Vertical Strawberry Planters

Willing to obtain a consistent supply of fresh strawberries this summer in order to partake in strawberry treats and shakes? Then use these low-cost, simple DIY strawberry planter ideas to produce your gorgeous berries.

These ideas include all varieties of strawberry planters, including vertical planters, strawberry beds, and strawberry containers. It enables you to begin producing strawberries either inside or outside of your house.

The focus of these strawberry planter ideas is on creating specialized growth systems and planters that will assist obtain the highest yields with the least amount of garden area needed. The best thing is that these planters are quite simple to maintain and will undoubtedly enhance your DIY gardening.

Discover a wide variety of handcrafted strawberry growing systems by browsing this selection of easy DIY strawberry planter ideas. This article teaches you how to build various strawberry planters like an expert, including tiered strawberry planters, hanging strawberry basket planters, and vertical strawberry tube planters.

Vertical Pallet Garden

How about taking the ease of a pallet garden and turning it vertical? You can create a lovely vertical strawberry garden with barely any more work than a pallet raised bed.

Inside your pallet, begin by stapling landscape fabric. Some gardeners merely cover the pallet’s open bottom and slatted back side with fabric, leaving the loaded pallet lying flat on the ground for several weeks. By covering the bottom and both sides, however, you may complete the process more quickly.

From the top, add soil and compost to your pallet garden. If you’ve chosen to cover the pallet’s whole surface with landscape fabric, fill it to the top slat, make cuts in the cloth about every 6 inches, and then place your strawberry plants inside.

For every space between the wood slats, repeat the procedure. After you’ve completed filling the pallet, you may add more strawberry plants or companion plants like borage to attract pollinators through the top aperture.

Garden Tower Project Ecosystem

When I initially started paying attention to what these people were doing, the Garden Tower Project captured my attention. In conclusion, they have created a rotating stackable tower planter with some very remarkable features and advantages.

The built-in center column, where you put your kitchen scraps, peelings, and other organic trash, is the most prominent feature. Composting worms are placed within the column and allowed to move freely throughout the planting system, turning organic matter into worm castings as they go. As a result, your plants receive a super-nutrient-rich food supply.

The tower’s 43-inch height and 23-inch circumference allow it to fit in compact areas. Each stacking tier rotates as you labor, plant, or harvest your crop, and it only needs a 2-foot space to stand. The regular tower system has 50 planting slots, which is one of the lowest footprints and by far the biggest capacity of all the planters I have tested.

For anybody trying to make the most of a small area, the Garden Tower Project planter is ideal. It may be utilized on a balcony, in a greenhouse, or both indoors and outdoors. There are several accessories available to facilitate the efficient use of this system, such as high-quality caster wheels that enable the tower to be moved around to follow the sun.

How to Build a Strawberry Planter

If you enjoy cooking fresh, nutritious meals, think about growing your own strawberries. Build a fast strawberry planter using the instructions below to have a steady supply of delicious strawberries all summer long. By learning how to build up a strawberry planter or garden, you may also get into the strawberry industry.

To rapidly construct this strawberry planter like a pro, you will need 1x6s, 1x4s, PVC tubing with caps, soaker hose, a 2′′ diameter hole saw, drill, brad nailer, wood glue, potting soil, clamps, and strawberry plants. Since strawberry plants require a lot of water, the PVC pipe will be utilized to build a water reservoir tube in the planter’s middle.

Strawberry Tower

Speaking of space-saving, this strawberry planter vertical DIY is ideal for compact gardens. This blogger’s DIY strawberry tower was made using repurposed materials, which drastically reduced expenditures while maintaining a robust strawberry production.

BloemBagz Strawberry Planter, 9 Gallon

With side pockets and dimensions of 18 inches tall by 14 inches wide, this planter holds around 9 gallons of compost and fits 12 strawberry plants. Check out their whole product line, which includes planter pots and potato grow sacks.

This planter has a noteworthy benefit over conventional ceramic-type pots in that it is deeper. Over most of the other designs on my list, you will get a higher yield with 18′′ of growth depth for roots.

DIY Tiered Strawberry Planter

Growing strawberries in your own yard takes skill. The strawberries need a lot of water to develop correctly but considerably less area. So, while attempting to cultivate strawberries, you should always use planters with appropriate water reservoirs fitted inside.

So, to create a tiered strawberry planter like an expert, refer to this raised garden bed tutorial. To create this tiered strawberry planter quickly, you’ll need a chop saw, cedar boards, wood glue, soli, plants, and additional custom hardware and woodworking equipment.

Wooden Strawberry Planter

Strawberries are a fantastic (and tasty) choice for beginning gardeners since they can grow so wonderfully in small areas. This straightforward wooden strawberry planter can hold up to 18 strawberry plants, according to blogger The Handyman’s Daughter.

Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Strawberry Planter

The stackable planter from Amazing Creation is a clever design that makes the most use of 12.5′′ of floor space. This is a much more compact and straightforward version of the Garden Tower Project, consisting of 5 stackable modules, each of which has a rubber soil filter tray that allows water to drain off of it. This device holds 15 strawberry plants and measures 24 inches when fully stacked. It lacks rotating layers and a central vermiculture system.

