Easy Cartoon Character to Draw

Watching Saturday morning cartoons, as well as cartoons every other day, is one of my favorite memories. Drawing such characters is a great way to express how much you appreciate them. In actuality, drawing cartoon characters is really simple.

Before creating your own characters, you may practice on one of the many cartoon characters available. They assist you in learning the many approaches required to launch your own line. Let’s get started drawing your favorite cartoons and learning how to draw cartoon characters step-by-step.

Bugs Bunny

Everyone and their mother is familiar with Bugs Bunny. He’s perhaps the most recognizable cartoon character in the US, and drawing him is a lot of fun. There are many things to appreciate about Bugs, such as his large bunny feet and his teeth designed for chomping carrots. Although it could take a few tries to perfect his position, there are lots of internet resources available.

Cartoon Character Sketches

One of the most well-liked art styles is the sketch. Sketching may be done for real-life persons or famous people, or we can draw cartoons and fictional characters. Typically, sketches are created using a pencil without the use of color.


Time travel and robotics are two crucial technical concepts that we learned from the Japanese animated series Doraemon. In the television series, Doraemon was a male robotic cat who had time-traveled backwards from the 22nd century to assist a little child called Nobita.

Doraemon is a charming little creature with a round face, big eyes, a red nose, and a bell around its neck. So, if you’re going to sketch this happy robot, don’t forget to include the Dorayaki, or sweet buns, Doraemon’s favorite treat. Are you furthermore looking for a device in his bag?

Draw Angry Bird

This angry bird image is easy to draw. Draw a large circle to start, then add the furious bird’s eyebrows and eyes. Make its head, then its comb, and finally its beak. Color the angry bird in the final section.

Spongebob Squarepants

A beloved TV character and season is SpongeBob SquarePants, an aquatic figure that made everyone smile. He is little more than a square sponge with holes in him. It’s extremely simple to sketch his clothing, and it doesn’t matter where the edges begin or stop.

He is only a square after all. You may either create a simple drawing of him or color him. Since there aren’t many postures for him, you might want to experiment with altering his expressions to make him more interesting.

Bart Simpson

This youngster with spiky hair is likewise well recognized around the world and is a lot of fun to draw. Bart’s design has a lot of fundamental forms, thus choosing him shouldn’t be difficult. Not to add that he wears very plain clothes that are only available in two colors (does he ever wash his clothes?)

Shin Chan

Who among us could see the antics of five-year-old Shin Chan Nohara without giggling uncontrollably? The big-headed, big-eyed naughty child and his cheery yellow and red outfit are enough to lift every bit of sadness from your day. Of course, you may ignore his crazy relatives. The collection of simple cartoon characters to draw also includes Shiro the pet, his parents Harry and Misae, and sister Himawari, who is a young child.

Yogi Bear

One of the simplest cartoon characters to sketch is Yogi Bear. Yogi Bear’s triangle nose is a good place to start when drawing him as a cartoon. Your drawing will be easier if you start with its nose.

Patrick Star

SpongeBob SquarePants’ closest pal is Patrick Star. He has a star form because the animators wanted him to seem like a starfish. He also has simple face traits to depict, and since he only wears the same boxers, dressing him won’t be an issue either.

Patrick Star and Spongebob may be drawn in many combinations to provide various visuals. The majority of the time, a lesson is not necessary to draw Patrick Star, but if you need, there are plenty available online.


Scooby-Doo is the most remembered member of the adored mystery group. As a great dane, Scooby and actual dogs have many things in common. But he also has a killer smile that is uniquely his own.

Cartoon Characters Drawing with Color

Color may be used to enhance the appeal of cartoon characters. Cartoonists often use this kind of artwork as well. You may experiment with various coloring techniques and attempt to make your animation colorful.

Donald Duck

Another iconic figure developed by Walt Disney is Donald Duck. Donald Duck, a cartoon character developed in 1934, rose to fame thanks to his bill, legs, and feet. He is frequently recognized for wearing a red bow tie, a hat, and a blue sailor shirt. The producers claim,

A Pekin Duck, Donald Duck was. He had a cartoonish appearance, a contagious smile, and a commanding screen presence. We would have to position everything while adding the irresistible mischief and smile when painting him. Even while Donald Duck occasionally has temper tantrums, this just serves to increase his charm.

Phineas Flynn

The persona of Phineas Flynn is distinctive due of its triangular face and big eyes. His hair has a coconut tree-like appearance. Phineas’ body is smaller than his head. It’s simple to sketch this cartoon figure.


Of all the simple cartoon characters to draw, this one has to be the prettiest. Everyone adores Tweety, a lovely little canary known for her kind gestures, yellow head, long eyelashes, and blue eyes. We’d love to see how Sylvester, the cat, consistently saves the birdie.

The figure is made more lovable to be sketched on paper by the enormous love for its charm. Perhaps we also can’t afford to miss the Cagey Canary’s sparkling antics and how it annoys Sylvester. Ready to start the fun?

Rick Sanchez

Although Rick Sanchez is not as well-known among children as Spongebob or Bugs Bunny, he is quickly gaining that status. He is a wacky, silly scientist who frequently finds himself in awkward circumstances. He frequently embarks on excursions with his grandson, Morty Smith.

