Blanket Holder for Living Room

One of those items that you frequently unknowingly amass over time is blankets. Before you know it, you’re faced with an organizing nightmare and are surrounded by fabric on all sides.

There are several ways to manage your blankets, so don’t worry. Check out these brilliant ways for blanket storage to permanently organize those warm blankets (and access them easily).

Felecia Seagrass Basket

A seagrass basket is a straightforward yet attractive design option. Given its handmade inventiveness, this is ideal for any interior design. It doesn’t take up much room and complements the sofa or even the side table nicely. Its hollow construction allows it to accommodate many throw pillows or even five blankets. It is portable around the entire living room due to its modest weight.

Try a Storage Table

There is no requirement that you tuck all of your blankets away behind closed doors. Quite the opposite. Give your closet a break and store a few of your favorite items in a chic storage table, like this modern one from IKEA. You will always have warm and comfortable throws conveniently close at hand thanks to this elegant and economical solution.

Cozy Blanket Basket

Let’s get started with something really basic. If you have a sizable collection of blankets, a large basket kept in your living area can be your go-to storage solution. Ideal placement for this would be directly next to your couch.

It’s simple to roll up and store a blanket after you’re through using it after pulling one out whenever the whim strikes. Because it allows blankets to breathe after usage, this big wire basket is perfect for keeping them.

You may also upgrade your basket to fit your personal taste; why not make a unique design by using a cardboard box instead of a wire one and wrapping it with rope?

Decorative Wicker Basket

This braided wicker basket can work if you want Pinterest-style blanket storage. It is ideal for storing not only your blankets but also the other living room furnishings as well.

This handmade item not only serves as storage but also enhances the visual appeal of your living area. These woven baskets are ideal for any form of design inspiration since their atypical shape gives the living space personality.

Utilize Blanket Baskets

Large woven baskets are pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to blanket storage solutions. A fast, simple, and reasonably priced method to organize your favorite blankets and add a touch of natural texture to your house is with a boho-chic piece of furniture. Bonus: The blankets don’t even have to be folded; the carelessly flung appearance works just as well.

Blanket Wall Rack

Next, here’s a quick and inexpensive solution to update your blanket storage. Take it to the wall with this chic rack rather than adding more furniture to your floor area.

I like this concept since it can be customized to fit the style of your house while still serving the same purpose. Even better, if you want to save money, you may create it yourself using a half-timber.

Powell Kayvon Storage Drum

This enormous storage barrel may be of interest to you for blanket storage that may serve several purposes. If the design is anything to go by, you’ll stop choosing a coffee table and blanket storage. It is made to function in both ways. As a result, it doesn’t take up much room in the living room.

We adore this design since it is so simply portable for when the family wants to enjoy a movie and unwind on the carpet. It can accommodate four to five blankets and toss pillows on average. It might be tough for the dust to get through while the wooden lid is on.

Hide Blankets in a Storage Bench

In the end, pieces of furniture with built-in storage will always be preferred, especially if they have many uses. Sara Albers from Alice & Lois, for instance, added a wooden top and brass fittings to an IKEA cabinet to convert it into a chic storage bench.

She even went one step further with the hack and made an upholstered backrest that can be wall-mounted. Nobody will ever guess that it is stuffed with cozy blankets, or at least they shouldn’t!

Rose Gold Ladder Storage

Although the ladder storage method is appropriate for bathrooms, it may also be used in living rooms. You should somewhat upgrade it! I advise getting a reliable ladder and dressing it up.

For instance, you might change this ladder by spray-painting it rose gold. For longevity, apply a layer of clear acrylic varnish over that, and you’ve got a beautiful storage option that takes up little room.

Storage Bench Tufted Linen Fabric Ottoman

The ottoman in this linen fabric from Overstock conceals blanket storage. The greatest storage solution for storing a variety of blankets would be a seat with blanket storage below. It is the ideal complement to the couch in your living space. It can be found adjacent to it or to the side of it.

You may simply remove the blanket whenever you choose to do so using this concept. Even the fact that it is blanket storage would go unnoticed. This is definitely an improvement over the conventional side-mounted woven baskets. Because they are kept airtight under the bench, there is no need to worry about the blankets becoming dusty or developing a bad smell.

Make a Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder is a surprisingly simple DIY project, especially one with a swing-arm design. Get the detailed directions from Hunker contributor Carrie Waller instead of taking our word for it. The nicest thing about a blanket rack is how simple it is to transfer from one room to another without the need for anything more than a blank wall to rest against.

Comfortable Blanket Chest

According to my perspective, any furniture added to the living area should be comfy. Fortunately, this blanket chest is perfect for the job! Put your blankets inside and relax on the plush seating area.

If you want to improve your upholstery abilities, you may make your own version using a regular chest and yard-long pieces of velvet (here). Set aside a day for the job and get some batting and your upholstery stapler.

