Free C2C Crochet Patterns

Today is the day to learn more about c2c crochet if you haven’t already. For newcomers, the term “c2c” stands for corner-to-corner crochet. A c2c crochet pattern is made up of tiny squares or tiles that are arranged diagonally. You add one tile to each row until you have the appropriate width and length.

Because it is so easy to alter the colors and map patterns, this approach is frequently used to create graphgans. You do work with many skeins at once, so you’ll have to learn a new skill.

You must understand how to grow and decrease in order to be successful with this strategy. Additionally, you’ll require chart reading skills. To work on all these wonderful patterns, if you’re searching for a tutorial, check out Make & Do Crew here.

Fear not, lefties. A corner-to-corner crochet design is also possible. Here is a guide for left-handed crochet chain-to-chain. For crocheters, this technique offers up a world of possibilities. Anyone can learn how to crochet, regardless of their crafty background or whether they’re searching for a new challenge.

The designs below are some of my favorites from corner to corner. Each one is distinctive and extraordinarily artistic.

Grateful C2c Table Runner

Working with the micro C2C approach allows you to accomplish more detail in a smaller area. It’s a fantastic option for a table runner, for example. The typography in this pattern is made of textured boucle yarn, which shines out admirably against the background’s simple acrylic yarn.

C2C Crochet Heart Blanket

This lovely, straightforward blanket is crocheted. The heart in the middle of this graph truly pops out with only two colors. Follow the pattern carefully and slowly, and you’ll soon have a warm blanket that you’ve knit with love.

Free C2C Pencil Case Pattern

This free pencil case design by Rosina Northcott is an excellent introductory project if you’re searching for your first C2C pattern to try. Some of the corner to corner crochet text will be upside down since it is done in one piece that is folded over, which may seem difficult, but carefully following the pattern to construct this design will assist you to completely grasp how corner to corner crochet functions!

C2C Crochet Concentric Squares Throw Blanket

You may wish to try something new if you love geometric crochet designs a lot. Here is a fantastic idea that you will love, though! It’s really awesome since it’s covered in a square design. Additionally, you must be an intermediate crocheter to successfully complete this design. It’s crucial to measure the gauge, which should be around 4 inches wide.

Nordic Christmas Potholder

Here is another free C2C crochet design that makes use of the small C2C method. At your Christmas meal, this potholder with a nordic design will steal the show. If you’re visiting friends and relatives, you can also create it as a present for the hostess. You can appreciate the theme all year long because it isn’t overly Christmassy.

Free Tapestry Wall Hanging Pattern

Try this chic wall hanging corner-to-corner crochet design from Red Heart if you’re searching for a C2C pattern to get the hang of crocheting pictures. Although we like the cold blue vibe it has, you could also adjust the colors to make them look like some lush green hills!

C2C Crochet Deer Afghan

This is one of the crochet blanket patterns offered by Make & Do Crew. Jess has produced so many of them that she is now an expert. The deer’s silhouette can be seen in this particular C2C design and is decorated with various colors. A rustic cottage would look fantastic with this.

Geo Bag C2C Crochet Pattern

This super-stylish corner-to-corner crochet design is perfect for changing things up. You may pick from 3 different corner-to-corner graphs while creating the bag’s main body, and there are also 2 different strap options included in this awesome geo bag crochet design! The C2C crochet design also contains images demonstrating how to add a lining and a magnetic clasp as well as the construction!

C2C Moss Stitch Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern

This large, thick blanket is really lovely. Whatever you desire, you may create this into a blanket for a newborn or an adult. In addition, a few additional fundamental techniques—chaining, single crochet, skipping, yarn over, and slip stitch—are employed in this scheme. This manual recommends that the finished size be approximately 28′′ by 28′′. The hook’s size may be adjusted to fit the desired size.

C2C Wall Hanging

Despite C2C’s block-like appearance, you may utilize this method to create designs that are more abstract and organic. This vibrant wall hanging is a great illustration! It’s an excellent way to use up yarn from your stash because you only need a tiny bit of each color. For beginners, the pattern’s extensive instructions on interpreting C2C charts are quite beneficial.

Quick C2C Baby Blanket

Because it is made entirely of one color, this baby blanket is excellent for beginning crocheters. To add depth, choose a yarn that is variegated. In either case, if you’re new to c2c, this is an excellent design to pick.

Free Star Baby Blanket Pattern

A crocheted baby blanket is the ideal handcrafted present for a newborn! This free corner-to-corner crochet pattern for baby blankets also includes gorgeous pompoms on each corner in addition to a straightforward star pattern.

C2C Crochet Chevron Baby Blanket

A chevron design has a really festive, vintage feel to it. What does it precisely look like? Triangles and stripes are blended to create an incredibly beautiful pattern in this design. Additionally, it will be the ideal blanket to create in time for St. Patrick’s Day or the springtime! This can be given as a present to a dear one.

C2C Color Fade Dishcloth

This dishcloth’s design is almost too lovely to really use! Combining several tones of the same hue doesn’t need a master of color theory, but the result is brilliant nonetheless! The conventional C2C method makes it simple to make these fashionable dishcloths. It also makes a fantastic project with leftover yarn.

Pastel Triangles Pillow

In many respects, the corner-to-corner crocheting technique is excellent. It is quite straightforward, simple, and ideal for newcomers. Being extremely simple opens up countless opportunities for the development of distinctive and quite complex crochet materials. C2C charts are simple to understand, and you can even make your own charts!

