Color Drawing Ideas

The best tool to utilize is colored pencils. This is the medium to start with if you are a beginner in the art world. This won’t smear or roll off the canvas as oil and watercolors will. It is quite similar to writing with a pen. The main distinction is that they are more vibrant and silky. A cotton or cloth may be used to combine the colors, and an eraser can be used to rub it off.

So, certainly, there is a place for you to fix your mistakes. With skillfully matched tones, you may make gorgeous items by mixing these colors.

Now that we understand its significance, we can see how difficult it is to start painting without the proper inspiration. We’ve included some suggestions for colored pencil drawings to assist you.

Flowers, Plants & Fruit

Drawing or painting flowers and fruit is a common way for beginning painters to acquire the fundamentals of their profession. Start with a Realistic color pencil drawing that you already have at home if you’re a newbie. Additionally, you may quickly rotate your flower, plant, or fruit and sketch it from several perspectives to have a solid understanding of perspective. Apple, banana, sunflower, cactus, rose, and snake plant are a few examples of things you might draw.

Draw Celebrity Caricatures

You can learn how to use crayons and markers to make caricatures of celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston from caricaturist Baylee Maroney. This might also be simply adapted to a project using only crayons.

Wilderness in a Bottle

If you appreciate watercolors, I think you’ll like producing this work of art, which depicts the outdoors within a bottle. The color scheme used for this is exquisite.

Drawing Dory

This lovely photo of Dory, the well-known fish from “Finding Nemo,” will make you smile. Take a look at how they combined the various blue tones to make the body. To make the fish stand out, the backdrop has been rendered slightly bland.

Snacks & Cookies

Draw some of your preferred snacks or sweets if you have a sweet tooth. Sketching a sand biscuit is simpler than drawing an orean cookie. Therefore, pick a challenge that suits your skill level. Why not create a cartoon version if you’re just starting out? Some food items to sketch include cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, lollipops, chocolate bars, cake, and pies.

Try Crayon Scratching

The crayon-scratching method It’s easy to make beautiful designs using crayon lines or patterns, ink or paint, and strategic scratching. You learn how to create your own scratch-crayon artwork. To produce scratched crayon drawings, you’ll need a scratching instrument, such as an exacto knife or another pointed item.

Crying Eyes

These eyes are very expressive and convey a lot of passion. The usage of art in this is fantastic. To add color to your drawing, use colored pencils. They make your work really stand out thanks to them.


Have you long been a Spider-Man devotee? Yes, it has a complex design and various hues, but that is part of its allure. Observe how the reflection of light has been shown using the color white.

Peacock Drawing With Colored Pencils

The peacock’s head is first created by drawing a curve in the center of this page. Now let’s draw a little circle, give it an oval form, and add some shading to convert it like an eye. Create a short curved line connecting the top and lower mandibles. Now, use a straight line with a basic curve to represent the primaries.

We are currently sketching some little primary curve lines. Create some peacock-shaped ocelli. In the third phase, we are trying to add some pencil shading to the male rectrices. Find out more about the many creatures that may be drawn with lines.

Globe and Flowers

This drawing of a globe with flowers is actually quite simple to do and is ideal for beginners.

Baby Groot

This is a great illustration of how a straightforward sketch may appear to be quite imaginative. Draw spiral lines and a U-shaped head using a pencil first, and then color it in with brown and green.

Cute Animals

Whether it’s a cat, dog, rabbit, or anything else, we all like our fluffy pets. Any newbie may easily draw a straightforward cartoon dog or cat. Alternately, you may begin by creating colored pencil illustrations of creatures without hair, such turtles or snakes. Dogs, cats, turtles, monkeys, birds, pandas, elephants, and lions are a few basic sketching subjects.

Cat and Cactus

Here is a charming illustration of a cat being assaulted by a cactus. I was considering using this artwork as a greeting card for a friend.

Girl With An Umbrella

We adore the artwork and agree that this sketch is quite clever. The girl’s black paint contrasts with the multicolored umbrella. Beginners can attempt this because it won’t be too challenging.


The amazing thing about them is that you can draw virtually a limitless number of feathers by only understanding a few fundamental ideas. You may experiment with the form, colors, pattern, etc. Listed below are some suggestions for drawings: Dove feathers, peacock feathers, golden pheasant feathers, lyrebird feathers, and others.

Whale with Bubbles Easy Drawing Idea

This whale painting is very adorable and easy to do. I really adore the color scheme employed here. A handmade greeting card with this illustration would be wonderful.

Bright Patterned Yin Yang

Though it is very different, it makes you think of Yin Yang when you look at it. An explosion of vivid hues surrounds the entire design, which is covered with flowery motifs.

