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We frequently hesitate when it comes to making our own furniture. We are crafty, for sure, but we may not have a lot of expertise with things like woodworking, welding, or other really useful talents that you may assume are necessary for something like furniture construction. Despite this, we’re sometimes tempted to consider constructing our own furniture since we’re creative DIY enthusiasts who don’t back down from a task easily.

That’s why we’re happy that the Internet has so many useful guides explaining a wide variety of amazingly inventive little furniture items. So, what is the work that we have been eager to challenge ourselves with lately? We believe that we can create a new bedside table stand and a new side table ourselves, and we could really use them!

Here are some of the most creative side table techniques and ideas we’ve found so far in our quest, just in case you’re as determined as we are to learn how to construct your own furniture.

A Trash Can

Turn it around. If you want, spray paint it. But it truly is that simple. You may create a nightstand with more than just four legs and a top by grabbing a tiny garbage can with a creative design. For quirky bedrooms, craft spaces, or even your workplace, this is undoubtedly an excellent option.

DIY Simple Hairpin Tables

I really like the hairpin side tables. Create one by yourself! You simply need a round wooden board, some tools, and few hairpin legs to make it. After a few simple steps, you have your very own chic hairpin side table!

DIY Wire Side Table

Have you ever had a wire shelf or laundry rack in your home that folds and unfolds, and when you were assembling it or putting it away, have you ever noticed how it folds and considered all the many forms and objects it might be fashioned into?

Imagine how thrilled we were to discover this great foldable wire rack table from Lowes! Perhaps it’s just us, but we do tend to have wandering ideas. Their instructional video demonstrates how to create a dual standing foundation out of folded and zip-tied wire racks and how to add a smooth plastic top so that items may be placed on the table without sliding off or tipping over.

Vintage Suitcases In A Stack

By far, this is my favorite concept. Take one, two, or three old trunks. You may quickly create a DIY nightstand by stacking them. It has texture, surprises, is elegant, and is undoubtedly entertaining.

DIY Mid Century Nightstand

Retro furniture from the mid-century is more popular than ever. With the help of this nightstand, your house will have a little bit of style. It can be made with just some plywood, some tools, and some hairpin legs. Additionally, this doubles as a nightstand.

Simple Wooden Side Table

Perhaps you actually do have some expertise with basic handy work and even woodworking, so you’re not completely against the notion of constructing your own wooden side table from scratch, but you’d still prefer to keep it simple to make sure it’s a job that you can actually complete. If so, you should certainly check out this amazing wooden side table from Not Just a Housewife! You’ll have no trouble following their step-by-step, straightforward instructions, and once you’ve added a bright coat of paint, you’ll feel really successful.

A Large Stack of Books

Maybe I lied after all. This could be my absolute fave! The ideal nightstand for a book enthusiast or someone who simply wants something different from the “normal” is a vast stack of fantastic books. Absolutely no skills are required to do this DIY. You only need to be able to stack, that’s all!

Geometric DIY End Table

This one is for you if you like the geometric style without going overboard! Construction of this geometric end table is simpler than it appears, especially if you have any woodworking experience. Build this straightforward yet elegant table over the weekend, then adorn it with a nice plant and a few trinkets!

DIY Vintage Record Side Table

Would you rather create something spectacular and unique to represent the things you love, right there in your living area, if you were going to construct your own bespoke furniture pieces? So, if you enjoy both innovative retro aesthetics and music, we think we’ve found the perfect project for you!

Look at how A gorgeous, vintage-looking side table made by The Flourishing Abode out of a wire plant stand and an old record will instantly enhance the decor in the entire room. Even setting your coffee on it is secure and flat.

Use Floating Shelves

Without the clutter, these serve the same purpose as a side table. You may add a coaster, some trinkets, and your remote control to some floating shelves that you attach close to the couch. A hammer and a nail are all you need.

DIY White Wooden Side Table

Have you been seeking for the ideal side tables but found them to be out of your price range? You’ll adore this simple side table if you need a creative DIY project and have some free time. You could paint it whatever color to suit your aesthetic, and it goes with just about any d├ęcor. adore it

DIY Step-Up Side Table

Do the furnishings in the space where a table is needed genuinely represent a more contemporary, angular style as opposed to a handmade, DIY, or vintage one? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still create a unique piece by yourself simply because your main objective isn’t to create something that clearly seems DIY!

We like the way this step-up-style side table with many shelves at various heights looks in a modern room. Even better, we like the concept of painting it a stand-out color that stands out from the rest of the design. Ana White has further information about how this one was produced.

