Cinder Block Wall Ideas

Cinder blocks may be used in a variety of rapid, inventive, and practical ways. It is no longer limited to such large-scale construction projects. In fact, the next time you visit your neighborhood hardware shop, you’ll think rather differently about it. Your next DIY project might be something creative and entertaining that gets you in the redesign mood! Even though cinder blocks are substantial slabs of concrete that you’ll need assistance moving, there aren’t many sophisticated methods to use them.

You won’t want many sophisticated equipment or high-end gadgets for the majority of these cinder block use ideas. Your only requirements are some perseverance and the 28 suggestions listed below. These projects may be used both inside and outside the home because they are so adaptable. The uses for cinder blocks are numerous; consider building a platform bed or a partition! The wheels are spinning, aren’t they? Create a garden bench or a fire pit outside. Depending on how you utilize them, they are lovely and durable and may give your home a sophisticated industrial atmosphere or a zen-like and peaceful ambiance.

An Aviary Abode

Create a sturdy home for outdoor birds with this DIY cinderblock birdhouse. The hollow inside of a half-cinderblock offers a large dwelling area for your feathery companions to nest. To give a very lucky bird family the loveliest house on the neighborhood, build two pine board walls to provide some privacy, drill a front door with a wood-boring drill bit, and add a dowel rod perch.


The aesthetics of any event are greatly influenced by the centerpieces. Additionally, cinder block centerpieces are becoming more common. For weddings, parties, and other events, people are making and using them. They are far more attractive than a typical centerpiece of flowers in an uninteresting vase. Additionally, you may personalize it in a variety of ways to make it uniquely yours. These cinder block ideas will undoubtedly be seen and discussed during your event. They stand out in my memory.

Best BBQ Pitmaster on the Block

By building your own rotisserie pit out of cinder blocks, you can turn your backyard into a destination for outdoor parties for your friends and family. Your backyard will soon rival renowned BBQ cities like Kansas City and Memphis with just a few properly placed cinder blocks, some rebar pieces for support, and a sizable hole for the spit; just don’t be shocked if you start appearing in travel guides.

Concrete Block Media Center

Who needs to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a sizable media center when you can stylishly arrange concrete blocks, as in the case of this cinder block TV stand, so that they also serve as practical decor? You have also look into creating a media center out of crates as well.


It can seem challenging to construct a barbecue out of cinder blocks at first. But it’s not, really! They are far less expensive than costly grills yet function and look fantastic. One of them may be constructed in a huge variety of ways.

You may find endless instances of what individuals have made by conducting a Google search. We like the following one. A cinder block grill’s rack is also exceedingly simple to clean. You’ll use your own cinder block barbecue outside rather frequently. More than previously, you utilized the conventional grill.

Sturdy Seating

Everyone enjoys throwing a good garden party in the evenings of the spring and summer, but searching Craigslist or internet retailers for durable and reasonably priced outdoor furniture is never easy. Put an end to the hunt and construct your own garden bench out of piled cinder blocks and 4×4 posts that can pass through them. You’ll be prepared for outdoor gatherings when you finish the appearance with a couple cozy outdoor pillows.

Concrete Block Nightstand

If all you want to do is carry three concrete blocks into your bedroom and arrange them to make a sleek yet artistic nightstand, this is the lazy DIYer’s finest option. starting from begin with an outside concrete project? Here is a concrete pouring guide.

Raised Garden Bed

There are several good reasons to construct a raised garden bed. Your local soil may be tough to till because it contains limestone, hard coral, a lot of tree roots, or something else else. In that case, building garden beds from cinder blocks is a fantastic idea! They are affordable, simple to produce, and need very little preparation. You may just erect one over your lawn.

Raised garden beds are perceived as being expensive by some. Cinder blocks prevent this from being the case. The most expensive component of creating a raised garden bed out of cinder blocks will be the soil.

A Writer’s Block Desk

Avoid getting creatively stuck by stacking it instead! This simple DIY cinder block desk can be made in a matter of minutes using four cinder blocks with the short sides positioned end to end and a board cut to the desired length. It is ideal for tiny areas. The cinder block hollow cores of this industrial-style desk serve as an automated storage mechanism. Use them to stack books, exhibit a collection, or keep desk supplies tidy.

Miniature Concrete Blocks

These small concrete blocks (1:12 scale) and pallet may be placed on your desk or dresser, and you can use them to construct scale models of whatever you choose, including furniture and walls. They are a terrific present and older kids will love creating with them as well. Here are some more original gift suggestions for children that enjoy doing things on their own.

Firewood Storage

One of the most basic yet useful things you can construct out of cinder blocks is this. And it just takes two or three blocks to make it. It can be transported with practically little effort at all, looks fantastic, lasts forever, and costs almost nothing.

Block Botany

You can still employ your green thumb even if you don’t have a large backyard. Create a cinder block planter to become an expert in patio botany. Simply place the cinder blocks anyway you desire, then begin planting. Pro tip: To keep your dirt in place, lay chicken wire behind the block before you start planting. Additionally, if you’re stacking blocks, make sure the block centers are lined up so that your plants have proper drainage.

