Bedroom Wall Shelves Ideas

The most eccentric approach to increase storage while minimizing space is using wall shelves. These shelves assist stack books, make the most of a room’s vertical length, and give style to plain walls. Thus, wall shelves are essential in a modern home. They come in useful for little homes that need clever storage solutions. We will look at some unique wall shelves for bedrooms today, even if wall shelves are useful in every area.

Our unique, useful, and extremely functional wall shelf ideas for bedrooms have been authorized by designers. You may hang them wherever you like—next to the bed, over the TV, etc. So look through our selection of bedroom wall shelf designs to add more storage without taking up any floor space.

Warm Brown Platform Wooden Floating Shelf System

This platform hardwood floating shelf system with a deep warm brown stain perfectly combines the popular design of a floating shelf with the usefulness of a bigger platform shelf. By using a platform space, you may maximize wall space while getting extra storage per shelf.

Four platform floaters are included in this display to showcase priceless ornaments and family pictures. Together, these shelves form a colossal ornament that trumps out smaller, less functional house accents. To add a dramatic design feature and help warm up the mood of your house, choose a deep, warm brown stain.

Make a Wall

Install a wall full of shelves, like Pure Salt Interiors did in this bedroom, if you want your shelving to be the center of attention. You may also properly tailor a wall of shelves to your needs, whether you want rows of shelves for all your books or a few strategically placed ones for some of your favorite accessories.

Simple Honeycomb Wooden Wall Shelves For The Bedroom

There isn’t much room for furniture in this little bedroom. But everyone of us requires additional storage in our beds. So go for these wooden wall shelves in the honeycomb form for the bedroom rather than adding a large display or shelf. They provide ample space to store items and are simple to install on the walls. To add some decoration to plain walls in your sleeping area, these wall shelves may also be employed.

Natural Unfinished Wood Floating Shelves Trio

Floating shelves not only allow you more space to display your favorite knickknacks and plants, but they also give your interior design a stylish touch. To create a focal point for the center wall area behind your sofa, hang this trio of unfinished wooden floaters on the wall. These floating shelves made of natural wood are the perfect spot for trophies and priceless souvenirs to be displayed in a child’s room. These unfinished wooden shelves fit into practically any type of decor thanks to their straightforward form. You can also use them in the kitchen as a great alternative to a spice rack or just as a new addition to your coffee station to keep your favorite cups.

Add a Single Shelf

Every voracious reader is aware that sometimes there is simply nowhere left for your books to go. Shelves in the bedroom are useful in this situation. However, you might not need a whole wall of shelves; a single shelf next to your bed might accommodate all of your current books while still maintaining a nice and organized look in your bedroom.

A Cool TV Unit With Decorative Wall Shelves For Bedroom

All of us adore clutter-free bedroom decor. But there is so little room and so many stuff to store. If this applies to you, choose this lovely modular TV set for the bedroom together with these chic book wall shelves. The square wall-mounted shelves on the L-shaped wall shelf unit are perfect for stacking books and collectibles. The main feature of these wall shelves is their large surface area, which can accommodate bulky volumes and artifacts.

Gorgeous Grains Thick Wooden Floating Shelves

Make the most of the lovely grains in this hardwood floating shelf system by emphasizing them on your home’s main wall. This solid piece of wood’s endurance makes for a shelf that’s ideal for keeping practically anything you want. On these shelves, put some delicate white ceramics for a lovely contrast to the rough, real wood look and feel. To further complete the concept, install hardwood flooring in the space to anchor the design and offer the ideal finishing touch. These sturdy wooden shelves are an excellent substitute for cabinets in the kitchen, where many updated areas have such an open storage idea.

Install a Picture Ledge

A relatively compact shelf ideal for décor is the well-liked picture ledge. Picture ledges offer a place for frames and other small ornaments like mirrors and flower vases. They’re an effective method to create the look of a gallery wall without requiring as much planning, hanging, and nailing.

Floating Wall Shelves Design For The Bedroom

If you don’t want to overdo it with wall shelves in the bedroom, choose this floating style. You may stack your photos and other small items on this straightforward wall-mounted shelf. The simple designs are perfect for the sleek, floating design since it gives the bedroom wall a fresh appearance. For those who want to keep things simple, there is this wall shelf.

Solid White Wooden Floating Shelf

Who says your mudroom and laundry room can’t have the same style as the rest of your house? By including some practical and adorable elements in these crucial daily places, you can carry your style across your whole home. This substantial white floating shelf provides you with all the space you need to conveniently access your detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and spot remover over your washer and dryer. The task will be a little bit easier if we can make this area more inviting. You never know, you may make laundry seem like such fun that other family members would be motivated to pitch in and assist. A girl can at least dream.

High Up On the Wall Next to the Bed – Best for Small Rooms

If you have a tiny bedroom, placing your shelves on the wall next to your bed is a fantastic idea since it diverts attention away from the area and prevents it from appearing cluttered, which is frequently the case when shelves are placed above beds in small bedrooms.

However, if you don’t raise the shelves high enough, making your bed might be a real hassle. Ensure that the shelves are mounted high enough on the wall to keep them out of harm’s way, but don’t mount them so high that they are hidden.

Additionally, rather than stacking shelves on top of one another, I advise utilizing them side by side. They are side by side, but as you can see from the photograph above, there is a slight height difference between them. Although they are still side by side, you occupy the area a little bit more with this ornamental detail than if they were at the same height.

Given that it is big enough for them, I believe that wall prints or posters are more frequently connected with this area, but shelves are also a possibility. Overall, if you just make sure they’re placed correctly and are raised high enough, you can greatly improve the wall space next to your bed.

