Hall Tree Ideas

A traditional piece of furniture that looks great in entryways is the hall tree. You can get your jackets, bags, and shoes off the floor and it’s a terrific storage alternative. The DIY hall tree bench ideas are adaptable to any design and are simple to alter. Although they are affordable, they aren’t particularly durable and may be found at flea markets or thrift shops.

If you buy them brand-new from a retailer, they may also be expensive. The good news is that you can create your own from scratch! You can hang your bags and coats on the wall using a bench with hooks to avoid tripping over them in the entranceway. This piece of furniture is perfect if you don’t have a lot of room in your home because it doesn’t take up very much space. Additionally, there are a variety of quick and simple to produce designs.

Hall Tree in Cherry

This hall tree is an excellent option for decorating your entrance since it skillfully mixes practicality and aesthetics. It features simple, clean lines with a sophisticated finish that might add charm to your foyer.

DIY Hall Tree Bench

Laminated panel boards, plywood, Kreg screws, wood glue, and other woodworking supplies are required for this beauty. Even a novice in crafts or woodworking shouldn’t have any trouble putting this together because the construction of the numerous sections is straightforward. When you’re finished, paint it any color of your choosing to match the color scheme of your interior décor.

Hall Tree With Shoe Storage

A piece of furniture called a hall tree gives you the chance to store all of your bags, jackets, and accessories arranged in one location. There are a few crucial factors to take into account when purchasing a new hall tree. This article offers some helpful advice for purchasing your first hall tree as well as a discussion of the aspects to take into account when purchasing a hall tree.

DIY Hall Tree Bench

A bench’s appearance must be admired. It is a useful piece of furniture that serves several functions. It is used mostly for seats. It may be used inside or outside of the home, in any area from the living room to the bedroom.

Additionally, benches offer storage space for things you wish to keep hidden. Because it is simple to create at home, a hall tree is another excellent example of do-it-yourself furniture. If you are skilled with tools and have a strong foundation in woodworking, this project should go well for you. This project may be quickly assembled using simple hand tools and supplies that you can purchase at your neighborhood hardware store.

Hall Tree in White Finish

You might be able to organize your mudroom in a chic and useful way with a white hall tree. It contains a lift-top storage box, four double storage hooks, and two open storage shelves.

DIY Modern Hall Tree Bench

Based on the well-known “OG” Shiplap Hall Tree Bench, this is a contemporary farmhouse hall tree bench. But don’t let its size discourage you; all you need are five simple equipment to make it: a miter saw, drill, orbital sander, pocket jig hole, and a pin nailer.

Hall Tree Bench

Any area may easily get personality with a DIY hall tree. Kids who are learning about creating things from scratch may also like working on this project.

How To Build A Hall Tree With A Chalk Board

A hall tree is a piece of furniture that may be used in your house for a variety of tasks. It can be where you hang your keys, leave notes for your family, or stow a spare umbrella. It can also be where you put on your hat and coat. A tall piece of furniture with shelves or hooks is called a hallway tree.

Either construct it from scratch yourself or get a kit from a home improvement retailer. Chalkboards are a simple way to add personality to your hall tree, and they can be used for more than simply leaving family members messages.


This hall tree’s solid pine structure, classic design, and distinctive wood grain ensure long-lasting quality. Four strong hooks with a lower shelf for storage are available for hanging coats.

DIY Pallet Entryway Bench

The wood in this DIY pallet entrance bench is used to produce a fantastic design with lines that stand out anyplace. It would undoubtedly take a significant amount of time to complete, but the result is beautiful and well worth the effort.

Some clever tools are used in the procedure. If you want to participate in such activities frequently, feel free to buy the supplies you’ll need. If you don’t already have what you need, I’d suggest looking at one of the ideas on this list that uses less equipment so you can stay true to the purpose of the inexpensive hallway tree seats.

Pottery Barn Built In Entry Hall Tree

A hall tree is a multifunctional storage item that normally has two or more hooks and a bench seat that may be used for sitting as well as storing coats and other belongings. Originally fashioned of wood, hall trees are now available in a variety of materials and designs.

DIY Entryway Hall Tree Bench

A beautiful method to increase storage space and flair in any house is with entryway hall tree seats. They serve as hall trees, coat racks, shoe racks, and even benches for sitting on when removing your boots before entering the home. They are practical, adaptable, and in high demand right now. Building one that is both visually beautiful and useful is the key.

A DIYer constructed this unique hall tree seat for the foyer using laminated panel boards linked together with Kreg fasteners. For keeping shoes, clothes, hats, gloves, bags, and other items you wish to keep out of sight yet close at hand when you need them, it features a number of sections. A coat hook that can carry an umbrella is another aspect of it.

The directions are rather comprehensive and ought to be simple enough for a beginner in woodworking to follow up with no problem. If you have any craft expertise, this project won’t present any significant difficulties either. There should be no mistakes when assembling the parts because all dimensions are provided in full. It will look fantastic in your house with a little sanding and painting.

