Kids Summer Projects

The approaching summer vacation means it’s time for some summertime fun and unwinding—for approximately five minutes.

The illusion of carefree summer days may quickly give way to a stressful juggling act for parents as they try to manage high-energy kids, summer activities, and what seems like endless complaints of boredom. It’s enough to make both children and adults long for the calm, predictable days of September to May.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered for the conclusion of the school year. Kids will be occupied all summer long with these fifteen project suggestions that promote creating, imaginative play, and summer fun for kids of all ages. Fair warning: grownups will want to participate in the fun too since these ideas are so imaginative.

Bottle Cap Bugs

Really, how adorable are these? This summer craft is ideal for you and your kids. Utilize recyclable materials, such as bottle caps, to create Bottle Cap Bugs. Kids of all ages can enjoy them since they can be as basic or complex as they choose. With this easy and quick craft idea from This Grandma Is Fun, you can beat the summertime monotony.

Handmade Summer Journals

With this summertime journaling project, promote creative writing! Kids may add stickers, glitter, markers, and washi tape to basic paper bag-covered notebooks to make them their own. As kids take the time to record every day, the notebook turns into a priceless memento of the summer.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

One of those projects that is just ideal for the summertime is this one. It’s simple. It’s a rather modest mess. When you wet the coffee filter and see how the colors meld, it even kind of feels like a science experiment. Yes, my friends, this project is complete.

Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourine

Try this fast arts and crafts project to make a paper plate tambourine for yourself! You might want to give this a try because it’s simple to create using materials you most likely already have on hand. With this adorable and vibrant paper plate rainbow tambourine, you may encourage your child to enjoy singing and dancing. Making your own instruments is so much fun, and it’s a great way to encourage your children’s musical exploration and creativity.

Summer Activity Jar Craft for Kids

The sweetest summer bucket list ever! Decorate a mason jar and come up with family activity ideas. Every morning, students choose a stick to use for a group activity that day. a fantastic idea to offer some time away from screens.

Puffy Paint Starfish Craft

Have you ever had the chance to take your kids to see tide pools? It’s a really interesting experience. It’s difficult to pick a favorite among the stunning sea anemones, urchins, barnacles, starfish, and crabs, but I really like the colorful starfish. This fast and easy DIY project is from I Heart Crafty Things.

Popsicle Stick Tent

This Popsicle Stick Tent activity is ideal for you whether you want to get a group of kids together and complete it over the course of the remainder of the summer or you just want to show it to your child when they complain of afternoon boredom. They are not only an inexpensive method to express creativity, but they are also adaptable. Other than this DIY idea, there are a ton of other things you can do with them. This easy craft project comes from

DIY Puppet Theater

The construction of this theater will require the assistance of mom or dad, but younger children can help with the decoration and puppet-making. The best part is that kids can perform their own puppet performances during those long summer days! You won’t mind leaving this artistic undertaking out at the end of the day because it is so lovely.

Pineapple Corner Bookmark

This little guy is quick and simple to construct, and it should result in plenty of enjoyable summer reading for you. This concept for a project came from redtedart.

DIY Birdhouses

These easy-to-make birdhouses that you can construct with your children will give your garden some personality. Children are free to express their creativity, and parents will enjoy joining in as well. All you need to do is get creative by gathering a few empty boxes, some lovely acrylic paint, and strings or yarn. Make a hole in the top and attach a string after it is dry. Simple to hang and fill with bird feed! This craftcreatecook project concept.

Cardboard Popsicles That Kids Can Make

With your fridge design, create the atmosphere for a cool summer! For younger children, making these Instagram-worthy popsicles is an easy and enjoyable pastime. Choose a festive color scheme, then set the kids go with any creative materials you have on hand, including paint, yarn, stickers, markers, and other materials.

Sun String Art

This was created with a plastic yarn needle because it’s an excellent method for youngsters to practice holding a needle for their first sewing projects. This project suggestion

Pool Noodle Boats

I was motivated by pool noodles from the neighborhood dollar shop now that summer has arrived. Cheap pool noodles can be used for so many awesome things. These little sailboats are nimble vessels that make racing in the bathtub or kiddie pool enjoyable. You can create an easy craft that will be a hit with the kids with a few simple materials.

DIY Cardboard Jetpack

Use this cardboard jetpack to inspire hours of outdoor exploration. Mom or dad will need to assist because a box cutter is needed to build the jetpack! After that, kids may customize it as they desire, however it already looks wonderful!

DIY Suncatchers

Children’s plastic pony beads may be used to create simple melted bead suncatchers. Make a stunning and sturdy suncatcher by following these detailed directions.

Button Snail Craft For Kids

This fantastic Button Snail from I Heart Arts and Crafts was another project idea that I thought was adorable and for which you would have the materials. All you need are some old CDs and some buttons to make the colorful snails. You may use a piece of cardboard instead of an old CD for this activity; simply cut it into a circle that is large enough to hold the snail’s shell. This task suggestion came from iHeartArtsNCrafts.

Shark Watchers – Binoculars for Kids!

