Washi Tape Use

Ever wonder what to do with all the washi tape you have in your creative supplies? As a lover of journaling and crafts, I’ve noticed that my collection of washi tape has increased significantly over time. I adore the variety of colors and patterns and am always considering new applications for it. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite ways to utilize washi tape in your journals and craft projects in this blog article.

Create Colorful Mini Pallet Coasters To Boost Your Mood With Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

Drink rings on the furniture are the one thing that drives me absolutely crazy! The kids were not at all interested in using coasters, so I needed an immediate fix to protect my tabletops.

I finally got the answer after many hours of looking! These cute washi tape pallet coasters caught my eye, and I immediately fell in love! The greatest part is that my kids also adored them and now request them whenever they drink something.

Decorate Journal Pages

Your diary pages may be quickly embellished with washi tape. I use it to create a very basic collage effect by layering it on top of each other down the side of the page to connect color themes. The washi tape may be torn for gorgeous rough edges or trimmed for tidy edges. You can quickly give your notebook pages a lovely splash of color with just one piece of washi tape.

How To Use Washi Tape In Scrapbooking

In order to provide the maker with everything they need to preserve those priceless memories, washi tape is frequently included in new scrapbooking releases that coordinate with the rest of the line. The options are unlimited! You may layer your washi to create backdrops, or use it to frame or glue images to your layout.

Add Washi Tape On Your Keyboard For A Little Mood Boost At Work

If you are readily influenced by vibrant and upbeat colors, placing them on your desk at work may increase both your mood and your productivity.

That’s wonderful! But have you ever considered decorating your keyboard? I didn’t, either. Then, though, I came upon this brilliant notion: washi tape your keyboard! The nicest thing is that you can just pull the tape off if you don’t feel comfortable typing without first seeing the letters.

Create Page Markers and Tabs

I frequently hastily mark pages with washi tape for convenient access. To make a page stick up a little from the top of the journal, I simply fold a strip of washi tape over the top of the page. I make page tabs for something a little more solid.

Sticking down strips of washi tape to thick paper or card is the first step. The tabs will need to be taken out next. If you want to make a lot of these, you might want to think about using a TAB cutter rather than scissors. I also use this punch on packaging and scrapbook paper.

After that, you’ll have a lovely collection of tabs that coordinate beautifully with the washi tape you use to embellish your diary pages. I use Pritt-Stick adhesive to adhere mine to the page edges. You could even write on top of them if you use simple washi tape.

How To Use Washi Tape In Art Journals

Mixed media enthusiasts adore art journals because they give you the chance to let your creativity flow without being constrained by the typical constraints and dimensions of a card or layout.

A page in an art journal can be made in any way; there is no right or wrong way to do it. Washi works well in this situation for adding dimension, adding commentary, and holding pieces of art together. View Helen Colebrook’s trip via a page by clicking the link below!

Revive Your Old Corkboard With A DIY Tape Pattern

In your dorm room, do you not have an old cork board hanging? We all must respond to this query; you are not required to. That brown eye-sorrow hanging on the wall belongs to us all.

But what if there was a quick and simple washi tape pattern to cover the unattractive corkboard? I adore this simple approach, which just requires the addition of tape. The outcome is incredible! Both easy and lovely!

Secure Tip-in Journaling Cards

The addition of journal tip-in cards to your notebook pages may be quite beneficial. They can be used as additional decoration or to add private writing or images. For the card to fold open, simply attach a washi tape strip to the edge on both sides.

How To Use Washi Tape In Bullet Journalling

Bullet journaling is a relatively new craft craze in which you make a trackable notebook that emphasizes parts of your life that you’d want to track. Compared to typical scrapbooking and art journaling, it is less ornamental and more of a ritual. In this context,

Washi tape may be used as a bookmark, to make margins, and to neatly arrange your thoughts. The layout options are virtually endless; you can either begin with an empty notebook or purchase a bullet journal that comes with some pages already set up.

Genius Washi Tape Ideas: Customized Light Switch Covers

Do the covers on your light switches need to be immediately updated? happy news It can be completed fast and affordably. Playing with a few different colors and washi tape designs is a great way to give your light switch covers an entirely new look. So many possibilities! If you have teens at home, this is extremely, very helpful.

Create Neat Edges

I do want my diary pages’ lines to have clean edges! Add some thin washi tape strips to the page’s edges to get this look. Tip: To lessen the stickiness of your washi tape if it is really sticky, try repeatedly rubbing it to your pants. By doing this, you’ll avoid damaging your diary pages when you take the tape off.

Next, make some lines on your paper using various pens, being sure to go over both pieces of washi tape with the pen. You can draw lovely, thick lines with brush pens.

Finally, carefully remove the washi tape strips to show your nice, clean edges. Though I’m using this page for notes, you may use it for any style of notebook layout.

How To Use Washi Tape For Accessories

Use Washi to add a personal touch to household items and trinkets. As you can see, Lou added two little strips of Washi tape to this plain candle to give it some individuality. What a wonderful present idea! Additionally, she attached it on her keys for a cool aesthetic.

