Cleaning Toilet Hacks

Cleaning the bathroom is a necessary and inevitable duty. The toilet is a highly sensitive element of the home that requires frequent cleaning, more frequently than other areas due to the likelihood of stains and bacteria.

There are several different toilet cleansers available. However, it’s amazing what common household items like Coca-Cola, baby oil, and vinegar can do for the toilet.

The finest tips for cleaning the bathroom are listed below. They are more efficient and less costly. And you’ll think they’re fascinating.

Use Mouthwash to Clean the Toilet

Unbeknownst to you, your home already has one of the greatest cleaners for toilet bowls. Use mouthwash to clean your toilet and say goodbye to harmful cleaning products forever!

Get Sparkling White Toilet with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola comes to mind when you consider how to make your toilet clean and pristine. Do you consider this to be crazy? Try it out now! Coca-Cola is a great toilet cleaner in addition to being a delightful drink. It removes buildups, stains, and rust rings to leave behind a spotless, white toilet seat. Coca-slight Cola’s acidity makes it a good cleaning agent. Let’s go through how it functions.

To clean your toilet, all you need is one Coca-Cola drink can. Measure out 12 fluid ounces for this if your bottle is larger. Make careful to properly distribute the coke around the bowl’s edge before flushing. then be patient and let the coke rest for as long as possible.

Before you scrape it with a brush, let it sit for at least an hour. Because the stains will have become more pliable due to the coke’s acid, scrubbing won’t be as difficult. Coca-cola blends well with other cleaning supplies for the home. Don’t undervalue the impact a Coca-Cola beverage can may have on your bathroom.

White Vinegar Toilet Bowl Bath

Most people use bleach to remove toilet stains and bacteria. Mark Lallanilla, a green living specialist, asserts that regular white vinegar works well as a cleanser. Toilet paper should be soaked in vinegar and placed immediately on hard water stains to remove them.

Overnight, leave the paper covered in vinegar. The stains should be gone the following morning after flushing to rinse. Full-strength vinegar, according to Lallanilla, does admirably on grout and caulk as well. Spray the area with a solution and let it sit there for at least an hour before washing.

Disinfect Your Toilet with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide may be used to clean your toilet and get rid of rust instead of harsh chemicals. Before flushing, it must sit for 30 minutes. She also does a great job of explaining the distinction between cleaning and disinfecting.

Disinfection is something that is done after cleaning and doesn’t need to be done nearly as frequently as cleaning. Cleaning happens frequently. Instead of using the standard cleaning procedure, this toilet cleaning tip may be applied sparingly as a thorough clean.

Unscrew the Toilet Lid

Getting the bathroom spotless doesn’t guarantee that it’s clean; it just makes everything gleam! Make sure you’re genuinely getting rid of all the bacteria and germs that tend to collect in those difficult-to-reach locations if you want to clean your toilet properly. The easiest approach to thoroughly clean your toilet is to remove the lid first.

Scrub with Pumice Stone

A volcanic rock that is porous, light, and soft is called pumice. Porcelain toilets can be cleaned with it easily, however fiberglass, marble, laminate, or other types of toilets shouldn’t be cleaned with it. Pumice stones are quite affordable, however they should be changed after usage.

How would you employ it? Before used, thoroughly wet the stone. Dip it into a dish of water, ideally one filled with warm water. To prevent getting your hands too messy, put on a glove for this operation.

Use the toilet water or set aside a basin of water for the cleaning. Apply direct, forceful pressure while using the pumice stone to scrub the spots. The surfaces will start to show pumice paste as you scrape. While washing, let the paste remain on the surface. After a few minutes, rinse it off to see the results. When the bowl is spotless, flush the toilet. As you clean, be sure to constantly moisten the surface and the stone to prevent scratching the toilet.

DIY Fizzy Toilet Bomb

Making your own elegant “fizzies” or “bombs” to clean and deodorize your toilet is simple and affordable. Even better, you can create your own all-natural fizzy toilet bombs by combining your preferred fragrance oil with simple household items like baking soda and citric acid.

Homemade Toilet Cleaner

You must try her homemade toilet cleaner, while we’re on the subject of cleaning! A few basic natural materials are all you need: water, castile soap, baking soda, and 15 to 30 drops of your preferred essential or baby oil.

Spray these ingredients over your toilet bowl after combining them in a container. To boost the stain-blasting power into overdrive, follow up with some vinegar or hydrogen peroxide! Allow the mixture to remain in the toilet bowl for a few minutes, then scrape with the toilet brush to finish.

Because of the essential oils, your bathroom will not only smell great but also have a lovely, sparkling toilet bowl. Why not indulge in some aromatherapy while cleaning? If you intend to keep your cleaning solution in storage for a long time, make sure you boil the water first.

Use Homemade Toilet Bomb

Toilet bombs are available in stores or can be made at home. Simply drop a toilet bomb into the tank to get your toilet cleaning and fizzing. It has a lovely scent, absorbs smells, and keeps the bathroom cleaner. Here’s how to create a toilet bomb at home in case you don’t already know how.