Use the Space Above Your Bed

Often, the wall space above your bed serves as the bedroom’s focal point, making bookshelf a logical addition. However, a few pointers before you begin installing: To prevent hitting your head, first hang a small shelf or picture ledge. In order to prevent that area of your space from becoming overly crowded, keep the items on the shelf to a minimum and clear it of debris.

Small And Savvy Wall Shelves For Bedroom’s Study

Modular furniture was necessary for this little bedroom. We chose this compact and clever wall shelf design for the bedroom’s study area as a result. You may stack books, paperwork, and ornamental things on its three open wall shelves, which are affixed to the wall. Because they offer storage and keep the work area clear of clutter, these wall shelves for the bedroom are perfect for study areas.

Stained Wooden Block Floating Shelves

Create a beverage station in your home that fits in with the current décor perfectly. With the ever-popular floating shelves that are readily accessible nowadays, this has never been simpler. In addition to offering plenty of room for your drinking glasses, the shelves’ contemporary and organic appeal will leave you speechless. The completed piece provides a stable platform for all of your bartending necessities, and the attractive lines and knots in the wood give your entertaining activities personality and charm.

Use Alternate Shelving

Where you can, don’t be scared to locate shelves. Calimia Home creates a place for some plants and photo frames in this bedroom by using the shelf space on the mantel. In order to create room for storing soft items like comfortable throws and robes, they also employ a blanket ladder. Other unanticipated shelf locations include window ledges, expansive footboards, and huge headboards.

Single Wooden Plank Wall Shelf For An Attic Bedroom

This little attic bedroom offers clever storage despite its small size. The wooden plank wall shelf for the bedroom is another practical use of the area. The shelf’s strong construction makes it perfect for stacking books and objects. These wooden wall shelves for the bedroom are perfect for spaces with wooden accents. Depending on how much storage you need, you may add extra shelves.

Sleek Brown Wooden Floating Shelves

This set of three floating shelves adds both decoration and storage. This three-piece set is a wonderful addition to a bathroom for extra decorative items or linen storage. Any girl may have all the scent shelves they need in their bedroom, plus they make the ideal stands for displaying accessories like jewelry and sunglasses. This fantastic trio would be welcomed even in the kitchen as they revitalize the area by switching out the outdated cabinetry for some chic organizing bliss. Make setting the table simple by removing any obstacles, such as doors.

Over Drawers or Dresser – Best For Enhancing Aesthetics

By enabling the complementing placing of other things like mirrors and wall art, shelves placed above dressers or drawers may improve the aesthetics of the space. The majority of you will have a modest dresser or drawer set, but even if you have a wardrobe with drawers, you can still use a smaller piece, like a bedding box, to fill the empty space in your home.

Regardless of where your drawers are placed, there is typically enough room above them for shelves to assist occupy the area. A few people I know have their drawers lined up with windows, but from my experience, this isn’t the best placement for them and it’s preferable to leave the window space clean.

As a result, creating shelves above drawers against the wall creates a decorative element that works well. I advise stacking two shelves on top of one another, but place them to the side rather than in the middle, as seen in the image above. This frees up space on the other side of the area above the drawers for additional decorative elements, such a poster or mirror. Shelves function effectively in this area since it improves the aesthetics of the space more.

To conserve space in the bathroom, you can store any toiletry or beauty products on the shelves. If you want to add a more decorative touch, you can also store any jewelry or clothing accessories (click here to see how to build a bedroom with an ensuite). This has benefits for storage because it will also free up space on top of the drawers themselves.

However, if you’re short on room or your wall space is taller than it is broad, I advise leaving a gap between the shelves and putting a mirror there. Just take careful to place the shelves in such a way that the mirror is situated between them both at a respectable height and not too low. You shouldn’t stoop to apply your cosmetics or style your hair!

Add Built-ins

Any room in the house would benefit from having built-ins, but bedrooms are especially lovely. However, don’t stop there; also include built-in bookshelves. Built-in shelves offer the same amount of storage as standard bedroom shelves. A room has so much more style because of the character and antique feel that built-ins may give off.

A Wardrobe Cum Showcase With Wooden Wall Shelves For Bedroom

This bedroom has a wall-mounted display unit with closed cupboards and a modular wardrobe. Two wall shelves that are positioned above the headboard of the bed are also part of the display unit. For storing books and other bedroom necessities, the shelves are ideal. In addition, the showcase unit has two open shelves that serve as contemporary nightstands for nightstand lights on either side of the bed. This wall-mounted shelf demonstrates how modular construction may increase storage while freeing up space.

Wall Opposite Bed – Best For Decoration

If you don’t want a TV opposite your bed, adding shelves to the wall is a great cosmetic choice that also serves a utilitarian purpose. You may have plenty of storage for your belongings and a place to display your accomplishments or significant artifacts to give your home a little more personality by mounting two or three shelves on this wall.

I recommend designating one shelf for any awards (trophies, medals), and the other for sentimental mementos or collectibles. Use a variety of things and decorations to keep it decorative. Try adding some fake plants or even some ornaments, but use no more than a few objects per shelf to avoid drawing attention away from its unique contents.

This gives the space more vitality and attracts more favorable attention to it. Additionally, you may decorate the area around the shelves to bring even more attention to the space and emphasize its significance inside the room.

For instance, the two shelves and two prints in the image above are positioned such that they are on different sides. This draws attention to the prints without detracting from the shelves. It also gives your shelves a more decorative appearance and somewhat improves their attractiveness.

Instead of using prints, you might add a personal touch by using pictures (maybe of your family or awards), which complements shelves that highlight your other possessions or accomplishments beautifully.

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