like it.

Trees and Dots

Try this one if you’re seeking for a quick and enjoyable moon drawing concept. The addition of the polka dots inside the moon and in the sky is fantastic.

Realistic Sun Drawing

There is no way anyone would not want to capture the magnificence of the sun gleaming in the morning. The easiest way to achieve this is to learn how to draw it and to make your drawing attractive to do the sight justice. The delicate lines of the central circle should be drawn with a sketching pencil, and oil pastels can be added to give it the appearance of the setting sun. Your drawing will become more lifelike as a result.

Floral Sun and Moon

If you believe that flowers belong on the ground and have no connection to the sky, this work of art will persuade you otherwise. It not only gives the picture so much color and vitality, but it also gives a pretty simple concept some intrigue.

Draw a Crescent Moon with a Face

Get detailed instructions on how to draw a crescent moon with a sharp human face here. It may be incorporated into a number of your drawing projects, and you can create beautiful wall art signs out of the finished drawings as well.

Drawing this moon is made simpler by the step-by-step image instructions. For a more realistic appearance, you can leave the moon plain or add some shading. The custom dots or circles for the moon texture should be added once the sleeping moon with a human face is finished. One of the simplest ever DIY kid’s sketching projects.

La Luna

Here is a depiction of the moon, sometimes known as la luna. It would undoubtedly take a little longer to complete this work of art, but the effort would be well worth it.

Drawing Of The Sun

For young children, learning to draw might be a little challenging at first. For them to learn how to draw a cute sun in a few easy steps, we have put up a basic lesson. The artwork simply consists of a nice sun-shaped circle with zigzag rays emanating from it at the center. Create large, naive eyes for the sun with little circles in the center to give it a lively face.

Paint by Numbers

Do you desire to own a stunning sun and moon artwork but are unsure of your ability to create it from scratch? Nothing, then, will better serve your needs than this lovely paint-by-numbers sun and moon painting. It’s not just beautiful; it’s also incredibly simple to build. Kids may color it as well.

How to Draw the Moon and Stars

When you need to create some quick coloring pages for the kids, you may learn how to draw the moon. Do you intend to depict the full moon in all its intricate details? To draw a full moon with all the interior craters, follow these detailed instructions.

This will be your full moon; draw a large circle and then insert personalized crater liners within. The moon should then be surrounded by stars to complete the picture. To add shading and other finishing touches, use a darker pencil to outline the crescent moon portion.

Easy Moon Drawing

Here is a very basic artwork that was made specifically for temporary tattoos. If you want to get a free temporary tattoo, make sure to click the Inkbox link below.

Sun Cartoon Drawing

The small ones may draw a pretty adorable sun by following some straightforward instructions. Make a cartoon sun that is clutching a popsicle stick in one hand while sporting heart-shaped sunglasses. You will also need a little sketchbook, colored pencils, Copic markers, marker paper, and colored pencils to complete this design. Use vibrant colors to color the drawing, such as red for the sunglasses and other hues for the popsicle stick. Your moving sun painting is finished with a tiny grin.

Abstract Sun and Moon

Intricacy and beauty are not necessarily synonymous. You can occasionally discover it in the most basic things. So why not choose this abstract sun and moon design if you don’t like intricate paintings? Although it isn’t overly intricate or noisy, you can still plainly see the sun and moon in it. The best part is that when you paint it, you’ll definitely produce an original piece of art. Check out this artwork of the abstract sun and moon on Etsy.

Sun and Moon Drawing

attempting to educate young children about the planets in a nice way? Then you may accomplish it by creating your own solar system and planets. It will be a lot of fun to learn how to draw the sun and moon with all the adorable features. Here, the moon and star appear to be embracing and are portrayed as close relatives or friends.

When compared to the sun, which is orange and has hot rays, the moon is yellow and has clouds. Create the moon and sun faces by drawing a large circle, then adding a curving line. After adding the facial features, add the outside features, such as sunlight and clouds. Last but not least, let your kids paint it.

Floral Moon

Here is another simple sketch of the moon from Inkbox. This image begs to be sketched and colored in. Again, if you want to get a free temporary tattoo, click the Inkbox link below.

Yin and Yang

The moon and sun’s opposing yet complementary natures are cleverly depicted by the yin-and-yang symbol. In light of this, it would be logical to combine the two concepts.

This artwork accomplishes that goal while also being aesthetically pleasing. You may completely depict the yin and yang in black and white, or you can include colors for a cheerier image. The finished piece of art will be magnificent either way. View the gorgeous Yin and Yang patterns on Yin and Yang Paradise.

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