Cheap Wedding Backdrop Ideas

One of those wonderful occasions where everyone aspires to make picture-perfect memories is the wedding. No of where you are in the planning process, don’t forget to include a few wedding backgrounds.

Even if your site is already gorgeous, everyone will benefit from a fantastic background. From the elegant entourage and dressed-up guests to the lovely groom and, of course, the attractive bride who is smiling with joy!

Floral Candle Fireplace

You can never go wrong with a lovely brick fireplace decorated with foliage and flowers and lit to perfection by the warm glow of flickering candles as far as simple and romantic wedding altars go. Additionally, if your wedding reception is held in this same location, it will serve as a gorgeous background for the newlyweds’ sweetheart table.

Tropical Palms

Put a knot in the sand, are you? For a beachy touch, adorn a wedding ceremony arch with plain, contemporary palm fronds. If you want to add a splash of color, adorn the palm trees with pink, orange, and white tropical blooms.

Wedding Flower Wall

This flower backdrop is ideal for a wedding celebration held indoors. It holds your wedding cake and is nicely positioned on the wall behind the table, in my imagination.

With the rise of Instagram, dedicated photo booths and picture zones have grown popular at events. If you want to have one at your wedding, the background for that space would be this floor-to-ceiling flower décor.

Having this many genuine flowers might grow expensive, but you can always buy less expensive artificial flowers, like these. Assembling them onto the wall is made simple for you because they are packaged in a set of four panels.

Palm Leaves

Oh, how we like this’s simplicity. But it still has that sense of amazement, don’t you think? You may utilize pillars to surround your ceremonial space since they are a great sculptural element. However, you are not need to utilize large boxes on a regular basis. This pair made an Instagram-worthy aesthetic area out of some basic, natural palm fronds!

Paper Scroll

With a paper scroll of you and your fiancé’s favorite song lyrics, keep it nice and private. To light the area, line the side with lanterns and candles. Roll the scroll out all the way down the aisle to add a personal touch.

Floral Hoop Backdrop

An outdoor wedding with a garden or bohemian theme will look amazing with this gorgeous floral hoop background. Much if the various lighting elements work beautifully together in the daytime, I guarantee they would look even more lovely for a wedding event held at night. I learned that you can purchase the lovely pendant lightbulb pieces in this backdrop in sets of two if you’re drawn to them.

Color Scheme Backdrop

WOW! With shades of orange and clay in mind, this spectacular statement ceremony backdrop produced a lovely location to exchange vows.

DIY Copper Display

Even though weddings might be pricey, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create stunning décor that doesn’t appear handcrafted. Copper pipes provide an easy DIY backdrop for a wedding. Choose them up at your neighborhood hardware store and put together an eye-catching display for your visitors.

Layered Arch Backdrop

A excellent method to give a backdrop depth is to combine arches of various colors and sizes. This specific backdrop has a desert-like environment with varied terracotta hues.

However, this will work equally well with any other colors and different wedding locations. These tiered arches may be used as a background for your wedding ceremony or as a backdrop for a photo booth at the reception. Watch as visitors gather in front of it to pose for pictures. The wedding will undoubtedly be one to remember!

Floral Pillars

Another fantastic example of employing pillars to create a vertical visual impression, but this time the pillars are stunning flower blossoms. The ideal setting for your “I dos.” These floral pillars or ones that resemble them can be used in any environment. Also, yeah! You guessed it. Additionally, repurpose them for your reception area.

Macrame Anything

Macrame is a distinctive form of knotted art that looks stunning hanging in either an indoor or outdoor setting. A macrame arrangement will improve the ceremony regardless of whether your wedding is boho, rustic, rural, or anywhere in between.

Monogram Wall

In this extremely neutral yet elegant-looking backdrop, less is most definitely more. If you wish to create a similar effect, these gold vinyl sheets will attach to cardboard or plywood really effectively.

Ask one of the wedding photographers to place this near the reception venue’s entrance and utilize it as a backdrop for visitors as they arrive.

After everyone has entered, place it beside the gift table or close to the exit. Attach a handful of these metallic markers, and post a notice inviting your visitors to leave notes on the board.

You may use it as a decorative item in your house after the wedding. What a wonderful way to always remember the exceptional guests that attended your big day!

Semi-Circle With Florals

This great design for a ceremonial altar is set out in a semicircle. It’s gorgeous and may be made with your preferred fresh or artificial flowers.

Simple Sage

A charming, neutral hue, sage green blends with warm or cold tones found in the natural world. If you and your partner enjoy being outside, hanging sage is a time-honored decision you won’t regret.

Wall Mosaic

Particularly if you hold your outdoor wedding ceremony in a very wide space, this wall mosaic is the ideal background. The presence of these exquisite panels directs attention to the bride and groom and the wedding celebrant. Just make sure your mosaic’s colors are understated enough not to compete with your wedding attire.

Brick With Wall Display

It never appears to be very glamorous when you’re just staring at a brick wall. However, WOW, do they really show up on wedding days! We believe that brick walls provide a rustic yet somewhat elegant setting for your wedding. You may instantly create a romantic and private atmosphere by adding some flowers, signs, and candles.

DIY Garland

Having a wedding with a fiesta theme? For your ceremony background, make a statement by hanging garlands, pom-pom balls, or streamers. After that, don’t forget the tacos and margaritas!

