Crafts with Sticks

We always have no problem supporting our kids’ humorous, original DIY whims when it comes to being creative throughout the summer. We’ve seen that when kids get time off from school to run about outside and exercise their imaginations, they become more creative. As a result, when they suddenly approach us on a wet day with an idea for a really bizarre project, we’re typically pretty happy to hear it.

That’s why we said “of course” when our daughter asked if we could spend the evening “creating toys out of sticks” the other day when she came in from the backyard. We immediately began exploring for ideas, and we were pleasantly pleased by the sheer number of options available—and not just for kids. We even came across several items made out of sticks and twigs that we’d really like to construct ourselves!

Here are some of the greatest do-it-yourself projects we have found so far in our quest, just in case you’re as excited about the notion of getting crafty as our cute little families were.

DIY Twig Trellis

Who says that a lovely garden trellis has to cost a small fortune? You may really create one that resembles items from stores just as well. Additionally, it won’t cost you anything as you can create it out of twigs. You may create a beautiful arching trellis to display your climbing flowers and plants by simply screwing the twigs together.

Cute Boat Made Of Sticks

With this suggestion from Minieco, your child will set sail on a boat built of sticks and twine. The crafting materials are simple to locate!

Painted Horizontal Twig Heart Mobile

Big admirers of paint are our children. Even if it doesn’t specifically serve any function, they will happily paint anything, literally. They simply appreciate the straightforward act of giving things color! On the other hand, we absolutely like the process of transforming the haphazard things that our children have painted into different types of art and then displaying them for everyone to see.

This made the colorful, heart-shaped painted twig mobile the ideal joint artistic endeavor for us. On Daily HeART, you can see how it’s done with sticks and pliable jewelry wire.

Woven Twig Basket Pendant Lamp

This lovely pendant light is crafted from branches that have been weaved together. This is simple to make, or you can look at this finished version I found on Etsy. It would look lovely above a breakfast table or hallway table and is the ideal way to add some natural beauty. It is available for about $75.

Build A Bug Village With Sticks

As they adhere to Crafts By Amanda’s directions, your children may construct an amazing bug village to house all of their painted rock bugs! This simple activity is so much fun to put together. It will look great in your lawn as décor!

Ombre Painted Vertical Stick Heart Mobile

Do you love the concept we just presented to you so much that you believe you may actually prefer to meticulously paint the sticks you use in order to produce a more artistic impression than merely using random rainbow colors? Then perhaps you would want to construct this ombre vertical stick heart version of the same mobile instead (together with your kids, if they’re old enough to comprehend color gradients). Look closer to see what the minute variations on Helena Nord are.

Upcycled Twig Bird Mobile

This recycled twig bird mobile is the ideal project for the twigs in your yard, whether you opt to hang it in the nursery or outdoors where the real birds can enjoy it. When the birds are completed, they rest on a short twig that you can probably find right there by your porch. You do need to sew a little for the birds. It’s a lovely little mobile that was such a simple and enjoyable DIY project to do.

Hang Colorful Butterflies On Sticks

Fluster away! For the next stick project for kids, you’ll need a hot glue gun, some colorful paper, markers, and some imagination. These butterflies may be made by your young children and attached to sticks so they will float and sway in the wind. Also, hang them up near the front entrance. What a fantastic craft Pink Stripey Socks created!

Twig And Canvas Trees

Do you think your kids would like crafting with sticks more if you used the real sticks themselves to depict the sticks themselves? The best craft for them may perhaps be one that is inspired by trees and the natural world. We adore how Bunnings Warehouse used inventiveness to make adorable small canvas mounted twig trees with objects like buttons and seeds as leaves.

Quirky Toolbox Handles

Making toolbox handles out of twigs and branches is an excellent idea. All of your gardening tool holders might be converted into a rustic twig craft with this method! And it’s so simple. Simply pick sticks that are the proper thickness and trim them to size so that they will fit into the handle holes of the DIY wooden toolboxes. Rustic is a word that describes this entire project!

Colorful Painted Sticks

In any space, at any season, painted sticks are stunning! Your child’s room will be revitalized by Homemade Ginger’s easy and lovely DIY craft project!

Funny Stick Puppets With Googly Eyes

Maybe the inspiration for creating new toys and objects out of sticks came from the time you took snacks outdoors and saw your kids using ordinary twigs as puppets while giving each one a unique voice, name, and personality? Then, we’d advise upgrading the game they’re presently playing by assisting them in giving their sticks faces and little “outfits”! See how Best Toys for Toddlers accomplished it using googly eyes and leftover cloth in the video below.

DIY Twiggy Christmas Tree

These little Christmas trees made of sticks and twigs are very cute. This is an excellent activity for youngsters since it is so much fun to construct and display these. Allow them to assist you in collecting sticks, and then let them help you decorate them. You may use these as the ideal outdoor (or inside) Christmas tree ornaments by adding a ribbon to the top for hanging.

