DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Even the simplest bathroom can be made more interesting by the addition of a few pieces of chic wall art, and if you don’t want to spend money on bathroom décor, DIY art is simple enough to produce.

Here are our favorite DIY bathroom wall décor plans that you can do at home for anyone who wants to give it a try. We searched the internet to see what other people have been trying.

Less Is More With Paintings

Bathroom gallery wall designs may be successful, especially if your bathroom is all-white or neutral. However, if a genuine artwork is your chosen bathroom wall décor, you don’t need many to make a statement. To make an attractive statement, all that is needed is a well picked item in a stunning frame. For a harmonious impact, our top recommendation is to attempt to match the colors in the painting to the bathroom’s general color scheme.

Rustic Wooden Bathroom Storage Ladder

An part of the bathroom that is often empty has a rustic main point thanks to this ladder made of wood that appears worn. One of your home’s smallest but most used rooms might benefit from more storage thanks to easy DIY bathroom ideas like this one. For towel bars, you may add extra rungs. For more storage, you can attach shelves and baskets.

Mix Wainscoting + Wallpaper

If ever there was a match made in bathroom heaven, this is it. The geometric wallpaper amplifies the coolness of this room, but the painted wainscoting lends it some refinement. The combination is both elegant and artistic, but it still works perfectly.

DIY Canvas Art For Your Bathroom

This bathroom wall art has a very straightforward style, and as the lettering is the major element, you can simply customize it to suit your tastes by adding the message of your choosing. If that seems like the sort of thing you’re looking for, make sure you give this site a read since it’s a terrific way to add a unique touch to your bathroom while also providing an intriguing decorative aspect.

Decorate The Space Above The Sink

There are several methods to decorate bathroom walls, many of which do not require actually hanging anything on the walls. In terms of what constitutes as wall décor, bathrooms provide you quite a bit of creative license. For instance, you may stencil the tiled space over your sink to make it into wall art. This is a cheap and unique alternative that works particularly well when combined with small bathroom ideas.

Hang Framed Art

There must be a few abandoned frames scattered throughout your home. Make a new home for them in your bath room by digging them up. We adore how whimsical these three framed works of art, which appear to be unconnected, look in this stark white bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Décor Slideshow

This BHG slideshow is a terrific resource if you’re searching for ideas to modernize your bathroom by adding some eye-catching art. It provides you a ton of examples of what’s possible, but it’s up to you to figure out how to apply the concepts yourself.

Add Wallpaper Panels For A Sophisticated Look

Even if you don’t wallpaper the entire room, bathroom wallpaper ideas may still completely change the space. Take a cue from Annie Sloam’s stunning design, which highlights the distinctive architectural elements of this historic bathroom.

Wallpaper may nevertheless add dimension and texture to a wall even if it lacks original characteristics. To be sure your choice is appropriate for bathroom usage, check with the source before making a decision.

Install Printed Wallpaper

A bold wallpaper is the perfect option if you want to make a big impression. The reality is that hanging patterned wallpaper makes any room appear well designed, even if you have no knowledge in interior design. All the other details will have fallen into place by that time.

DIY Large Scale Wall Art From A Shower Curtain

This is just the idea you need if you’re searching for an artistic, crafts DIY project that will let you recycle and repurpose old items while giving your bathroom a fresh and lively new appearance. You’ll discover how to transform an outdated shower curtain into a lovely work of wall art in it. It’s the type of thing that anyone can easily imitate because it looks beautiful and isn’t even that tough to do.

Prop Up A Large Print Against Your Tub

You can also add wall décor without using nails by leaning a large print up against the wall in the area between your bathtub and the wall. The nicer the frame, the more important it is to protect your print from splashes of water using glass or perspex.

A subtle interpretation of the perennially popular botanical print motif, we particularly appreciate how the botanical print in this bathroom references the actual plant in the corner. Additionally, using botanical elements to soften contemporary bathroom designs with angular bathtub designs is a great idea.

Cheeky Embroidery Wall Art For The New Bathroom

Bathrooms are undoubtedly the least serious rooms in the house, so this scheme should make you smile if you want to add some hilarious wall art to yours. Of course, you are free to select whatever messages you like, so if you can think of any more provocative phrases you’d like to use, feel free to do so!

Let Beautiful Bathroom Tile Become Your Wall Art

A tried-and-true method to add wall décor while keeping things clean and watertight is to use tile in your bathroom design ideas. Even if you only tile a portion of your bathroom wall, choosing to tile over paint has several advantages. And the more daring you may be with your tile selection, the smaller the area you’re tiling. For example, to add some life to boring white walls, try using a shimmering mosaic effect.

Play With Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

There aren’t many areas in your house, besides your kitchen, that can support a floor-to-ceiling tile installation. Since when did you last see tiled walls in a living room? Use that to your advantage and do yourself a favor. The finished product will appear extremely pricey and well-polished. Go ahead and experiment with different styles, grout colors, shapes, and patterns.

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor DIY

This video is worthwhile seeing for anybody searching for inexpensive art ideas to beautify their bathroom wall. This YouTuber demonstrates how to create basic, inexpensive art that, when done, has a very spectacular appearance. And it shouldn’t be difficult for you to copy her designs if you desire anything comparable.

