Organizing Shelves for Office

Focus and productivity may both be increased with a well-organized home office. To avoid clutter accumulation, organizational procedures must be put in place. You’ll be more confident to take on any assignment that comes your way if you do it that way. Here are some tips for organizing your home office so it becomes clutter-free instead than disorganized.

Invest In A Dual-Purpose Coffee Table

There are now options to work in various parts of the house thanks to remote working. Although the bedroom is a calm place, some people may find it unsafe to give in to the impulse to get beneath the covers.

Instead, the closest approximation to a “regular” working atmosphere is generally found in lounge areas. Additionally, coffee tables are frequently utilized for laptop perching and coffee nesting, despite not being the best for your posture.

This Next(opens in new tab) table has a smart lift-up storage portion that can be used as a desk or eating surface and has grey metal legs with a light wood look. Therefore, if you’re seeking for a flexible home office storage option that complements a multifaceted lifestyle, go no further!

Take Inventory of Everything

Take inventory of your workspace and simplify it by getting rid of everything you don’t need before you start organizing! To begin, search your desk, shelves, and filing cabinet for outdated receipts or documents you no longer require.

Then, look through your office supplies, making sure to account for any office equipment you no longer use, such as chairs, filing cabinets, and bookshelves. Make groupings of the objects you want to retain, throw away, sell, or give as you make an inventory.

Fabric Storage Bins

The finest office storage solutions include boxes and containers to organize the office materials that frequently overcrowd your workspace. Your finest storage containers must include a label system to make it even simpler to locate stuff in a hurry.

We adore using these fabric storage containers with handles to organize anything from paper to pencils, calculators, and hard-to-categorize equipment. Select from two sizes and colors, then insert a label inside the front holder to make it simple to locate the necessities.

Keep Desk Accessories Clean and Simple

Your desk should be the first item you organize in your office. With a cup for pens, a magazine holder for files and tiny diaries, and a stacked drawer unit on the far left that blends in perfectly with the desk and wall, this workstation by Fancy Things offers numerous alternatives to keep clutter off the surface. Papers and other little things are hidden by this design.

Go Art Deco And Use A Drinks Trolley In Your Office

Perhaps you aren’t reading this on the last day of the workweek, but your home office storage ideas can still benefit from a dash of fun. The straightforward drinks trolley, which is more frequently used to serve visitors in elegance, is a chic way to showcase anything from stationery to files and more.

A statement vase or some clayware will make your temporary office area appear costly in addition to the functional improvements. Additionally, it can resume serving its original role after hours or on the weekends.

Differentiate Work Areas

It’s critical to keep your living area and workstation distinct when working from home. Use a spare room or flexible space, such as a basement or nook, when converting a space into your home office. Make preparations for how you will set up your office space as soon as you have selected where you will work. Finding office materials and papers when you need them will be simpler if you have a defined workspace!


This five-tier bookshelf adds height and storage. The open shelf design gives it a light, airy appearance, and each tier can support up to 30 pounds. On this robust piece of office furniture, keep fabric bins, boxes, books, and accessories.

Bring in Plenty of Shelving

not a closet? Not to worry. Your home office may be decorated and organized with open shelving. The two white shelves in this office by designer Joanna Whittaker effectively utilize a sizable portion of the available wall space while still providing enough for a floor light.

Two sizable baskets on the bottom shelf, which are used to store the messier work supplies, help keep the stylish arrangement orderly. Protect books in order on shelves by using strong and attractive bookends to keep them from seeming too chaotic.

Keep Your Desk Tidy By Using Wall Space

Using an alcove or the cramped area under the stairs? Utilize wall décor to reduce clutter. Consider using wire boards, hanging items from fairy lights, and of course, some floating shelves.

Choose a Desk with Storage

Pick a desk that gives you room to spread out while working and has lots of storage. The appropriate desk may assist in keeping your home office organized, whether you choose an item with multiple drawers or overhead storage. If you already have a desk but there isn’t enough place for storage, you may make it more functional by utilizing a monitor stand or adding a keyboard tray.

Mobile Filing Cabinet

To free up floor and desk space, office storage that has compartments for heavy equipment, such as printers or scanners, is excellent. Due to the fact that it frees up more desktop space, this big mobile file cabinet is a popular among Amazon customers.

It has two open shelves for displaying decorations, accomplishments, or books, three drawers, one of which is exceptionally deep. It’s also among the greatest home office storage cabinets money can buy and an Amazon bestseller.

Customize a Working Wall Calendar

A wall calendar makes it easier for you to keep track of your planning requirements. The outcome? You’ll experience far more productivity and time management. When combined with additional gold touches, this DIY calendar system from Polished Habitat gives a workplace a matched and personalized glitz.

The inside of the glass of three frames was coated gold. Dates can be written with erasable pen or affixed using sticky notes, and white tape is used to construct the boxes.

Create A Cool Co-Working Space With Locker Storage

We would be tempted to work nonstop because of the pink swivel chair, the soft and warm area, the rattan lampshade, and the textured carpets. The storage locker, however, is the most notable aspect of this. Simply stack IKEA’s HLLAN cabinets(opens in new tab) and set the larger ones on legs to achieve this appearance. Additional ways to maintain cleanliness and organization are provided by the pegboard, floating shelves, and baskets.

