Cat Scratching DIY

Cats are frequently seen dozing off in a corner. Particularly with adult cats, they spend much of the day snoozing! However, let’s not overlook the fact that while they are awake, in addition to playing, they also like scratching.

Check out these free DIY cat scratching post ideas to avoid damaging your furniture! If you have a cat, your furniture must be covered in scratches and scuff marks. Ever had a new sofa destroyed by a cat’s claws? maybe a brand-new wooden bed or table? With these easy DIY cat scratcher ideas, let’s fix that and keep your cats content while making your home much more pleasant.

Durable Cat Scratching Post

When using an old cat post foundation as an upcycle, this works fairly nicely. Once the foundation has been measured and the rug has been trimmed to fit, glue the rug to the base, and then work your rope up the list from the bottom to the top (you may alternate the color of the rope between rows to add beauty).

Modern Cat Scratching Board/Post for Sofa

This easy-to-make cat scratching post is ideal if your sofa is being destroyed by your cat! To allow your cat to scratch as much as he wants without causing any damage, it is made to fit over the arm of your sofa.

This strategy does call for some aptitude and practical knowledge with power tools. However, if you’re a handy person and have some quality tools on hand, you should be all set.

A couple wood boards, sisal rope, and catnip spray that will entice your cat to the board are required for this project. This project will take a whole day to complete. So, make a plan. Gather the essential equipment, then get to work!

DIY Cat Scratching Post

With a few simple materials, create this wonderful DIY cat scratching post! All you need is a thick cardboard tube, some fabric, some rope, an adjustable cabinet foot, MDF, and a jar lid. There will also be a need for screws, nails, etc. Depending on the theme of your living area, choose the cloth.

Homemade Hanging Scratching Post

Make this inexpensive DIY cat scratching post at home with your friends or family as the ideal enjoyable pastime. Yes, you can make this in a few simple steps using a few readily accessible materials. A scrap piece, a piece of carpet left over, fiber rope, scissors, a drill, hot glue, and leather string are all that are required.

DIY Cat Scratcher With Carpet

Avoid the hassle of starting from scratch if you already have an old cat scratching post. Sisal ropes are often used to make posts, however carpet is used here instead since it is less dirty than frayed ropes.

Fast and Easy Cardboard Cat Scratch

If you’re in a rush and want to save some money, this cardboard cat scratcher is ideal. With this strategy, there is no need for glue, unlike the prior one. To avoid using adhesive, simply cut the cardboard into strips and cram them tightly into a cardboard box bottom.

It just takes a few minutes to put together a few of these easy cat scratching posts, so you can have them all around your house in no time. For this project, you’ll need a lot of cardboard boxes, especially if you plan to create more than one scratcher. It will be simpler to assemble this scratcher if you clear a large area in your craft room or basement.

DIY Cat Scratcher

Look at this lovely and alluring homemade cat scratcher! The fact that this one is formed differently is a plus. Make this one for your lazy cat if she doesn’t want to move around much or try too hard. They can simply sit on this so they won’t have to leap to itch themselves!

Best Scratching Post For Cat

We all know how much we all adore our dogs. As a result, we’ve created one of the best ideas for creating a do-it-yourself cat scratching post that won’t cost you a fortune and won’t require you to put in a lot of time. You just require a few items from the market: carpet, screws, and sticky bumpers. Drill, nails, rope, CDX plywood, etc.

DIY Cat Scratching Post And Storage Bin

This is a simple way to get your cat to post without using any carpentry. Purchase a bucket with a lid (maybe a paint bucket). Hot glue the rope’s beginning to the bucket by running your adhesive vertically alongside the bucket, then wind the rope all the way up to the lid. To make the bucket more stable, you could possibly fill it with sand.

Cat Scratcher Picture Frame

Use an old picture frame to build a hanging scratching post for your cat that, when finished, will resemble a work of art. A standard rope matting is used for this picture frame cat scratcher, and your cat will enjoy sinking his claws into it.

The only materials needed for this project are a wood picture frame, a doormat, a yardstick, and some adhesive. With this project, you can express your creativity by painting the photo frame to complement your décor.

You may easily locate rope doormats that work for this strategy at your neighborhood dollar shop. If you’re lucky, you’ll discover one with amusing content or a unique layout!

DIY Vase Scratching Post

Perhaps you wish to make use of the room in your living area. It can be due to a tiny flat or a preference for basic design. You should choose to make a cat scratching post like this! It has a vase attached to it! You won’t need to make room for a homemade cat scratching post!

Cactus DIY Cat Scratching Post

The market is flooded with cat toys, scratching posts, and climbing structures. But because we value creativity and the arts, we’re going to give you one more simple way to produce cacti. Assemble a hammer, an electric drill, glue, nails, a can of spray paint, two packets of green food coloring, a length of natural sisal rope, artificial grass, and plywood.

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Technically speaking, this is interesting and simple, lol. A drill, a wrench, a knife, a trowel, a sanding machine, a cutting saw, a basin, an 8mm threaded rod, nuts, washers, body protection, and a lot of cardboard are required. To mold your foundation in the proper shape, pour mortar into a basin.