Although his face lacks many traditional features, he is incredibly expressive via his expression. His face stands out due to the unibrow and sparkly hair.

His clothing is very simple to sketch. Over his blue shirt, he is dressed in the same lab coat, and his hair is styled similarly. To be more imaginative, you might alter his hairdo and refer to him as Rick Sanchez from another universe.


Snoopy was the adorable white Beagle that starred in the Peanuts motion pictures and television shows. Snoopy is distinctive and endearing because to his large, perpetually-smiling face. When he’s happy, watch for his tail to begin to wag.

In other words, he was an animal that achieved fame in its natural state without being transformed into a human. While it was nice, it won’t take long to introduce Snoopy. Only choose the appropriate black and white tones before beginning the drawing. The animal that we would all most like viewing is now here.

Shaggy Rogers

You might also want to try sketching Shaggy because he is good friends with Scooby. These two enjoy their sweets and, upon seeing a monster, flee. However, they both wind up being forced to work on mysteries together. How that transpires is amusing.

Disney Cartoon Characters Drawing

One of the simplest cartoon character drawings is definitely a Disney figure. This is due to the fact that they are largely symmetric and have a predetermined size. Typical geometric forms used by Disney cartoon characters include squares, circles, and ovals. Consequently, it’s a good option for beginners! You can see many anime sketches for reference


The practical teddy bear that we would all like to snuggle is Winnie-the-Pooh. The little red t-shirt, the yellow body, and the adorable stomach all seduce. Thus, you’ll need a pen, paper, and the appropriate colors in order to bring this bundle of sweetness home. It’s always entertaining to watch Winnie-the-pooh and his companions go on adventures. Do we have anything to add, though? Oh, yes—the honey pot, without which Pooh is inconceivable. The adventures of Pooh, together with Piglet and Tigger, are enjoyable and thrilling. Start with these first.

Morty Smith

Morty Smith is easier to sketch and has a less expressive face. Additionally, his hairline is easier to maintain, and he merely wears a yellow shirt and blue slacks while out and about rather than a lab coat or anything else.

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith may be drawn together in a frame because of Morty Smith’s simple body form. You may choose from any of their numerous comical situations to depict them in that circumstance.

Barney Rubble

Barney is a peculiar individual that lives next door to the Flintstones’ home and is nice. He has really large feet and ears that are triangles. However, if you practice a bit and perfect your feet, you’ll be able to draw Barney from any angle. Even studying foot drawings to practice some anatomy before dealing with Barney can be helpful.

Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker wasn’t the animation that epitomized humor. The animated television series created by Walter Lantz Studio and released by Universal Studios between 1940 and 1972 featured a really clever little bird. When the colors blend properly, the green-eyed bird with red hair strands, a big yellow beak, and a blue body will appear its finest. You now precisely know the colors to use for your palette. Watch every prior episode of Woody Woodpecker to learn the shapes and color combinations for a suitable reference.

Tom And Jerry

Tom and Jerry are arguably the first couple of names that come to mind when we think about cartoons. This team of a cranky cat and an enigmatic mouse has had a lasting influence on the world of animation. The pair is adored by people of all ages and is well-known around the world.

Marvin The Martian

The extraterrestrial figure from the Warner Brothers world is named Marvin. His refusal to reveal his face is still what makes him special. A helmet is usually worn to protect the face. The green skirt and crimson top are another eye-catching element. The red and white shoes are a given; how could we ignore them? In every cartoon and video game, he appears as a villain. But have you ever seen a bad guy as adorable as Marvin? Probably not. Additionally, because of the helmet and skirt, the character was included in lists of simple cartoon characters to draw.

Jake the Dog

A well-known adventure character is Jake the dog. His limbs are simply threads that are linked to an ellipse that serves as his body. Because of his flexible body, you may draw him in different shapes as well, and as long as the face is accurately caught, everyone will understand the picture completely.

Mr. Krabs

There is also the greedy Mr. Krabs, which has a considerably more sophisticated design. You must take into account his body’s proportions to accurately depict his eyes. Mr. Krabs’ design is largely comprised on his eyes, although he also has some quite sizable claws and a remarkably tiny, crinkly snout.


Another standout from the Walt Disney Animation Studios who is included on the list is Goofy. One of the closest buddies in the family of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is the tall dog Goofy. He stands out for his customary turtleneck and vest, which he wears with his white gloves, jeans, and shoes. He also wears a tall hat that was originally meant to be a rumpled fedora. Goofy is the most colorful character out of the group since his outfit, shoes, and other accessories feature a variety of hues. Ready to play with the paper and palette?

Princess Bubblegum

She has the most straightforward body and the easiest face to depict. You may practice on her in various stances or outfits as she changes her clothes pretty regularly in the various episodes of the show. Just doodle a face with a line for lips, two dots for eyes, and a smile. There is no simpler situation than this.


The mischievous cat Sylvester, who is constantly attempting to catch Tweety the bird, may not be liked by many of us. However, Sylvester James Pussycat, Sr. is a made-up personality from Looney Tunes. No matter how much we despise him, we can’t stop watching his energetic endeavors. This cartoon figure is simple to create because to its red nose, black and white body, and broad black whiskers. The painting process also gets simpler because the canvas would be dominated by just three colors.

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