Ocean Animals Drawing

These new directed drawing downloads for ocean animals have me quite happy to share them with you. This adorable drawing topic is ideal for this year’s aquatic creatures theme! A drawing challenge may also be a terrific addition to your family game night, lesson plan, or homeschool unit study.

How to Draw an Octopus

Learn how to draw an octopus, another creature of the sea, in one of our drawing lessons. Both children and those who are still children will like this (older beginners)

This article will walk you through the simple steps necessary to design an octopus cartoon. Learn how to draw one of your own wherever you wish by downloading our printable.

Step By Step Killer Whale

Everything will be OK, and I can provide you the step-by-step to back it up! With the help of this guide, making your own bujo Shamu has never been easier or quicker. I really like how quickly I can create something like this—just six easy steps!


Take a look at this adorable jellyfish to inspire your youngster to sketch and doodle. Jellyfish are aquatic creatures that live in the chilly ocean waters. Grab your Sketch pens and begin creating this adorable image. The purpose of this exercise is to foster creativity.

How to Draw a Shark

We will learn how to draw a shark next in our how-to series! This method of drawing one is quite simple, making it ideal for beginners and small children (as young as preschool and kindergarten). It will undoubtedly have a fierce appearance and be drawn quickly!

We just learnt how to draw a dolphin together, therefore it only makes sense to look at sketching a marine creature that is frequently portrayed as the dolphin’s nemesis. Basically as an adversary to everything.

I, for one, wouldn’t be overjoyed to encounter one in the water since this fierce fish sends chills down your spine. But that does not negate how fantastic these creatures are. Just take a look at their zillion teeth, I mean. Those are very awesome. Whatever this animal’s characteristics, drawing it is enjoyable, so let’s practice drawing it together.

How To Draw Sea Creatures

I’m not being squidgy. This is a “making marine creatures” dream. This is the go-to ocean doodle tutorial whether you want to create the cutest turtles you’ve ever seen, pink as ever jellyfish, squids, or sea stars.

Draw a Cute Starfish

Hello there, future artists! Use this really simple lesson to draw a lovely starfish, then thank us later. Drawing animals is a nice way to pass the time and accomplish something. This sketch is the finest whether you’re working alone or with your family. All you need to do is adhere to the detailed directions and video lesson. When everything is finished, you may color it in with your own colors!

How to Draw a Whale Step by Step

This really easy how to draw a whale step by step lesson is the next in line in our how to draw marine animals tutorials. This instruction is entertaining and cartoon-like, and because it’s simple, it’s ideal for beginners and young children in preschool and kindergarten. Ideal for increasing sketching self-confidence!

After enjoying ourselves while learning how to sketch a dolphin a few days ago, we are now moving on to another marine creature, this time the largest one. Since this is a beginner’s and kid-friendly guide, I decided that a cartoon whale would work best, and I really believe that this is one of the simplest methods to draw one.

Your children may believe that drawing a whale is difficult, but if they follow the instructions, they will be able to do it quickly and independently. Once students have mastered this posture, they may move on to sketching various situations and poses as well as refining their drawing technique.

Easy Seashell Doodle

I adore the SHELL in this lesson on seashells. This makes it really simple and offers you the most basic seashell pattern to use in any spread. This is fantastic!

Draw a Dolphin Step by Step for Kids

As we continue learning how to draw seas, we’ll use this step-by-step drawing lesson to learn how to draw a dolphin (and a free guided drawing printable). This tutorial is quite easy, much like our earlier ones, making it ideal for beginners and children. In little time at all, you’ll have an adorable dolphin sketched!

We appreciate your support of our kid-friendly drawing instructions! We decided to create a series of ocean animal drawing lessons because the weather here is summer-like (did you see our how to draw a fish step by step tutorial? It’s the simplest one ever).

