Memo Board Ideas

One of the main sources of clutter in the home is paper. If you don’t have a defined area for everything, messages, birthday invites, recipes, coupons, receipts, student art projects, and business cards may quickly accumulate and make your home appear unkempt. Although certain things should be thrown away or filed away, everyone needs a spot to make notes and occasionally pin reminders. These creative message board hacks are easy and affordable; some even employ objects you might already have around the house that have been repurposed or thrifted.

Pallet Memo Board

Pallets are quite helpful. You can use them to make a unique rustic message board with a little assistance from Home with Cupcakes and Crinoline! It would look wonderful in a home with a country theme and be a useful tool for your everyday organization!

Chalkboard Calendar

Any piece of wood or board may be turned into a magnetic calendar by applying magnetic primer on it. Bec used chalkboard paint in addition to creating a homemade message board that is magnetic. A charming and ingenious organizing board is the end product.

Room & Board Agenda Board, starting at $139

Steel shelf that serves as a catch-all for pens and other office supplies is included in this magnetic board. Although there are five magnets supplied, you’ll definitely need more, so get a batch of these fashioned from real walnut. Did we mention that there are two different sizes and 17 distinct colors available for this board?

Cookie Sheet Memo Board

Create a magnetic message board by using a metal cookie sheet or tray, not an aluminum one. You may either look for a nice vintage one or purchase one at a yard sale and paint it.

Easy DIY Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is essential for an office and is very simple to construct. Make a beautiful one using foam board and cork roll to display news, announcements, and meeting agendas. It will be any size or form that best fits the intended office wall space. For instructions, see

Office Memo Board

Without a memo board, what good is an office? Where can you put all of your most vital information and family photos to help you get through the day? Do not hesitate to visit Little Glass Jar and get it if you still lack it.

Steel Sheet

The ideal material for constructing a DIY memo board is steel sheet. You would adore this creative project if you enjoy industrial or minimalist home décor. Along with the sophisticated appearance, I guarantee you’ll like how simple this DIY is to do.

Pottery Barn Teen No Nails Pinboard

Although this pinboard is published on the Pottery Barn Teens website, we believe it is appropriate for all ages. (We want this at our office since we are grownups.) We really adore the range of colors and designs that are offered, such as Quarry (which has a marble-like appearance), Gray Stripe, and Floral.

Make Framed Cork Bulletin Board

Fill the back of a readily accessible open-backed chair from Hobby Lobby with a cork sheet or board that has been covered in beautiful fabric. To attach the cloth to the board’s sides, use a stapler. Next, hang it using picture hangers to create a gorgeous notice board on any wall. Find instructions here drivenbydecor

Window Memo Board

Old windows make excellent note boards and are simple to locate at flea markets. If there are any cracked panes, place a cork there or use a dry-erase marker to write directly on the glass.

French Memo Board

This elegant and timeless note board will appeal to the part of you that enjoys dapper French furnishings. You won’t ever again miss an appointment or misplace a business card, not to mention your wall will have a lovely new appearance! The specifics are on Popsugar!

Framed Fabric Covered

Doesn’t this note board like a piece of art? You may use really beautiful fabric to build a memo board if you can’t stand to cut or sew it. Just drape the cloth over a cork board before framing.

Pottery Barn Linen Pinboard

This pattern is ideal if you enjoy the appearance of linen. The color is stone, and there are two sizes available (small and large). But here’s a thought: Purchase two to four of these, then group them together to create a sizable wall of motivation and structure.

Giant DIY Board for Under $50

Larger bulletin boards are required if there is a large audience in your house or place of business so that everything may be displayed and seen by everyone. Utilize homasote, pine planks, and leftover plywood to create this huge board. You can get this board for less than $50 here. How to make it remodelaholic is given below.

Roll of Paper Memo Board

The original is still the best for communications and shopping lists: plain old paper. Install a roll of kraft or colored paper on the back of a door or even a wall for a more organized place to scribble notes instead of putting them on the backs of envelopes, which merely add to the clutter on worktops.

Memo Frame

Use some thread and your favorite frame to make a pretty message board! Shanty 2 Chic will demonstrate how simple it is for you! You may constantly be mindful of how fortunate you are by keeping images of your loved ones on display. The things that money cannot purchase are everything!


Here is an additional DIY memo board construction technique that is quite comparable to the first one. However, you will be attaching nailhead pins down the sides of the fabric-covered cork board rather than framing it.

IKEA Svensas Memo Board

Look what we discovered, IKEA devotees: a cute message board (with pins) for smaller rooms. With other IKEA cuties like this magnetic black board, this lovely in pink board, or a classic dark corkboard, we enjoy the notion of mixing and matching this design. Don’t you think this would look right at home in a dorm room?

Bulletin Board Using Foam Boards and Fabric

With the aid of foam boards and fabric, you may create a tastefully contemporary and attractive pinboard. Use a stapler or glue to attach the decorative cloth to the foam boards that have been trimmed to size. A sturdy hanging hardware system must be used to hang your ultimately constructed notice board. Read more here. somuchbetter

Shutter Memo Board

Because shutters come with slats already installed, they make ideal message boards. Put one at the entranceway to keep reminders or outgoing mail. Even hooks for hanging keys and other small objects may be hung from the slats.

