Mason Jar Wedding Decorations

It’s time to accept the fact that weddings may be exorbitantly pricey! The cost of the outfit, food, venue, DJ, and travel fees all add up. In reality, a wedding in the US typically costs around $20,000. You might want to take a trip to Vegas, be married with an Elvis officiant, and call it quits after seeing that amount!

Shotgun weddings are perfectly acceptable, but those who like a beautiful ceremony might be worried about the associated expenditures. Bulk mason jars are popular because of the surge in minimalist weddings over the past several years.

Are you prepared to reduce your expenses? See the below-listed wedding mason jar suggestions. You may find gorgeous centerpieces, decorations, and party favors that are also extremely inexpensive to put together.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason jars can be used alone, in groups, or in combination with other objects to create attractive centerpieces. When utilizing a mason jar as a vase, it doesn’t take many flowers to fill it because of how narrow the aperture is. For a very elegant look, wrap a mason jar in ribbon, lace, or twine.

Luminary Fall Centerpieces

These easy-to-make centerpieces will brighten your fall wedding and add a lovely touch to your reception. Every table is lit up by the shadow of these jars’ autumnal leaves, which are green, orange, and yellow.

The fall leaves are obviously the main component here. While there are imitations available online, gathering enough from your own lawn would lend a more natural touch.

Flower Mason Jar Centerpieces

The average price of wedding flowers in the US is roughly $1,500, according to Wedding Wire. Instead of purchasing expensive vases, place blooms in customized mason jars to save money. Mason jars may be painted to match your wedding colors or embellished with burlap for more casual weddings.

Aisle Decorations

Mason jars look so wonderful hanging from a shepherd’s hook that they make adorable aisle decorations. They look fantastic when set on logs or inverted buckets, and because they are portable, they can be used again for the reception.

Beach Wedding Mason Jar Centerpieces

Let’s make a dramatic U-turn from weddings with an autumn theme to the exact opposite: bright, sunny beach weddings! Sand and tealights are used in these beautiful centerpieces to create easy-to-make yet gorgeous table embellishments.

These are your friends if you’re planning a beach wedding and searching for methods to save money. You may just gather sand and shells from the beach rather than purchasing a variety of items.

Candle Mason Jar Centerpieces

Candles in mason jars are used to decorate the dining tables. You can get 150 basic tealights for about $10 or $15, and they work well. Mason jar candle centerpieces give the evening a romantic feel and are guaranteed to make your guests feel wonderful.

Mason Jars Inspired Stationery

For a rustic wedding, stationary with a mason jar theme is sure to be perfect. Your visitors will get the impression that this is going to be a laid-back, rural soiree, and they should absolutely come.

Spring Arrangement Mason Jar Centerpiece

The brilliance of spring is the next season on our list. Because of the beauty and sunlight of spring weddings, which I like, many women opt for this season. Your centerpieces must so incorporate the hues of spring!

These stunning spring wedding centerpieces encapsulate the season. You’re putting organic flowers in a sleek, contemporary mason jar. Work with a florist to arrange them or do it yourself. There are no boundaries.

Making use of your backyard is a fantastic option if you’re getting married in the spring! To save money, consider these original ideas for a backyard wedding.

Fairy Light Mason Jar Centerpieces

Put glistening fairy lights inside of mason jars to brighten a ceremony that takes place at night. These inexpensive wedding centerpieces will look lovely throughout supper since they sparkle like a sky full of stars. If you’re truly strapped for cash, you could even get away with placing them on every other table.

Wedding Drinks

When served from a mason jar, your specialty drink, peach tea, or freshly squeezed lemonade will taste even better. As a take-home favor for your visitors, dress them up with labels, amusing straws, or have them engraved or printed.

Burlap-Wrapped Mason Jar Vases

A simple alternative for a centerpiece is a mason jar acting as a vase. So why not adorn it with a burlap strip in a shabby-chic pattern? These lovely jars match with any color choice for a wedding.