Butterfly Drawing With Colored Pencils

A quick line drawing of the insect’s body serves as the basis for our butterfly drawing. This is divided into three main sections: the head and antennae, the thorax (middle region), and the abdomen (lower section). If you begin the underlying sketch with a graphite pencil, your colors will contaminate as you blend them. Now you should work to determine any specifics of the skeletal system in the wings.

The colors and patterns on the wings may then be highlighted. Since butterfly wings seem to be symmetrical, you may trace and move the wings to the opposite side of the body to create the second pair of wings.

You should keep using the purple pencil at this point since other colors will easily mix over it. Analyze the colors you want to make by separating them into the colors you would use to blend them. Apply them in layers of pure color beginning with the mixture’s lightest hue.

The drawing is finished by including the deepest hues. The deeper tones that concentrate in a tight black ring around the skeletal shape and patterns on the wings are changed by the addition of brown.

Baby Ironman

This is a really adorable addition to the list, in our opinion. What if Ironman had a baby? Yes, you can easily design this figure and outline it in black. Although the hues are ideal, you should use caution when coloring.

Koi Fish

For the experienced novice, this koi fish reference is ideal. The addition of the flowers and the waves in the lake is fantastic.

Colored Yin-Yang

This is a really inventive interpretation of the well-known Yin Yang symbol. This is painted in a rainbow of hues and stands out for the vivid patterns on one side. You can use the patterns in the image as a guide or come up with your own.

Colored Pencil Sunset

Start your sunset photograph with lighter hues (yellow, then orange) where the sun is, either above or below the horizon. Use a colored pencil horizontally. Without precisely covering the layers 100%, layer a deeper yellow on top of a softer yellow.

The yellow should be extended outward. I mean both horizontally and vertically when I say “outwards,” but be sure to maintain the same horizontal movement with your pencil as in Step 2. Maintaining the same horizontal pencil stroke, add many layers of deeper orange at the horizon. Work this layer up a little bit to the top of the page.

Let’s now move to the top of the page. Dark colors like dark blue or grey should be added to the page’s header. Start sloppily adding some orange to the top of the page in the center of your sunset, where it is still yellow. To integrate the orange hue into the darker one, gradually taper it down toward the horizon.

Now start adding red in the same way you did with the orange. Don’t feel the urge to touch the orange spots; instead, slowly apply color downward and upward. In sections where you want the color to seem darker and richer, add a few layers of orange and yellow; in regions where you want the lighter sunlight to be present, keep the layer basic and light.

Just a touch of yellow should be added to the right and left margins of the space at the bottom of the page. and to generate dark shadows, apply grayscale hues or sparingly utilize black in the bottom parts. By stacking colors on top of one another, you may fill in any gaps and add any more colors to your sunset as required.

State Sunglasses

Five pairs of sunglasses are depicted in this imaginative design, each one standing for a distinct state. What a clever concept.

Colorful Balloons

People of all ages can try this particular artwork. There are many different methods to design and tint a group of balloons. With the balloons, be imaginative and inventive. To create a more realistic impression, you may make the objects translucent and combine the colors.

Colored Pencil On Black Paper

Spend some time attentively examining your selected subject before you begin putting pen to paper. After that, you may start sketching the subject’s outline and defining the contours of its highlights and shadows.

Here, we use a lead pencil to trace a parrot’s head. Working with colored pencils on black paper has the advantage that pencil markings are less noticeable, easier to erase, and more forgiving to cover over.

Define the sections of your subject matter that are lighter and brighter with your white pencil. Use numerous coats of white pencil to further increase the opacity in the sections of your subject matter that are the lightest. Your darkest portions should remain black.

The next lightest color can then be applied in layers over the white regions. Apply yellow here to the chest and the beak. If you want a smoother result, work in small circular motions. If you want a more textured look, employ cross-hatching or hatching.

Go on to the following color. Practice sketching using the hand that isn’t your dominant one. Therefore, if you are right-handed, start at the upper left corner and work your way down to your right side. Give your final sections some color and detail.

Colorful Eye

Do you desire to create something special? This is a fantastic concept that you may use in your designs. An eye with multicolored feathers underneath that has been drawn to seem realistic is seen. The feathers underneath the image enhance its artistic appeal.

Cloud Eyes

This picture is really imaginative, and drawing it would certainly be a lot of fun. The clouds and stars may be colored to give your painting a distinctive appearance.

Best Friends

Do you enjoy animals? Draw the flamingo and the owl’s special bond. The artist’s attention to detail is evident in the vibrant hues. Keep in mind how skillfully the owl’s feathers have been layered.

Eyes and Mathematics

Although I adore the way the eyes are created in this illustration, I believe it’s amazing how math equations are hidden behind the eyes. This appears to be quite original and cool.

Hanging Frog

Animal lovers will also like this piece. Frogs seem simple, but take a closer look at the coloring of the image. The green perfectly complements the brown and red while still having a hint of orange.

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