Corner Bar Ideas

For a very long time, homes have had bars in their layouts. For their big bottle collection and entertainment demands, some homes require enormous rooms. Others choose concealed bar designs, while yet others are single-occupant homes with little wall bars.

Home bars not only offer a secure and organized area for you to store your collection of wines and spirits, but they also make it easier for you to mix cocktails because everything you need is conveniently located nearby. Here are some stunning home bar designs and ideas to motivate your next renovations;

Mid Century Modern Mini Bar

Home bars are a perfect complement to mid-century modern designs because of their warm, opulent, and slightly retro atmosphere. Try looking for designs that emphasize horizontal forms (whether it be through the actual bar or minor pieces like thin drawers and knobs) and, where feasible, outward-pointing legs to discover a corner mini bar that compliments them. Finish it off with a cozy hardwood surface.

Two-Tier Bar for Eating and Drinking

A two-tier or double-level bar features two distinct surfaces: one that is at standing bar height and the other that is at regular table height. This layout enables simultaneous use of the space for dining, drinking, and informal conversation. If you prefer to provide a snack buffet alongside your beverages or if you’re concerned that a standard bar won’t have enough horizontal surface area, this is a flexible use of space that works well.

DIY The Barn

This attitude is all about having fun, having excellent company, and having fantastic talks. A blackboard wall, a wood slab counter, some antique wire lighting, and bar stools are all you need to create a home bar with a barn-inspired aesthetic. ideal for man cave or basement situations.

DIY Create a Wet Bar

Make sure it has all the necessities if you want to build a bespoke home bar. This wonderful home bar from Daly Digs has concealed storage beneath, a tiny sink, and cupboards and shelving for your liquor. Although this project requires more work than short-term fixes, it’s a terrific option for anyone who wants a permanent home bar.

Taller Corner Bar Ideas

If you intend to store more than just a few bottles but also equipment fit for a cocktail bar, taller cabinet-style mini bars are the best option.

With one of these bad boys, you can truly let your inner barista go. It has wine slots, stemware racks, space for your highest spirits, and even closed storage to surprise your visitors with additional devices.

Match Bar Stools to Bar Top

The standard bar top is 41 to 43 inches from the ground. Then, bar stools must be between 29 and 32 inches tall, which should be plenty for most individuals. The bar stools must be between 30 and 36 inches tall if the bar is close to 46 inches tall.

Although we like bar stools with at least a modest back for support, there are so many different types that you should be able to locate seating that complements your bar. If you don’t have enough room, omit the chairs and round the edges of the bar top to make it comfortable to rest against.

DIY Bar in a Cabinet

Although hidden from view, this house bar is close by and convenient for occasions that call for a party, celebration, or simply a quiet drink before bed. A wine rack, a bar cooler, and storage shelves already included with the cabinet.

Add a Standalone Bar

This suggestion from 126 Interiors is a fantastic option if you want something that seems planned without going through a whole overhaul. Choose a stand-alone shelf that works nicely with the wet bar or cabinets you already have (a precise match isn’t required). This will provide you a designated area for spirits while yet making it feel in keeping with the rest of your decor.

Corner Bar Designs With Decorative Potential

The first step in selecting your corner mini bar is to decide what kind of alcoholic beverages you’ll be stocking. If wine is the answer, choose a design with holes or racks might make more sense.

Don’t forget that you may utilize the remaining space in your corner mini bar as a conventional piece of furniture to showcase a few decorative objects, frames, plants, or fruit bowls if you’re not actually planning on keeping a lot of bottles.

Work the Angles

Think of a different bar configuration than merely straight or L-shaped. This design, which features 45-degree angles at two corners to provide a little more room for sitting or standing, is one of our faves. If you have space for an L-shaped bar, you have space for this design as well. Added: How to Create a Home Bar

Grey Elegance

Stylish, modern, and sophisticated. This well-designed home bar just occupies approximately two meters of the wall space in your kitchen, and it comes well-equipped with a few coolers, plenty of wine racks, storage drawers, shelves, and a serving station. The opulent marble backsplash is highlighted by the modest light grey color.

Paint it Dark and Moody

This home bar from Kelly Stone Interiors is just amazing. It has the appearance of a high-end cocktail bar thanks to the slick black paint and mirrored backsplash. An inexpensive and simple approach to give your home bar a somber, opulent appearance that is akin to a genuine bar is to paint it a dark hue.

Narrow Corner Mini Bar In Living Room With Mirrors

You were in a little space with a very tight corner where you believed nothing could fit. The secret is a corner mini-bar that is higher and has a mirror. Why? Because mirrors are excellent at making a space appear larger than it truly is in your thoughts (and in the minds of your visitors).

Combine Classic Pendant Lighting and Recessed Lights

Traditional bar lighting involves hanging pendant lights from the ceiling. A group of three or four pendant lights placed over the bar, high enough to prevent head bumps, looks very nice in a home bar. To create a pub-like ambience in your bar area, choose low-wattage bulbs and soft lighting.

Think about recessed lighting as well. Like kitchen prep spaces, the area where drinks are prepared needs enough illumination. Bar spaces benefit from using under-cabinet lights as well. The very adjustable LED lights of today allow you to place illumination anywhere you choose and change the color of the light to create a different atmosphere.

Floating Bottle Storage

astonishing and fascinating An ideal place to store wine bottles in a minimalist modern home. This fantastic design serves as a room divider as well. The silver or chrome bars have a gritty appearance. For a more rustic look, wood bars are another option.