Then, cut square cardboard pieces of similar sizes, punch a hole through the middle, and align the boxes via base rods that are spiraled or straight. Add a carved or 3D-printed cat figurine on the second mortar that has been placed on top of the boxes in a line. Your lovely content is ready to be used.

Carpet Sample Hanging Scratch Board

If you can find some square carpet samples, you may construct your feline companion a pawsome hanging scratch board out of them. You may experiment with various colors, textures, or backings as most carpet samples are free. This task is simple enough for novices to complete, and it won’t take up a lot of your time because it only takes a few hours.

This cat scratcher appears like a work of art and blends in with any environment. It’s a fantastic project to include the kids in so that the entire family can create a scratcher for the cherished family cat!

Modern Cat Scratcher + IKEA Hack

Are you looking for a cat scratcher that won’t resemble cat furniture and will go with your home’s decor? The one to select is this one! For nearly any theme, this homemade cat scratcher works great! The finest feature is that your cat will be entertained by the string and balls dangling on the side.

Cool Cat Scratching Tower

Your children have simply purchased new dogs and cats so they may travel with you on your vacation? Are you concerned that kids may harm your travel items while scratching? Make a scratch post over a few hours using materials like cabinet feet, a wood foundation, carpet, nails, fiber rope, glue, etc.

DIY Cat Scratch Post

This is constructed using some wood and tires. The wooden post should be inserted through the tube without letting it out at the top once the tube has been removed from the tire.

Sand can be used to stabilize the tube before it is wrapped with sisal rope. Put the kneaded pad in the center of the main tire and then coil the rope around it. That’s it—just fasten the first post to a base and place the main tire on top of the base.

Self-Groomer Cat Scratch Pad

Making a cat scratching pad with a self-groomer that your cat can use to keep himself looking his best is a fun DIY project.

An ordinary wire toilet brush that has been sliced in half, fabric, and a circular piece of wood are used to create the self-grooming cat scratch pad. To ensure that the scratch pad foundation will withstand your cat’s pointed claws, we advise choosing a carpet sample rather than the suggested fabric.

Before you start, be sure you view the entire video guide so you can accomplish this project. This self-pampering cat scratcher will be a hit with your cat! You won’t need more than a few bucks to construct this inexpensive scratch board.

Homemade Cat Scratching Post

Making this into a perfect T shape is another method to transform it into a homemade cat scratching post! This gorgeous scratcher just requires a round dowel, pom-poms, wooden plaque, rough rope, wood glue, cat toys, a saw, paint, and a paintbrush. In your living area, it will look gorgeous!

DIY Abrasive Cat Scratching Post

You must be sick of screaming “Stop Kitty Stop!” and thinking if you may create the ideal do-it-yourself cat scratching post at home to protect your furnishings going forward. of course! Gather these readily accessible materials from the market, such as glue, gloves, adhesive, nails, sisal rope, and spray paint.

Cat Scratching Post DIY

Prepare the following tools: a brad nailer, a table saw, a drill press, a power hand drill, drill bits, framing square, sandpaper, screws, rope, and a screwdriver. You may put your post on a hardwood foundation for less money by using an old table leg.

Scratching Post for Your Feline Friends

Raising a cat and having scratch-resistant furniture cannot coexist! However, you can get around that if you have a homemade cat scratching post in your life. Additionally, utilize a chic rug to finish the look in an aesthetically pleasant manner.

Tall Colorblocked Scratching Post

Would you want to create a fantastic scratcher for your adorable cat Rockstar? Are you concerned that it will require a lot of your time and money as well? Don’t worry; it’s not only affordable but also simple to create. Obtain leather cord, dye paint, glue, scissors, fiber rope, a wood basis, nails, spray paints, and a knife from the market.

DIY Cat Scratching Pad

You might hang or place a homemade wooden scratcher on the floor. After obtaining the following supplies: a saw, a drill, an adhesive dispenser, 1×10 and 1×3 wood, twine, and screws. If you wish to hang yourself, punch a hike after winding a rope around the wood.

Modern Rainbow Cat Scratch Pad

A wooden foundation, 5-inch wood or MDF, 25-inch sisal rope, L brackets, a pencil, chalk, screws, sandpaper, and a drill are some of the materials you’ll need. Sanding the timber base might be the first step before continuing. For a fast walkthrough of the instructions, don’t forget to watch the video tutorial.

Easy Cat Scratching Post

Are you sick of having a family cat since it often scratches your expensive furnishings and that must irritate you? You must not want your furnishings to sustain further harm from your dogs. Spend some time creating a scratching poem using materials like cardboard, a wooden foundation, a hot glue gun, gloves, and a bucket, for example.

Handmade Cat Scratching Post

See how easy it is to make this cat scratching post! A scrap piece of wood, an old towel for cushioning, a stapler, a hammer, and some burlap are all you need to construct it. For further information, visit the tutorial.

How To Make A Cat Scratching Board

Cats must have access to trees in order to maintain the condition and health of their claws, which is obviously challenging in a secure household setting. Start constructing the ideal DIY cat scratching post for your little, energetic cat. Cardboard, glue, hammer, nails, spray paint, sisal rope, carpet, and other materials are all you need.

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