Use Washi Tape as Stickers

You don’t have to use washi tape exclusively! Making the most of those gorgeous photographs is worthwhile because there are so many lovely patterns accessible. Cut off a piece of this flowery washi tape from London Gifties, and use it as a sticker. The flower is extremely striking and useful if I use washi tape and stickers to make it. Look over your stockpile and decide which ones are worth chopping in half to maximize their utility.

How To Use Washi Tape On Walls

Washi tape is ideal for use on walls since it can be bent into non-linear forms easily due to its rice paper construction. You might use it to cover over a spot or turn it into a wall decoration. This straightforward infant room design significantly changes the environment and is simple to take down at any moment.

Add Stripes On Your Fan Without Paint

Have you ever thought of painting the ceiling fan to add color to your room? No? Here’s a clever concept, though. Again, even though these stripes on the ceiling fan are painted on, washi tape may easily create the similar effect! For this DIY, you’ll need to remove the fan, though. Can you picture installing all that tape while maintaining your arms overhead?

Create Layouts for Stencilling

This method is very enjoyable and rewarding. Cut out some paper in the shape you wish to use as a mask in the first stage.

Even though it could take some time, you can reuse these parts repeatedly. Each piece should have some washi tape doubled over in a loop on the back so that it functions like double-sided sticky tape but is much simpler to take off.

Next, adhere each piece to your paper, making sure to attach them in the areas you wish to be left blank. Gather all of the stenciling equipment you intend to use. From my own product line, I’ve chosen a green Versa Magic Chalk Ink stencil, along with an ink blending tool.

Put some scrap paper underneath your notebook pages and put ink through the stencil using the blending tool. Make sure that your masking paper remains in place as you do this to all of your pages.

Your lovely arrangement will become visible once the bits of paper have been carefully removed. Play around with various stencils and even combine a few distinct ink colors. If there are some smudges, don’t be concerned. These are readily concealable.

Finally, you may pick whichever you want to complete your diary layout. This is the layout I use every week in my bullet journal, and it serves my planning needs perfectly. Such a lovely and simple layout to do.

How To Use Washi Tape For Labels

Although Washi tape is intended to give aesthetic accents, it is also incredibly useful and low-tack, making it ideal for applying and removing to a number of surfaces. Have you ever tried using Washi tape to make labels for crafting or home products like Lou did here? To get the style you want for your room, experiment with different types of tape and pens!

Decorate Your Walls At Home

Do you want to make changes to your room but now isn’t the time to paint or make repairs to your house? You may use this straightforward method to brighten your space and wow everyone.

Use washi tape to add a focal point to a wall. The pattern seen here is a cross, although lines, chevrons, and other forms all work well. The good thing is that washi tape is quite simple to remove, so you don’t have to stress about altering the interior design of the space anytime you want or need to.

Personalise your Stationery

A quick and easy one! Try securing your pens and pencils with washi tape if they have a tendency to wander off. When attempting to recover your goods, it is much simpler to identify them:) Additionally, to make it simpler for you to discover the color you’re searching for if you have colored pencils or pens that aren’t numbered, you might make a color swatch chart using a different washi tape for each one.

How To Use Washi Tape For Masking Techniques

You may use Washi tape to hide areas when creating because of its low-tack characteristics. To ink or paint your paper, use your stockpile to mask out borders, frames, and embellishments. As you can see in the image below, Lou used Washi tape and Distress Oxide Ink to create a stunning three-color mix without any of it smearing over the remaining cardstock. There would be no waste because you could use the Washi itself for a mixed-media creation.

Create A Splendid Look To Your Entrance

I have wonderful news for you if you dislike the entry to your room or apartment because of your creative nature but are unable to make any big alterations to your rental.

With the help of washi tape, you can make an impressive entrance with ease. This one, which was created with extra-large tape, is really amusing! You’re undoubtedly as eager to tackle this project as I am, especially in light of the benefit of super-simple peel-off!

Washi Tape Art

Try your hand at making some washi tape art. A notepad with thick paper or card is required. To ensure that you can still see the black outline behind the washi tape, draw your outline in black pen. Use a craft knife to carefully cut all the way around your outline. I adore this Slice precision knife since its ceramic blade prevents finger cuts.

How To Use Washi Tape To Embellish Paper Clips

Did you know that a brief piece of Washi tape can be used to construct adorable small banners for your paper clips to increase their visibility? Step inside a V-shape banner to advance your little tabs even further! To give your layouts, notebooks, and diaries a unique, handmade, three-dimensional touch, add these.

Make a Washi Tape Holder

Why not try making your own washi tape storage box at home with washi tape? You will require a little cardboard container for this project. Mine is the ideal size and comes from some veggie sausage buns.

It’s a good idea to paint your box with white gesso or acrylic paint if it’s vividly colored so that the washi tape won’t show through the color. It can require many coats.

It’s not necessary for your paint to completely conceal the underlying patterns. The colors must only be dulled by a small amount. The next step is to adorn your box using washi tape. I chose to use tapes that are all the same color.

You can insert your washi tapes once your box is finished. You may apply some matt craft varnish to give your box a bit extra durability. Additionally, you might create matching pen holders for your workstation.

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