DIY Cage for Guinea Pig

Your guinea pigs deserve a luxurious existence just as you do! The finest article you may read today is the compilation of these fun and simple DIY guinea pig cage ideas! Nothing is more important to a pet owner than providing the ideal surroundings for their animals. Pets kept indoors may be a real hassle.

You must attend to all of their needs. The greatest meals, the ideal spot to play or rest, and so forth. Compared to other indoor pets, guinea pigs are these adorable little animals that are very simple to keep. With cats, things might be a little challenging for a few days because of all the leaping. It is the requirement to go for a stroll with dogs. A guinea pig is the perfect indoor pet for parents who are working.

Build a DIY Guinea Pig Cage With the Kids

With the help of these blueprints from Instructables Living, you can construct a cage with a storage cabinet at the bottom. Given that guinea pigs are sociable creatures, having a cage big enough for two or three to live comfortably makes reasonable. You will need some basic tools, so it’s a terrific project to create with the kids if you have woodworking expertise.

DIY C and C Style Guinea Pig Cage

A guinea pig is the ideal choice if you are busy parents who nevertheless want to make your children take care of a pet. They are simple to grow within. The DIY c&c guinea pig cage (Cubes & Coroplast) provides them with the most habitat possible to live in. View the specifics and measurements here.

Turn An Old Dresser Into A New Home

Make this unique home for your pet buddies if you have any old furniture lying around. As a neighbor was discarding the chest, this builder discovered theirs on the sidewalk.

Just choose a chest that is appropriate for the size of your cage. This project is certainly worth the effort, but you will need some hinges, drain pipes, cables, a drill, wire cutters, and more.

Each shelf or level can be covered with carpet, foam, tiles, or wood. Just be careful you measure using a tape measure!

You don’t want your guinea pig to escape, so don’t forget to provide a mechanism to lock the doors. Actually, a dog leash clip works wonderfully for this. This DIY is entertaining, imaginative, and resourceful despite its time commitment.

Center Table with Guinea Pig Cage

If you don’t have enough space at home, this might completely affect the game. This guide will show you how to transform the area beneath your coffee table into a cage so that you may use it as a guinea pig enclosure. Examine the directions well, gather your supplies, and then begin construction.

Guinea Pig Mansion

With the use of a dollhouse and other materials you may already own, you can create a guinea pig cage using these Instructables blueprints. This is an excellent project for folks who don’t have woodworking knowledge. It’s convenient because you may alter the plans to match any dollhouse’s size and shape.

How to Make a Two Level Guinea Pig Cage

We advise using handcrafted guinea pig cages since your pet requires a large, roomy cage to live a complete life. These tiny fluffy balls would be happy if you gave them more room. You might be interested in this fantastic two-level cage design from Instructables. I

Cardboard Playhouse

There are just three materials needed for this project, which you can complete with your kids. You may create whatever shape you want for the building—a dome, a pyramid, a rectangle home, etc.

Just be sure you measure and trim the walls of your guinea pig’s cage so that everything will fit. The walls and roof should be joined together using a powerful yet non-toxic adhesive. You can paint and decorate the outside and inside of the house, albeit it is likely redundant and utterly needless to do so.

Think of creating a brick pattern, including a “Home Sweet Home” sign beside the front door, or painting a fictitious garden around the front.

Beginner-Friendly Guinea Pig Cage Plan

An outdoor run without any flooring makes up this cage. You may take it indoors or outside depending on the season during the summer and winter. You will need plywood, wood frames, nails, wire netting, and nails for this project.

DIY C&C Cage

The 25-foot cage described in these instructions from Alexandria’s Animals has a 22-foot top level that is optional. It is easy to create and requires few tools because it is built of coroplast and wire cube storage. It is a simple DIY that offers lots of play spaces for your guinea pig.

Midwest Habitat Guineapig Cage

You don’t need much more than this basic, completely safe Midwest guinea pig housing to provide your fluffy friends with the ideal home! Coroplast, cube grids, report cover spines, zip ties, a measuring tape, and a pencil are required. By initially measuring the edge of the wall of your cage, you may begin to construct a DIY guinea pig housing.

Make A Mini Version Of Your Home

This is a second double-story cage that may be used to create a unique environment. Some of the materials, such as paint, magnets, scraps of cloth, and trinkets, you may even already have.

You simply just need to cut your wood, paint it (using a bright color greatly lights up the area and your home), and put it all together.

The architect created a stairway to the top level by gradually attaching round sticks to a piece of wood that was inclined. He included a duplicate of his own family’s living room in the plan.

You may utilize dollhouse components, construct sofas out of foam or plastic, frame small miniature images, and more. It’s an excellent substitute for buying C&C (cubes and coroplast) cages.

Cuddle-coddle Guinea Pig Cage

If you own more than one adorable pig, you may choose to create this C & C cage on a budget. More than two piggies may be housed in this Pet Rodent Care cage, and there is room for them to play and run around.

4-5 piggies is the maximum number you should allow here. The benefit of C&C projects is that you may be creative without needing specialized knowledge. You may gather ideas from the cage in this image rather than having to build it exactly.

Guinea Pig Grand Hotel Plans

Check out these blueprints for an extensive home on the Instructables Living website. You will need to set aside more than one day to complete this project, which is not recommended for beginners. If you don’t have much expertise, don’t let it frighten you though—an it’s excellent project to learn from. Place the great hotel outside where your guinea pig may munch on the grass.

Midwest Guinea Pig Cage with Fleece Bedding

Your guinea pigs deserve the most comfort and relief possible in their ideal home! This fleece-lined Midwest guinea pig cage looks quite cozy to the eyes and is ideal for your pets as well! Additionally, if you believe it to be nearly hard to clean a fleece bedding, the instruction includes a detailed guide to teach you how.

