Outdoor Kitchen Layouts

Nothing is more fulfilling than having a meal outside when the weather is nice and lovely. With the help of these outdoor kitchen design concepts, you can cook and eat your meals while admiring the stars or the warm sun. Every style, from shabby chic to rustic to outdoor glam, is represented in the designs.

Patio Turned Outside Kitchenette

Originally, this patio-style outdoor kitchen was a do-it-yourself project. This area was transformed into a wonderful outdoor kitchen with the addition of cupboards, concrete counters, a sink, a built-in grill, and a refrigerator. This room is made even more inviting by little touches like a river rock backsplash, more bookshelves, a TV, and playful decor. The family may congregate here on the weekends or even just to unwind after a hard day.

Try A Micro-Cement Finish On An Outdoor Kitchen

One of the things that gives your outdoor kitchen’s units and countertop individuality is the finish you choose. However, why not take into account a material like microcement if you’re interested in a sleek design? It’s not only a significant interior design trend; you can use it on countertops and cabinet fronts to create a cohesive aesthetic.

In this illustration, microcement has been utilized to create a Mediterranean-style area by Toronto-based Ancerl Studio(opens in new tab). According to the team at Ancerl Studio, “We were first inspired by our client’s mood board, which stressed a clean and basic European look, with material continuity and a laid-back island atmosphere.” Almost every piece of furniture on the terrace was custom made, including the microcement floor slabs, built-ins, sofa, cushions, and throw pillows.

Contemporary Black

contemporary, rustic, and sleek. Vintage lights, black vertical wall sidings, and sisal rope cabinet knobs. This outdoor kitchen successfully combines a pleasant rustic feel with a stylish contemporary design. The reed covering covers the area completely yet without enclosing it.

Barbecue Grill and Prep Station

Classic masonry in the adobe style is given beauty and sophistication by a dark wood pergola. The orange tones of this kitchen are reminiscent of the desert, and the stainless steel provides a stark contrast. The countertops are made of a darker red tile, and you’ll notice that brilliantly colored tiles add an unexpected splash of color. You may complete your kitchen arrangement by including an outdoor griddle and sink.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen on a Deck

This outdoor kitchen design places the kitchen on a portion of the deck that already exists. It has a pizza oven made of brick and cinder blocks, a built-in grilling area, bespoke cabinetry, concrete countertops, and space for a Big Green Egg.

This plan guides you through the construction process weekend by weekend while providing plenty of instructions and advice along the way. To avoid missing any information, be sure to visit the second section of the outdoor kitchen project. The final product is revealed, showcasing the details and how everything came together.

Or A Stylish Tiled Design

Tile is an additional choice for a stunning finish for your outdoor kitchen. There are several options available to define the aesthetic of your backyard setup, ranging from vibrant encaustic designs to rustic, handcrafted tiles like those used by Leigh Lincoln, co-founder of Pure Salt Interiors(opens in new tab), for her own outdoor kitchen.

My family and guests should feel comfortable and welcome when using the outside kitchen, according to Leigh. “I adore the Saltillo tile in particular!” This was a “risky” design choice because my house isn’t built in the Spanish style, but I enjoy using it to give the impression of my favorite hideaway and make my house seem like a trip every day.

Hideaway Kitchen

When you need it, it will be safe and out of sight, yet ready and accessible when you do not. This kitchen-in-a-box is a wonderful option if you want to have pleasant outside barbecues on warm weekends and want to keep your cooking tools safe on wet days.

DIY Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar

Ever notice how rain sounds when it hits a tin roof? This outdoor kitchen uses the corrugated tin for aesthetic appeal and a lovely soundscape during stormy weather to create a casual outside room employing that serene vibe. With oak-toned wood details, such as countertops, and a string of outside lights over the top, you may avoid making things too fussy.

Outdoor Kitchen Build

With the help of this DIY outdoor kitchen concept, a sizable concrete patio is transformed into a fantastic entertainment area. The cabinets are added after the covered pergola is constructed to shelter the kitchen from the weather, allowing space for a grill, refrigerator, Big Green Egg, and a small hot water heater.

There is a lot of counter space here, which serves as both a prep area and a location for the sink. The addition of a big TV, a dining room table, and ceiling fans makes this kitchen a place you’ll never want to leave.

Add Flexibility With A Sleek Portable Kitchen

The notion of a standalone, movable design shouldn’t be disregarded whether you’re designing a new backyard or trying to squeeze an outdoor kitchen into an existing one. According to Ced Wells, creative director of Vlaze, “the adaptability of movable, freestanding outdoor kitchens means they are an exceptionally popular alternative for people trying to optimize their garden space” (opens in new tab).

Our ADAPT series, for instance, may be equipped with wheels so that the unit can be rolled inside or to a storage area when it’s not in use. This feature is especially helpful if you have a smaller or more constrained backyard.

Additionally, because they are all freestanding, the units are simple to transfer into a new location if you decide to re-landscape your garden or take them with you if you move.

Grey Stone

A really cutting-edge outdoor kitchen with a lot of antique appeal. Creating a sleek and modern kitchen out of primitive elements like rough stone and wood gives the room a unique appearance. The gray hues draw attention to its modern style.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design with Grill and Dishwasher

Kitchens with a shabby-chic aesthetic are still in style, and this outdoor kitchen is no exception. It has gray highlights on the counter and whitewashed masonry creating a cozy vintage appearance. Also, did you see the chevron brick floor? It complements the masonry below the bar well.

Backyard Wood Fired Pizza Oven

A wood-fired pizza oven is a common addition to an outdoor kitchen, and this free plan explains in detail how to construct one and incorporate it into your outdoor kitchen.

