Camper Shell Interior Ideas

A camper shell is one of the best possessions for campers. However, creating one is a difficult process. It requires days of planning and deduction.

You may save a little money by creating a camper shell yourself rather than hiring a carpentry professional. Simply choose one of the instructions from the list below, get the required supplies and equipment, and begin creating. While it could take some time, it would be worthwhile.

Wrap Around Shelving

When you are fully loading your camper shell, the wheel wells in a truck bed might occasionally become an obstruction. A camper shell interior concept that can help you make greater use of that area is installing wrap-around shelves. This technique appears to include bolting vertically positioned two-by-two supports into the truck bed.

They must have designed them tall enough so that the shelves on top will rest on the lower edge of your camper shell since they employed a total of six vertical supports—three on each side (just below the windows).

The secondary shelves can attach to the vertical supports and rest on top of the wheel well. For additional support, the other portions might need brackets mounted on the truck bed’s walls.

$800 DIY Truck Camper

Here is a fantastic truck camper that you can build at home for around $800, which is really affordable and a simple job. Your truck’s back window is blocked by this structure built behind it. The woodworking project is incredible, but it’s also extremely pricey.

The camper includes a door and a lock, so you can easily lock it up and spend some peaceful time inside if you wish to sleep inside. Additionally, the designer got rid of his rearview mirror and replaced it with a touch screen rearview camera, which he uses to look behind when reversing.

DIY Truck Bed Camper

The teardrop campers are fantastic, however occasionally there isn’t much room to park another car. Decide to use this cab-over-the-camper truck instead because it will undoubtedly come with all the amenities of a teardrop cabin and you can build it yourself.

Build the truck bed camper’s frame out of 2×2 and 2×4 wood slats. Put the hardwood plywood over it. Last but not least, just cover the camper with old canvas, bedsheets, and curtains before painting it to give it a lovely appearance. Provide a bed and other amenities within.

Camper Shell Ideas: Sliding Drawers

I decided to utilize wheeled locking boxes of the same type that one may use at home for under-bed storage. However, DECKED also sells prefabricated truck bed sliding drawers like this.

You may also take on this as a DIY project, as you can see in the picture above. Install rails and sliding drawers that allow you a safe spot to store clothing or culinary utensils that you want to be able to reach right away rather than stopping at only the sleeping platform.

Additionally, you may simply increase the protection of your goods by adding locks to the knobs of your drawers.

You should pay particular attention to the sleeping platform’s sidewalls in this design as well. To make use of the area surrounding the wheel wells for storage, it appears that the owner of the camper shell cut out three or four cubby holes on each side.

Homemade Camper Shell

This fantastic wood truck camper shell has a huge bed capacity and is pretty roomy inside. When an additional extension panel is pulled out from below the bed, it may accommodate up to two persons. The camper also contains a storage compartment under the bed where you may keep clothing, supplies for cooking, and other items.

Additionally, there is an electrical outlet with a USB connector for charging phones and other electronic devices. The designer also included a switch that allows you to reduce the light when you want to go to sleep and turn it up when you need bright light to find anything. The camper is simple to construct. The outside wood is made of cedar planks that have been treated with fire and certain minerals to make them waterproof and fireproof.

Build a Truck Bed Camper for Under $400

Simply use this inexpensive DIY truck bed camper instead of painting or setting up tents. This project will undoubtedly be a lot of fun because it involves attaching a bed to the truck’s back. Make a strategy for the truck bed after emptying the backend of the vehicle.

Simply construct the frame yourself using 1/2″ plywood and two longer built-in drawers. To get exquisite comfort, paint the bed as you desire, and then top it off with a foam mattress. The large built-in drawers will be useful for storing a lot of necessary stuff.

Camper Shell Ideas: Double Twin Beds

Isn’t this awesome? This camper shell design appears to be constructed as a high-rise camper shell to provide you additional headroom in bed.

Over the wheel wells on either side of the truck bed, two quite straightforward enclosures have been constructed. For storage or for swinging your legs out of bed in the morning, they left a tiny aisle in the center. Each “bed” appears to have an accessible inside drawer located above the tailgate.

For these beds, you’ll probably need to locate or create custom-sized mattresses (I doubt they are actually twins). Of course, you’ll need to bring your own fruit basket as well!

DIY Camper Shell

This camper shell requires a lot of labor and is very technical to construct. The designer wanted to make a cab-over camper since he possessed a pickup vehicle. The camper can be removed, but the inventor designed it so he could tow his boats without doing so.

When you need it, the bottom part of the camper’s full-size door folds down. Although light, the camper is yet robust. The designer utilized some hardwood plywood that was then coated in subpar fiberglass. The frame was constructed from pine timber and was the simplest component to construct. The task is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Truck Bed Camper with Storage

Sleeping on the ground when camping is a major hassle. You risk freezing to death in the fall. So, say by too harsh camping and experience the luxury while camping too by making this DIY truck bed camper. It is quite easy to construct from of 2x4s, plywood, and other wooden planks, and it offers incredible storage capacity in the shape of three built-in drawers. You will receive the free video instructions to assemble it expertly from beginning to end.

