Bottle Cap Craft Ideas

One of my favorite past times when I was kid was gathering bottle caps. Sadly, when I was younger, I had no idea about DIY, so those old caps remained unused for years in a box.

I am so excited to share with you these bottle cap upcycle ideas that will bring flare to your house and style to your clothing because I truly adore finding bottle cap projects that allow me to use those caps in imaginative and lovely ways.

Bottle Cap Ladybugs

This is a fun project for youngsters to work on and a cute and simple way to recycle used bottlecaps. If you’d like, you may also make them into magnets, which brings us to the next DIY.

Adorable DIY Bottle Cap Garden Flower

Your yard or lawn would look wonderful with this little blossom. This upcycling project, which is made from bottle caps and a tin can lid, is fantastic. Simply shape your bottle tops into flowers by bending them, and then fasten them all to a recycled lid. Use many bottle caps of various colors to make a truly unique flower, or match them all for a more consistent appearance.

Bottle Cap Pin Cushion Ring

This really useful pin cushion ring is made with a bottle cap, some hot glue, and some old bits of cloth. Additionally, you may create one on your own by following this straightforward instruction.


Actually, there are two techniques to make bottle tops become magnets. Both painting the bottle caps and adding a magnet to the underneath or adding a picture to the underside and a magnet to the top are options. Almost any picture may be printed on these magnets.

Giant Vintage Bottle Cap Letter

I adore the concept of creating these enormous monogramed letters out of old bottle caps. These are ideal for adorning your mantel or even for displaying your name on your front porch. You may design a complete name or just use a letter. They are also really simple to construct and a fantastic way to reuse unwanted bottle caps.

Harry Potter Bottle Cap Pendants

All year long, you’ll get compliments wearing this inexpensive DIY bottlecap necklace. Additionally, all you require is a bottle cap, a thread, some liquid glass, and a free printable from the website.

Bottle Cap Necklaces

With bottle cap necklaces, there are countless design options, just like with the magnets mentioned above. Once you master building them, you may insert a variety of images within!

Upcycled Bottle Cap State Art

Regardless of where you reside, this recycled bottle cap state art is a wonderful way to express your pride in your own state. These are considerably simpler to construct than they appear, and they would make wonderful gifts for folks who already have everything. Simply draw a bottle cap shape of your state and put it on reclaimed wood or slats that you can get for around a dollar apiece.

Bottle Cap Earrings

With the help of this incredibly detailed DIY guide, you can fashion a stylish set of earrings out of a matching pair of bottle caps.


There are undoubtedly many various methods to create cool Christmas decorations out of bottle caps, but we’ve just included a small selection of suggestions to get you started.

Vintage Bottle Cap Mirror

With a few bottle caps and an oval mirror—or any other shape you like—you can simply create this mirror that is lined with bottle caps and has a lovely vintage appearance. You can put additional bottle caps into a mirror with a pretty broad frame to make it very distinctive by simply gluing the bottle caps to the mirror’s frame.

Bottle Cap Candles

You can create your own own bottle cap candles with a little creativity, some bottle caps, and some crayons. Similarly, you may manufacture some candles by just following this simple instruction!

Unique Recycled Bottle Cap Checkers

Think of how much fun it will be to play checkers with those bottle tops as the pieces. This is a fantastic present option if you know someone who is a major lover of both antique bottle caps and the game. When friends and family come over, it’s quite easy to set together and provides you a beautiful and truly original checker game that will definitely have them talking.

Bottle Cap Photo Frames

As demonstrated in the image, adding bottle caps to your picture frames will give them a distinguished appearance. Make your own with this instructive DIY guide, of course!

Bottle Cap Spiders

One of the simplest Halloween decorations you can make yourself has to be these bottle cap spiders. All you need are pipe cleaners, black paint, plastic bottle tops, and googly eyes!

For additional inspiration, such as Halloween Milk Jug Crafts and Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers, be sure to visit our Halloween Hub.

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

One with several bottle tops hanging down is available on Etsy for slightly more than $20. If you prefer the do-it-yourself route, you could also reproduce it with a foundation and some wire to hang your bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Glittery Buttons

You can create these delicious-looking buttons on your own with some glitter, glue, and button backs. Simply follow the directions in the link to create your own buttons at home!

Bottle Cap Coaster

The coasters made from bottle caps would make a really interesting Father’s Day present! With different colored caps, I’m sure you could come up with some great designs as well.

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Coasters

Old bottle caps make excellent coasters, and you can customize them as you like. All you need to do is pick your design and glue the bottle tops together. After positioning your artwork on the cork, glue the caps into place. Just trim around the design to create a wonderful, one-of-a-kind coaster.

Crochet Beer Cap Hot Pad

These challenging steps produce genuinely distinctive hot pads for your beverages. In conclusion, use this technique to construct your own bottle cap heat pads if you enjoy crocheting and don’t mind using your hands.