Free Colourful Carnaby Corner To Corner Crochet Blanket Pattern

With this wonderful free design from Emma Leith, you can give your corner-to-corner blanket a burst of Carnaby color! This C2C crochet pattern is made up of individual squares and triangles, so you can do it at your own pace!

C2C Crochet Afghan Patterns

Who doesn’t adore Afghans made from crochet? They are the definition of comforting winter buddies and chunkiness. If you want to crochet Afghan designs, a C2C stitch is said to be the best to use! A C2C crochet blanket design is all you need if you want to make a beautifully symmetrical and imaginative wrap or bed spread, so get started!

C2C Pop Art Flowers

Sincerely, I can say that I’ve never seen anything in crochet quite like this! This throw is a piece of art. It’s just lovely how the artist used the blocky C2C crochet technique to get the organic forms of the flowers, and I especially adore how she used the multicolored yarn. Even though I’m not a great lover of multicolored yarn, it works well here.

C2C 2019 Crochet Hat

You will adore this pattern if you enjoy crochet graph designs. The year 2019 is graphed on a crocheted cap. The chart of crochet stitches will demonstrate how to put your threads to create the numerals. With crochet instead of paint by numbers.

Free Daisy Blanket Crochet Pattern

With this free daisy C2C crochet blanket design from Bernat, you can add some 70s floral power to your blanket. The daisy really stands out against the coral backdrop, and we adore it!

Bernat Geo Folk C2C Crochet Afghan

Another geo folk design that will wow you simply by glancing at it is shown here. It’s incredibly elegant and classic! Tassels have been added to the borders to give them a very fascinating and attractive appearance. Additionally, just a few fundamental stitches—single crochet, double crochet, wrong side, decreasing, increasing, and a few others—are employed in this pattern.

C2C Zebra

How adorable is this zebra, really? This pattern is a part of the safari collection. The plan is to create every type of square and then sew them all together to make a blanket. Of course, this square may also be used by itself. Baby nursery art is created in an instant by adding a dowel and hanging it on the wall.

C2C Start Afghan

This Afghan was handmade from corner to corner. Use this pattern to learn how to crochet step-by-step. This pattern outlines the processes because reading textual instructions might be challenging.

Boho Rug Crochet Pattern

As we’ve seen thus far, there are many wonderful corner-to-corner patterns for blankets, but you could always make a corner-to-corner rug instead using some chunky roving wool! Another design that is built from panels, this gorgeous Boho crochet rug pattern by Emma Leith is finished with some quirky fringe!

Free Crochet Afghan Quilt Pattern

Beginners might feel overwhelmed only by this pattern’s appearance; although it appears hard, it’s actually extremely easy to complete. Additionally, to create a plush and fluffy quilt, this design is created by stitching together a variety of corners-to-corners squares in contrasting colors. What a fantastic thing! It is now time to begin!

C2C Unicorn Scarf

This is an example of a corner-to-corner crochet design that is incredibly creative. You may make this scarf in sizes for toddlers to adults by using simple crochet techniques. With this colorful scarf inspired by a fantastical creature, embrace the magic inside.

Giraffe Blanket Corner To Corner Crochet Pattern

Are you prepared to start hooking a massive C2C crochet pattern? Why not attempt Hannah Cross’ super-colorful C2C design for a giraffe blanket? By the time you’re done with this, you’ll be a corner-to-corner master with its diagonal stripes and giraffe silhouette pattern!

Southwest Sunburst C2C Crochet Afghan

Who would have thought that an afghan could be made to seem so beautiful by using a southwest sunburst pattern? It is highlighted with a vibrant core and a grey base! Additionally, the blanket has little tassels on the edges, which completely transforms its appearance. By the time this job is done, you’ll feel incredibly satisfied and accomplished.

Caron C2C Motifs Blanket

This theme blanket may be made if the crochet instructions are followed. A delicate yet colorful geometric pattern is made with four distinct colors. This crochet blanket will look great in any space.

Crowded Houses Blanket Crochet Pattern

Corner-to-corner pattern charts are pretty easy to create, as we discussed at the beginning of this piece, thus it can be fairly frequent when browsing for patterns online to simply see an example of the C2C graph and not what it looks like as a finished crocheted item.

But we had to add this corner-to-corner pattern since we were so pleased with how it turned out. In addition to being a terrific stash-busting project, this Crowded Houses blanket crochet design beautifully highlights the geometrical capabilities of C2C crochet.

C2C Crochet Heart Hat Pattern

Valentine’s Day is almost approaching, so now is the ideal time to begin creating a cap like this. Making this for your girlfriends or yourself will allow you to enjoy this wonderful day without having to be in a relationship. For your mother, sister, or other significant individuals in your life, you may also make this! Are you eager to get going?

C2C Bunny Blanket

Another graphgan design by Make & Do Crew’s Jess. I wasn’t joking when I claimed she was an expert. In the middle of the blanket, a plaid rabbit is created using this lovely corner-to-corner crochet pattern.

Free C2C Alpaca Blanket Pattern

Why not try crocheting a blanket for our favorite camelid animal, the alpaca, utilizing your corner-to-corner skills? We adore the brilliant free corner-to-corner blanket design from MakeandDoCrew, and we especially adore their suggestion to use bouclé yarn to give the alpaca a delightful fluffiness.

The C2C Crochet Slant Beanie

The crochet beanie is incredibly comfortable, cute, and simple to wear! The pom-pom may be simply sewn onto the top portion to create a lovely hat. This design also has some ribbing on the bottom, which gives it a lovely appearance. To increase the overall crochet pattern’s vibrancy and brightness, many different colors are employed in the middle section.

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