After that, each family member may customize their container anyway they see fit by adding pictures, post-it notes, or a spray paint pattern.

Buy a Desktop Organizer

Sick of a cluttered desk? Add a desktop organizer to keep your place organized! Choose from a range of organizers, such as file sorters that can accommodate folders and monitor stands with slots for pens, pencils, and notepads.

Does your office have a little desk? To save up work space, think about employing letter trays or stackable cubes. Alternatively, you may upcycle common home things into office supplies to save time and money, such as by making desk organizers and utensil holders out of cans, mason jars, and tea containers.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a straightforward, low-tech wall shelf idea that is simple to assemble and endlessly adaptable. It keeps books and office materials close at hand while keeping them off your real desk. These open shelves are available in a variety of colors to match any home office.

Mount them with the brackets pointing up for a more rustic look or downward for the appearance of a floating shelf. To avoid seeming cluttered, arrange your open shelves with picture frames, flowers, and small decorative items. After all, making the most of the wall space is where simple home office organizing ideas start.

Organize Items in Cubbies

Do you need to exhibit products for visitors that come to your home office or do you have inventory that is difficult to store? If so, a cubby system could be the finest tool you have for organizing. Jewelry and accessories are carefully stored in the cubby bookcase of this fashionista.

A cubby system is attractive because it is inherently orderly, symmetrical, and well-proportioned. To conceal little or otherwise untidy things, slide ornamental storage baskets into cubbies.

Invest In A Desk Designed For Tiny Spaces

You are not alone if a recent shift in working from home has you scrambling to find a suitable workspace and a place to keep your laptop.

You may work and effectively store your equipment at the end of your shift with this pull-down home office storage desk from John Lewis & Partner’s new Anyday range(opens in new tab). Your weekends won’t be wasted attempting to nail additional shelf ideas into the wall if you have internal shelves for storage and display.

Streamline Your Desk Drawers

After cleaning up your desk, use drawer organizers to assign each piece of office equipment a distinct location. You may conveniently store and locate pens, pencils, paper clips, notepads, and other necessary items by utilizing plastic, wooden, or metal divider trays.

Additionally, dividers are available in a range of sizes, making it simple to choose the optimal storage option for your need. If you’d rather make your own drawer organizers, think about using old egg cartons or muffin tins to hold wires, paper clips, and other objects.

Desktop Utensil Holder

With the help of this useful desktop organizer, keep workplace essentials close at hand. It has two compartments for pens, pencils, and scissors, plus it has additional slots for paper clips and sticky notes to stay organized. Use vintage mason jars to store office supplies and decorate your space by repurposing them.

Maintain a Bin Organizing System

Similar to cubbies, matching bins give a home office the appearance of being organized. White containers with labels are used to store a ton of crafting items and other office necessities in this immaculately organized home office from A Beautiful Mess. Even while not every bin has the same style, those that do seamlessly merge together to complete the storage wall.

Use Magazine Files To Organize Paperwork Properly

Magazine folders are a cheap and pleasant way to organize paperwork, brochures, booklets, and magazines in your home office. But for a cohesive strategy, think about printed designs that go with your home décor rather than choosing inexpensive or plain colored options.

These hand-crafted, robust hardwood board magazine files from Cambridge Imprint(opens in new tab) cost a little bit more than your typical box files. They make filing seem elegant because they are lined both inside and out with patterned paper.

Keep Wires & Cords Out of Sight

Even if the majority of contemporary office desks offer some kind of cable management, you could still need to organize your connections and wires. In order to prevent wires from becoming tangled and to make it easier for you to identify them, a cable organizer is the ideal home office solution. Keep cables accessible by adding a binder clip to the edge of your desk and looping the wires through it, or anchor cords below your desk with Velcro for a do-it-yourself home office option.

Rolling Cart

Consider a mobile cart if the drawers on your desk are limited. It puts office materials, paper, gift wrap, and craft items all in one convenient location, making it one of the greatest organizing ideas for tiny spaces. Additionally, it has several drawer sizes so you can make the most of this portable storage option.

Surround Yourself With Beauty

Even if it seems contradictory, decorating your office with lovely items might help you keep it organized. You’re more likely to maintain your area clutter-free if you surround yourself with things you value, allowing you to fully appreciate your possessions without being distracted by clutter. That is the concept behind the little shelf from 204 Park in the corner of this workspace. The basic shelf displays priceless vases and decorative diamonds.

Repurpose An Old Dressing Or Hallway Console Table

Making the most of your dressing and console tables by using them to store items for your home office is a smart decision. Additionally, there are many subtle design adjustments that might make these tables simpler to look at. To prevent your stationery from rolling around inside, you may paint yours the same color as the interior of your office or inserts.

You may avoid spending money on pricey furniture by using one of the numerous cost-effective budget home office solutions available. All that’s left is to pair it with a comfortable office chair.

Create a Paper Filing System

You probably still have company files and receipts if you operate a home business or work from home. Paper file organizing solutions for the home office may be easy! Think about utilizing file boxes, expandable folders, a desk drawer, or a file cabinet.

If you’re up for creating your own do-it-yourself file solutions, you may make a filing system out of a cereal box, dish rack, shower caddy, or even a storage chest that has been transformed into a multifunctional filing cabinet. Consider scanning critical documents to create an electronic file system if you’d rather reduce the need to store paper.

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