A cinder block base serves as the foundation for this enormous pizza oven, which is then molded with a timber frame and brick dome. A beautiful stone is put to a portion of the oven’s exterior as a finishing touch. This would look fantastic as a single element or in any outdoor kitchen.

Consider An Outdoor Kitchen Island

There is a good chance that the celebration will go outside if you host a large crowd. Having a few barbecues here and there won’t cut it when you need to take care of a big gathering of people.

Rethink your design and examine how you may expand your kitchen outside. Create a lounge space, have a dry kitchen that is somewhat well-stocked, along with outside chairs, possibly a dining table, an outdoor BBQ, and other amenities.

Our customers requested an indoor/outdoor eating experience for this project, so we arranged the outdoor kitchen’s position to be close to the interior kitchen, according to Kate Anne and Ryan Gross of Kate Anne Designs (opens in new tab).

This BBQ island was designed as an accent piece, and we took care to avoid obstructing the view and flow of the rest of the yard. In an outdoor kitchen, it’s crucial to consider clearance and good circulation while constructing an island. In order to facilitate meal preparation and simple cleanup, we also made care to incorporate a lot of counter space on either side of the grill and sink.

Pergola Bar

A pergola will dress up your outdoor kitchen and bar! A pergola may offer shade and aesthetically improve the area, giving it character and distinction. For a more dramatic look on special nights, it is also the ideal location for some string lights.

Outdoor Food Prep Station for Small Spaces

The outdoor kitchen in this minimalist design is simple but stylish. Simple, open shelving in a light grayish brown serves as the backdrop for a ceramic smoker-style barbecue and a glass water dispenser. Keep decorations to a minimal so that the grill and water dispenser’s graphic forms stand out. It also doesn’t hurt to incorporate a small amount of vegetation.

Outdoor Serving Cart

This inexpensive outdoor serving cart with wooden worktops can be the perfect solution if you don’t want to undertake such a large project or are on a tight budget. You’ll have extra prep room, a serving area, and some much-needed storage if you place it next to your barbecue. This is a comprehensive plan with a cut list, a materials and tool list, step-by-step construction directions, and several images.

Set Up A Vibrant Seating Area With The Kitchen

Set up a useful kitchen and comfy lounging areas if you want to make the most of your spacious backyard, porch, or front yard. To guarantee comfort, set up a dining table, a sofa, and perhaps an umbrella or canopy. Keep a grill on available, and make sure that all of your other appliances are Underwriters Laboratories authorized and able to plug into GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets.

Create a harmonized color palette and give this place its own individuality if you want to increase attention. Make it homey by adding floor cushions and blankets.

Country Patio Kitchen

This patio kitchen is a great place to dine outdoors in the afternoons and evenings. Just add countertops, some storage, a grill and oven, and your dining table to your patio. The combination of brick columns, wood pallets, string lights and yellow worktops bring forth a pleasant country feel.

Food Prep Station with Pergola

An open pergola encloses this entire kitchen setup and gives it a formal appearance. The off-white base and black countertops are a great match for light wood beams. The use of stainless steel equipment adds a touch of luxury to these understated hues, and the overall arrangement is well-balanced and slightly classic.

Go For A U-Shaped Design Where Space Isn’t An Issue

The below backyard plan has an exquisite outdoor kitchen created by Blakes London(opens in new tab) (opens in new tab). The U-shaped design is highly utilitarian, as it fits in an integrated BBQ, a Green Egg, easy storage for dishes and glasses, and it holds a beverages fridge too.

Iroko wood that has been responsibly harvested is what we prefer to use to build our outdoor kitchen units, according to Blakes London principal designer Annie Ebenston. ‘This African hardwood is a great alternative to teak, especially for outdoor furniture because of its naturally high oil content, which makes it extremely sturdy and difficult to break with changing temperatures. Additionally, Iroko starts out as the gentle yellows you see in these photographs and darkens to a deep, rich, coppery tone, unlike teak and oak, which have a tendency to bleach and turn silver with time.

Large-format Xtone porcelain tiles are ideal for countertops, she continues. Xtone is a wonderful, low-maintenance substitute for concrete or renders that is also incredibly useful. This large-format porcelain tile is resistant to heat and frost, and it will keep its color over time. Additionally, because it is so sanitary, it may be utilized as a surface for food preparation.

Shaded Kitchen

erratic weather in your area? When it starts to rain or when the wind picks up, you can quickly close your outdoor kitchen and stop using it for cooking and dining. The contemporary kitchen design is enhanced by the sleek vertical shades, which match the wall.

Rustic Wood Kitchen with Stone Backdrop

This kitchen has a farmhouse atmosphere thanks to the gray wood. There aren’t many decorations, but there are a few spots where you can put some special items thanks to a few little shelves embedded in the rock wall. Traditional barn door type cabinets with open storage on each side give visual flair and balance without being crowded. A cute tin roof complete the design.

Use One Wall If You’re Short On Space

Even though this urban garden is small, it nonetheless incorporates an outdoor kitchen by making the most of a difficult area. Only one wall of the kitchen is used for installation, and a tiny peninsula extends out just enough to serve as a breakfast bar area. This layout is the ideal concept for a little garden.

Southern Charm

The interiors of the South are hospitable, elegant, and lovely. The stone walls and flooring contrast with the dark wood columns and ceiling. The room has a very southern feel thanks to the magnificent wicker furniture, curving iron table, and antique chandelier.

DIY Food Prep Station with Crate Shelving

Use crates for a quick set of shelves if you already have the grill set up but still need a space for preparation and staging. Plates and flatware may be stored in smaller containers until guests arrive. The top may be used for certain plants, while the interior can be used for dining necessities.

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