A Conveniently Placed Ladder

Use a ladder to create the raddest, coolest side table ever! It is the ideal decoration element and is also quite practical. Just make sure the ladder you choose fits your theme and vision. In case of emergency, pull out the paint!

Cheap Side Table Plans

Do you want to DIY some inexpensive side tables to add some color to your room? When it is elegant, under $20, and has free plans available… What is superior than that? Get the blueprints, go through this lesson, and get working!

Vinyl Strip Martini Table

Have you ever viewed a table that you currently own and wondered how, while like the piece’s fundamental shape, you simply can’t help but feel that the whole design would be much more intriguing if you used a little more creativity?

Matsutake Blog did exactly that here, so they must be on the same page as you! Check out how they attached vinyl strips to the tabletop and base at either end and then tightened them in the middle to transform this ordinary circular, one-stand side table into an awesomely wrapped appearing martini glass-inspired item.

A Large Trunk

Trunks are useful also, just as a group of suit cases! They can serve as a good, functional side table while concealing a collection of movies and books.

Pallet Wood Small DIY Table

Do you have any extra pallets in the garage or basement? Make use of them to construct inexpensive nightstands. Here are some free building instructions and blueprints for a single (or two) nightstands. The greatest thing is that two nightstands with all the extra materials will only run you about $12!

Industrial Side Table

When we first started talking about tables constructed of wire racks, did we sort of strike the metallic note you were going for, but that design wasn’t quite industrial chic enough for what you had in mind? In such case, we think you would choose this wooden board-topped table frame with metal brackets!

We like how it produces a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that is a bit more understated than some of the other artsy, ornate-looking designs you’ll find online, but without detracting from other elements in the space or making the space appear too chilly. On Lowes, you can see the entire process step-by-step.

A Cute Folding Chair

This is quite enjoyable and simple. Set up an eccentric foldable chair. Place a book and some fresh flowers on top. This is ideal for a girly and feminine atmosphere! Alternatively, for a bedroom that is more modern, consider a sleek wooden chair.

DIY Farmhouse Nightstand

Side stables may function as a chic bedside table. yet their cost might be high. Why spend a fortune when you can make a rustic nightstand like this one yourself? It’s simpler than you may imagine and looks adorable!

Upcycled Wooden Door To Side Table

You have some basic handy abilities, so you were interested when we discussed simple woodworking. However, if you’re going to make your own product out of wood, would you want it to be upcycled from something else?

Personally, we’ll grab just about any opportunity to reuse outdated items as opposed to simply discarding them. We felt this wooden cubby side table with slanting support legs was such a great concept in part because of this. Kim Werker walks you through the surprisingly quick and easy process of cutting and attaching the repurposed components. They had the brilliant idea to paint the support legs of their table a different color from the rest of the space, and we love it!

A Snazzy Filing Cabinet

It’s simply plain fantastic to use a file cabinet throughout the house as a nightstand or side table. Use it like any other smaller table by storing items in the drawers (or organizing items there). It adds individuality and is a fantastic conversation starter.

DIY Farmhouse End Table With Storage

You’ll adore this if you like the rustic farmhouse look. Bring it home and create a side table resembling this one. It appears to be very straightforward but elegant and useful. It may be used to keep diapers or other items that you wish to hide from view!

DIY Copper Tubing Table

If you’re still thinking about industrial-chic decor but aren’t convinced either of the silver metal options we’ve showed you so far is quite your style, here is an alternative that we believe is extremely hip and groovy!

Design Sponge shows you how to construct a basic wooden table that has been painted with a half-neon pattern step by step, which is interesting in and of itself. They also demonstrate how to make metal table legs out of copper pipe. We adore how it combines the worn, shining, and fresh, as well as the fashionable and trendy, all at once!

The Trendy Bar Cart

When it comes to interior design, bar carts are now all the rage, but you don’t have to utilize them only for that! Bar carts are a terrific alternative to side tables since they feature two shelves for storage and are mobile. Look at how House Beautiful arranged a few more decorative trinkets on top of a bar cart and set the light close to the bed.

Old Bar Stool Into Narrow Bedside Table

With a very limited budget, do you want to purchase nightstands for your bedroom? Not to worry. They may be constructed out of used, $5 secondhand bar stools. Seriously, get some used bar stools, give them some TLC, and you have tall, thin nightstands! How imaginative?

Wire Basket And Table Top

It’s no surprise that we’ve uncovered yet another creative design in the same spirit for your consideration as we’ve already discussed a number of designs that include bits and pieces of other furniture or household items. See how Apartment Therapy created a table foundation for a spherical table top using a copper wire waste paper basket that had been turned upside down. Although we adore this style that keeps the copper metal exposed, you could paint your basket base and spherical top in a variety of patterns as well!

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