Get your supplies ready. A cup of baking soda, a fourth of citric acid, a fourth of essential oil, and one to three spoons of water are required. In a bowl, combine the citric acid and baking soda. One drop at a time, stir after each addition of essential oil. One by one, add 1/4 teaspoons of water to the mixture and stir.

Repeat this process until the mixture comes together. Place the mixture into a mold, and then give it at least 12 hours to dry. And it is now prepared for usage. One bomb should be dropped into the bathroom. When it begins to bubble, use a brush to clean the toilet. then flush.

Unclog Your Toilet Without Harsh Chemicals

Pour hot water and dish soap down the toilet the next time it becomes blocked (and your plunger isn’t functioning or you don’t have one on hand). However, be careful not to pour boiling water down the toilet as this might fracture the bowl.

If you don’t have a plunger or other drain cleaning product on hand, this is a terrific bathroom hack. After all, aren’t those things we truly don’t consider until we need them?

Pour some hot (but not boiling!) water into the toilet bowl after adding a few drops of soap to start the water flowing once again.

Baby Oil Polish for Chrome

When you observe the gleaming results of applying baby oil to chrome fixtures, you will be astounded. With a few drops on a clean, soft cloth, you may polish your toilet handle as well as your faucets and showerhead. Apply a few more drops to the toilet tank and bowl after that, then polish the porcelain until it shines.

Toilet Cleaning Tips With Grapefruit and Salt

Here is another eco-friendly cleaning solution: salt and grapefruit. To clean the toilet, simply cut a grapefruit in half, salt it, and use it. After, I bet it smells fantastic!

You might need to utilize both sides of the grapefruit if your restroom is really filthy. To maximize the efficiency of this toilet cleaning trick, raise up the grapefruit and get fresh salt off the rim. You may use the grapefruit grind to scrub away any stubborn stains and squeeze out additional juice from the grapefruit to apply on the stains.

Use Nail Polish to Prevent Rust

Toilet seat hardware that is rusted is quite uncomfortable. The greatest method for avoiding rust in your toilet is really nail polish. Get some transparent nail paint, then cover the hardware on your toilet seat with it.

It should be applied on the screws and bolts, then left to dry. It will stop rust from developing. Additionally, the nail polish will tighten the screw and extend its lifespan.

You may also use it to cover the bottom of your can shaving cream to prevent it from rusting on the bathtub. The majority of women keep nail polish in their makeup bags since it is inexpensive.

Clean Your Toilet With Toothpaste to Avoid Chemical Smells

Instead of leaving the bathroom smelling like chemicals when you have guests around, clean your toilet with toothpaste. While you’re here, check out our other toothpaste tips!

Since toothpaste is designed to clean tooth enamel and toilets are built of it, this easy cleaning tip works! Although it’s definitely not the best cleaning technique for you, it comes in quite handy occasionally. To avoid getting toilet water on the toothpaste, remember to squeeze it from a height. (yuck)

A Plastic Soda Bottle Saves on Water

There is a simple solution to save money and reduce water waste if your toilet is an older model without water-saving features. One or two inches of sand should be added to an empty one-liter plastic container before adding water on top.

Place the bottle inside your toilet tank, safely away from the working parts, and screw on the cover. By shifting the liquid content so that the tank doesn’t fill up too much with each flush, the bottle will assist minimize water use.

Don’t Forget to Clean Under the Seat Joints

The next image may make you say, “Ew,” but there’s a good reason for that… We frequently forget to take the seat off to clean the fittings and joints surrounding the toilet seat. What may be present, especially if you live with guys, that might be generating an offensive pee odor?

As you might need to get your tools out for this one, this is a fantastic activity to add to our annual spring cleaning list. Don’t be alarmed if you discover that this hasn’t been done in a while and that what you uncover is horrifying. The cost to replace a toilet seat is quite low.

Prevent Toilet Sweat Using Bubble Wraps

It is mostly used to box delicate things. But by lowering condensation, it may also be utilized to stop toilet tanks from sweating.

Here is how to utilize it. Turn off the toilet’s water supply first, then take off the tank cover. Wait until the toilet tank is completely empty before flushing. Put a layer of bubble wrap inside the tank once it has been emptied. The layer serves as an insulating layer that keeps the tank’s outside warm.

Boiling Water Unclogs Stubborn Pipes

Fill a medium pot with water and bring it to a boil in order to unclog a toilet with the fewest number of components possible. To clear the blockage, carefully pour hot water into the toilet bowl.

Another Way to Easily Clean the Siphon Jets Under the Toilet Rim

Use a toothbrush to really reach up beneath the rim to buff and clean the siphon jets. Castille soap and borax combine to create an excellent toilet cleaning foam.

When you flush the toilet, water exits via tiny openings under the rim called siphon jets. To maintain your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, it’s a good idea to perform a deep clean at least once a year. These siphon jets may be quite difficult to clean with only your toilet brush.

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