Add a Mirror

Your home bar will look more commercial and have a wider appearance if you add a mirrored backsplash to the side of it. This home bar from Mark Simmons Interiors has mirrored paneling to provide the appearance of additional space and glass storage for barware. This is a fantastic idea if you want to give a butler’s pantry or a corner of your dining room a cozier appearance.

Corner Bar Unit Designs For Apartments

A small bar cart on wheels that is designed to appear exactly like your other furniture items is an original twist on the corner mini bar concept.

This means that while you are entertaining, you can move it closer to your dining area and then put it back against the wall when people start dancing after a few drinks.

Choose a Durable, Beautiful Bar Surface

On the bar surface, don’t cut corners! It is the area of your bar that is most noticeable and busiest. Here, the classics are a wise choice: Tile is not as striking on a bar, but it is a cheap option. Granite and marble slabs are rather pricey, but they will create a top-tier bar appearance and will endure forever.

Dark, exquisitely grained wood has a cozier appearance and is more appropriate for traditional taverns. Additionally, butcher block, glass, and stainless steel are used as bar surfaces in contemporary, experimental bars. Avoid surfaces that are prone to scratches or that might eventually peel or break.

The Pallet Bar

A home bar doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You only need the pallets, a few nails, and a weekend to put this easy-to-assemble recycled pallet bar together. Simply sand and clean the pallets before assembling them and adding the beverages and colorful lighting. You’re all set to have fun!

Think Vertically

Utilizing all of your available wall space is one of the greatest methods to build a functional home bar. A sleek glass wall shelf unit by Studio Thomas that has a minimal footprint yet is functional for storing bottles and glasses is featured in this wonderful modern home bar.

Corner Mini Bar Design For Small Space

While wooden mini bars often have a more traditional and nostalgic appearance, you can readily discover more modern designs that will fit your d├ęcor. Consider concentrating on simple designs, unassuming finishes, and less conspicuous materials like glass or metal. A design that deviates from the most traditional cabinet forms will frequently get you extra marks for contemporary appeal.

Keep the Bar Well-Stocked

Ensure that your home bar has all the necessary tools and ingredients. It is crucial to have a traditional bar book with all the drink recipes your customers could want. Additionally, that entails preserving the vital components.

In addition to a selection of glasses, equipment, and cutlery, your bar should include storage room for components like bitters, simple syrup, triple sec, soda water, vermouth, and so forth. Of course, you’ll also need room for a selection of spirits, beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

Pull-Out Drawers

This little home bar receives high marks for its practical layout. The pull-out drawers maximize the available storage capacity while maintaining convenience, making up for its small size. the upper shelves for glasses, carafes, and other bar supplies, the bottom drawer for shorter bottles, and the top drawer for taller bottles. There is even a prep and service counter there!

Repurpose a Dresser

This beautiful home bar from Emily Harris is all we can think about. Not only is it incredibly well-stocked, but we also adore the concept of turning an antique desk or dresser into a chic home bar. You may create a room that is ideal for any cocktail party by adding a few floating shelves for wine glasses and bar supplies.

Small Corner Bar Chart For Flats

Are these living room corner bar ideas still too large for your apartment? Relax; your need to always have a fully stocked bar nearby continues.

One of the most space-saving options are rolling bar carts with various layers. Additionally, finding a location for them will be simpler than with larger bars, and you’ll be able to relocate them wherever you wish (ideal for wowing your visitors like a pro!).

Keep Your Cool

Any bar arrangement benefits greatly from having a flexible mini refrigerator. Not only can it freeze wine or beer, but it can also preserve an appetizer, frost glasses, keep lemons, limes, and other fruits cold, among other things. Avoid wine coolers that simply have wine racks and instead search for a compact fridge type with flexible storage areas. A mini-fridge should be included in all small home bar designs!

Under the Stairs

Utilize the uncomfortable area beneath your stairs. A bar in your house is ideal! The red brick wall adds a rustic and endearing appearance, while the black granite countertop creates a dark atmosphere. The bar is finished with shelving for the bottles, mood lighting, and a sizable cooler.

Add in Metallic Elements

Silver and gold accents help give this stunning home bar from Paper Moon Painting a grander feel. For a home bar, metallics work well as accent colors (have you ever wondered why so many bar carts are made of gold?) If your house is generally minimalist, this is a terrific opportunity to experiment with them.

Mini Bar Design For Living Room

Other little corner bar designs, particularly those constructed of glass, include more delicate tiered patterns as opposed to a larger cabinet.

In fact, this material will assist maintain a lighter atmosphere in your living area, just like mirrors do. If space is your primary issue and you’d prefer to display a few glasses and spirit bottles rather than a fully stocked bar, we particularly advise this solution.

Mimic Your Favorite Pub or Trendy Tavern

For us to name just one bar as the greatest, there are simply too many different bar designs and materials. Instead, consider several bar designs from different cultures and eras, and then pick the style that most closely resembles your house. Before making any significant purchases, do this to ensure that the materials, lighting, stools, and glassware you choose represent this aesthetic.

To more precisely resemble your ideal bar, you may also remodel the flooring, walls, and ceilings. And be sure to incorporate at least a few elements that distinguish your bar from others. Check out this DIY bar project for further advice.

Chic Nook

When you have a stylish home bar where you can sip on your favorite beverage, why go out? Instead, invite your friend over and hold the celebration in your place! A brick wall, a marble counter, a pair of black metal bar stools, and an incredible and astounding bespoke metal wall storage complete the stylish, contemporary design.

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