Concrete Block Backyard Seating

If your backyard is tiny and is enclosed by a fence, you may use concrete blocks and 2x2s to create a large seating area for you and your visitors. Check out these 15 fantastic DIY patio furniture ideas.

Outdoor Fireplace

You may build a variety of various outdoor fireplaces with cinder block designs. installations in the ground, little raised pits, big ones above the earth, and more. Depending on what you want to achieve, you may make highly complex ones or pretty straightforward ones.

And there are many of wonderful benefits to building a fireplace using cinder block designs. It’s enjoyable, inexpensive, and quick, to mention three. Here is a how-to article outlining one method for building an outdoor fireplace out of cinder blocks.

On the Blocks

Somewhere—in your backyard—five it’s o’clock. With just a few cinder blocks for the frame, some boards for the bar top, and liquid nails to hold the boards together, you can construct a sturdy, weatherproof cinder block bar with a removable top.

Attach a L bracket to the bottom of the board and align it with the middle of the cinder block to fasten the removable bar top to the frame. Now prepare a mai tai and put on a Hawaiian shirt for your backyard getaway.

Simple Cinder Block Potting Table

For your plants, you may use cinder blocks as potting tables. To elevate the table to the required height, insert wood boards through the slots. It is advised that you stack six cinder blocks together to create a sturdy table. Two for each of the ends and the centre. You’ll have more space for planting and a more durable table foundation.

Outdoor Dining Table

You may create a distinctive, industrial-style outdoor furniture design by using cinder blocks as table bases. They have been used to create dining tables, wet bar countertops, art and craft stations, and other table configurations.

You might choose to go really simply or extremely elegantly, like with all the advice in this post. Depending on your degree of expertise, you may create a gorgeous outdoor dining table on a budget. Even an outdoor eating table is not necessary. With the help of these cinder block ideas, you can make gorgeous, robust tables for any usage that look great.

Best Lounge on the Block

By utilizing cinder blocks as enormous sitting platforms, you may transform your backyard into a mod lounge in the manner of the 1960s. Create a midcentury-inspired building out of the blocks in a corner of your garden. It’s ideal for everything from an unexpected cocktail party to an afternoon spent reading in the sun.

DIY Cinder Block Planter

Cinder blocks are not only useful for supporting garden beds, but they also make excellent planters. You only need seedlings, garden soil, and some plastic sheeting. The plastic should be used to line the cinder block’s inside. Soil should be inserted into the void until it is three-quarters full. The seedlings should be planted into the soil, watered, and then you are finished. Using the blocks, you may create various configurations and produce a spectrum of plants.


We’re sure you’ve admired cinder block bookshelves if you’ve ever seen them in a home. New furniture is expensive, as we’ve already indicated. It’s a great way to save money and construct something that looks excellent to build bookshelves out of cinder blocks.

Of course, you can use shelves like these for a variety of items besides books. For example, you may create pantry shelves or shoe racks using these cinder block ideas. Whatever you use them for, the adjustable aspect is really important.

Upscale Planting

The only option when your patio is small or your backyard is cramped is to move higher. Design a vertical garden out of piled cinder blocks to up your gardening game. Place the cinder blocks in various orientations to accommodate all of your preferred herbs, flowers, or succulents. The wall will not only be a useful place for all of your plants to be kept, but it will also be a great talking point.

DIY Concrete Vases

DIY crafts like concrete vases are fantastic. You only need a mixing bucket, cooking spray, plastic containers of various sizes, and quick setting cement. According to the directions on the container, mix the cement. Apply cooking spray to the larger container’s inside walls.

To create the foundation, pour portion of the cement mixture into the larger container. Spray the container’s outside before setting it on the cement foundation. Fill to the required height all the way around the little container. After the mixture has had time to dry completely, separate the containers. Your concrete vase is now prepared for your next plant. One method for creating a straightforward concrete vase is described above. Depending on the kinds of molds you have, there are many designs you may create.

Bed Frame Storage

You received a king-size mattress as a present, but you don’t have a bed frame to go with it. Employ cinder blocks. They not only make an excellent bed structure, but they also function as under-the-bed storage.

You may specify precisely how high off the ground you want your bed to be by using cinder blocks. You may line the entire underside of your bed with them or use them sparingly for a distinct aesthetic. It will be hard to switch after you’ve slept on a bed with a cinder block frame and storage. It’s quite practical for a variety of reasons.

Living Room Chair

What better way to appreciate nature than to be immersed in it? Plant moss, flowers, or your preferred herbs in the hollow cores of cinder blocks that have been stacked to resemble an armchair. If you want to relax in the garden, this cinder block chair is the ideal option. Just remember to add some plush cushions before you take a seat.

Bedside Table

One of the simplest cinder block installations is this one. In all honesty, all you need to do is place a few of them next to one another. If you wish, you can make it a bit fancier than that. However, often a simple solution is just as effective.

Regarding access to outlets and charging cords, it’s also incredibly convenient. Plugs and sockets are simple to reach because to the open areas in the cinder blocks. There’s no need to move the side table to access the outlet anymore. so lovely

Additionally, it is irrelevant how tall or short your bed is. If your bed is taller, all you need to do is get additional blocks and stack them. You can also use these cinder block designs to create coffee tables for living rooms.

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