Baby Crochet Toy

Looking for some adorable patterns for baby toys? Amigurumi baby toys are really gorgeous and a lot of fun to make! Making a charming, huggable soft toy for your kid with your own two hands gives you a very wonderful experience.

Every time my kids ask for their favorite animals or characters, I crochet them for them and enjoy seeing them play. I selected some of the cutest amigurumi crochet baby toy patterns that are great for beginners for this post. All patterns are available for immediate download, and the amigurumis listed below provide the opportunity to purchase yarns or kits if you want.

Crochet Lion Rattle Crochet Pattern

Although I don’t yet have the rings for the rattles, the crocheted parts are finished, and they turn out to be really adorable. Will without a doubt suggest this store for fantastic designs. There are more adorable crochet baby rattle patterns available from this creator.

Baby Rattle Clutch Toy

possess a newborn? This adorable crochet baby rattle is just as simple to create! It is the ideal size for tiny hands to hold and shake, and since they can always alter it by taking out the stuffing or putting their favorite toy inside, they won’t grow tired with it.

This would be a wonderful present for a buddy who has recently had their first child as well! An cute and simple crochet toy, the baby rattle is made of crochet. Little hands may grasp onto it and shake it as they want because it is the ideal size for them! One of these can be created by you or a friend.

Stacking Toy

The rings in this lovely crocheted stacking toy are designed to resemble various pond creatures. Visit the Lion Brand website to download the free pattern.

Crochet Baby Elephant Pattern

Nancy Anderson created the. This pattern for a crochet baby elephant is just lovely. Undoubtedly a fantastic design to create, whether it’s for a present or for yourself. I adore elephants because they are such sharp minds and gentle giants; when you add a baby hat, how can I resist making one?

Red Heart Super Saver and Red Heart Super Tweed were used to create this crochet pattern for a baby elephant. Don’t join at the end of the round, if I could offer you one bit of advise for building something similar. Always place a stitch marker in the initial stitch and raise it every round; then, instead of slip-stitching, make your subsequent single crochet in that first stitch. It affects things.

Crochet Duck Toy in Bernat

Look no further if you’re seeking for high-quality designs for an enjoyable to build, straightforward toy! You may enjoy sewing your child a charming little duckie that she or he will undoubtedly like to pieces by using these fantastic patterns from LoveCrafts, which are offered for free.

The Owl Rattle Toy

You will have a lot of fun creating adorable and impressive decorations for home décor and kid’s toy collections with the help of this fantastic, easy-to-follow crochet pattern for The Owl Rattle Toy. It’s a lovely adornment as well as a lovely toy. Your children will always be cheered up by the small owl, who will never leave them alone.

The Owl Rattle Toy is easy to build and looks gorgeous. You can choose any yarn you want to use; just make sure it suits your preferences. You may utilize some of the leftover yarns with this simple design.

Rainbow Monkey Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

A charming monkey rattle that is gender-neutral. This store offers a wide variety of adorable crochet designs. You may try making some of the gorgeous crochet animal patterns and loveys available from this crochet artist.

Crochet Balls

These soft crochet balls are ideal for using up extra yarn in your stash and can keep baby occupied for hours. Present them in a lovely crochet basket and make them in a rainbow of colors. The free pattern is available on Ravelry.

Crochet Ned The Narwhal Toy Pattern

The Crochet Nar-Wall Hanging Pattern was recently featured in a blog post on wall hangings; pairing it with this toy would be a terrific idea. This Ned the Narwhal Crochet Toy Pattern would make the ideal complement to a room decorated in a beach or ocean theme.

Lily Sugar’N Cream was used to create the Ned the Narwhal Toy Pattern. The oceanographer in your life will love this present. This Ned the Narwhal Toy would make a wonderful small DIY item for a craft fair.

Baby Rattle Crochet Toy

Here is a beginner-friendly design that is really simple to follow. The finished height will be around 14 cm (but might differ slightly depending on the yarn you use). Your youngster will adore these adorable baby rattles! Babies will find it difficult to part with these gorgeous bunnies, giraffes, and unicorns!

