DIY Card Box for Wedding

What exactly are card boxes? If you didn’t know, greeting cards from guests are kept in wedding card boxes on the auspicious day.

One of the most overlooked items on a wedding preparation list is undoubtedly card boxes. They are among the most precious wedding presents, in my opinion: plenty of love and best wishes that have been conveyed in writing.

Such priceless presents demand a container that is just as exceptional. But expensive doesn’t always imply special. To understand what I mean, have a look at this collection of DIY wedding card box ideas.

Vintage Suitcase

Pick up an old suitcase and give it a little makeover so it can house your wedding day cards. People can just pop in and leave!

Country Jubilee

The card box display at this rustic rural wedding includes barrels, baby’s breath arrangements, a metal washtub bin, and a rustic metal basket where guests deposited their cards.

Padded Fabric Card Box

This cushioned cotton card box can be ideal if you want to start from fresh. It is easy to create, simple, and lovely. You may follow the instructions exactly and have a stack of three with a wide slot to accept your cards, or you can make the stack bigger or smaller depending on what feels and looks appropriate to you. All you need to get started are some foam core sheets, fabric, spray adhesive, decorative supplies, and tools.

Terrarium-Inspired Wedding Card Box

From rustic to more formal wedding themes, this lovely glass box works well with practically all of them. I found one here that is comparable if you’re asking where to acquire the glass box foundation for your terrarium.

Once you have your glass box, you may fill it with plants or flowers that go well with the color scheme of the event. Use the box as a beautiful item in your house after the wedding, whether or not it still contains the cards.

DIY Card Box

Beautiful twine and ribbon were used to embellish this adorable DIY card box. In crimson letters that matched the bouquet on the present table, the word “Card Box” was inscribed over the top.

Ye Olde Mailbox

You may acquire an old mailbox of any color or style and transform it into your ideal wedding accessory for one of the easiest and nicest card boxes. If you already have a beautiful one, everything is set. However, if you come across an old, rusted one at a yard sale or stashed away in a cellar, you’ve got a perfect place to start.

Use a glue gun to line them with fabric or paper for older children. Spray paint the outside or hand-paint it using acrylics. Include accents. It’s all done now.

Greenhouse Wedding Card Box

The terrarium idea we saw before is comparable to this wedding card box idea. But could we just pause for a second to appreciate the lovely setup that this greenhouse card box is resting on?

The newlyweds’ house could easily have the same arrangement, in my opinion! By the way, if you’re curious in how to create the lovely calligraphy prints on the box, you can either write the phrases using glass markers, like here, or print and cut out your text on vinyl sticky sheets, like the ones available here. If making things isn’t really your thing, you can order a similar card box here and customize the wording.

Rustic Lantern

When guests first saw this lantern card box, their faces must have lighted up. All of the rustic and vintage decorations used by the couple worked perfectly with the lantern.

Hollow Log Card Box

Find yourself a hollow log or a tiny tree stump if you want to have a rustic wedding. The cause? This lovely card box fits the wedding theme well.

To make this one-of-a-kind wedding card box, you may follow the detailed instructions. They cover all you need to know, from where to find the log to how to hollow it out and turn it into the ideal wedding accent piece.

Repurposed Craft Box Turned Wedding Card Box

See whether you have any used kraft boxes by taking a look around your home. The following stage, if you are successful in finding one, is to conceive your design.

Here you may find a broad variety of paint color possibilities after you have the final design in mind and plan to paint your kraft box.

Art Deco And Geodes

This exquisite glass and gold-lined art deco box was fashioned in the style of the period. The package also contained lovely glittering geodes, a tribute to the groom’s line of work.

Lantern Card Box

Using a lovely lantern box as your card holder is a classy option if you’re looking for a nautical or old rustic/vintage theme. At yard sales, the occasional Goodwill, or even at some home furnishing stores, you can occasionally discover some ancient lanterns.

However, you can always create your own using picture frames using these directions from Shades of Tangerine if you can’t locate a wooden lantern frame that you like. They are attractive, useful, and rather simple.

Diamond Card Box

It’s said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, therefore having a diamond card box on your special day isn’t a terrible idea. After all, the congratulations on the marriage are just as priceless as this everlasting beauty.

You’ll need a substantial white foam board, gold foil similar to this one, as well as your standard measuring and cutting equipment for paper. Here is a link to the diamond box measurement template if you need help recreating the diamond form.

Make A Wish

At this forest wedding, this ingenious wishing well card box blended in well. The bride built the well herself and covered it with moss to make it appear as though it were plucked from a forest out of a fairy tale.

Old Milk Crates

The lovely and straightforward design of the used milk crate can be something to take into account if you’re looking for a country or rustic vibe. At stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Etsy, you can easily find these wonderfully designed boxes.

Once you have the container, you can make it into a straightforward card box that will draw attention by adding a simple string of letters, some flowers, a sign, or pretty much anything else you wish.

Burlap Sack Wedding Card Holder

I simply had to share my wedding card holder idea with you all since I think it’s so original. Nothing, in my opinion, compares to this as the ideal cardholder for a wedding with a farmhouse theme.

