Fun Things to Do On a Sleepover

Do you worry about how to keep the kids entertained because they want to organize an overnight party? There are many of enjoyable activities to do at a sleepover to make sure everyone has a nice time, so don’t worry.

You can easily throw enjoyable sleepover parties for your kids with a little advance planning. I’ll walk you through entertaining sleepover activities, game ideas, and essential slumber party fare. It’s a terrific way to enjoy a Saturday night with your closest buddy or birthday celebrations.

Prepare for a fantastic slumber party by having the children pack their sleeping bags.

Balloon Pop Countdown

Make a game out of the games to begin with. Fill balloons with objects from your numerous sleepover games and activities and some hints. Put a different time on each balloon using a marker. A balloon is then burst, revealing a brand-new sleepover activity.

Watch a Movie

Kids may be kept amused for a sleepover by preparing a big bowl of popcorn and scheduling a few movies. Allow them to choose a few of their favorite movies to watch, but make sure they’re suitable for the party’s younger guests.

Spa Night

Plan a simple Spa The youngsters can construct face masks and paint each other’s nails during a night at home. Create work areas with several nail polish bottles and one for creating face masks. On Pinterest, you’ll discover a ton of DIY face mask recipes. Last but not least, turn on some soothing music to establish the mood for your at-home spa.

Would You Rather

Kids typically adore the spotlight: Play a game of “Would You Rather” to channel this. You write down questions like “Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep-sea diver?,” “Would you rather be chilly or hot?,” and “Would you rather eat slugs or snails?” on pieces of paper. The kids then alternate reading and responding to the questions. Be prepared to laugh a lot!

Sing Karaoke

Let the children sing their hearts out on the karaoke machine after cleaning it (you might want to invest in some ear plugs). You may get karaoke versions of songs on YouTube and use a hairbrush as a microphone if you don’t have a karaoke machine. If you don’t want the neighbors to complain, it’s advisable to undertake this activity before nine o’clock in the evening.

Jelly Bean Tasting

There’s a strong possibility you played Russian roulette with a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans if, like me, you grew up during the Harry Potter frenzy of the noughties.

They truly did come in every taste, ranging from well-known sweets like strawberry and blueberry to some downright nasty flavors like detergent and rotten eggs. The actual risk was that it was sometimes hard to distinguish the difference between the delicious tastes and their repulsive opposites!

Playing a game of Spin The Jelly Bean or Bean Boozled during a slumber party is a wonderful pastime that will have everyone laughing, whether they are jelly bean experts or novices.


The game of hide and seek is usually fun, but if you’re having a sleepover inside, you could discover that you rapidly run out of places to hide. Play Sardines instead. While one youngster hides, the others go looking for them. They hide alongside the person who is hidden until they are discovered. when there is just one hunter left, everyone is crammed together. You’ll definitely find out how many kids you can fit in your wardrobe!

Camp Outside

Kids will like camping in the garden if you have a sleepover in the summer. They get some independence while remaining near to home, where you can watch over them and they can use the restroom.

It’s a good idea to camp with them or sleep in a smaller tent next to theirs if you’re organizing a camping trip for younger kids, just in case anyone becomes a little scared during the night.

Craft Night

Plan a fun craft night for the kids if they enjoy art. Making coffee filter butterflies or using bubbles to paint may be quite simple.

At Dollar Tree, there are several inexpensive craft kits available, including wooden models for painting. It’s a terrific location to stock up on creative supplies and make savings.

Glow Stick Ring Toss

Play games using light sticks at night to have fun. Glow Stick Ring Toss is a simple and entertaining game. Utilizing the provided connections, make some light sticks into rings. Set a few more sticks in an empty drink bottle and place it on a level surface not far away. Turn out the lights! The objective of the game is to wrap the bottle with glow rings.

Camp Inside

Camping indoors may be just as thrilling as camping outside if the weather isn’t cooperating. For the youngsters to sleep in, you may create a teepee in the living room or bedroom.

As an alternative, several event planning businesses provide kid’s overnight parties. With themes ranging from army camps to unicorns, you may hire teepees, decorations, airbeds, and everything else you need for the ideal slumber party.

Blanket Fort

Building a traditional blanket den is one of the most classic things you can do for a sleepover, and it can provide kids and adults alike a joyful, holy area.

The first step is to prepare your fort by placing a duvet and several cushions on the floor once you’ve selected a location. For a warm, fire-safe blanket den, you may use chairs as the walls, hang blankets from them with clothes pegs, and even hang some fairy lights or LED candles.

Escape Room Games

With the help of downloadable escape room games, organize a fun escape room sleepover. Kids will enjoy the enjoyable challenge of solving the puzzles in small groups and becoming the first team to exit the chamber.

This is quite simple since all you have to do is print out the escape games, and you’re ready to start playing right away. Learn how to easily host an escape room birthday party. Try out these enjoyable detective games if your youngsters truly like finding answers to riddles and hints.

Spotlight Charades

As long as you select titles, music, and movies that appeal to the appropriate age range, charades is always a success. Playing it in the dark with just a torch to shine the focus on the actor of the moment will provide a twist.

