Clay Decorative Pots

All garden aficionados take garden decoration very seriously, and the most common way to achieve this is by substituting colorful DIY flower pots for conventional clay pots. Making the DIY plant pots the focal point of your yard may also be accomplished by selecting various color schemes to exhibit them.

Therefore, if you want to add distinctive planters to your outside space, choose one of these funny yet lovely ornamental clay decorative pots ideas. Here are some easy flower pot decorating ideas that you can use to design and customize garden pots with things like paint, fabric, stencils, pictures, twine, and cement, among other things. All garden enthusiasts will be impressed by the variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced diy flower pots available.

Vertical Succulent Planter Tutorial

Succulents are lovely, especially when they are grown in little clay pots. They are also too adorable to handle until you put them on a vertical wall planter like this one.

Hand Painted Family Name Pot

Use a firm hand to paint the family name on your flower pots if you want to stick to tradition. These hand-painted flower pots are a wonderful option for a garden near an entranceway or in the front yard. To add that extra personal touch, use a second pot and paint a phrase or message on it.

How to Make Mosaic Flower Pot

Are you prepared to give your patio pots, which appear drab and monotonous, a stylish makeover? Then it’s time to start working on this project to rapidly give your patio planters a mosaic appearance.

The plan is to use adhesive to surround the pots with broken chains or mosaic tiles. You require a broken plate, stained glass or mosaic tiles, terracotta flower pots, clay pot sealer, tile glue, mosaic tile grout, safety goggles and gloves, tile nippers, and mosaic sealer, according to the list of necessary and optional items. firstdayofhome

This is not the end of it; these DIY flower pot ideas will provide a variety of clever pot arrangements that will produce different topiaries and produce a stunning garden focal point. You will also receive tips on how to make the DIY flower pots you have finally finished into wonderful Mother’s Day presents.

Chalkboard Flower Pot Decor

Flowers bring the outdoors inside. However, putting them in regular pots could make them appear pretty plain. What can you do, then? Replace the old, outdated pots with fresh, contemporary ones instead? Zero chance! Make them into ornamental pots like these instead. I love that you can simply write different things on them, and it’s so simple!

Glass Stone Pot

It should come as no surprise that these glass beads work well for adorning flower pots as they are excellent for a variety of crafts. To create a variety of distinct designs, just glue these tiny glass stones around a flower pot in various configurations.

Recycled Denim Flower Pot

Use our incredible selection of flower pot ideas to wrap your patio pots in denim to give them a wonderful denim charm. This is a wonderful method to get rid of old jeans, so recycle the old denim shirts and jeans to accomplish it. In addition, it will provide patio pots a charming new appeal that will wow.

Grab a small flower container and the leftover denim seams to finish this project quickly. Using a glue gun, coat the pot with many layers of adhesive before wrapping denim scrap seams around the entire thing.

Terra Cotta Pot Carrot

Looking for a distinctive Easter decoration? Why not give this carrot in a terracotta pot a try? It looks gorgeous and is quite simple to create. It may be used as a decoration or filled with stuff!

Ceramic Chip Mosaic

You may really use a broken or old flower pot to make this pattern! Paint the old pot’s chips, and then arrange them around the new pot in any arrangement you choose. You just need to put them all in place with some sealer to create a brand-new, fashionable flower container!

Outside Tiered Flower Pots

With this creative trick, you may jazz up patio pots that don’t have more attention-grabbing focal points. It entails painting flower pots with beautiful lines, which might range from spirals to swirls, before sealing them to preserve them from the elements.

Look at the example pots, which will give your most used outdoor areas a wonderful appeal. Additionally, you can place the finished pots on a length of rebar to create a fantastic topiary and boost curb appeal. Beginners can do the job with ease, and it won’t cost you much money.

Clay Pot Lighthouse

The best way to welcome guests is with a nicely furnished porch. Porch decorations, though, may be quite pricey. You can make something yourself if you don’t really want to spend a lot of money on them. Here’s a quick project you can complete. a lighthouse constructed from clay pots!

Seashell Pot

This pot’s pattern is made out of seashells in a variety of sizes and shapes, much like a conventional mosaic. Although this design is light and straightforward, it is original and highly imaginative! a fantastic addition to your garden if you are close to a lake or the sea.

Scrap Fabric Rope Flower Pot

By transforming your patio pots with leftover cloth, you may give them a boho aesthetic. Making colorful ropes out of fabric remnants to wrap around the flower pots will add to the visual interest. Then, wrap the rope completely around the pot, gluing each loop in place. You won’t spend much money on the project overall, and it will be a better approach to dispose of the unused old fabric scraps. One of the greatest do-it-yourself flower pot decorations that will dazzle patio enthusiasts around.

How To Decoupage Flower Pots With Napkins

Do you own a few unappealing flower pots? Decoupage them with napkins to transform them into fashionable planters. You only need Mod Podge and some unique napkins. This project is ideal for the summertime.

Chalkboard Pots

Any ordinary ceramic flower pot may be transformed into a functional chalkboard by simply painting it black. This is a fantastic method to grow herbs and spices and name them in a creative and colorful way, like in these examples. When you pick what to plant next, you may reuse the pot and re-label it by using chalk!