Display Decorative Objects On Bathroom Shelves

You might want to take another look at your bathroom cabinet if you’re seeking for DIY bathroom wall décor ideas. If you have recessed shelves in a built-in cabinet, removing the door and painting the shelves will give you plenty of space to set up a lovely display. Your creativity is the only restriction here; obvious options for display on bathroom shelves are baskets and nautical trinkets like seahorses and starfish.

Bring in a Beauty Product Shelfie

Why not exhibit your fashionable toiletries in a way that serves as both art and storage because we always need extra room to keep our favorite beauty items. A built-in window or a few shelves on an empty wall can quickly add plenty of charm to any powder room. Plus, there is a whole hashtag for a well styled #shelfie, so you can always make your bathroom Instagram-worthy.

DIY Hand-Painted Art On Bathroom Walls

A bathroom wall may be decorated in a variety of ways, such as by painting directly on it or by hanging photographs. The only thing stopping you is your own ingenuity and imagination, and if you want to understand more about the many possibilities you have, this blog article gives you a fantastic introduction. It offers you some fundamental decorating methods that you may use to adorn your bathroom as you choose.

Use Bathroom Surfaces To Create An Informal Gallery Wall

It’s not always a good idea to drill holes in bathroom walls, especially if the space is rented. Even if you are a house owner, you might not want to touch the beautifully painted bathroom. The answer? Use the ledge space you have on your walls to support your prints. By combining many designs of various sizes, you may create a casual, modern look. Black frames will provide you loads of contrast, which is often appreciated in bathrooms with white walls, so choose them for maximum aesthetic effect.

DIY a Gallery Wall

It doesn’t have to be expensive to redecorate. You can create a beautiful gallery wall without creating holes in your wall by using printed photos, a few rolls of colored Washi tape, and this bathroom inspiration. (Renters, put a pin in this one!) On the bathroom wall, arrange a group of related prints and make some fake frames out of tape.

DIY Dollar Tree High-End Bathroom Sign Set

Make a series of DIY signs for your bathroom as a simple way to add wall decor. In this manner, you are free to write any words or slogans you like, giving the area your own distinctive touch. They won’t cost you much to build either because this guide shows you how to accomplish it with only a few cheap supplies from the Dollar Tree.

Create A Display On A Floating Shelf

A floating shelf will give you the best of both utility and unobtrusive design if you want to mix DIY bathroom wall décor ideas with bathroom storage ideas.

Even if you are a novice, you can pick up the skills necessary to erect a shelf pretty quickly. You’ll want your bathroom shelf to be high enough to hold a poster as wall décor but low enough to reach any storage baskets or cosmetic bags you may wind up placing on it.

Hang a Statement Mirror

Every powder room needs a mirror, but one with a distinctive frame may also serve as lovely, useful art. Flea markets and thrift shops are the ideal venues to locate unique fashions if you’re on a low budget. You may also experiment with metallic leafing or spray paint to make a unique item that fits in your bathroom.

Wall Stencils – The Secret To Remodeling Your Bathroom On A Budget

Using stencils to design the wall in your bathroom is a fantastic way to give it a fresh look. There are so many various styles to pick from that you may choose whatever look you like, whether it’s traditional, modern, or quirky. And if that seems like something you would be interested in doing, this blog article will provide you with all the information you need to get going.

Get Creative With Bathroom Lighting

When decorating your bathroom walls, thinking a little bit differently about bathroom lighting ideas may provide wonderful effects. While a wall sconce or spotlights are absolutely enough, using more distinctive lighting can give your space a more distinctive appearance. This bathroom’s soft pink pleated lampshade is one of our favorites; you’ll see that it matches the pink roses in the picture.

Go Oversized

Installing a large-framed piece of art on a single empty wall in your bathroom can instantly change the area. (Imagine using just one nail and five minutes.) To provide a stunning focal point to your previously underutilized area, look for abstract paintings, nature photography, and graphic prints.

How To Make A Bathroom Accent Wall With Dollar Store Gems

Here’s a great concept we adored! This video demonstrates how to adorn a wall with those cheap bags of stones you can get for practically nothing at any dollar shop. However, even if the design is simple, the outcome is stunning! A really original concept that we really loved!

Double Up On Mirrors

Your bathroom wall design might simply include bathroom mirror ideas. Mirrors may significantly change the appearance of your area, both in terms of shape and frame. They are never only utilitarian. Mirrors may be readily elevated to the rank of wall décor by using elaborate frames. Additionally, for a clever, symmetrical effect, why not hang two mirrors instead of one if your area is large enough?

Hang a Gallery Wall

Most likely, the gallery wall that hangs over your couch in your living room is something you’re quite proud of. Who said that you couldn’t make one in your bathroom as well? Shop a selection of framed artwork and start putting your design together. Any empty area, in our opinion, presents a fresh chance for a gallery wall.

Decorate A Wall Recess

It’s always important highlighting any architectural details on your walls to increase attention. You may simply convert one of those little wall nooks used for shower gel bottles into a compact display space.

In this bathroom, a wall recess has been painted a vibrant coral color to stand out against the rest of the wall. And the lovely seashell within gives it a polished appearance.

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