Baby Girl Nursery Decor Ideas

Have you ever considered using the top DIY baby girl nursery decor ideas to furnish a cozy living place for your child? Mothers occasionally are unaware of their creative abilities until they get pregnant with their first kid.

Mothers’ natural desire to nurse pulls forth their creative side, making DIY baby girl nursery décor look simple even to the least artistic people. Additionally, first-hand experience raising a kid inspires women to create the greatest DIY baby girl nursery décor ideas for new arrivals. You simply need the appropriate tools and a set of simple instructions to get started.

DIY Rustic Nursery Decor

Rustic does not have to be dull just because you designed a minimalist nursery without too much color. Discover how to create this warm wall decoration for babies and hang it above the crib. One of my favorite DIY nursery décor ideas is a memento sign that your child may cherish for a very long time. With an easy to follow, step-by-step explanation, CadenLane demonstrates how to complete this one.

Make a Baby-Friendly Gallery Wall

Although gallery walls are frequently required in rooms like the living room and dining room, adding a small one to a nursery is just too adorable. Framed illustrations from your child’s preferred picture books and put them over the crib to spark their creativity all day and night. The best thing is that you can also Instagram it.

Creating a Cozy, Night Ambiance

There’s a good possibility you won’t take your infant outside at all at night to see the lovely skies, which are filled with stars and a bright moon. However, one of the greatest DIY baby room décor ideas with lasting advantages is shooting stars.

Visual stimulants will keep newborns occupied and comfortable in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, especially when they are alone in the room. Additionally, this original concept offers more than simply provide your infant a fun nightlife. It enables you to educate the infant about amazing celestial objects and star clusters. Over time, this environment boosts your child’s mental health and expands their creativity.

DIY Cloud Garland

You can hang a mobile over the crib, but it would be cooler to look at the clouds. They could even complement one another beautifully. Learn how to create these soft, dreamy clouds for the infant to gaze at when waking up, and you’ll also add a sweet decoration concept for the nursery wall.


Interior designer Rebecca Simon used big pink-and-gray rose wallpaper from Rebel Walls as the main point in this nursery with a garden theme from Maison Ellie. Then she included pink and gray accents all around the space, such as the blush pink carpeting with its pattern, the peach pink canopy, the soft gray glider, and the silvery beaded pendant lamp. The total impact is vivacious, charming, and passionate.

Turn Your Nursery Into a Pastel Party

If the nursery in question isn’t evidence that pastel colors may seem chic rather than childish, we don’t know what is. Thanks to the collection of pastel ombre paintings hanging over this cot, this room with its muted colors feels surprisingly chilly. Purchase a set identical to this one or get crafty and make your own.

Rainbow Colors for DIY Nursery Decor

These easy-to-make rainbow-colored decorations have many uses and can aid in raising a child that is well-rounded. To start with, you may use them to introduce colors to the infant at a young age. Children who can distinguish between colors at a young age will almost never get it incorrect as they become older. Furthermore, by affixing them to objects, you may employ these rainbow hues as hanging mobiles.

Kids are inspired to use their hands more often as a result, and they get the confidence to experiment with various instruments. Most importantly, you may utilize these lovely handing rainbow hues to calm the baby while you’re occupied with other housework.


Jessica Lagrange Interiors’ nursery is a modern interpretation of the pink and gray color scheme that serves as a welcoming haven for both parents and children. Warm pink and white geometric wallpaper stands out against a dark gray carpet. A natural wood crib, fluffy sheepskin, and gauzy white drapes give balance, while chunky pale gray knit poufs and a rounded dusty pink armchair add tenderness.

Have Birds of a Feather That Flock Together

Baby and parents will enjoy this well-liked wallpaper pattern for years to come. It has unique features like a statement side table, velvet ottoman, and a hamper in the shape of a pineapple that will make you never want to leave, and we have no doubt that baby will come to like it as well.

Going Monochrome for Girl Baby Crib

It takes more than just good taste to furnish a baby’s room in monochrome. One of the finest DIY baby room décor ideas that promotes brain and visual development is the use of monotone. Younger infants, those between one and four months old, often see in black, grey, and white. Even yet, an active infant could find a room with just three colors—black, grey, and white—too harsh.

These people here opted to paint the walls a different color while keeping the rest of the room white. For a change of pace in the atmosphere, you might also add some wall art. The wooden stand at the foot of the bed significantly improves the aesthetic appeal of the space. For newborn girls, handcrafted monochromatic nursery decor is great.


On top of a crisp white background, Chango & Co.’s joyful modern nursery decor mixes thoughtful amounts of pink and gray. Pinks and grays are dotted throughout the room in a balanced style that feels natural and simple, from the wallpaper covered in pink polka dots to the pink and gray striped crib liner connected with pink satin ribbons, the pink cloud-shaped carpeting, and even the assortment of toys on the bookshelf.

Pile On The Prints In Primary Colors

Give your small one an environment that sparks imagination. There isn’t a more creative place than this bedroom, which combines zebra-print wallpaper with red slats and white polka dots. The patterns will keep your baby’s eyes occupied, and the vibrant colors will undoubtedly engage their developing brain.

Threading Beads Name DIY for Success

Only if you have an impact on children while they are young may they become creative. Since newborns use their pincer grip to play with the beads, making your own thread beads can aid in your baby’s imaginative expansion and the development of crucial fine motor skills. Their hand muscles become stronger as a result, improving their stamina and coordination.

Your kid may learn to distinguish between distinct color and letter ideas with the aid of a strung bead, especially if you put their name to it. These people like to utilize mostly monochromatic hues, although you may use vibrant colors, particularly in many different patterns. Additionally, it is not necessary to spell the baby’s name correctly; any letter will serve.