Red Faux Leather Round Storage Ottoman

Making the choice for a circular storage ottoman is one approach to add an accent color to your living area. It is a piece of furniture with several uses, including as a coffee table, an extra seat, and a place to store blankets.

To create place for the throw pillows, wrap up your blankets and arrange them inside. Liquid spills wouldn’t be an issue because of the elegant leather texture. Your blankets won’t get wet. Additionally, it features a sealed cover to shield them from dirt and dust.

Install a Door Hanger

Imagine searching the home for your favorite blanket but being unsuccessful. Has it been dried in the dryer? Is it stashed away at the back of your wardrobe? Use a door hanger to save yourself time and effort. Finding your favorite cozy blanket will be a breeze with this blanket storage solution.

Farmhouse-Style Blanket Crate

The second design concept has a wonderful, distressed crate to keep your different blankets and pillows and embraces country style with gusto. These blankets appear to be the furniture when piled within this wooden trough!

It’s simple enough to acquire a crate like this online (like this one), but you could also make your own out of salvaged wood. This is a great way to organize towels in your linen closet as well.

2-Piece Wicker Set

You may get a wicker set to fill any empty spots on a half-shelf. In addition to having a unique design, these cube storage can accommodate additional blankets. Additionally, it does not appear to be a blanket holder. Your blankets can be pulled out whenever you desire because it opens up like a drawer. It would be preferable to keep them close to your living area, especially during the winter. They store the blankets more compactly and are simple to dust.

Make Room for a Linen Cabinet

Consider making place for a separate storage cabinet rather than storing your blankets in a closet or a dresser drawer where they will have to compete for space with several other items. Instead of cramming her whole collection onto one little shelf, Julie Blanner chose this lovely family antique to display her comfortable blankets and throws since it has plenty of room to do so.

Hollow Wicker Coffee Table

For some reason, I find this blanket storing technique to be very ingenious. The surface of this wicker end table doubles as a nice table and offers airtight storage for your blankets to avoid mustiness.

This type of wicker or rattan table is best suited for houses with a beachy, bohemian, or coastal theme. If it describes the interior design of your house or if you’ve been seeking for a change, this may be the finishing touch.

Nonwoven Polypropylene Storage Cube Set

Overstock has you covered if you prefer straightforward canvas storage for your blankets. They offer these incredible storage cube sets that are basic in design and ideal for rooms with minimum furnishings. These can be placed on the corner of the living room or next to your couch.

They have greater space for rolled or folded blankets because of their cubic form. Since they are packaged together, you may keep them next to one another. One for the toss pillows and one for the blankets. This straightforward blanket storage concept is perfect for contemporary living room decor.

Utilize Pull-out Shelves

Slide-out shelf is a smart blanket storage solution provided by Studio McGee that is ideal for compact areas. Your blankets, comforters, and throws may be stored neatly on the different shelves, which come with baskets. Additionally, the slide-out feature will make it simple to find what you’re seeking for without any difficulty.

Shabby Chic Tallboy for Your Blankets

Next, here’s a simple method for greatly expanding your blanket storage. This is especially for fans of the shabby chic look (of which I am one).

Look for an antique glass cabinet that needs some TLC in your basement or at your neighborhood resale shop. They are everywhere, I assure you. Now for the enjoyable part! To distress it, use sandpaper and chalk paint (found here).

Handwoven Banana Leaf Rattan Basket

We adore beautifully made woven blanket storage. What distinguishes this handmade storage from the other stated before is how tall it is. It may also be used as a side table in the living room because of its structural stability, which can support the weight of a single table.

The blankets may be folded or rolled up and stored with no problem. Additionally, the style will undoubtedly complement both current and retro design tastes. We adore this design’s attention to detail, which gives the living room’s visuals more aesthetic personality.

Hang Storage Baskets on The Wall

We believe that hanging baskets from wall hooks fits both space-saving and beautiful storage requirements, regardless of how particular you are about aesthetics. This storage solution corrals your blankets while also adding a beautiful touch, going against the conventional “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. Sort them by to size, color, style, or material.

Art D├ęcor Geometric Blanket Basket

Although the Roaring Twenties are long gone, art deco style’s echoes will always be with us. It’s simple and inexpensive to spruce up your blanket storage with this lovely gold basket.

Purchase a geometric gold basket similar to this one online or at virtually any home goods retailer. Alternately, you could create one on your own out of a regular wire basket and some gold spray paint (this will save you a few dollars).

3-Piece Metal and Wood Basket Set

We adore how this metal and wood basket set from Wayfair is ideal for minimalist and industrial themes yet being frequently seen in modern spaces. Having these in your living room packed with blanket rolls is a bit of a catch. The blankets are visible through the netting.

This design also enables you to use it as a side table. Its steel and wood structural components can support a substantial amount of weight. In addition to serving as blanket storage, this pair of tables may be utilized as a seat or a side table. On Wayfair’s website, you may view these. With this wonderful set of blanket storage, you may jazz up the look of your living area.

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