Gold Wire Memo Board

Making this message board only takes a few minutes, and it immediately transforms the atmosphere of your workplace. Imagine going from a disorderly state to one of organization in a couple of minutes! We’re grateful we found it at Made Up Style since it’s a fantastic deal!

Wooden Spool

To create a message board for a creative child. If you have a bunch of old spools lying around, you may use them to decorate a basic cork board. You can finish off by simply attaching the spools to the frames with adhesive. Additionally, you may go above and above by creating pins out of buttons and spools.

Room & Board Arlen

This is more expensive than the others, but have a look at it. This contemporary cork bulletin board has a shelf for keeping other items. It is created from a cork oak tree, which is a sustainable resource, and is undoubtedly the minimalist’s ideal piece of furniture.

Make a Giant Cork Board Wall for Kid Art

The best places to showcase children’s work in the house might also be on bulletin boards. As a basis for the cork tiles, use 5mm underlayment wood.

The cork tiles should then be adhered to the chosen area of the base, making it simple to hang the children’s artwork and other significant messages. Here is a step-by-step visual guide. younghouselove

Paint Can Lid Memo Board

Remove the lids from all those used paint cans before disposing of them appropriately. They create a smart magnetic message board with a shabby-chic aesthetic when arranged vertically, horizontally, or in a grid.

Elastic Memo Board

Go for this stretchy memo board by Oh Oh Blog if you want a memo board that is totally unique and will seem exceptional even from a distance! Behind the elastics, you can quickly attach documents and images to keep everything in place. It’s beautiful and functional—a total win!


What a sweetie! You may create your own version by utilizing a piece of wood at random and some horizontally positioned strings. Use the completed item as a cute message board by adding wooden clips.

Chic Cane Memo Board DIY

If you would rather create your own, this DIY is quite easy. You can simply make a stylish message board using an IKEA picture frame and cane webbing (our all-time favorite material). How beautiful is this

Burlap Bulletin Board

Posting your favorite messages on this burlap message board can add rustic appeal to the desired area. Use a frame with a blank back that you can fill with a corkboard covered in burlap to create it. A lovely and interesting pinboard would look great in your office. instructions in their whole here, prettyhandygirl

Chalkboard Memo Board

There is a reason why chalkboards are fashionable. Use magnetic chalkboard paint to create a place where you may display invites or greeting cards in addition to writing reminders on a picture frame, cabinet door, or entire wall.

Cork Memo Boards

Since new, contemporary variants of the traditional memo board have taken their place, cork memo boards have fallen out of favor a bit. Curbly offers a nice guide for a contemporary-looking cork memo board if you like to stay stylish but yet have a soft place for way things used to be.


Searching for a cute DIY message board? You might enjoy this tufted design by The Centstational Girl. To construct this lovely message board, you will need a frame, wood, batting, fabric, ribbon, and nail heads.

Modern Magnetic Board DIY

If push pins aren’t your thing, perhaps you might try making your own DIY mood board using wood and magnetic paint? We absolutely enjoy the fact that you may make it any color you choose. Even the creation of magnets using hot glue and half-wood circles is demonstrated in this lesson.

DIY Bulletin Boards for Kids

Kids will like displaying their artistic creations, so you can do it for them to show your appreciation for the work they put into it. Use the remaining photo frames and cork sheet to create these little bulletin boards for the youngsters. Complete instructions may be found at thoughtfulplace.

Bike Wheel Memo Board

Find spoked bicycle wheels at flea markets, then transform one into a unique place to put reminders and cards.

Plywood Memo Board

A very straightforward memo board that comes in handy for those who are constantly on the move and need to quickly jot down vital items as they hurry out the door each morning. No matter how busy you are, all you need to do is have a pen close by this message board so you may scribble everytime you pass it. Visit The Merry Thought to learn more.

Pottery Barn Teen Star Wars Death Star Magnetic Wall Organization

Even while this design might not be ideal for everyone, we believe that at least one person in your life would genuinely value this. A genuine command center for fans of Star Wars.

Custom Fabric Bulletin Boards

With the help of this bespoke fabric and bulletin board, which is really simple to make, keep yourself informed of the events and possibilities.

To build this bulletin board, you need need huge photo frames, burlap ribbon, and jute. It will be able to use clips and hold individual announcements. all guidelines here diypassion

Magnetic Memo Board

The traditional magnetic memo board was given a little bit of an upgrade by I Heart Organizing by wrapping it in a wooden frame, and we must say, the outcome is stunning! It gives the appearance that your notes are a picture in a frame, making your organizational system appear nearly artistic.

DIY Industrial Bulletin Board


Additionally, reuse old windows from your house to create eye-catching bulletin boards. In the empty window compartments, place the self-adhesive cork tiles, and then stencil numerals on them. Your favorite wall will have a beautiful bulletin board ready to inspire and motivate. complete guidelines here grillo-designs

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