Pencil Case Organizer

With some of the greatest DIY pencil holders I could find, let’s get crafty! We all like having a tidy, well-kept workstation or play environment, am I right? Making something you’ll use every day is the best thing you can do. Create a fantastic pencil organizer for yourself to clear up the mess on your desktop. Find a look that inspires you, then let’s get going!

My family enjoys other things than DIY projects. I also enjoy coming up with exciting new family activities. See what I’ve been working on with these free printables. They are simple to download, cost nothing, and will occupy you and the kids for hours!

DIY Glitter Graphic Pencil Cases

Start with this creative and colorful DIY project: Use one of these free printable stencils to decorate an old pencil box. You may decorate it with paint or glitter.

Flat Zipping Pencil Cases

Have you ever discovered that sometimes it’s difficult to squeeze a pencil case into your backpack on top of everything else you’re currently carrying since they tend to be bulky? Then perhaps you would appreciate these amazing flattened style pencil boxes detailed step by step by Sea Lemon to be a bit more helpful. Furthermore, even a novice may manufacture them pretty easily.

Rustic DIY Painted Mason Jars

Due to how readily they may be adorned, mason jars can serve as the foundation for a wide range of crafts. Once the new school year begins, transform them into some adorable pencil holders that you and your children may utilize. These will look fantastic on your desk at home if you’re looking for that rustic, chalk paint vibe! Keep this guide handy for your upcoming craft night!

DIY Gold Marbled Pencils

Give your pencils the royal touch by adding a few gold accents. Choose pencils in a color you prefer mixed with metallic shimmers, like the pink used above, or choose black for a striking look.

DIY Pencil Box From A Cereal Box

Since you won’t need to bring it anyplace, are you genuinely rather interested in having a more organized pencil case? Well, if you enjoy the notion of upcycling materials as you craft, you might enjoy the way Vikal Pah created these amazing flapping pencil boxes out of leftover fabric and a cereal box. More straightforward to construct than they appear.

DIY Pencil Holder From Empty Tin Cans

This tutorial is what you need if you’re seeking for some simple, inexpensive pencil holders you can construct using items you already own. They are constructed from tin cans and given some contrast by basic, contemporary patterning. Additionally, you can simply change the pattern or colors to coordinate with the design of your desk or office!

DIY No-Sew Pencil Case

Beginners will love this easy DIY project. Make a simple case out of recycled fabric to contain all of your stuff by recycling a scrap of cloth. It is less expensive than purchasing a nice case from a retailer, plus you can choose the pattern! therefore there is no need for stitching.

No-Sew Roll Up Pencil Case

If you’re an artist, perhaps you’re searching for a way to store your best pencils that will do more than simply keep them together but also keep them organized? If so, we think you’ll get along great with this DIY pencil case in the manner of an art roll, which is practically what experts use! On Innova Crafts, you may get instructions for constructing one for yourself.

Back To School Kids Pencil Holder

Both parents and children may find returning to school challenging, or perhaps only the children, haha. Making a beautiful pencil holder is the ideal way to get ready for return to school. If you follow these five instructions, you’ll have a fantastic afternoon and a wonderful present for their instructor!

DIY Apple Pencil Holder

Create a contemporary apple pencil holder like Damask Love using cut vinyl to ensure that your child always has a supply of sharp pencils nearby on their desk for when they are working on their schoolwork.

Boxy Pencil Case

Do you like the idea of creating a box-shaped pencil case because you believe that form best accommodates everything you need to carry with you, but you’d rather it be made of a softer material out of concern that you’ll smash the cardboard idea? Then we strongly advise looking at how Go The Red Threads created these boxy casings that can still squish if necessary.

DIY Ruler Pencil Holder

You’ve never seen a clever instruction like this one before! It demonstrates how to create a straightforward pencil cup with rulers. You’ll love working on this quick and simple activity with the kids. Additionally, look how adorable that would be on their desk!

DIY Stamped Pencil Cases

Grab a blank canvas pencil case from the dollar store and have your child use fabric paint to stamp a design all over it, exactly like in the movie Almost Makes Perfect, so they may have their own unique pencil case to use at school this year.

Slim Flapped Pencil Cases

Are there any items on our list that are a bit smaller than what you’ve seen so far that you specifically need? You could just need something that is a little simpler to construct because you are relatively new to the DIY scene. In either case, we highly advise looking into Martha Stewart’s method for creating this little, floppy pencil bag that can contain a few necessities.

DIY Paper Roll Pencil Cups

We all have toilet paper rolls at home, so this is a terrific technique that won’t set you back any money. Create a lovely paper roll pencil holder for your child’s homework area. Additionally, you may truly express your style by picking whatever colors you choose!

DIY Cute Confetti Pencils

Give and Tell demonstrates how to paint regular pencils with confetti dots to make your child a set of colorful confetti pencils that they may use at school this year in place of the traditional orange pencils.

Contrasting Patterned Pencil Pouch

Perhaps all you’re searching for is a simple pencil case in a traditional design; yet, you truly enjoy the thought of creating something vibrant and entertaining. If so, we wholeheartedly recommend checking out this Positively Splendid guide that shows you how to construct a block-colored case with contrastingly patterned materials for a really cool aesthetic.