Great Beer Cap Clock

Old beer caps may be converted into a fantastic clock for beer-loving males. Or, to make it more suitable for families, you could use soda bottle tops. For this one, you’ll need a clock kit or an old clock that you don’t mind reusing. I think it would look great above the dining table in the family area or perhaps the kitchen. It is simple and provides you with a fascinating clock for your house.

Bottle Cap Catapult

Building a catapult is perhaps the finest option if you want to engage in some simple science while having a lot of fun. With just some popsicle sticks, a bottle cap, and a few other materials, you can educate your kids a little about physics and let them blast various items about the home.

DIY Bottle Cap Jewelry

In several boutiques and specialized shops, you may discover bottle cap jewelry, which is quite popular in the South. It’s obviously not inexpensive, which is why my DIY version is a little bit superior. Bottle caps make excellent pendant necklaces and charm bracelets that make wonderful presents for preteens and teenagers, particularly if you use the bottle caps of their preferred drinks.

Beer Bottle Cap Table

For the carpenters among our readers, though, check out this article on how to fashion your own table out of epoxy resin and old bottle caps to display your collection in style.

Upcycled Bottle Cap Neon Necklace

Here is yet another fantastic method for transforming bottle tops into jewelry. This one makes use of the bottle cap’s inside, which is painted a vivid neon hue. The originality of this one will appeal to both young girls and adults, and it’s quite simple to build.

Gorgeous Bottle Cap Wreath

Create this lovely wreath out of bottle tops. I think this is a great concept, especially for a man cave or den. Simply hot glue your bottle caps on a wreath shape to make a wreath out of them. Or, check out this cool one I saw on Etsy for only $45. It has already been assembled for you.

DIY Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

Outside of the garbage bin, bottle caps can be put to better use. So, if you find yourself with a free Sunday afternoon, make it a crafting day and make a bottle cap wind chime! Simply follow the video’s guide to create your own, in other words.

DIY Bottle Cap Picture Frames

Use your bottle caps to transform old, everyday frames into amazing gifts. All you need is a basic frame, which you can typically find at the $1 Store for less than a dollar. Then simply adhere bottle tops to the exterior using hot glue. This is a really special and lovely frame that is ideal for showcasing your favorite family pictures.

Self-Watering Planter

Although this isn’t quite a bottle cap craft, I found it to be too ingenious to ignore. It’s a recycled plastic bottle self-watering planter!

Adorable Bottle Cap Candles

The ideal candle base is one of those little bottle tops. Simply pour wax over a short wick and place the cap on. These are fantastic for adding a little flare to your house or for use in wedding decorations. They’re also ideal if you want a scenario with floating candles. The bottle caps will float flawlessly and provide you with a wonderful light because they are so light.

Upcycled Bottle Cap Pins

Make fashionable pins out of those caps! Simply attach your preferred bottle cap to a safety pin using adhesive. These are excellent for displaying those old bottle tops. This one is about $3, which is a great deal given that you won’t have to do the gluing yourself, and I discovered it on Etsy. If you decide to do things yourself, this will undoubtedly be a simple project.

TRASH BIN Using Recycled Bottle Cap

In a similar spirit, you can create a garbage can out of bottle caps! Interested? Learn how to create a trash can out of recycled bottle caps by watching the video up top.

Upcycled Bottle Cap Birdhouse

Kids will enjoy participating in the construction of this tiny birdhouse with a bottle cap roof. It’s bright and entertaining, and you can construct it with an old bottle cap and a wooden birdhouse that you already have. Simply have the small ones glue or tack the caps on the top of the birdhouse (assist them if they’re doing the nailing), and you’ll have a truly attractive housing for your avian friends and a wonderful yard accent.

Bottle Cap Lure

DIY bottle cap lures are a concept we featured in our list of 10 Simple DIY Gifts for Men! These have an extremely sharp appearance and are also useful.

DIY Bottle Cap Kitchen Magnets

Create beautiful refrigerator magnets from discarded bottle caps. You may use these as-is and just add a magnet to the inside, or you can flip them over and attach the magnet to the exterior before adding photographs or other decorations inside. This is a fairly simple DIY project and a great way to give your kitchen a touch of rustic charm.

Bottle Cap Tray

A distinctive, styled tray may be created with a few colorful bottle caps and some epoxy water (acrylic water). Visit Sweet Something Design after that to learn how to construct a bottle cap tray holder!

Mini Bottle Cap Picture Frames

You may put little black-and-white pictures inside bottle caps to make attractive magnets or thumbtacks. Use them to keep your workspace orderly and to preserve tidbits of your loved ones close by. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles would like receiving one of these as a gift because they are so simple to construct.

Bottlecap Bumblebees

Bottlecap bumblebees certainly has a catchy name! One of the easier bottle cap crafts on this list, you can make this with your kids. While you’re at it, make some homemade paper flowers!

Upcycled Bottle Cap Key Chain

I adore these unique key chains created from an old bottle cap and your favorite photo. You can either make them yourself, embellishing them with beads and other items, or you can just purchase the one I found on Etsy. You may add your preferred photo when it comes for only $6.

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