It is tiny enough to have one for each access on a worktop or at waist level. It’s ideal for someone who longs to garden but lives in an apartment, or perhaps someone who has mobility issues and needs their tiny garden on the countertop. This product will work well in a variety of situations when a little gardening is involved.

With no jarring colors and only this organic form in shell hue, the design is unassuming enough to blend in anyplace. Worth looking at. If hanging individual modules suits your needs, you may also do so.

DIY Strawberry Planter from Recycled Materials

Make a strawberry planter with recycled materials by following the instructions here. Simply cut larger holes in the 2-gallon pots to create a simple strawberry planter. You won’t spend much money on it, and you’ll adore how well this strawberry planter works for producing delicious strawberries.

The best thing is that these vibrant planters will not only brighten up your garden area but will also be a breeze to make. This project is really simple to complete even for novices. Use your favorite pots to experiment with this project.

Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Strawberry Tower Planters, 5 Pots

With a 12″ broad footprint and a height of 28″, Mr. Stacky’s 5-tiered vertical strawberry tower from is the ultimate space saver. It can accommodate up to 20 strawberry plants.

The straightforward and efficient modular design makes the greatest use of the available space while cascading, with each plant cell growing at interval spacings to the one above or below. In essence, this keeps the plants from overlapping and exposes them to all of the sunlight that is there.

Each layer has removable sides and bottom drainage ports of adequate size. Click each layer in turn to build the stack when you’re ready to pot. Watering from the top is simple when the stack is full with plants. To reach every plant in the stack, the flow will naturally move lower. It includes a bottom saucer to catch extra run-off water.

Building a Riased Strawberry Planter

Even on a small area, strawberries may be grown. So purchasing the tiered planters will undoubtedly be a wise move if you want to increase the output of strawberries in a limited space in your yard or house.

So, adhere to instructions for creating a strawberry platner with tiers, which will rock like a miniature strawberry garden. You require 1x4s and 1″ plywood in terms of wood materials.

To construct this tiered strawberry planter, additional materials including PVC tubing, hemlock square, glue, and custom hardware are needed. This planter may be constructed by anyone with intermediate skill levels in no more than two to three hours.

Gutter Planter

This summer, cultivate rows of luscious red strawberries in a rain gutter you can get from a reuse or home and garden store. You may use a hacksaw to cut the rain gutter into equal lengths to create this DIY strawberry gutter. To mount them on, one blogger created a straightforward wooden frame.

Wall Mounted Vertical Hanging Strawberry Planter

When you don’t have enough room for pots or ground-level planters and you can’t grow something from the ground up, this is the ideal answer. Simply attach this vertical hanging planter to a wall that receives plenty of sunlight, fill the pouches with strawberry plants and soil, water frequently, and watch your plants thrive.

This fabric garden planter’s felt pouches allow excess water to drain away while yet keeping the soil damp for a longer period of time. The non-woven material is also permeable, promoting strong, well-ventilated roots and soil that holds onto nutrients longer.

This ingenious design, which is 40 inches tall and 12 inches broad, has eyelets at the top and bottom to make hanging on a wall easy and elegant. Planting is made simple by the planters’ seven pouches, each of which expands to 4.3 inches.

DIY Hanging Strawberry Planter

To assemble a hanging strawberry planter, according to the included directions and suggestions. It will make it simpler to cost-effectively and elegantly cultivate your fresh supply of strawberries. This project will provide in-depth instructions on how to put up a strawberry planter or container garden and will support the growth of strawberries.

The hanging strawberry planters’ tiers will help you get a large crop of strawberries, and installing this attractive strawberry garden won’t break the bank. To construct this garden, you will need rope, wood paint, thin wire, 4 wood panels or decking boards, gardening plastic or any plastic for lining the planter box, and specialized woodworking equipment.

Vertical Planter Boxes

The ideal planters are those that are vertical. They are the excellent plant to use if you want to cultivate strawberries in your backyard garden. Six wooden boxes make up this homemade vertical planter, which allows you to grow many strawberry plants simultaneously.

Homemade Vertical Strawberry Planter

Willing to grow strawberries in greenhouses, balconies, and other little gardens? To start growing strawberries commercially, use these inexpensive DIY strawberry towers that lack a PVC pipe water reservoir.

To quickly replicate these lovely strawberry planters, you’ll need a galvanized welded wire mesh garden fence, wire cutters, landscape fabric, straw, potting or garden soil, and a razor blade or box knife. One of the greatest strawberry planter DIY projects that everyone can do.

Pallet Planter

The variety of uses for a wooden pallet are incredible. One of them is the homemade strawberry planter seen below. The staff at Lovely Greens created their own ideal planter for free using just one pallet.

DIY Strawberry Tower Planted Tutorial

Interested in making the most of your gardening? Are you ready to plant some seasonal fruits there? then adhere to these instructions on how to effectively produce strawberries in your yard. Consider using these inexpensive strawberry towers, which you can even place in tiny gardens to begin producing a plentiful supply of strawberries.

For the strawberry-growing seasons of spring and summer, these planter towers will sway. This vertical strawberry planter is made of 5-gallon buckets and is environmentally friendly. The buckets may be spray painted to complement the patio or yard design. To complete this planter, you’ll also need a hole saw, a hack saw, landscape fabric, and other special equipment.

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