Butterfly Craft From Sticks And Leaves

Making this gorgeous butterfly project from sticks and leaves, created by Artsy Craftsy Mom, is a colorful way to pass the time in the afternoon. Your child will enjoy constructing these rainbow-colored wings with you.

Tree Bark, Acorn Cap, And Seed Beak Owls

Okay, so discovering tree bar isn’t quite the same as finding a stick or twig in your yard, but if your home is surrounded by a lot of trees as ours is, we have no doubt that your kids will have no trouble finding enough of it in the spring and summer when it sheds off the trees! If they do, we advise them to study how Fireflies + Mud Pies transformed their pieces into cuddly tiny owls and then copy their example.

Adorable DIY Fairy Garden Furniture

Convert those little branches and sticks into charming fairy garden decor! Since my kids have always adored fairy gardens, this furniture makes it quite simple to preserve their magic. You may make a whole collection of fairy furniture out of your twigs, ranging from tables and chairs to a sweet little bed, and construct yourself a charming little fairy garden right there in the front yard.

Colorful Marionettes

Here are a few enjoyable popsicle stick crafts: Children may really use marionettes made out of sticks and yarn to use their imaginations! What a magnificent undertaking by Artsy Momma! Those puppets’ googly eyes are simply too adorable.

Twig And Twine Hanging Photo Frame

Would you want to sit down and create something you would love while the children are busy making all sorts of amazing things out of twigs? We frequently concentrate on our own do-it-yourself home décor projects while our kids engage in whatever fantastic craft has captured their attention that day. We recently produced a set of stick and twine photo frames for each of the kids while they were busy constructing amusing tiny stick puppets with wobbly eyes using this adorable technique from Sponge Kids.

Rustic Looking Framed Twig Art

Why not simply frame the twigs if you don’t have time for a project but still want to use them as part of your interior or outdoor décor? To create this simple rustic framed twig art, all you need is an inexpensive frame from the Dollar Store or a yard sale. Simply trim your twigs to fit the frame’s aperture, and then staple them in place. If you truly wanted to make your painting your own, you could even paint them in different colors.

Awesome Stick Garland

You may try this wonderful Christmas ornament. With you, older children will enjoy making this stick garland. With this Funky Junk Interiors DIY, you can decorate a room beautifully by hanging ornaments from it!

Stick People With Leaf Hair

Although you’re still of the opinion that the stick puppet tutorial concept is now the ideal choice for your children, have you also considered the possibility that they would prefer something that has a few more components so that they can truly customize their new amusing friend? Then perhaps it would be best if you helped them create their own stick person! We adore the way Mum in The Madhouse used leaves to give their tiny twig person hair.

Upcycled Twig Bird Nest Art

Use those twigs to fashion a lovely bird’s nest that you can use to adorn any location in your yard. This project will be a hit with kids, and you can enlist their assistance in gathering twigs and constructing the bird’s nest. It’s really easy to design, and once you’re done, you can add “eggs” and a bird to your nest to give it a more realistic appearance.

Lovely Stick Instruments

The stick “instruments” that Two-Daloo created will make your child happy! It’s also quite simple to prepare! To identify the missing farm animals in your child’s pretend farm, you may utilize something similar.

Twig And Tree Leaf Dragon Fly

Given that you are aware of your children’s interest for painting, building, and adorning new objects, have there been a significant number of projects on this list that have drawn your attention? Maybe finding kids a project that brings all of these things together and allows them to be creative with twigs will help you truly keep their attention. The ideal illustration of what we mean is this charming painted twig and leaf dragonfly craft that was featured on Filth Wizardry!

Living Willow Playhouse

Build a kid-sized living treehouse for them! Your children will really appreciate having their own own playhouse, and it’s not as tough to grow as it first appears. In addition, this playhouse has a beautiful unique quality and you may save hundreds of dollars by building and growing it instead of purchasing a pre-manufactured one. Additionally, you may use it to support taller plants or flowering vines.

Twig Yarn Weaving Frame

We occasionally try to find our kids something relaxing and continuing to work on when we’re enjoying a quiet period on a rainy day and they’re feeling creative but too worn out to pull out the messier craft stuff.

But until then, we’ve taught them how to weave yarn in a variety of fresh ways! One day, when we’re a little bit older, we’ll teach them how to knit for days like that! You can probably imagine how thrilled they were when we showed them this version, which combines the weaving they adore with their notion of constructing with sticks. It’s actually one of their favorite pastimes. You are guided by Eco Kids’ Art through the creation of the frame and beginning your weaved masterpieces.

Upcycled Branch Coat Hanger

This branch-based coat hanger is fantastic and appears to be quite simple to create. Simply construct a shadow box to house your branches, then fill it with the branches. You may hang this inside or use it as a coat hanger on the front porch to keep umbrellas and raincoats.

Twig And Pom Pom People

When you discussed crafting amusing tiny twig people with googly eyes and scraps of fabric, did your kids get really enthusiastic. However, you don’t actually have access to such materials. Then perhaps you could try these adorable pom pom and paint variations in their place! See how Motheropedia created amusing miniature hairstyles for the twigs using little, glittering craft pom poms and painted features.

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