They also put together so fast and effortlessly that you have more energy for other wedding preparation details. For impact, just around a jar with this combination of silk and burlap ribbon.

Succulent Centerpieces for a Spring Wedding

Instead of using flowers for your spring wedding, use succulents in mason jars to adorn the tables. A white, pale pink, and green color combination looks excellent with a splash of green. In addition to being reasonably priced, these adorable wedding centerpieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Lights Up Decorations

Amazing lighting accents may be made using mason jars. You may fill them with flickering candles to create an immediate chandelier or accent light with a rustic theme.

Chalk-Painted Mason Jars

The country is being taken over by rustic wedding themes. They are relatable, soothing, and nostalgic enough to create a welcoming atmosphere. Create distinctive rustic centerpieces!

Actually, one of my favorite crafting materials is chalk paint. It has a transforming effect, making even the most basic items appear as though they belonged in a barn. Pick up some chalk paint over here, put some silk flowers in the jar, and be amazed.

Number Mason Jar Centerpieces

By using table numbers, you may avoid the awkward situation when nobody knows where they are sitting. Mason jars are embellished with lace, tealights, and flowers, and numbers are hung around the tops of the jars. Another choice is to paint metallic numerals using stencils on the jars’ exteriors!

A Holly Jolly Candlelight Winter Arrangement

With the help of this winter candlelight arrangement, usher in the festive season. This lovely candle in a wooden planter box decorated with pine cones, holly berries, and winter greenery is the ideal centerpiece for the holidays. Despite being such a straightforward DIY, it looks sophisticated and well-planned.

Vibrant Fall-Themed Centerpiece

Who says subdued hues have to be used for an autumn wedding? The appropriate centerpiece will make the most of the magnificent hues that fall has to offer. One of the center pieces is this Mason jar hack.

These glass beads and glitter ribbon may be used to provide glitzy embellishments that contrast with the autumn’s natural rustic character.

Pinecones & Holly for a Winter Wedding

Weddings in the winter are lovely and sometimes less expensive than those in the summer or the fall! These lovely mason jar wedding centerpieces can help you create a lively environment. Just a few pinecones, holly sprigs, perhaps some glitter, and a red ribbon would do to finish it off!

Tis the Season for Holly Luminaries

This centerpiece is a classic for the holidays because to the holly leaves, berries, and tea lights. These jars would create the ideal table centerpiece for a Christmas gathering, a family meal, or winter-themed decor. You can simply reproduce this look for your upcoming Christmas party, whether you prefer to have it indoors or outside, with only a few simple supplies.

Painted and Distressed Mason Jars

Mason jars that have been painted or weathered make a beautiful yet understated centerpiece for your rustic, farmhouse-style wedding. In fact, they suit just about any outdoor wedding. These are a more straightforward version of the previous chalk-painted mason jar. The entire jar is painted, and after that, it is subtly aged.

Mason Cookie Jar Favours

This adorable cookie craft is perfect for individuals who enjoy a good DIY challenge. At each of your guests’ place settings, these homemade cookie jars will look so adorable and quickly infuse each table with a flash of rustic country color.

Like other DIY projects for the Big Day, this one isn’t truly cost-effective (and can take some time, remember!) but it will be worth it. For warm winter weddings, there are also self-assemble hot chocolate jars and, if that takes too much time, varied jellies.

Festive Mason Jar Candle Display

Lighting some of your favorite scented candles is one way to get into the Christmas mood. The snow-like bottom of these festive candle displays, together with the additional foam cranberries and pine sprigs, will make your visitors feel as like they are in a winter wonderland. For the ideal centerpiece decoration for your family table, place them on a round wooden base.

Summer Elegance Frosted Lantern Jar

Save money by not purchasing a large number of lanterns. Create your own to brighten the night on your wedding day in the summer. These are very simple to create, but they turn out to be so polished.