Big Mothers Day Photos Flower Pot

Follow these instructions to quickly create a Mother’s Day surprise present at home that is simple and reasonably priced. Here is where you build a photo planter by pasting pictures all over a planter or pot. It will be finished quickly and provides the ideal present for Mother’s Day and Easter.

To finish this project, you’ll need mod-podge gloss, pictures produced using a laser printer, a foam brush, ribbon, terracotta pot, hot glue, and spray primer. Apply the ornamental trim around the pots using the decorative ribbon. One of the most attractive and time-saving DIY flower pot decoration ideas.

Quick And Easy Terra Cotta Snowman Craft

In search of a special Christmas decoration? You may create one for your house if you don’t want to spend a fortune on pricey decorations. Maybe something like this snowman? It’s a beautiful winter décor that’s simple to construct by stacking many little clay pots together. How adorable!

Make a Glitter Flower Pot

Your patio pots may be painted in countless ways for a glam appeal. This project will give in-depth instructions on how to obtain the sparkling flower pots that will dazzle. A ceramic flower pot, metallic paint, glitter, and a paintbrush are essential materials for the craft in order to finish it fast and simply.

Prior putting applying bespoke glitterific, paint the pot with metallic paint in your preferred hues or colors. All novices can complete the job, and it will also be lot easier on your pocketbook.

Moss Covered Pots

This style, which covers the outside of the flower pots with moss and pinecones, is perfect for those who like a more rustic, natural look. If you reside near a forest and there is a lot of moss growing there, you can either use genuine moss and replenish it as it dries up, or you can use fake moss to achieve the same appearance with less upkeep.

DIY Red Santa Pants Flower Pots

You’ll like the artistic talent employed to create these lovely flower pots, which were inspired by Santa’s pants and are quite aesthetically appealing. To easily make this project, you need need terracotta pots, red and black patio paint, sponge brushes, 1.5′′ black ribbon, gold sparkly self-adhesive foam sheet, white batting, glue, and scissors. You won’t spend much money on the whole thing, and it will take only a few minutes to finish. The project is affordable and will be awesome for festival decorations as well. If you have some experience, you can do this project without difficulty.

Painted Frog Clay Pot For Kids

in the basement some antique clay pots? You may use them to make a frog decoration like this one that is quite intriguing. It enhances your home’s liveliness while looking fantastic. Kids could make this super-fun DIY project!

Upcycled Flower Pot from Beehive

Use the bee homes as inspiration to create stunning flower pots for the patio. Learn more about how to create this beehive flower pot with just a flower pot and jute. The plan is to completely around the flower container with jute while using hot glue to hold each loop in place.

To construct this recycled flower pot, you’ll need a flower pot, jute rope, hot glue, ten to fifteen hot glue sticks, a sheet of black sticky foam stickers, imitation flowers, and beautiful bees. For everyone, the project is really possible.

Tiki Head Pots

These tiki head pots go beyond being just for flowers and double as fantastic buckets for ice and beverages. A old flower pot may be transformed into a similar pattern by just cleaning it. If you spent a lot of time designing your pots, you probably want to utilize them as often as you can.

Buffalo Check Terra Cotta Pots

The ideal time to give gifts is around Christmas. In addition, if you’re considering what to get for your family and friends, here’s an original concept. These little clay pots with buffalo check patterns are possible. The ideal homemade Christmas present may be created by including some sweets or mints in it.

Garden Flower Pot in 15 Minutes

It may be assembled using a variety of flower pot designs to make your patio seem stunning. Look into the specifics of these flower pot figurines or dolls that may stand alone and give your patio a major wow effect. Terracotta pots are used to construct everything from the legs to the body, limbs, and face.

Paint the clay pots to create attractive clothing, shoes, and incredible facial characteristics. To create this project, you will need a variety of sized clay pots, paintbrushes, adhesive, and patio paint in the colors red, black, white, aqua, and yellow.

Broken Pot

Make a shattered pot into a tiny heaven as another purpose for it! This is a fantastic method to add subtle, otherwise unseen decorations to your yard. In this way, the flower pot attracts attention, the fact that it is broken piques interest, and the remainder, what you place inside, is up to you!

Homemade Newspaper Flower Pots

Do you have any outdated newspapers laying around your house? Why not use them to freshen up your worn-out patio pots? Yes, it is possible to make these gorgeous newspaper pots that look excellent on a patio. To give these clay planters a stylish facelift, gather some paint, string, and newspaper. The pots’ tops should be painted in the desired colors, and the lower portions should be covered with newspaper. After wrapping the newspaper around the pots, tie a knot in the twine to keep it in place. Remember to include unique flag-style markers.

Yarn-Wrapped Flower Pots

Attending a housewarming celebration? This is the ideal present to create if you have no idea what to get someone. These gorgeous, incredibly simple yarn-wrapped flower pots are made. You are free to use yarn in whatever color you wish or to coordinate it with the hue of a flower or plant.

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