The “Moroccan Princess” concept was used to create this colorful nursery by interior designers Daniela Benloulou and Nicole Graff of Hamsa Home. Warm pinks, corals, and oranges were utilized by the designers to create special 8-point star wall decals that evoked a Moroccan starry night. These hues were taken from the Saharan sunset. Gray hints on the wall shelf and crib give contrast.

When Nature Calls, Pick Up the Phone

This rustic infant nursery is as suited for an adult desiring a cabin break. This neutral apartment has a pleasant atmosphere that changes with the seasons thanks to the birch tree wallpaper, hung forest soft toys, and warm wooden furniture.

Cute and Cuddly Pom Pom Garland

Every nesting woman puts creating a gentle and peaceful atmosphere to receive a newborn at the top of their priority list. This adorable pom-pom garland is a terrific DIY project for people who love crafts, even if they aren’t very artistic themselves. It helps give some pastel color and soft texture to the nursery. Make a string with the colors of your choice.

Stick with a single hue that truly jumps against your white wall if you want to give the room a modern minimalist impression. Alternatively, if you have a specific color scheme in mind, thread the two or three colors that are prominent in your design across the wall or down the curtain rod.


Shades of gray are softly flecked with the palest of pink accents in this elegant nursery designed by London-based interior designer Joanna Landais of Eklektik Studio. Fluffy white decorations lend tenderness, while gold metallic elements warm up the room’s cold tones.

Go Down the Rabbit Hole

If you’re still trying to decide on a theme for your baby’s room, rabbits feel both girly and kid-friendly and suitable for a nursery. To emphasize the fluffy cottontail loveliness of your little girl’s nursery, add framed prints, bunny-ear decorations, and soft toys.

Repurposed Cabinet for Toy Storage

You’d want to show your child how to arrange their living quarters. By converting an old cabinet into toy storage, you can instill that regularity and art. Toys are more accessible and alluring to babies thanks to this upcycled cabinet organizer.

Babies get the same pleasure you do when you open a fridge full of liquids when they see neatly organized toys. As newborns develop, they’ll get more inquisitive about the toys since the cabinet catches their attention every time they are awake. Additionally, when the infant reaches the playing age range, the toys will be easier to reach thanks to this repurposed cabinet.

Industrial Finish

Interior designer Rebecca Simon of Maison Ellie embraced the existing concrete wall in this unexpected gray and pink scheme, softening the raw, industrial finish with plush textures like a fluffy sheepskin on the floor and a felt swan head suspended over the crib, and incorporating touches of pink with smaller pieces like a distressed velvet ottoman.

Lean Into Secret Garden

Using a hidden garden motif in your nursery can make the pages of a book come to life. Add gold accessories, plush animal toys, and flowery wall decals for a touch of luxury. We adore how fanciful the flower mural with a watercolor-inspired theme seems when combined with such a lavish mirror.

Handmade Rustic Baby Room Decor

Finally, despite your intention to create a simple nursery, your baby’s room shouldn’t be uninspiring. One of the finest homemade nursery ideas that your child will love for years, even as they become older, is a creative rustic. The welcome walk art message may not be immediately visible to a newborn, but it will become more apparent to them as they mature.

This DIY baby nursery décor costs half as much to produce as ready-made options. All you need to do to get started is choose your favorite sayings and put on your painting gloves. One of the simplest and least complicated DIY nursery décor ideas, this project can be finished in approximately 2 hours, not including the time required for the paint to dry.


To keep the nursery feeling airy and light, Emily Henderson Design used a calming color scheme of pastel pink and gray along with lots of soft whites and light wood tones.

Create the Ultimate Girl’s Hideaway

The only thing we want to know is when we can move in. In order to create a setting that seems appropriate for quality mother-daughter time, this girl’s nursery combines whimsical elements like the vintage pink dresser, mustard-colored canopy, and sculptural lamp with chic accents like modern art and a neutral-colored botanical print wallpaper.

Complete DIY Baby’s Room Makeover

There are several handcrafted nursery design ideas that may give your baby’s room a hip appearance. There are a few fantastic ideas that will help you decide if you are unsure of exactly where to begin.

You may make a second teepee tent with outside cloth to match the design of your baby’s nursery when you make the one for the playroom in your home. To paint the name of your cherished angel on the wall in their preferred color, buy your favorite, inexpensive wall art stencils. Additionally, you may buy a few inexpensive antiques that will give the room a touch of class.


The walls in this bubblegum pink and gray nursery from Forbes + Masters are used without apology, while a light pink rug softens the ground. A diaphanous white canopy gives drama and a focal point in front of a bank of curving windows, while a gray crib offers contrast.

Go Where Love Grows

This bright wallpaper is exactly what a happy baby and even happier parents need. As if the wallpaper with the cactus design wasn’t adorable enough, there is also the cutest birdcage pendant light ever. This eccentric area is elegantly balanced with thick crown molding and built-in bookshelves sprayed in a new coat of white paint.

Incredible Manifestation Baby Room Dream Board

Make your own baby room, dream board if you know precisely how you want the nursery to appear but are unsure of where to begin. This is a fantastic technique for you to realize the ideal nursery you have in mind.

When you are finished with the design, cut out a few images that will serve as a reminder of how you want the bedroom to seem. Use this board as a terrific outlet for your creativity since there are so many possibilities available when trying to decorate a nursery! For instance, you may make DIY curtains and a feather banner that will let your baby’s personality come through.

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