Make A Modern Wall Hanging Pen Holder

If your child’s desk starts to seem a little cluttered, a hanging pen holder could be necessary! This ultra-modern holder hangs from the wall and has a contemporary design. Even better, you may remove it from the wall and reposition it on the desk. Additionally, you could create this out of leftover wood and let the kids paint it!

DIY Embroidered Floral Pencil Case

Just in time for back-to-school, you can create this lovely pencil case with a little sewing know-how. Add some flowery accents or use your imagination to create your case as you wish!

DIY neon painted pencil case

Do you like the concept of creating a somewhat boxier standing case, but you don’t have any additional fabric to create a blocked contrast on the bottom of the outside even if you have enough fabric to make the interior lining a different color from the exterior? In such situation, we advise picking up the paintbrush and imitating Dear Handmade Life, who painted a lovely neon portion.

Leftover Tile DIY Pencil Organizer

There are often some extra tiles left over after a home renovation that you store away. Make a pencil holder out of those tiles so we may reuse them! It can serve as a planter box or a gift for a teacher. Isn’t it fantastic?

DIY Stenciled Palm Leaf Pencil Pouch

With a tropically designed palm leaf pencil pouch, you can extend the summer feeling throughout the entire academic year. For a quick back to school DIY that you can complete tonight, Persia Lou provides a free palm leaf pattern that you can use to cut a vinyl stencil and paint the image onto your fabric pencil pouch.

No-Sew Cylinder Pencil Case

Have you been browsing our list and hoping you had the sewing abilities to create one of the pencil cases you’ve seen so far but aren’t convinced you could pull it off? If so, we believe you would get along a bit better with something similar to this cylindrical no-sew pencil case tutorial by Michele Baratta, which is carefully explained step by step!

How To Make An Easy Crayon Organizer

All children enjoy using crayons, but they don’t all enjoy cleaning up afterward—at least, not my kids. Now that they have this simple organizer, they don’t need to worry about it! It is quite simple to create out of scrap wood. Additionally, it works for a variety of school materials!

DIY Patterned Pencils

Make your own patterned pencils for your children to use in school this year by wrapping Maritza Lisa’s patterned temporary tattoo designs over the top of each pencil. This will save you money over purchasing a pack of patterned pencils.

Patterned Pencil Case With Piping

Perhaps you really like the concept of adding some contrast to your pencil case in some way, but you’re not sure if color blocking fits your desired aesthetic. If so, perhaps you’d want to learn how to pipe instead! We like the way A Little Craft in Your Day uses piping to contrast something more bland with a color burst.

DIY Duck Tape Pencil Organizer

If you don’t have a decent spot to store and arrange your art equipment, chaos may quickly develop on the work table. You can manage all that chaos with the aid of these pencil holders. They are constructed out of duck tape and used food cans. If you’ve been seeking for a quick and simple pencil holder project, go no further than this one! So take your tools and go to work!

DIY Gold Dots Pencil Case

Help your child get a head start on the school year by putting all of their necessities together in a new transparent pencil case by Sarah Hearts with stylish gold dot design. This way, they can quickly find everything they need, including pencils, a ruler, scissors, erasers, and markers.

Ziploc Pencil Pouch

Have you actually been browsing our list in search of additional patterns without zippers since you’ve never been a fan of sewing zippers into just about anything? Then perhaps it would be preferable to create a pencil case with a sliding Ziploc bag like closure along the top! What’s Up Moms shows you how to accomplish it efficiently.

DIY Desk Organizer With Painted Brass

Buy no desk organizers or pencil holders when you can build simple ones like these. This one contains a little area for sticky notes and three separate cups to accommodate your various pens and pencils. Grab a glue gun, read this instruction, and start making something!

DIY Gold Contact Paper Pens

Help your kids who will be starting high school or college this autumn by surprise them with a set of stylish gold pens? similar to the ones created by Enthralling Gumption utilizing standard pens and gold contact paper, for them to utilize to record all of their notes in class this autumn.

Custom Fabric Applique Pencil Cases

This adorable DIY appliqué project from My Bluprint could be intriguing to you if you’re searching for something straightforward, whether you’ve already purchased a number of pencil cases that you just find too basic or if you want to make your own from beginning and adorn them a bit. Their guide demonstrates how to use felt and stitching methods to create tiny erasers and lined paper sheets.

DIY Pencil Shaped Pencil Holder

A pencil holder in the form of a pencil? Too adorable Making crafts with your children is enjoyable and useful as the start of the new school year approaches. This year, avoid the frantic arranging that occurs and use this guide to make the greatest pencil holder available.

DIY Leather Coloring Pencils Case

Students from elementary school through high school will require their own set of coloring pencils for tasks throughout the academic year, including coloring presentation boards and doing art in class. The Merrythought created a stunning DIY leather colored pencil holder that holds each color separately so you can find them right away as you unroll the case.

DIY Mail Tube Pencil Case

Are you still debating whether or not a box shape is the ideal option for you despite how much you liked the concept of creating a hard shell pencil case? Then perhaps this cylindrical design built from a painted mail tube would help you get along a bit better! Discover all the information necessary to create your own on Damask Love.

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