DIY Crepe Paper Outdoor Wedding Backdrop

You’ve got to like crepe paper’s adaptability! They may be utilized for any kind of craft, including your wedding backdrop, which is true.

This fluttering crepe paper backdrop will undoubtedly add extra drama to your wedding photographs and videos, especially if your wedding is held by the beach or in another windy outdoor setting. If you choose to use this background, you can buy crepe paper in bulk here.

Growing Greenery

Here’s another illustration of a brick wall acting as the backdrop to a lovely and natural wedding altar. Again, the lush vegetation climbs naturally, creating a stunning scene.

Simple Initials

What better way to draw attention to the couple than using their initials? Metal, wood, or gold work great for a wedding backdrop sign. Buy one or make one along with your partner!

Macramé Wedding Backdrop

Without a doubt, this macramé wedding backdrop is a need for a bohemian wedding! You may make them yourself or purchase them already produced.

Long macramé cords are available here if you chose to make it yourself. It can take you a few days or weeks to finish, but try to look at it this way. It’s a great sort of treatment to get rid of wedding anxiety.

Vintage Doors

A set of old doors epitomize bohemian and rustic design more than anything else. These were decorated with quirky blossoms and a splash of faded blue to create the ideal entry for your bohemian wedding.

Floral Trellis

The trellis is a novel replacement for the customary wedding arch. Fill in the structure’s gaps with a crisp, contemporary blend of rustic details, vibrant flowers, and unique lighting fixtures.

Flowers and Wooden Crates

Wooden crates decorated with flowers are another option for an outdoor wedding background. Once more, this makes a great background for ceremonies occurring in open areas since it diverts attention from the surroundings and centers it on you. The cherry on top: if you’re creative enough, you could create this background for nothing!

Antique Folding Screen

An ancient folding screen with white blooms is the way to go if you like the vintage look. Your wedding vows might be exchanged in this gorgeous location, and it would be simple to include them into the celebration afterwards. Your altar may be used as a photo opportunity for guests during cocktail hour, which they will value later in the day.

Epic Balloon Arch

In search of a “pop” of color? To embrace and explore splashes of color and individuality on your wedding day, use unusual elements like textured hanging hoops, neon lucite signs, and vibrant balloons.

Faux Green Wall

If your location is located somewhere that lacks vegetation yet you want the feeling of greenery. For you, this is the ideal backdrop option. One wall-sized background is an option, but if money is tight, you could alternatively border the four corners of the space with greenery. If you choose to use this backdrop, you can buy pre-made imitation green panels here.

Distressed Wood Wall With Candles & Flower Decor

The altar for the ideal bohemian wedding ceremony was this stunning stained wood panel. To tie the knot, all that was required was some greenery and flowers for the couple.

Nude Color Scheme

Nude wedding color schemes are the epitome of modern. It is beautiful and sophisticated without going excessive. Add bursts of golden honey for a glam wedding setting if neutral isn’t your thing.

Lanterns, Flowers, and Greens

Some wedding locations already offer attractive backdrops; all that’s required is a little polishing. The existing arch at this garden-themed setting was given additional life with the addition of flowers, lights, and vines. The lighting employed in this example made me fall in love. I was unable to get the identical lanterns, but I was able to locate others that are somewhat near.

Rounded Doors With Flowers

For your bohemian altar, how about large barn doors with a distinctive rounded top? With the flower blossoms and foliage surrounding the sides and the “Better Together” message, it is just beautiful. You might also use your wedding hashtag as signage.

Sheer White

Nothing is more lovely than using white decorations for your wedding. A simple wooden arch with sheer white drapes or tulle hanging from it says a lot. Simple foliage placed on top will make a stunning presentation.

Chalkboard-Inspired Backdrop Wall

Earlier in this list, I showed you a white board with a monogram. The effect is similar on this wall that resembles a blackboard. This black one would go well with a more laid-back wedding theme, while the white one is better suited to a more formal event.

The process is quite simple. You only need a wood panel of a comparable size, which need not be brand-new. Once you have your board, all you have to do is spray-paint it with chalkboard paint.

Hanging Lanterns On Branches Backdrop

WOW! This concept simply astounds us. All you need for an exquisite wedding ceremony backdrop is a large, ancient tree, some drapery, and some foliage and flowers. Perfect, in our opinion.

Refurbished Old Doors

Using antique door panels as a background for a rustic or vintage-inspired wedding saves money. You don’t even need to paint them over because their worn appearance enhances their charm and perfectly matches your rustic or antique decor.

Antique Book Display

Where are all the readers? We were in amazement as soon as we saw this backdrop for the bridal altar. Look at how original and imaginative the final product is! How amazing is this book background for all our book-loving pals out there?

Loving Words on Fabric

This cloth background, which is printed with a love poem, would be perfect for you and your fiancé if you two are the emotional sort.

To make your backdrop even more unique, try these suggestions: Get a copy of your wedding vows and have them pre-printed on fabric by asking your maid of honor or best man. Then, as a background for the wedding cake table or a picture location, they can hang this in a corner of the wedding reception site.

This would make the ideal house décor after the wedding, serving as a daily reminder of the vows you made to one another on that memorable day.

Hanging Greenery

As though sent from heaven, flowers and foliage were floating in the air. Maybe never before have we been so taken by a wedding background. It’s worth swooning over the contrast between the profusion of blooms and the practical, unassuming backdrop.

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