Camper Shell Ideas: Easy Drapes

Installing curtains on the side windows is a terrific camper shell interior concept if you want to keep privacy while sleeping in your camper shell. If your camper shell is packed with equipment, drapes can also be helpful in preventing nosy people from searching through your possessions.

DIY Truck Camper Shell

You can construct this camper for around $1,500, and it will survive for many years. If you don’t want to set up a tent and would rather use your vehicle as a rest and sleeping area when camping, then this project is for you. Follow the instructions in this tutorial to see how it was created. Here are some of the supplies that were bought for this project.

More items include a Mexican serape blanket, hefty thread, a River portable power source, a USB LED powerful light, and fiberglass screening. The total cost of all the supplies purchased was $1,529.11. The tutorial will provide you a step-by-step overview of the project and how it was constructed from beginning, but if you don’t have the necessary skills to complete the project on your own, you may need some assistance.

Handmade Truck Bed Camper

The DIY truck bed camper truck’s extra opulent features will win you over immediately. The main goal of the project is to add a storage-friendly bed to the camper’s rear so you can unwind whenever you want.

This will eliminate the requirement to erect a tent. Simply construct the bed’s structure out of 2x4s before padding the surfaces. Don’t forget to add a really nice sleeping mattress to the truck bed. It has ample under-surface storage for all of your essential belongings.

Camper Shell Ideas: Floating Shelving

Check out this camper shell design if you liked the concept of wraparound shelves but not necessarily how it looked. This owner preferred to retain their bed directly on the truck bed since they did not like how little headroom they had with the sleeping platform design.

The eight-inch-wide side shelves are mounted above the bed rail. The four bolts that hold the camper shell to the truck bed were used to fasten them.

They constructed a bigger 22-inch shelf at the front of the camper shell. The shelf is simply suspended from the side rails and is simple to add or remove as necessary.

If you need the remainder of your truck bed for goods, the four portions of the four-inch mattress pad may easily stack below the front shelf.

How to Build a Lightweight DIY Truck Camper Shell

View another incredible camper shell that is wonderful and light weight. The gross weight of your vehicle must be known before you begin creating this camper shell with the use of this guide. Once you do, you may choose the materials to use to achieve the specific weight that will be advantageous for your truck and prevent future problems.

Developing a design for your camper is the next phase in the construction process. After that, the frame, electrical system, insulation, and exterior will be worked on. The door and windows are then put in place. This project’s camper has decent ventilation, which is a plus.

Building a Truck Bed Camper

Without setting up tents on the ground, modern, elegant camping calls for a camper truck bed that should offer incredible sleeping comfort.

By using this DIY truck bed camper, you can say goodbye to difficult camping and enjoy camping wherever the wind takes you. It comes with the back containing all the bedroom amenities. Custom storage compartments and sliding out drawers are provided to keep your necessities secure and organized. The bed will also function as a bench.

Camper Shell Ideas: Solar LED Lighting

Although your truck battery or a small Goal Zero Yeti battery bank could certainly power LEDs, I am a strong proponent of solar lights for truck camping. My truck’s dash serves as a simple storage area for my lights, which accumulate enough charge to meet my demands at night.

If you travel to overcast regions and are concerned about solar power, I recommend something like this rechargeable Knog light. Check out MPOWERD’s string lights if you’re a lover of sustainable energy. You may attach little hooks to the top parts of the side and front windows of your camper shell by using the screws that keep the windows in place. After that, you can hang your string lights from these hooks to provide your camper shell with cozy, practical lighting at night.

DIY Camper Shell

This camper took a lot of labor to create in the final form. The interior of this camper shell is spacious and well-lit. You may daily roll out a storage container from under the bed. You are free to store anything there. It’s difficult to create a camper from scratch. novice level, but worth a go.

How to Make Truck Bed Camper

You’re going to like this incredible conversion of the camper vehicle into a whole miniature home. The luxury lodge may be built entirely at home using wood. Build the bed camper’s frame out of 2x6s and 2x10s wood slats, and then sheath the structure with plywood.

Install the insulation, then drape the hut. The vinyl siding should then be added to give it a greater slatted appearance. Install the windows and doors as soon as possible. Read more here. imgur

What will you learn from this DIY truck bed camper guide? We’ll walk you through the process of affordably turning a truck bed into a habitable camp, step by step. Find out how to make a truck camper shell on a budget at home!

Camper Shell Ideas: The Mobile Office/Surf Camper

This idea for a camper shell inside custom build-out is fantastic! When I can eventually part with some of my recreational equipment, I’ll have something fresh to strive towards. It is constructed with a high-rise camper shell inside of a six-foot Tacoma bed. The wrap-around seating offers a cozy sofa for daytime reading as well as functional sitting for conducting remote work.

The workspace is a flip-up desk on the passenger side, and the owner’s short board fits well in the little open storage space under the sofa. Even better, this design has a pull-out table for your outdoor cooking setup and transforms into a complete bed that can easily accommodate two people (or you and your adventurous dog).

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