Chicken Coops for 20 Chickens

Is constructing a new coop one of your summertime goals? One of those do-it-yourself projects that is delightful to plan of but completely intimidating to accomplish is building a backyard chicken coop. It makes sense to employ thorough blueprints with step-by-step directions to guide you along the route because of this. In order to prevent you from getting lost, the majority of the chicken coop designs on this site include a material list as well as pictures or illustrations of every step.

Picking a lovely design from this selection, establishing a shopping list, and following the comprehensive instructions to construct it yourself are all it takes to get started on your new chicken coop. And to top it all off, you can access the blueprints for any of these coops by clicking the title of your choice!

The Pallet Palace

Based on an antique woodshed design, this lovely coop may be constructed from scratch using pallet wood and leftover timber. This backyard chicken coop is made to hold a sizable flock of 30 to 50 hens, and it features a sizable outside run that is protected from predators by deer wire.

Free Plans by Backyard Farming

It’s seven, not one, not two. 4 designs for the coop, ranging in size from tiny to enormous. Plans for one automated waterer, one feeder, and one nest box. I’m not really sure how, but Angela from Backyard Farming claimed that these blueprints were made available by colleges (North Dakota Agricultural College and the University of Tennessee), so I won’t have to worry about the structures.

Heather’s Recycled Wood Coop

This option is unquestionably the best if you want to create your chicken coop while saving even more money. The wood pallets and recycled windows used to construct this coop’s structure. What a fantastic method to recycle while also providing cover for your feathery brood. You can get secondhand pallets everywhere for free; just make sure they haven’t been used to transport anything dangerous that can damage your hens. Our neighborhood feed shop is the finest source we’ve discovered for pallets for construction jobs. Weekly pallet deliveries of bedding and feed for cattle are made, and when they are finished, they stack them for easy access.

How to Build a Chicken Coop

The 20 chickens housed in this coop will have access to a gated outside space, a heated interior room, and 3 nesting boxes. Diagrams, videos, and a cut list are all included in this comprehensive DIY chicken coop idea. You will learn how to create the nesting boxes, perches, litter tray, run, and much more as you go through each stage of creating the chicken home.

The Shed Coop by Ana White

The conventional form of the Ana White free chicken coop incorporates an outdoor nesting box and doors that are accessible at chicken height. It can accommodate a flock of eight standard-sized chickens because it has a floor area of 34 square feet.

Pallet Palace Chicken Coop

For homesteaders, pallets are like hidden jewels since they are frequently free and may be used to create anything. You might be able to construct this coop for nearly little, for free, if you can readily obtain pallets, which you can (other than the optional paint job). Pallet Palace is rather large, but if you don’t have a lot of hens, you can easily adapt it by adding more pallets.

Permanent Hoop Coop from Chook-A-Holic

If your coop needs great ventilation or you live somewhere where the winters aren’t unbearably cold and snowy, a hoop-style coop is a perfect option. Although it’s a pretty straightforward design, it won’t do much to fend off inclement weather. To help keep out predators and vermin, it would be ideal to use hardware cloth for the fencing if you decide to construct a coop in this design. If you wanted to keep the weather out, you could even cover the top with a tarp!

Palace Chicken Coop Plans by Steamy Kitchen

To build the ideal hen home, the odd Steamy Kitchen recipe calls for combining free blueprints for a DIY chicken coop with barn wood and dung boards. The large entrance and additional headroom make it simple to gather eggs and tend to ill birds.

Judy’s Free Pallet Chicken Coop

Another pallet-based chicken coop you might be able to construct for nothing. Judy claimed that utilizing pallets allowed her to save $1,000 on lumber. Judy’s strategy and Pallet Palace vary in that Judy deconstructed the pallet before using it as a source of resources. It requires more labor, but the outcome is superior to not disassembling it.

Mammy’s 1895 Chicken Coop

This chicken coop has a long history. The grandparents of Joy Tarter from Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment constructed the first coop in 1895. She willingly shares the ideas with others and had a copy of the coop built in her yard because it was so durable. We like the fact that a sizable flock of hens can fit within this enormous coop, and the adjacent chicken run offers them plenty of outside area.

Chicken Coop Plans

An entire chicken coop design is available on HGTV, and it includes a raised coop enclosure that can house six hens as well as a walk-in run, storage, windows, and an exterior egg collecting. Download the nine-page PDF plan, which has illustrations, color pictures, and detailed building instructions. If you decide hens aren’t for you, the designs even show you how to convert the chicken coop into a shed.

The Rustic Coop by Barn Geek

This useful chicken house is like Fort Knox for your backyard chickens with its shingled roof and sturdy wood construction. The nesting boxes are on one side of the coop, and the food and water access for the flock is on the other.

Large Chicken Coop Design

8 by 12 is the total size, while 4 by 8 is the size of the shelter. If you want to raise more than ten heavy layers without them feeling crowded, this is ideal. I can picture myself being content to reside here for the rest of my life if I were a chicken.