The greatest part is that you can easily decorate the burlap by printing the wording and images you choose on these heat transfer vinyl sheets, then ironing them onto the sack.

Urban And Rustic

A stunning urban and rural theme was used for this wedding. The pair utilized a white antique cage ornament for their card box, and then encircled it with mason jars and tiny pink flowers.

Picnic Basket Card Holder

The picnic basket cardholder is a traditional option for the laid-back spring wedding. You have that something borrowed and something ancient in one if your parents still have a picnic basket from when they were kids. Additionally, nothing beats the pleasure of employing a hand-me-down for your décor.

Without permanently altering the basket, just line it with the fabric or paper of your choice, add a few easy trinkets, and add a note indicating its intended use.

Vintage Make Up Box Wedding Card Holder

You saw how old luggage trunks may be converted into wedding card holders earlier on this list. Another antique, however with this one you may utilize the cosmetics holders.

The truth is that you can use any cosmetics container, old or new. Wrapping the holder with the ideal retro-designed contact paper, such as this, will give it a vintage look.

Romantic Outdoor Wedding

A purple tablecloth that matched the flowers in the bridal bouquet was used to cover the gift table at this outdoor wedding by the couple. The package itself was a charming, old-fashioned wooden box that stood out beautifully in the brilliant sunlight.

Wooden Recipe Box

You would need an old wooden recipe box, paint, stencils, and perhaps a decorative knob to replace the original for this project. The best places to look for them are kitchen supply stores, consignment shops, eBay, and thrift shops. Perhaps Ross or a similar location will have some. Then, all you have to do is use the stencil and paint to etch on your names, dates, or anything else you want to remember for the rest of time.

Wicker Wedding Card Holder

As you might have guessed, this is a wedding card holder made from a picnic basket that has been empty. I adore the creativity so much!

Utilizing a wicker basket has the benefit of complementing practically any wedding theme. And all it needs is a few accent items to better go in with the rest of your wedding design.

The greatest part is that this basket will serve as a continual reminder of the love and congratulations you received from your wonderful wedding guests, giving you that nice feeling each time you go on a picnic.

Modern Mexican Wedding

The gift table at this contemporary Mexican wedding was in keeping with the couple’s motif from south of the border. To hold the cards, they had a colorful wicker basket, and a serape blanket and a little cactus were used to adorn the table.

Globe Card Holder

This cardholder is ideal for you whether you’re organizing a destination wedding, honeymoon, or just enjoy traveling. To make this lovely choice, you’ll need an old globe, some paint, and a few tools; thrift stores and Craigslist are fantastic places to look. You may choose from a wide variety of decorating styles, such as the one seen from Un Beau Jour (instructions in French), or you can create your own theme or color scheme depending on your color pallet.

Repurposed Old Milk Can

If you’re having a rustic wedding, you can never go wrong with this concept for your cardholder since it is as rustic as they get. Now, if you can’t find a real antique milk can, don’t worry. If you spray it with a layer of rustic-appearing spray paint like the burnished amber shade, you may use new ones and still create the desired rustic effect.

Carry On Card Box

The traditional suitcase card box blended in perfectly with the vintage-inspired elements of this wedding. Vintage suitcases were used to cover the bridal gift table, and the bride’s bouquet-inspired rustic floral arrangement was also present.

Birdcage Card Box

A antique birdcage is a lovely addition that your guests won’t quickly forget if you’re being married outside, especially in a garden-style location. All you have to do is make a straightforward sign and choose a few wedding-themed décor pieces.

A simple wire cage may be given some flair by adding fresh flowers, ribbons, or pinning a photo of the happy couple to the wire. This process is quick, easy, and affordable.

DIY Wooden Wedding Card Box

Make a gorgeous wedding card box out of a simple wood storage box to go with any kind of wedding. The beautiful thing about using basic wooden crates as your basis is that your imagination is your only design constraint.

You may choose covering the box with a piece of wood plank wallpaper, like the one I found here, if you want to obtain a similar weathered wood look but don’t want to bother painting over the box. Like the style? On Etsy, you can buy one that is nearly identical.

Artistic Vision

With their card box, the bride and groom displayed their artistic side. The exterior of the box was gold, while the interior was black. The groom created a gold marker cartoon of the bride and himself on the inside of the box.

Upcycled Shelving Unit or Inbox

Those dated mail slot units hanging on office walls are certainly familiar to you. There are several designs, such as transparent acrylic and black metal. However, you may also find some stunning antique wooden ones at certain feed stores, charity shops, and flea markets.

The ideal “you” cardholder that can be placed on a table or hung on a wall at your venue may be made using an old shelving unit or inbox style unit and a paint can if you enjoy upcycling.

Paper Flower Decorated Greenhouse Wedding Card Box

This concept demonstrates a different method to embellish a glass greenhouse that will contain wedding cards. You may need to substitute paper flowers for real ones in some situations. Examples include situations where the desired flowers are not in season or where the ideal hues to fit your color scheme cannot be found.

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