Bear Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

You may now crochet a cute bear rattle to bring a smile to your baby’s face. You may make a homemade crochet toy for your child using this sweet design. The rattle is really soft and squishy and is simple enough for novices to build. It will be a lovely gift for both newborns and little girls who will love to play with this adorable toy! The final bear is 12 cm (4.5 inches) in height.

Butterfly Crochet Baby Rattle Pattern

Amazing Pattern! It is really simple to do. I’ve already used it to make two rattles, and I want to make more. The only thing I changed was to use a cat ball rather than a bell. They were simpler to locate and were effective for this sort of undertaking because I reside in a small town.

Cow Rattle

The nursery theme of cows may be one of my favorites ever, and this charming rattle is one of the reasons why! Isn’t this just the cutest thing? Check out Cheryl’s blog at if you want to see the matching Fox and Hippo as well! If you search her website, you may find a free version—go explore!

Crochet Sheep Toy Pattern

When he was younger, my oldest became fixated on Shawn the Sheep. It was a really strange program with a lot of cunning tiny sheep but almost no talking. This crocheted sheep toy pattern resembles one of the sheep from that program really well. This appeals to a nostalgic side of me, and it’s also quite adorable.

Deb Richey created this crochet sheep pattern, which she crocheted with Caron Simply Soft. The pattern also includes a list of additional yarns that Deb Richey suggests. This tiny sheep would be a wonderful gift as well as an excellent addition to any craft fair.

Bee Stacking Toy Crochet Pattern

a stacking crochet toy made in the amigurumi manner to occupy your kids. Using bulky weight yarn, this lovely crocheted bee measures 9″ by 5 1/2″ “. The 3.5 mm and 5 mm crochet hooks are used in this pattern. Polyfill is also used in it. By Elisa’s Crochet, the design.

Crochet Fox Rattle

With our Crochet Fox Rattle design, you can make the ideal present for any infant. This tasty rattle is made using a deft mix of crochet and chain stitch and is both practical and lovely. Even after several usage, the velvety fabric is simple to clean.

Babies who enjoy to gnaw on their toys would love this fox. The majority of the stitches are single and double crochets, however additional stitches are also used to make the details. With their new toy, the kids will be overjoyed! Even novices may follow this pattern’s simple directions, which are quite clear.

Elephant Teething Ring Crochet Pattern

I significantly modified this since I preferred it without the tail and altered the colors. I had a great time creating it and can’t wait to make more of the others because the pattern was so simple to follow.

Adorable Bunny Baby Toy

This adorable baby bunny toy will be easy to handle in the smallest of hands! I can’t wait to create one for my upcoming niece or nephew since it’s so adorable!

Easy Puppy Rattle

A baby may grasp and shake this rattle made of crocheted puppies with safety and ease. This design is straightforward but will undoubtedly be appreciated by special parents who make it for their kids. The ideal toy for any newborn is this crocheted puppy rattle.

It is excellent for keeping your baby occupied while driving or at home on their play mat before bed. Because the yarn is nice to the touch and soft, it won’t aggravate your youngest children as much. Make this in time for the arrival of the new baby by crocheting it.

Crochet Monkey Toy Pattern

I’m not sure why, but monkeys just seem so adorable to me. My little cheeky monkey is what I nickname the son of one of my greatest friends. Funny that I found this pattern for a crocheted monkey toy because a while ago, when I was at my friend’s house, we were trying to teach the cheeky monkey to ride a bike. He was getting pretty frustrated, so as I was getting ready to leave, I said, “I have a deal for you. Keep trying and practicing. If by the end of the week you can do it, I will make you a monkey.”

The next day, just after lunch, I received a video showing him riding up and down the driveway while exclaiming, “I finished it before Friday!” He’s owed me a monkey!

The Toy Monkey is a terrific present for any young cheeky monkey in your life and was created by Deb Richey using Caron Simply Soft.

Lily the Owl Crochet Pattern

Salutations to this little owl! Aran weight yarn, Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Size 10 Thread, a U.S. size E hook, and poly filling were used to create this item. Size when complete is 6 1/2″ x 7″. By Elisa Sartori, she created.