The dolphin, a goofy marine animal, is next in line. And also quite intelligent. You might initially believe drawing this animal is difficult, but you’ll quickly realize it’s simple as pie. If all the dolphin necklaces I see around are to be believed, once your children or you have mastered this “standard posture,” you will be sketching this animal in a variety of other poses as well. Alternately, to make your drawing even cooler, include the sun, sea, and waves in the backdrop.

Step By Step Ocean Doodles

These are simplified versions of classic marine creatures and shell patterns. I adore the complex designs in this piece of art and the ease with which she makes it possible to complete it on your own. Have you ever seen a starfish with such lovely lines? Without a doubt, I would wish upon this star!


The many colors and textures of a snail are well recognized. There are many different settings where snails may be found, such as ditches, deserts, and the ocean’s depths. Look at the preceding sketch of a snail, which is quite basic, then start drawing.

How to Draw a Fish Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

Have you ever wanted to draw a fish? We are providing the simplest tutorial that teaches you how to do just that. and a downloadable template with step-by-step instructions. It only takes a few basic strokes and details to get your fish ready to swim off, making it ideal for beginners and younger children (in kindergarten, preschool, and first grade, for example) (aka beginners).

To make things as simple as possible, we created a how-to video lesson, a step-by-step guide for sketching a fish, and even a printed template with instructions. Simply print and sketch! Our first lesson on how to draw a butterfly was well received, so we are eager to continue with our “how to draw” series!

We will be offering a series of lessons on how to draw ocean animals, beginning with this fish, as the temperatures are already very high here and we would want nothing more than to jump into the water to cool down.

How To Doodle Shells

Added shell patterns? SOCK YEAH! I adore the alternatives this seashell drawing instruction affords me, especially the rounder patterns that I never thought I’d be able to create previously. This is the ultimate in shelltastic simplicity, ease, and detail!

Sea Creatures

Consider drawing marine creatures if you have previously drawn some land animals and want something new. There are numerous possibilities, so pick your favorite and start sketching. The more popular topics like sharks, dolphins, whales, and turtles are good choices, but you could also try drawing an adorable penguin or seahorse. Additionally, you are not need to portray the complete creature; for instance, you might only sketch a whale’s tail emerging from the ocean.

How to Draw a Turtle

Are you anticipating learning a new drawing skill? This time, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step drawing instruction for a turtle. This tutorial, which demonstrates how to draw a turtle swimming, is ideal for beginners of all ages, from young children in preschool and kindergarten to adults just learning how to draw.

The sea turtles will be the subject of our drawings; we’ll save the tortoises for another time. You’ll be able to draw one on your own very quickly because this method is so straightforward.

Similar to our other how-to guides, this one also includes a printable drawing instruction sheet that you can print and give to your children. We’ve drawn quite a few ocean animals now, and this turtle is the next one in our series on how to draw them.

Easy Shark

Drawing a shark is undoubtedly simple. Additionally, although being straightforward, it appears quite realistic. When you’re pressed for time, this fast doodle is ideal.

Turtle Doodle

Turtles are the best, buddy! Who knew you could create a cute turtle with liens on its shell in just six simple steps? I really like how huge this man is and how easy it is to follow the instructions. The turtle package is this.

How to Draw a Seal

You probably had no idea that drawing a seal was so simple. You may learn how to draw a seal holding a fish in its mouth by studying this easy sketch.

Step By Step Crab Doodle

Do you feel a bit grumpy? Boost your spirits and vent your rage by painting this crab-tivating picture! The crab looks very sweet and welcoming, and I like his gorgeous tiny eyes. I find it incredible that you could do this in only 5 steps!

Easy Penguin Drawing

I adore this straightforward penguin painting. Kids and adults alike will enjoy creating this simple picture. You’ll be very happy with your artistic creation.

Easy Fish Doodles

Take it from me, UNDER THE SEA! Down where it’s wetter, down where it’s better! These small fish drawings with a crab, flounder, and all the charming bubbles, inspired by the Disney mermaid, are just too sweet to ignore. To include this in your bujo, you don’t need to be an amazing artist, and it’s made so simple here!

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