By using 1-gallon jars, you can make sure that these elements are prominent yet simple enough not to detract from your table arrangement. This type of frosted glass spray, which alters your jars, is the essential component.

Simple Country Style Mason Jar Centrepiece

Other than for drinking out of, of course, the straightforward flower-filled center piece is perhaps the most apparent method to use the Mason jar at your wedding. For relaxed, rustic country-themed weddings worldwide, the burlap-wrapped, twine-tied mason jar centerpiece is the go-to décor. It’s still a great substitute for traditional vases if you’re wanting to create a relaxed ambiance. Fill the bottom with lemons to provide color, or add two or three in various sizes to add some depth and variation. This one is easy to accomplish, and there are countless flower filler alternatives.

All That Glitters is Gold

This metallic gold mason jar has a white flower arrangement within and a gold glittery rim. This is a really easy DIY project that makes the ideal table centerpiece, mantle piece, or even wedding décor. By changing the flowers, this really stylish and exquisite item may be used all year round.

Simple, Blue-Tinted Mason Jars

The ideal centerpiece is one that enhances the table rather than taking center stage. That requires simplicity with a twist, and these brilliantly coloured mason jars deliver just that.

The good news is that you’re not really tinting the mason jars. You put water in the jars for the flowers and then add dye to the water to make it any color you like.

Mason Jar Honeymoon Fund

Okay, so you might be thinking, “Whaaaaa?!” And we both agree; we had the same notion. Whatever you do, avoid placing a jar with the words Honeymoon Fund scrawled across it on a table at your wedding. Some guests might not understand that you are joking (are you?!) Make this hipster version of a piggy bank a year before the Big Day, add a few pounds when you have them, and watch the money grow on its own! (If only, are I correct?) See? Not at all rude. On the morning of the Big Day, it may furthermore create a lovely small photograph.

A Thankful, Grateful & Blessed Centerpiece

For your house, these mason jar table decorations are ideal. This chic, handmade planter box nicely accommodates the jars in autumnal colors. This lovely centerpiece has a rustic farmhouse atmosphere that is enhanced by the fall flowers and burlap rope. The writing that reads “thankful, appreciative, and blessed” provides a unique touch that will undoubtedly pique interest over Thanksgiving meal.

Farm-Themed Dark Glass and Twine Centerpiece

While transparent glass jars are frequently used as centerpieces, I believe black glass is much underappreciated. Consider beer bottles, kombucha bottles, and other jars used for “essences.” The greatest accessories for vintage themes are some of these!

I adore how this creative bride mixed a clear mason jar with lace embellishment with a dark glass bottle wrapped in jute rope. It’s a lovely approach to include both male and female concepts into one composition.

Mason Jar Cluster Table Runner

Imagine a burlap-style table runner with a pristine white tablecloth, covered with elegant lace or doilies, and just filled with a variety of tea light Mason jars. This is a fantastic option for people choosing big banquet-style tables for their Big Day. This is a wonderful interpretation of the romanticism of a relaxed, rustic vibe and would look fantastic in spaces with little natural light. With burlap, lace, and ribbon in the same color as your overall motif, each jar may be uniquely adorned.

Rustic Glam Meets Modern Romance Centerpiece

This really easy rustic glam mason jar centerpiece will look great on your table. The burlap thread gives your décor a rustic atmosphere, while the white flowers give it a romantic touch. I like that you can use this centerpiece in any space and adorn it with fresh flowers to create a soothing atmosphere.

Personal Mason Jar Desserts

Please make sure your heart is still beating if you aren’t now drooling. How amazing do these strawberry shortcake cakes in mason jars look? Once they are served as dessert, we have little doubt that guests won’t lament the absence of a wedding cake. Additionally, your photographer will undoubtedly want some time alone with one. These would be perfect as an evening canapé for guests to snack on while socializing at an outdoor wedding!

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