Belham Living White Chalkboard

This one has a poplar frame, MDF panels, and beadboard trim for a lovely, vintage appearance. You may write notes and even reminders on the extra-large chalkboard that it features.

DIY Shiplap Hall Tree With Bench

With this one, you’ll be constructing a shiplap hall tree seat like a pro. To produce the shiplap appearance on this one, 14 inch underlayment plywood that has been cut into the proper strips is part of what is needed, and in 10 minutes, you may already have them up against a wall. The shiplap was nailed to the wall, but if you want to move it about or just don’t want it fastened to the wall, you may glue it up permanently or attach it to the wooden frame.

Industrial Coat Rack Bench

You may easily increase the amount of storage space in your house with a simple DIY hall tree. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to cut costs while furnishing your home. You may discover a variety of DIY hall tree ideas online or at any craft store, or you can use the classy one shown above!

DIY Pottery Barn Entry Hall Tree

This inexpensive entrance tree is quite simple to construct. This post is for you if you enjoy Pottery Barn or need a simple project. Because of how adaptable it is, it’s one of the best projects. You may use whatever sort of wood you’d like, stain it any color you choose, and build it any size you wish. It would look fantastic anyplace in your home — from an entryway to a kitchen island!

Mission Slat

The stunning hall tree has a warm oak look since it is made of MDF wood and oak veneers. For jackets, handbags, and other stuff you need to store, it includes two hooks.

Rustic Farmhouse Hall Tree

It may be thrilling and entertaining to furnish a house, but it can also be a little intimidating. Creating an exact budget is the first step in any DIY furniture project. The steps in this procedure are all detailed in great depth in this tutorial.

DIY Farmhouse Style Hall Tree For Pool Towels

It’s adorable, useful, and a simple way to bring some rustic beauty into your house! It’s ideal for holding umbrellas, beach towels, pool towels, and more! Dowels, a shelf, and hooks are the only materials needed to make the DIY Farmhouse Style Hall Tree For Pool Towels, all of which you most likely already have in your home.

Making one for yourself at home is easy. Additionally, you might want to consider building it yourself if you’re feeling really crafty. The article offers a list of the necessary supplies as well as step-by-step directions for making one.


This hall tree will provide beauty and function to the area at your front entrance or in the foyer. It is a feasible alternative for any background because to its simple cuts and clean lines.

Hall Tree Storage Bench

A hall tree is frequently shown in a doorway acting as a coat rack, laundry hamper, and umbrella stand all in one. But did you know that you may utilize a hall tree in other rooms of your house? Hall trees are excellent for little rooms in your house. All the additional items you wish to retain but don’t have place for can be stored in them.

DIY Hall Tree Storage Bench

The article provides guidance on how to construct this project using common carpentry implements and easy woodworking joints. If you want to give your doorway a little more space that may be used as a place to store your coats, hats, and other small goods, this DIY hall tree storage bench is what you’re looking for. Additionally, it is integrated into the piece so that it doesn’t occupy any more space than is necessary in your corridor.

Six little storage boxes are divided into separate sections by two sliding doors on this particular item. You may always keep the doors open and just fill the boxes with anything else you might have lying around the home if you only need to store a few jackets or hats. What might be included in this composition is completely up to you!

Belham Living Richland

This hall tree features a paned mirror top and storage bench and is made of lovely birch veneer panel and solid wood frame. Additionally, it has five double hooks for hanging outerwear and bead board paneling.

DIY Hall Coat Rack With Bench

This basic coat rack with seat is a do-it-yourself project for the hallway. The process of making it is straightforward, and you don’t need to be an expert to put it all together. Cedar is utilized for the bench, or the storage box part, while pine is used for the frames of the upper body, or the coat rack area.

Regular paneling being included into the top body creates a lovely contrast across the whole frame. For those with limited room in their house, the DIY hallway tree bench is ideal. You may wind up conserving room and obtaining two items in one that would otherwise take up two distinct spaces in your home by stacking a bench and a coat rack.

Nantucket Distressed Black

With this Nantucket Hall Tree, your house will seem warm and welcoming. Its sanded worn edges and faded black finish give it a casual elegance that works well with any type of interior design. It is made of real hardwood and engineered wood.

How To Make A Coat Rack Bench Hall Tree

Given that it just calls for a few methods and basic equipment, this is an excellent project for beginners. The wood must first be chopped and painted black. It is advised to use a high-quality brush since it will enable you to apply the paint neatly while minimizing paint wastage.

After your wood has been painted, you must thoroughly coat it with wax to protect the project’s surface. You may either rub it into the wood directly or first brush on a coat of paste before rubbing off any extra. To make the boards portable, attach handles and fasten the pieces together. You may also use fabric or wallpaper to cover the back of your final item.

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