Pony Rattle or Teether Crochet Pattern

a sweet rattling toy of a rainbow pony. There is also a lovey that matches. Wonderful crocheted outfit! I am very eager to start creating! Create this adorable design for a newborn horse. Baby loveys, baby rattles, and stuffed animals are just a few of the adorable crochet baby toy patterns available from this artist.

Baby Rattle Teether Amigurumi

The delicate crocheted rattle teether amigurumi for babies can serve as their first toy. Beginners will find it pleasant to make it using simple crochet techniques and supplies. This crocheted rabbit teether is quick and simple to create, making it an excellent present idea.

Your baby will love playing with this crocheted rattle! Even if you are just learning how to crochet, this simple toy will encourage you to try more imaginative crafts. It will only take you a few minutes to use three stitches, but the grin it gives your baby’s face will last a lifetime.

Crochet Rattle Ball Toy

This rattle ball is fantastic since all of the seams are on the outside, making it simple to pick up, throw, and play with. And she has continued to appreciate it as she has matured. It skittles across the floor or is thrown across the room almost every day, tinkling as it travels.

Crochet Butterfly Rattle Pattern

Even for infants, toys are necessary. You can make a sweet butterfly rattle with this crochet baby rattle design. Although the design is described as intermediate, you don’t need to be familiar with many difficult stitches to complete it.

Stanley Duck Amigurumi

The ideal baby shower present is this cute duck amigurumi! It’s great to be able to see the many outcomes you may get from using the same crochet design, so I really appreciate Chi-decision Wei’s to depict how the pattern might appear in three distinct types of yarn.

Crochet Baby Bee Pattern

What a lovely little bee! If you’ve never tried making an amigurumi, this is a nice basic design to start with. Learn how to alter colors in a project with the help of this adorable crochet baby bee pattern.

I would advise using french knots or sewing on the eyes if you were making it for a newborn. You could also stuff the head with the smaller round cat toy balls to make noise.

Michele Wilcox created this charming crochet baby bee pattern using Red Heart Super Saver. It’s a cute little design that you can make and it’s a fantastic idea for a craft fair.

Cute Set of Baby Rattle Patterns – Crocheted Toys

Simple to comprehend and develop pattern. very adorable The rabbit was rather huge and I created it out of size 3 yarn. For them, little yarn and a hook are a must. Thank you for the lovely design. Can’t wait to start these efficient rattling. Excellent instructions and a wide range of colors. high quality. Many thanks Create a collection of adorable crocheted baby toys. Numerous cute animal crochet patterns, including unicorns, bees, and bunnies, are included in this collection.

Mitty Mouse Crochet Pattern

Take each step as it comes because Mitty is simpler to construct than she appears, and you’ll find that making her is a breeze. Little boys don’t have to be left out either! You can quickly create a male version by leaving off the skirt, making the braces out of yellow fabric, and sewing each one to the uppermost yellow circle of the pants.

Crochet Teething Ring Pattern Free

Your child will love playing with this dinosaur rattle. It may be created in a variety of colors and color combinations. When you shake the baby’s rattle, the rattle box generates noise, which is ideal for younger newborns.

The toy is constructed entirely of cotton yarn, making it safe even if your child takes a bite out of it and soft enough to gnaw on. Perfect for newborns who can’t get enough teething crochet baby toy designs and preterm presents. Baby Cotton Yarn is used in this crochet design to create a wearable and machine-washable toy for children.

Monkey Crocheted Baby Rattle Pattern

This little monkey is very adorable! Pattern is clear and simple to understand. I appreciate the seller’s prompt responses to my inquiries. What a sweet little design! I adore it. Excellently described. The toy appears precisely as it does in the photo! I can finally offer them in my shop now! Very highly advised

Easy Crochet Chinese New Year Monkey

The next baby showers will be the ideal occasion for this simple to make monkey toy. If you need a present but are unsure of the gender, they are fantastic for boys or girls. The design is also quite straightforward.

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