The Picturesque Chicken Coop

Any garden would look wonderful with this lovely chicken house! As a result of his anxiety over potential predator assaults, the designer of this coop instructs you on how to bury chicken wire around the perimeter to keep out burrowing predators. This design also has a metal roof, which will survive for a very long time and even let you collect rainwater if you want to! We appreciate that there are many pictures of the construction process to guide you in reproducing the same design at home.

The Choo Choo Coop by Steve (via Community Chickens)

A grandpa hoping to impress his grandkids came up with this lovely design. It was originally a used wooden swing set, but when some plywood and cattle panels were added, it was changed into a creative chicken coop design. Even the smoke stack is a rusted-out pipe from an antique stove!

The Feather Factory Chicken Coop

It is spacious, lovely, safe, and properly ventilated. Although it could be a bit pricey, once you create this coop, you won’t need to build another one for years, making the expense worthwhile. You could wish to change the size, but the plan’s author has already optimized it to ensure there won’t be any waste (in material and money).

Trevormade Free Chicken Coop Plans

A chicken home with a white picket fence may be seen in this little gem. It can accommodate 10 hens and its outside is made of cedar shingles that may be painted in whatever color scheme you choose. We appreciate the elevated chicken house above the ground and the windows covered with hardware cloth to keep out vermin and predators. This feature prevents foxes and other fox-like animals from digging their way inside the coop.

The Central Perch by Jennifer Schmus

A little flock of feathery pals will appreciate hanging out in this uncomplicated coop and enjoying each other’s company. This vibrant coop, which is obviously the work of a Friends fan, is evidence that you don’t need the biggest resources to build a beautiful home for your flock.

Downeast Thunder Farm Chicken Coop

Personally, if I had to pick one, I think I might build this. The layout is neither either basic nor overly complex. Additionally, I think a broad rectangular coop is more effective than a square one because of this. In any case, the hens will spend the majority of their time outside.

The Egg Plant Coop

This gorgeous purple building features windows for optimal air and a spacious running area for your ladies to exercise. There are also corner perches, which are popular with the flock of the owner. We like how well it blends in with the environment, and you can’t go wrong with a purple coop with a witty name!

The Red Shed Chicken Barn by Unbound Roots

While a little challenging for someone like me who struggles with DIY projects, this clever design is appealing, strong, and roomy, making it appropriate for larger flocks and larger chickens!

Sunrise Chicks Chicken Coop

This chicken cage has enough room for up to 30 heavy breed chickens. But don’t let the size frighten you; the person who provided the blueprint had no prior construction expertise, and yet he was able to construct such a large object. Even though it appears simple, if you don’t like “flashy” things, you’ll appreciate this one.

Super Duper Coop

From Home and Garden, again another fantastic collection of ideas. This enormous coop can accommodate 24 hens with ease. The longer runs make the coop appear much bigger. We adore how simple it is to clean and how many windows there are for plenty fresh air. Someone with a lot of room in the country would love this large chicken coop!

The Southern Style Hen Haven by Fireguy56

This somewhat opulent design, suitable for a flock of 25 hens, builds a roomy coop with nesting boxes and excrement pans out of fence posts and plywood.

M101 Chicken Coop

You should think about getting a bigger coop if you love chickens—and I mean truly love them. And if that’s the case, you should have a look at this. For improved predator protection, the actual coop is raised off the ground. Additionally, it has a sizable run.

My Mid-Life Crisis Coop

This stunning coop definitely has everything. The gazebo’s aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the abundance of windows that will allow in natural light. Your hens will spend a lot of time outside thanks to the adjacent chicken run, and the entire coop is accessible via doors on all sides for simple cleaning.

The Zelda Chicken Coop Design by The Happy Chicken Coop

Another huge flock coop design, this one needs thorough building knowledge and advanced carpentry abilities. The building procedure is simpler than you may anticipate thanks to step-by-step instructions, so if that glass of wine has you reaching for the stars, why not give it a try?

The Trampoline Chicken Coop

I’ve seen this before, but it never ceases to amaze me how people can turn things they no longer use into something so useful. You’ll have a nice tutorial to guide you through building this coop, but all you’re really doing is creating a tiny space for your birds to roost. The trampoline is then enclosed and turned into a sizable run.

Hotel Eggcelsior Free Chicken Coop Plans

You have to admit that this chicken coop is quite nice. The coop features fabric curtains, a chalkboard sign with lodging prices, and a tin awning. We adore the creative layout and can envision this kind of innovation extending to more outbuildings until you have a complete miniature Western town in your garden! Hey, who says we can’t dream?

The Dailey’s Chicken Coop by Kassy68

With its full-size entrance and shingled roof, this lovely construction appears suitable for living by people. But since the design is so complicated, you probably won’t finish it over the course of a weekend. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll end up with a sturdy coop that will shield your flock from high winds and other inclement weather.

Medium to Large Coop

You’ve undoubtedly already discovered how tough it is to find chicken coop ideas that are neither too little nor too large. Everyone desires a larger coop for a huge farm or a smaller coop for a few hens. But it might be difficult for those of us who rear about 20 chickens to locate the ideal coops. These plans were created with additional birds in mind, so maybe you’ll enjoy how it turns out.

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