This summer, will your family be making any beach trips? These lovely shark watches are a simple craft to get people excited about a trip. But even if it’s a stay-at-home summer, we’re willing to bet that youngsters will enjoy building and playing with them.

Foot and Hand Portraits

This sketching and art activity is so much fun, and it will serve as a memento of your child’s development throughout time.

Fish In A Bag Slime

Do your children adore slime? Well, in most cases, they do! In addition, making it is quite straightforward. This project is ideal for rainy days or sweltering summer afternoons with your child. Create your own adorable slime fish in a bag to keep the kids occupied. Try it out; the kids will like it throughout the summer. This task suggestion comes from My Frugal Adventures.

Child Friendly Tie Dye Beach Towels

Why not create some custom beach or pool towels since tie dye is so in right now? Give kids the freedom to select their favorite colors for this useful summer craft.

DIY Fireflies

Making these fireflies couldn’t be simpler. Simply insert an LED flameless tealight inside a plastic Easter egg. Not even adhesive is required.

Giant Paper Pinwheels

Without bright pinwheels whirling in the breeze, it wouldn’t be summer. Build a DIY large paper pinwheel with your kids this summer by learning how to make it. Not only will they have fun, but you can also utilize this as a decoration or ornament for your weekend barbecue or family get-together. Adapted from KidsActivitiesBlog, this project

DIY Mermaid Crown & Braid for Kids

For those lingering summer days, these mermaid crowns and clip-in braids are the ideal dress-up accessories. Seashells, beads, and pearls are adhered to a pipe-cleaner crown to create the crowns. The colorful yarn roving and seashells used to create the clip-in braids.

Paper Plate Rainbow

Your day will be made happier by doing this beautiful paper plate rainbow project. Great for developing fine motor skills and color mixing.

Paper Plate Mouse

Here is a simple paper mouse craft that doesn’t need folding. I love doing quick and simple projects, and this paper craft is ideal for that. The children might also draw and cut out their own circles. You can’t help but like the little, curled tail. very cute This proposal concept

String Art Project

Looking for a project for tweens or older children? They’ll like making this simple string art, which also serves as a creative piece of home décor. This word art has a great summer atmosphere thanks to the ombre yellow, which we adore!

Popsicle Stick S’mores

This kid-friendly art project with an SMORES theme is especially ideal for the forthcoming camping and summer season! Everyone adores s’mores, so it goes without saying that they will also adore this simple DIY faux piece idea. This craft idea was provided by GluedtomyCrafts.

Yarn Monsters

Yarn Monsters are wacky, zany, entertaining to create and play with. With the help of this awesome instructional from Zingzing Tree, show your kids how to create their own monster companion. Although it resembles crafting a pom pom, I really like how this activity came out. They are quite wonderful, and I adore the googly eyes they have. This task concept came from zingzingtree.

Cardboard Sand Castles

Going to the beach is more difficult than building this adorable cardboard fort! Create the cardboard castle way you’d like, then just paint it with glue and cover it with sand. We adore how the castle was shell-adorned after being painted pink.

Paper Plate Jellyfish

With Summer right around the corner, we’re using our creative talents to make some very awesome under the sea-themed crafts. This gorgeous Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft is the first in our series. This craft idea was provided by Arty Crafty Kids.

Rock Candy Experiment

Do you have a patient child that enjoys sweets? The test to run is this experiment (Opens in a new window). This one is all about yummy science from Growing a Jeweled Rose! making flavor-infused sugar stick to a stick for subsequent consumption. They’ll look just as delicious as they taste after a week.

Glitter Seashell Picture Frame

Are you unsure of what to do with that seashell souvenir bag? By decorating it with turquoise glitter, you may take the time-tested seashell photo frame to the next level. So lovely!

Solar Oven

With this solar oven from Totally Tots, you can add some science to your upcoming barbecue or camping trip (Opens in a new window). You can cook with(out) fire using just a pizza box, some aluminum foil, and a few other everyday items. Just be careful to “pre-heat” your solar oven; else, you might have to wait a bit to eat.

Yummy Watermelon Popsicles

Summertime childhood memories of making colorful goodies in the kitchen to keep cool are always favorites. These watermelon popsicles are easy for kids to make and enjoy with friends.

Grow Beans in a CD Case

Today’s youth in general probably don’t know what CD jewel casings are, and why should they? On Spotify, people can find every song they could possibly want. However, if you have any old CD covers sitting around, you may use them to teach students about plant life, as Two Busy Brunettes did (Opens in a new window). Kids may witness a lima bean (or other plant of your choice) establish roots and take over what was once your Slow Jamz 1999 mix thanks to the transparent plastic package.

Sparkler Safety Guard for Kids

This entertaining craft promotes sparkler safety. Have each child create a plastic cup before drilling a hole in the bottom and inserting a sparkler before lighting it. a fun technique to prevent burns on small fingers.

Make a Potato Clock

You’ve undoubtedly all seen those YouTube videos where people use different meals to charge their iPhones. But you and the kids can use a potato, lemon, or any other vegetable to power up a little digital clock for a project that won’t jeopardize your priceless iPhone or Android gadget.

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