Guinea Pig Pool Cage

This undertaking doesn’t call for much. If you already have a kiddie pool, you already have the essential materials. The square grid cubes may be used to build a fence around the pool to keep your pet from diving in. Add a water bottle, hay rack, and any additional food the guinea pig would want to have last.

Pampered Piggies DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Building a cage is a terrific method to give your guinea pigs more space. Pampered Piggies intends to construct a 12060 cm cage with three floors and an accessible front gate. Since the cage has no foundation, it is advised that you connect a sheet of vinyl flooring to it to safeguard your floors and make cleanup simpler.

DIY Guinea Pig C&C Cage

Don’t let the abundance of DIY guinea pig cages you may have seen online intimidate you. A c&c guinea pig cage may definitely be customized to meet your needs, and you’ll have plenty of area to manage the space! The ideal instruction to get you through is this video.

Basic Guinea Pig Cage

This cage’s design is simple but quite elegant. Anyone who adores this sophisticated style is also welcome to start this project. All you need to do is obtain wood with a specific width (depending on the height you want). Then some supplies to put within the cage, such as a condo, a water bottle, and a hay container, and a few nails at each corner.

Building a Cage Out Of IKEA Tables

Make the perfect house for your guinea pig family! IKEA’s table was used to create this homemade guinea pig cage. The IKEA Lack coffee table, IKEA Lack side table, contact paper, E6000, Ideal Pet small-cap flap, pegboard, acrylic, L brackets, straight L brackets, and tiny L brackets are among the materials you’ll need. Obtain the detailed instructions from the video tutorial.

High Security Prison

Try creating this if your guinea pig is a problem and frequently discovers methods to escape. It just took an hour to create, according to the builder, and cost very little money. This cage is one of the more interesting ones we’ve seen.

The tools required include copper wire, a hacksaw, pliers, zip ties, drills, and scrap wood panels. To exclude any chance of escape, the wood must be quite tall.

Interestingly, there is almost no glue needed to hold the entire construction together; just wire and zip ties are used. If not for keeping the cage tidy, your youngsters could love helping you put the walls together!

Cardboard Guinea Pig Cage

Are you seeking for a quick and simple temporary cage for your pet? You may test out this cardboard concept. It is required that you have a concept for the pattern you want to make. After cutting out the components and beginning to glue them into position, the project is complete. Your children will enjoy working on this project. There is no accessible instruction.

Build a Guinea Pig Cage

Lumber and pocket hole giants were used to construct this cage for guinea pigs. In essence, it is a collection of box frames joined together! Build the foundation first, and then connect the two distinct cabinets to create a single cage.

Clean Out Your Old Shed

The majority of folks have a backyard storage area that is mostly unused and stuffed with rubbish. Make this the new place where your pets live! This is ideal for sociable creatures including mice, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

Not much else has to be done, other than to remove a wall and replace it with mesh to increase ventilation. Since this is going to be outside, it is crucial to balance the need for fresh air with that of climate management.

If the enclosure doesn’t currently have any lights, remember to add some. This is a terrific way to make use of existing space and offer your dogs additional area to play and run about in.

Guinea Pig Plywood Cage

In addition to the mesh-style cage, this cage is another easy project for those with less woodworking experience. I should also mention that this isn’t at all expensive. Obtain plywood and cut it into three planks that are rectangular in form.

Depending on the size of the cage you choose, the boards’ length and width will change. Get plexiglass that is identical to the opposing plywood in order to ensure that the opposing boards are equivalent. Your pet cage is prepared once all the corners have been nailed, as seen in the photo. Construct sure to make your ladder as well!

Homemade Guinea Pig Cage Design

Look out this ridiculously easy DIY guinea pig cage! a straightforward rectangular arrangement of linked wood pieces. Chicken wire is used to fasten the sides. In this manner, if you lay it on the floor, you won’t need to be concerned about these guys wandering around the space uninhibitedly.

Quick And Easy

Make this easy house if you’re searching for a simple activity to do with your kids. The designer spent two hours creating and only spent $20 on materials. You’ll need screws, a drill, wire netting, wood, and your creativity.

This will be put inside your guinea pig’s cage, so make sure it will fit by taking dimensions and building the home appropriately. Consider your pet’s favorite activities: sleeping, climbing, running on a wheel, ascending stairs, etc. All of these items are permissible, in addition to decorations.

Paint the wood a different color if you have time, or choose a theme to base your design on. A power drill is useful.

Elevated Cardboard Guinea Pig House

For your guinea pigs, try out this other cardboard design. Draw the sides on cardboard, then cut them out. To assemble everything, use glue or a hot glue gun. You now have a tiny pig housing to put inside its cage.

Guinea Pig Cage Idea

a guinea pig cage with two levels that offers plenty of room and a thrilling slide down to the bottom level! What if the cage design isn’t ideal? To give the cage a cozier feel, add some pine shavings to each floor.


If you already have an enclosure but discover that your animals want more area, consider building this to add a new room. You will need wood, a drill, screws, chicken wire, a hammer, and more for this DIY, as with the majority of them.

Using a sketch and the current structure as a guide, cut your wood panels. The builder advises searching online for ideas on the style and type of building you wish to choose.

Simply drill into the old cage through the new walls to link the two. This is a fantastic method to add extra room without having to remove the existing enclosure.

Cheap Guinea Pig Run

Do you want to give it a try? Summertime is the ideal time to use this enclosure. Additionally, this cage will be useful for any time of day when you feel like taking your pet outdoors with you. With your pig in this cage near by, you may focus on other tasks without worrying about them wandering off. Any beginner carpenter can complete this job with ease, and if you’re experienced, you can create a foldable type.

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