Craft Glass Jars

Mason jars are fantastic for more than just keeping food; they’re also quite practical and beautiful (if you snazz them up a little bit). These inventive methods to use Mason jars around your home will be demonstrated by these mason jar crafts.

Mason jars have an almost limitless number of uses, including dispensing soap and serving as portable coffee cups. So, let’s find out how you can use these glass jars for more than simply keeping jam, shall we?

Raised Letters

Create a cookie jar or a unique container to hold almost anything. This would be a wonderful present for a friend, parent, or teacher. To convey your sentiments to the receiver, use one phrase or a statement. All you need is a container, some spray paint, and either a glue gun or some raised letter-shaped stickers. Check out the Lettered Cottage to discover just how lovely and easy this project is.

Glitter Dipped Mason Jars

Why choose a boring mason jar to enjoy your cool beverage from when you can go all out with a glitter-rimmed glass? Mod Podge, painters tape, and tons of glitter are the only materials needed to complete this project. Bonus: The stylish completed item withstands washing surprisingly well. So go ahead and smash this one and take your personalized glass with you everywhere you go (since it’s always good to feel posh).

Sheet Music Mason Jar Centerpieces

The problem with that is that whenever I hear the phrase “mason jar centerpieces,” I always picture something unattractive and underwhelming. However, the reality is that when it comes to appealing projects, mason jars may look fantastic and speak for themselves.

That’s exactly what this adorable little DIY mason jar accomplishes (truly! Just visuals; no words are present. I adore how a simple old jar was fully changed into something lovely with the addition of only a little sheet music, twine, and flower decorations.

Why not simply observe these during a wedding or gathering? You won’t believe how simple it is to manufacture these. You may even think of producing them so that others can take them as gifts or use them later to adorn your house. You’ll adore this decoupage concept.

Suspended Bohemian Fishnet Mason Jar

With this intricately woven rope hanger, embrace your inner gypsy mermaid. Visitors will undoubtedly notice the big knotted pattern, which consists of a cradle-like container for your jar. Perfect for outdoor spaces and any bigger jars you might have.

Etched Drinking Glasses

For this project, you only need to brush on some etching fluid; you don’t need to know how to etch. The fact that these are washable is very good because it goes beyond aesthetics. Visit A Beautiful Mess for instructions on how to create them.

DIY Bug Repellant Mason Jar Luminaries

When it’s humid, all the bugs come out, but don’t let that get you down; just start putting a lot of jam on your toast in the morning. The empty jar will be a stylish DIY bug repellent in the late hours once the preserves have fulfilled their function. All summer long, these very surefire precautions should keep the skeeters at bay (and it smells way better than bug spray).

Mason Jar Wind Chimes for a Garden Paradise

Make your jar into a wind chime to transform it into a musical yard ornament. All that is required is to add a foundation to the jar so it can support the chimes, and done! a challenging weekend project that uses an intermediate level of DIY.

Vintage String Holders

This is the ideal method for preventing string balls from being tangled up. And they’re so adorable! They appear to be suckling on a length of spaghetti. Also a fantastic project for children. On Handmade Charlotte, you may find the tutorial.

Frosted Mason Jar Votives

There is no such thing as an annoying overhead light, but before you spend a lot on more subtle options, check out this dollar store hack that transforms a basic mason jar into the mood lighting solution you’ve been looking for. For those who are short on fancy crafting materials, there is good news: Elmer’s glue alone is responsible for the exquisite frosted aspect of these votives. But after the craft is finished, you’d never know it since these candle holders have a really sophisticated appearance.

DIY Mason Jar Table Lamp

Make a table light out of your Mason jar to up your game. All you need is a lamp kit, which is easily found at your neighborhood craft store, and a base to house the lightbulb. You don’t need to be an electrician to make one. Enjoy it by turning the jar over the lamp base.

Crocheted Jar Cover

These small sweater-like crocheted coverings are made from t-shirt yarn. Using whatever unwanted or old t-shirts you have on hand, you can quickly create your own t-shirt yarn. You may get the crochet pattern at LVLY. It’s a fairly simple DIY, and the ribbon makes it much cuter.

Summer Succulent Mason Jar Planters

House plants brighten up a space so much, but they may be difficult to maintain if you don’t have a green thumb. Here are these gorgeous succulents, which, as luck would have it, can be grown in pickle jars and require very little care to thrive.

Distressed or De-Stress? Your Jar, Your Call

Paint the exterior of a jar with a raised logo, avoiding the high areas. The outcome is a damaged jar with a polished appearance that may be used as a vase, storage, and more.

Snowman Luminary

With his fluffy snow finish, this little snowman genuinely conveys a sense of chill. It illuminates when you put a battery-operated candle inside! Safe for use around the house or hanging from a tree. For the instructions on how to build this winter lantern, visit Club Chica Circle. All winter long, snowmen are acceptable.

Fairies In A Jar

Glow sticks are used in this family-friendly project to produce a mystical light show at night. Just remember to refer to the final project as “fairies in a jar” to arouse even more amazement and magic in your child.

Chicken wired Utensil Holders for Your Kitchen

Want to display silverware (or anything else) in a special way? Put chicken wire around your Mason jars. a very simple method for obtaining a premium, minimalist finish. Paint the wire to match the space where you’ll put the jars for further personalization.

Pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns

If a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern can be thought of as “elegant,” then that is what I would characterize this ornament. This year, instead of carving pumpkins, think about using this creative project for your Halloween celebration. The instruction may be found at Chica Circle.

Tornado In A Jar

Even though your child and you will be simulating a natural disaster, the activity itself is simple. The three necessary items (a mason jar, dish detergent, and food coloring) are usually already in your kitchen, and the processes are easy enough for kids to participate in. The big climax, which is the most crucial part, is wonderful and will undoubtedly astound your child.

Craft Room Companions for the Win

Get ready to create the coolest paintbrush/pencil holder ever by gathering your jars with lids. Decorate the jars’ exteriors whatever you choose, and then use a creative punch to make a pattern in the lid(s); this will keep your brushes, pencils, etc. upright and accessible.

Sequin-Enhanced Vase

Unexpectedly added to the standard Mason jar vase: A wedding reception or holiday party might benefit from the subtle and distinctive adornment of lovely sequins. The sequins shimmer like little bubbles, don’t they? Visit It All Started with Paint to access the tutorial.

Make A Mason Jar Aquarium

Create an undersea scene in a jar to round off a day at the beach or an aquarium outing with the family. This project will keep a preschooler busy for hours, but we enjoy it especially since the final jar has a purpose beyond that of a simple ornamental object. Kids may pretend to take care of the plastic marine animals in this imitation natural habitat, which promotes imaginative play.

DIY Frosted Stencil Jar Art

Block off areas of your smooth Mason Jar with stickers (logos, raised lettering, etc. are not advised). To make a gorgeously patterned jar, frost over the stickers and then peel them off after they’re half dried.

Starry Night Luminaries

Shabby Creek Cottage has a tutorial for creating them. They advise decorating weddings with the luminaries. That would be lovely! They seem like they would be lovely and fitting Christmas decorations as well. Even small children will find this craft to be incredibly simple and enjoyable.

Glow In The Dark Bug Jar

Kids of all ages love capturing bugs, but there is no better time than a summer night when fireflies are showing off. Making a bug-catching jar with your kid is simple and imaginative thanks to this DIY. Your child can assist with the next steps, although some of the process—like drilling holes in the metal lid—should be handled by a parent. The best part is that this bug-catcher is embellished with glow-in-the-dark appliques, so even if your child isn’t quick enough to bag (or jar) a lightning bug, there will still be a light display.

Luck o’ the Irish Leprechaun Table Pieces

Make your jars into show-stopping table accents. Put green paper in a jar and create a Leprechaun “belt” to go around the base. The finishing touches to make this stand out for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration are some Irish-themed stickers and a matching green ribbon around the collar.

Tissue Decoupaged Bottles

Do you want to add some color without spending a lot of money? These tissue paper-decoupaged bottles will quickly add the colors you choose to your decor. The instruction may be found at Crafting a Green World. Simple and hassle-free, yet a stunning accent to any space!

Glitter Lava Lamps

With this retro psychedelic flashback, you may inspire your youngster to channel love and peace. Simple household items (such vegetable oil and antacid pills) may be used to make these lava lamps, and kids can be involved at any stage of the process. It goes without saying that the finished item is really cool.

Frosted Mason Jar Vase Lineup

A group of these DIY frosted jar vases will add a touch of elegance to any space. You only need smooth jars and frosted effect paint. You can easily create a stunning set of frosted vases by painting over the jars.

Penny Lanterns

Here’s a terrific way to use some of the pennies you probably have accumulating in a mound since carrying them around is too much trouble. These little lanterns are quite lovely. DIY ShowOff has the directions available.

Acrylic Pouring Mason Jars

Mason jars come in all different sizes and forms, and they may be utilized as a canvas for many different kinds of artistic creations. An large mason jar’s surface is transformed by this acrylic pouring craft into a work of beauty that is equally stunning when it is empty and when it is filled with a vibrant arrangement of flowers.

Candles for Any and All Occasions

You only need candle wax, wicks, your preferred aroma, and some vibrant, textured jars for this. Simple to manufacture, cheap to make in volume, and ideal for party favors or craft evenings, you can quickly create a line of adorable and useful candles.

Sea Glass Votive

Utilize the instructions provided at a Pumpkin & a Princess to create a classy votive. It would be stunning to display two or three of these sea glass votives in various sizes and shapes. If you don’t have any sea glass, you could want to use some shells.

A Rustic Light on the Western Front

Try decorating your jars with strong, metal chains and hanging them from reclaimed wood for a more rustic-inspired look for a novel take on wall lanterns. You’ll give your house that vintage glow while evoking memories of a time before the widespread use of contemporary lighting fixtures.

Cluster Lights

Visit HomeTalk for the tutorial on how to construct this appealing cluster light. This is a lovely accent to a porch or patio. It may also be used as a Christmas decoration if some foliage and a ribbon in a festive color are added.

Mason Jar Herb Planters

Cooking is an art, and because mason jars are frequently seen in refrigerators, it only seems sense that this craft includes repurposing that cherished storage item. You can cultivate your own herb garden in a mason jar in just a few easy steps, giving your meals consistently vibrant, fragrant taste.

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