Have a Video Game Tournament

A sleepover gaming competition will be a hit with your youngster and their pals if they enjoy playing video games. Just make sure you have enough controllers and a huge screen so people can enjoy the action even if they aren’t participating at the moment.

You have a variety of options, including the option to rent brand-new video games or ask your guests to bring their personal favorites. Consider purchasing a trophy or little award for the winner to add some excitement.

Hot Chocolate Station

If you’re hosting your slumber party on a chilly winter night or if the holiday season is quickly approaching, a hot chocolate station is a certain way to win over the crowd.

You hardly have to raise a finger to prepare a sizable pot of silky, lavish hot chocolate. Gather your components, such as milk, cream, and milk and dark chocolate that has been coarsely chopped, and then place them in the slow cooker for a few hours.

We are all aware that the key to a truly excellent cup of hot chocolate lies in the toppings. You might choose traditional options like marshmallows and chocolate shavings or something a little more opulent like toffee bits or cookie crumbs. Naturally, all on top of whipped cream!

Paper Plane Challenge

Hold a backyard or indoor paper aircraft competition. Before folding the paper into an airplane, kids may have fun coloring their design.

See who can make their aircraft fly the farthest or fit between streamers you’ve strung in a corridor when the planes are constructed.

Pillowcase Craft

By purchasing some plain white pillowcases and some fabric pens, you may create a keepsake of a memorable evening. As they draw patterns or drawings on their pillowcases, let the children let their imaginations run wild. You might expect to have some pleasant dreams!

Top Your Own Pizzas

Get youngsters involved in the preparation of the food for the overnight to turn it into an activity. You may purchase pre-made pizza bases, but older children and teenagers might like to try preparing their own dough. Kids may create their own pizza by laying out a variety of toppings; this way, no one is forced to eat anything they don’t like while still having fun.

Polaroid and DIY photo booth

Another one that may be both a great way to spend the evening and a lovely keepsake to remember it by in the future. Instantaneous Polaroids prints can be entertaining for many hours.

Set up your DIY photo booth with all the necessary backdrops, costumes, and decorations. You may choose to use the standard photo booth accessories, such as spectacles, hats, and mustaches, or you can go all out by giving your photo shoot a theme, such as the 1980s, unicorns, or the circus.

Get everyone to put on their best glam makeup before you start if you really want to go all out. Whatever you choose to do, it will be fun and provide you with memories for the future.

Hot Lava

Allow the children to scatter some pillows or blankets on the ground so they may jump on them to avoid the lava’s heat (floor). Make a trail and see whether the children can cross it without touching the ground. Then permit them to continue forging ahead and pushing themselves. They could be occupied all night with this!

The Flour Game

Utilizing an old classic will help students concentrate and rise to the task. Using a bowl, mold some flour into a dome, then top it with a treat. The visitors to the overnight take turns using a knife to cut some flour from the edge. The last youngster to play before another makes the sweet fall is the winner! A few additional treats should be available at the finish.

Play Twister

Let the youngsters tie themselves up in knots during their overnight since Twister is a ton of fun for all ages. You can probably borrow a board or find one reasonably priced secondhand if you don’t have one and don’t want to buy one.

Do Your Nails

A good old-fashioned manicure may expand as part of a home pampering session or can be a chic activity on its own, and it’s another that’s sure to be a favorite with audiences of all ages.

Before releasing your inner nail artists, start by getting everyone’s hands and nails perfectly prepped. Set up a little nail bar and ask everyone to bring their favorite polish.

Play a game of spin the nail polish to add some spice. This game is just like spin the bottle, except that the player paints one fingernail at a time rather than having to kiss someone. Until everyone has a full set of painted nails, everyone takes turns doing this.

Musical Chairs

Despite being a traditional game, youngsters adore it. Set up seats for every child but one. Once the music has finished playing, the children must choose a seat.

If a youngster cannot locate a seat, they are removed. Then start the song again after removing additional chairs. Continue until there is just one child left seated in a chair.

The Chocolate Game

The beloved Chocolate Game is another another traditional sleepover game. A large slab of chocolate, a dice, a hat, scarf, gloves, knife, and fork should all be obtained. With the kids seated in a circle, arrange the chocolate and utensils on a plate. They each take a turn rolling the dice. When the six comes up, it’s time to put on the hat, scarf, and gloves and try to cut and consume as much chocolate with a knife and fork as you can. It is the turn of the next player to take the objects and attempt once they roll a six. Fun that moves quickly! Hold aside a few small chocolates just in case someone missed out.

Have a Themed Movie Marathon

Themed movie marathons may be a touching way to commemorate an occasion, such as an impending wedding, a bachelorette party, or a significant birthday. It’s not required, though, and it may still be a very enjoyable pastime if you’re hosting a slumber party simply to spend time with your friends.

There will undoubtedly be at least one subject that appeals to the masses, regardless of whether you and your buddies are crazy about Marvel or nuts about mafia movies. Include all the movie theater extras, such as popcorn, fizzy beverages, and even print off some personalised movie tickets, to make it even more enjoyable.

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